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Found 20 results

  1. I did a run of 3 racks of baby back ribs for my sister's birthday tonight. These turned out fantastic. I smoked them @ 225 -240 for 5hrs over B&B Oak lump and Best of the West 100% Mesquite lump and cherry wood chunks. Rack 1, see the toothpicks, was rubbed with Bad Byron's Butt rub and Weber Spicy Cocoa rub. Rack 2 was again rubbed with Bad Byron's and Fire & Smoke Society Pork Perfect. Rack 3 was different, it was rubbed with Fresh Jax Ghost Pepper Sea Salt, Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Ranch, and Fire & Smoke Society Wicked Wynona. Far and away rack 3 was the favorite. Those ar
  2. I joined this forum last year not long after getting my Char Griller Akorn used. I love that little steel beauty, but I've had ceramic fever and been seeing them all over the place the past year. Costco was about to have me parting with $600 for the Louisiana Grills 24" Kamado (just another rebranded Auplex like Vision), but my dad who works for a hardware store told me the owner wanted to sell off the stores XL Egg since they didn't really use it. I got what I think is a great deal on this beauty, paid less for this than you would for a stripped out XL with no accessories and definitely le
  3. As a s follow-up to my first Grill dome restoration (see http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/10848-grill-dome-rebuild-project/?p=118416), I'm planning a second Grill Dome restoration later this year. One consideration will be to re-glaze instead of a re-paint. Unlike other Kamado's that use a glazed surface, Grill Dome's have a heat resistant paint surface. The challenge will be to locate a local potter equipped with a kiln large enough to fit the GD. If it proves successful, I may also choose to repaint my original rebuilt GD (see picture below) as it has since chipped again due to some is
  4. I just upgraded to a Big Joe so I'm selling my Classic as well as my Joetisserie. Both in excellent condition. No cracks, not lighter fluid used, I've had it for less than a year. I'm located in Austin, Tx. I tried to upload pics but it keeps failing. I can email pics if anyone is interested. $650 for the Kamado Joe $150 for the Joetisserie
  5. A little behind the scenes to my Instagram post. Sunday I smoked two small chuck roasts for about 4 hours at 250 Then I put them in foil in beef broth and aromatics and let them braise for another four hours. After two hours FTC these were ready to serve. I fried up the onions and served on fresh buns with American cheddar, horseradish mayo and Au jus will deffinetly be doing this again
  6. I need your help! I have been doing tons of research and I am down to either the XL Big Green Egg for $1,024 at my local dealer or the Kamado Joe Big Joe for $1,800. I know I would need to spend another $500 ish dollars for accessories for the BGE but it is still overall cheaper. The main thing I like about the Kamado Joe is the upgraded gasket, it seems like such a pain to worry about the felt gasket (maybe it's not that bad). The other features of the Kamado Joe are nice, but not that important to me like the ash tray and the air lift dome. I would love to hear your thought from both sides t
  7. Would anyone here know where I may be able to find the hinge assembly for a large big green egg? The shell is in good shape but the hinge, bands and firebox have seen better days. I would rather purchase used vs buy new if anyone has an old one laying around. Thanks for reading! - J
  8. I'm sure you guys get this question a lot from friends and family just like I do. I decided to do a video on it. I was thinking through all the cookers I've have owned over the years and which ones would be the best for most folks cooking for friends and family who for whatever reason can only have 1 cooker. If you can only have one, you need something that can grill and smoke so that ruled out some of my favorites right off the bat. In the end, I think most people would be happiest with kettles and kamados as their only cooker and here I go through my reasons for each one i think people would
  9. Hi Guys I am new here, so I am guessing this is the right place to post this video. This was my last bbq adventure, those ceramic grills really can spit out some flames! Check out this video
  10. This one is longer, but I feel like it answers a lot of the questions I could not find when I was researching the MiniMax on youtube. There are some pretty cool shots in the middle of some ribeyes cooking. Also, I managed to squeeze a 9 pound pork butt on that thing and it turned out great. This is the type of video I like to do most and hope to do more off in the future, but it was a TON of work. I need a brain break. Anyways, enjoy!
