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Found 5 results

  1. A friend of mine, who I think has every Big Green Egg and BGE accessory known to man, speaks highly of this local market and the classes they offer on basic butchery for pork and lamb, sausage-making and curing meats (charcuterie, to use a 50-cent word). Pine Street Market is in Avondale Estates, located near Decatur and just east of downtown Atlanta. I'm looking to get some friends to attend a class with me. All classes are $100 and last three hours. Plus you get to take home some of your classwork! Cured Meat June 20 Come join Rusty & crew for a hands-on cured meat workshop as they explain how to make salami, guanciale, pancetta, & various cured meats. Participants grind, season, & stuff their own salamis and dry cure pancetta. This class runs from 10 – 1 and includes a lunch of smoked meats, country sides, and beverages. Classes are held at Pine Street Market. Refunds are not available for missed classes. Whole Hog Class With Gum Creek Farms July 11 Get to know cuts of pork from the inside-out. During this interactive demonstration, Rusty & Asa break down a whole pig while explaining various cuts of meat and the nuances of butchery. Participants slice their own pork chops and create two pounds of signature bacon! This class runs from 10 – 1 and includes a lunch of slow roasted pork shoulder, braised vegetables and beverages. Whole Hog class attendees will take home their own pork chop and bacon. Due to the curing process, bacon is available for in-store pick up the following Saturday. Sausage-Making July 18 Hands-on sausage making workshop. Learn about grinding, casing and cooking methods. Participants take home two pounds of their own sausage creation. This class runs from 10 – 1 and includes a lunch of beer braised bratwurst, country sides, and beverages. Sausage Class attendees will take home 2 pounds of their own hand made sausage. Cooking 101: Basic Butchery August 8 Hands-on intro butchering workshop. Learn to breakdown a whole chicken, trim & tie a roast, and prepare a stuffed pork loin. This class runs from 10 – 1 and includes a lunch of slow roasted pork, country sides, and beverages. Participants take home the cuts of meat they created. Lamb Chop August 22 @ 10:00 am, Avondale Estates Learn to break down a whole local lamb, supplied by one of our favorite local farms! We’ll create not only chops, but also roasts, lamb steaks and other delicious lamb preparations. Each participant will take home their butchering efforts of various lamb roasts & steaks. This class runs from 10 – 1 and includes a lunch of braised lamb sausage, summer vegetables and beverages. The current schedule only runs into August but I'm confident they'll run more classes starting in the Fall.
  2. It's not the best price ever but Kroger grocery stores in the Atlanta area are selling pork butts at $1.99 a pound with your Kroger Plus Card.
  3. The largest Egg sale planet is this Saturday, Dec 6th at Roswell Hardware - Roswell, GA! I'll be demoing along side side the BGE Cook Team. If you are in the market for an Egg, now is the time to save!!
  4. Mr. Grill came along to the farmer's market this morning. Parking was tight, so we parked over at City Hall and walked: Right now the market is over behind a bunch of buildings off of Main St while the entire downtown of Alpharetta is under construction. They've already created a nice sign for when it moves back to the main square. Nice veggie selection ... we didn't buy much this time, but Mr. Grill helped us pick out some eggplant and some zucchini. Then we stopped at the stall selling pimento cheese. Oh. Em. Gee. We sampled some of each - as did Mr. Grill. The owner of the business owns a BGE, so I gave him the link to the forum. Maybe we'll see him here. It was crowded and hot and not a lot of opportunity for other photography, so we adjourned to Five Guys. The guy who took our order was happy to pose with Mr. Grill: So many soda choices!! Lunch!! (Every now and then you can justify a burger that didn't come off the grill, right?) H was supposed to take Mr. Grill out for a good time tonight, but apparently he ... well ... he forgot! When I got home Mr. Grill was looking somewhat forlorn and abandoned, sitting on the front table. So we decided to share some of the pimento cheese (the jalapeno & bacon version) and a beer while waiting for tonights dinner. H will be hearing about his neglect when he gets home tonight!!
  5. Hello, My name is Mike or Michael, i'm not picky. I have been watching this forum for awhile now. I recently received a Vision Classic P but figured it was too small for my needs. I will be picking up the Classic B at Sam's. I've already ordered a few things: Cast iron top - from Vision grills nomex - from Vision grills Dual Purpose Lava Cooking Stone / Heat Deflector - From Home Depot online Professional BBQ Gloves - One Pair - from texasbbqrub.com/‎ Looking for a good thermometer now. So far I have the following in mind. I'm going to search the forums for user experiences and recommendations. Maverick -ET-733 http://www.amazon.com/Maverick-ET-733-Wireless-Smoker-Thermometer/dp/B00FOCR4UI as well as the ET-732 http://www.amazon.com/Maverick-Et-732-Remote-Smoker-Thermometer/dp/B004IMA718/ref=sr_1_2?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1396440672&sr=1-2 thermoworks - TW8060 http://www.thermoworks.com/products/handheld/TW8060.html#MoreInfoTab That's all for now. -Mike
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