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  1. This is one of my favorite burgers to make at home. Super simple and packed full of flavor. Ingredients" - 1 pound 80/20 beef - Your favorite bacon - Pepper jack cheese - Buns of your choosing - Jalapeños - Burger/steak seasoning Sauce Ingredients: - 1/2 cup Mayo - 4 Chipotle peppers with sauce - 1 tablespoon Tobacco Form 4 meatballs and smash them on the grill, we're making a double stack. Cook until you get. a good crust, flip and cover with cheese. Top with bacon, jalapeños, and place on bun with
  2. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the Kamado Big Joe to arrive. Nothing. Welp, expecting friends from out of town this weekend and can wait no longer. So, I picked up a Weber Summit Charcoal grill (kamado style) along with a Pit Viper fan. Once the Big Joe arrives I'll have two Kamados! Anyhow, I tried the new Fireboard 2 Drive on this grill along with a Pit Viper fan for a hot smoked pork belly session. I was in a bit of a rush to get things going so I used the fan to stoke the coals up to temperature with a target of 225F. With the Weber bottom vent fully close
  3. So just bought my first KJ Classic II. Coming over from a Traeger. (Sold it) But was wondering how low of a temp can you achieve with the KJ without the fire going out. I bout the FireBoard and fan system to go with it. Delivery is tomorrow and want to get cooking. First burn though is just going to be charcoal, no food. Just messing with vents to see how it reacts to things. In the mean time, I read and dream of all the delicious food that is to come..
  4. I got Irving Farms to cut for me two Berkshire side pork roasts to be in range of 1.39 to 1.58 kg. I let them know I was going to use it for making bacon so they removed skin for me and sold for same price I was quoted. I am following basic recipe with same tile in book Project Smoke. For sugar portion I used maple sugar and cure was FS1, and instead of using ziplock bags I vacuum sealed each pork side side after applying brine to each side and placed remaining brine into each bag and distributed it before sealing. Once curing done in 6 days, I will rinse well with water, pat dry and
  5. With the “Just Stuff It!” Challenge going on I searched for what might be on sale at one of the local stores. Sprouts had U15 shrimp on sale for $7.98 per lb. so I purchased a pound. I decided to prepare them my two favorite ways of cooking shrimp. The first is what I call Atomic Shrimp. (Which is bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed with cheddar cheese and a slice of jalapeño. As the jalapeño doesn’t make it very “Atomic”, I switched it out for slices of serrano chilies. Here are most of the ingredients. I peeled and deveined the shrimp and then butterflied them. I also sliced the cheese
  6. After see posts on this site, watching countless YouTube videos and hours upon hours of nervous research I decided to buy a pork belly and give bacon a try on my Big Joe. Like others have commented I found the pink salt was not as easy to find as I assumed, so I bought some off Amazon. I bought a 10-lb pork belly from Costco, found an easy recipe on line and started my adventure! I followed the recipe below as a template: https://www.garlicandzest.com/homemade-applewood-smoked-bacon/ I used dark brown sugar because that's what I had and I used pure Vermont Maple Syrup i
  7. Been vacant for awhile had to make some poppers today. Used some Cattlemens tri-tip rub in the cream cheese...
  8. Made some snacks for the Vikes/Eagles game today super easy, really tasty. 1 lb bacon 1 lb pretzel sticks 1 cup brown sugar 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper preheat grill to 350 F on indirect, put some foil down to catch the bacon grease. You can use about any kind of pretzel sticks, the large rods work well, those thin crunchy breadsticks work, I decided to try these Dots brand today, they are a local brand and have a flavor like seasoned salt and pepper baked in. They are short though so I cut my bacon into thirds, wrapped each stick and rolled it in brown sugar,
  9. Artisan Belly Bacon using a 'Sweet Cure' For this bacon, I wanted to push up the sugar percentage in the equilibrium immersion cure more toward what some might refer to as a ‘Sweet Cure’ bacon at 6% sugars in the curing brine. Just to give us a taste comparison to belly bacon using lower sugar concentrations in prior bacon batches. I also slightly increased my typical salt percentage up to 2.5%. The bacon flavor after the final fridge rest has become quite uniform and well balanced throughout the meat. Quite good to eat freshly sliced (sinc
  10. So it's family Christmas at my brothers this year which means interstate for two families. I asked my brother what we could bring to help contribute and i was told nothing. It's all sorted. But i just couldn't turn up empty handed. I think I'm taking the perfect thing.... home made bacon! Picked up a pork belly, wet brined for 4 days in a solution of salt pepper, molasses, sugar and water. Hot smoked on the KJ for approx 2hrs (150f internal temp). Should feed the whole family breakfast for the time we're there :-)
  11. The Guru Moderators Challenged me to create a “Weave Your Way Through May”. I thought long and hard at what I could create. Create something delicious by weaving ingredients together? At first, I thought I kept thinking and then came to the “point” where an idea “stuck” with me. If I had the correct ingredients then I studied up on my past cooks and if you will I’ll provide you with a little educational reading and show you I assembled most of my ingredients Greased up my CI pie pan with som
  12. My wife found some boneless spareribs on sale at our local supermarket. I had some thick cut bacon that need to be cooked. So here is their beautiful marriage. Rubbed with Jake's grillin' coffee rub, cooked over indirect heat at 250°. Pulled when internal temp of 155° was reached(first time checking). Also cooked some bacon that was awesome as well. Here's some pics! The sparerib in the front was on the back of the grill, still great though.
  13. For the "Let's Take Sides Challenge! " I decided to try Gouda and Jalapeno stuffed tater bombs to go with a maple/sriracha glazed ham. Most of the ingredients. I used an apple corer to make a hole completely through the potatoes and stuffed them with jalapenos stuffed with Gouda cheese and wrapped the spuds in bacon. ( Some of the smaller yukon golds I stuffed with a dragon cayenne pepper inside the jalapenos but they were scarfed down before I could get a photo.) Added some olive oil, salt and pepper and wrapped them in foil. While the ham w
  14. Trying a Whole30 compatible bacon curing process... here's the video I am following... I want to try this as is to start with and then I want to try it again with some added flavor seasonings...
  15. Walked through my favorite Asia Pacific market the other day because they usually have some nice fish and pretty often have pork belly. Last time I bought pork belly there it was from Poland, this time I I was transfixed when I came to the pork belly display... dark red meat a little marbling, nothing like typical US bacon, looked at the label, it was from Spain. I don't think they raise pigs in Spain like we do here. Got a couple of pieces and went home to cure. Put a Morton TenderQuick cure together by weight, added a bunch of maple syrup and some brown sugar. Eight days in and ready to
  16. I have been wanting to do this for a long time and I'm glad I finally got it done! Here’s what you need: 1 5-8 pound whole pork belly Cure Ingredients: ¼ cup kosher salt 2 tsp pink curing salt (Prague Powder #1) ¼ cup brown sugar 1 tbsp red pepper flakes 2 tbsp paprika 1 tsp ground cumin ½ tsp ground coriander ¼ tsp ground allspice ¼ cup pure maple syrup Combine all the cure ingredients except the maple syrup and set aside. Unpackage your pork belly. Rinse, pat dry, and do any trimming that you may want. Rub the surface of the pork belly with the maple syrup and apply the curing rub l
  17. Cured and smoked by first pork belly this past week. I cured for 8 days, let it rest for a day and then smoked and refrigerated. How long will it stay good refrigerated?
  18. I've done regular belly bacon lots of times and just recently heard bout buckboard bacon made from the shoulder, so decided to give it a go. This is a shoulder from CostCo cut in half for two pieces. The second shoulder in the pack wasn't suitable (it had a big split that was too uneven between the halves, or more accurately 1/3 and the other 2/3rds) so I am just unfortunately(?) going to have to turn that into pulled pork It's now put away to cure, I will "massage" it a couple of times a day and pull it out in about a week. I'll update the post for the cook.
  19. These ribs were about as simple as you can get and some of the best I've ever had or done. Started with full spares and trimmed down to St Louis. These were as easy as 1-2-3 Towards the end brushed on a nice glaze made from what was in the cupboards. Catusp, brown sugar, AC vinegar, orange marmalade and some of the rub I used on the ribs. (Sucklebusters Wild Thang)1) Coated with olive oil and rub2) Put them on the OctoForks3) spun them to probe tender over medium flame. (300* or so)Ribs don't have to be complicated that's for sure! These peppers were a first. Cut off the top and stuffed with c
  20. I've just ordered a Joetisserie and now I am wondering if there are any joetisserie accessories to go with it? what I have in mind is a wire cage that fits on the rotisserie forks so food like firm vegetables like peppers, onions maybe small corn and small cubes of meat, even rashers of bacon can be placed and cooked while tumbling around inside the cage, dose anyone know if this is available or of something of that sort that could be used for that purpose?
  21. tried my hand at curing some bacon. used meatheads recipe/technique for maple smoked bacon & it came out bomb! so easy to do.
  22. Smokehowze’s Honey Cured Pork Belly Bacon Using Equilibrium Cure Method This bacon was 11 pounds (~ 5 kg) of skinless pork belly from Costco. After much study, I choose for this bacon to employ an immersion cure using the equilibrium cure method. This was a sweet pickle cure as it involves a sugar component. The flavor profile in this bacon was honey and brown sugar with a hint of black pepper in the cure followed by low temperature smoking accomplished using a cherry, hickory, and maple blend. The Final Belly Bacon Slabs Gotta Hand Cut Some First Slices for a
  23. We are giving our neighbours & a few close friends the gift of breakfast this year. My wife & daughters have put all the dry ingredients for pancakes into mason jars, and we will be adding a package of bacon. Milk, eggs, butter & maple syrup not included. The bacon is Meathead's "Simple Bacon" recipe over hickory smoke.
  24. Taking my first shot at bacon. picked up two pork belly slabs from costco. i followed two recipes one from amazing ribs and one from a friend. amazing ribs is a wet brine where the other one is not. a few questions it says 7 days to cure, that being said it would put me at next wednesday for the time to smoke, would it hurt it if i cured it to friday? as i won't beable to smoke it til saturday. It said to feel the skin off, i'm assuming that the costco belly's were already trimmed i sat there and felt and looked and it just seemed like fat. third since they are in zip lock bags
  25. ~~ A Range of Blackstone Oven Cook Goodies ~~ Bacon - gotta be careful the grease doesn't catch fire. You MUST be watching it the whole time and getting the heat and flame just right but it can be done and produces really nice bacon rather quickly. Only load the tray you use with a single layer and make sure the tray has some type of rim. Be careful removing from the oven not avoid spilling the grease and having it blaze. After I put this in the oven I got worried and had my son bring the fire extinguisher in case of a serious grease fire but it did not happen.
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