  11. Hey guys, Ever since I started my youtube channel and bought the Summit, I've been asked several questions over and over. The most common one being "BGE Vs Summit" So this week I finally broke down and made a video comparing the two. I think you will find the video to be complementary of both grills (and KJ) so if you were expecting something scandalous/divisive don't bother clicking...you'll be disappointed. lol.
  12. The next EGGtoberfest is scheduled for Saturday October 8 at Stone Mountain Park just east of Atlanta. Cook signup probably starts in a week or two before tickets go on sale. Meet & Greet: Friday, October 7, 2016 EGGtoberfest: Saturday, October 8, 2016 Tickets go on sale Monday, August 1 at 12 PM EST. Find out what EGGtoberfest is all about click here
  13. Hi All, Just to let you know, I've been quietly working on a comparison video of the Komodo Kamado 19.5" and the Big Green Egg. A short 1 minute preview (pictures only) has been posted on YouTube and is available here: http://youtu.be/GEhbYAGjBO8 The full video review will be available later this spring 2014. Cheers. KamadoCobra
  14. I figured that I had it in the freezer and we could have chicken any night so pork belly it is! http://youtu.be/kw04L_Zgc5M 2016-02-21 17.51.19.mov Pretty amazing! Skin was crispy and meat was super juicy and flavorful. Not an every day dinner, but always fun to experiment. Dizzy Pig's curry style nuances worked well as a seasoning. Cheers- PS: Guess I am no good at loading videos on here :(
  15. I just finished rebuilding a "hand-me-down" Grill Dome which I will be using as my "deck-top" winter griller (the Komodo Kamado is boxed back in its crate for the winter since I don't feel like shoveling through 10 feet of snow). I did some research on "cheap big green egg tables" and happened upon a photo of an inexpensive IKEA kitchen cart. I decided to add my own mod by incorporating an IKEA spice rack and hangers for added storage. I finshed it with SiKKENS Cetol cedar tint stain and voila! (See attached photo). Here's the list of items used: 1. IKEA Bekvam Kitchen cart: $59.99 h
  16. Gurus, if you attended the 2015 Georgia Mountain Eggfest (or want to see what you missed out on ), Matt from Smokeware filmed a video of the event. Watch it here: http://bit.ly/1eTURp5 Thoughts on the Eggfest?
  17. This is a companion chart to the original comparison chart I posted last week. I thought of a couple more lines to add. **FYI: If no phone number is listed, this means that I was not able to find ANY phone number on the company website…If you can find an actual phone number for BGE or Primo, you’re doing better than I am. **Manufacturing Info was verified in print or by phone for each model. **None of these websites are volunteering much about where they’re made, with the exception of Primo which has “Made In USA” Plastered across the top of the page!! You can’t even do a
  18. The largest Egg sale planet is this Saturday, Dec 6th at Roswell Hardware - Roswell, GA! I'll be demoing along side side the BGE Cook Team. If you are in the market for an Egg, now is the time to save!!
  19. This is not news to avid EGGers but the rest of the world should know that the 2014 EGGToberfest will be held Saturday, October 11, 2014 at Stone Mountain Park in Stone Mountain, GA, due east of Atlanta. I was lucky enough to be a cook last year (along with my wife and a friend) and we had a lot of fun, both at the event and the night before at the Meet-and-Greet party. Cook registration opens up Monday, August 4 which is just around the corner. Cook spots will disappear within 48 hours if not faster. BGE limits the number of cooks to about 300 but the venue is very large so they may
  20. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, and I apologize in advanced for the long post. I have a few questions/concerns over some Kamado grill options. I hope to be able to narrow my choice(s) down with some feedback from you. I have never owned a ceramic Kamado grill, nor have I even owned any kind of charcoal grill. So if I should look at another option, please don't hesitate to say so. I'll only need to cook for a maximum of 3 - 4 people 99% of the time. I plan to use it fairly often (2 to 3 times a week). I have a gas grill if I need to cook more burgers, etc... than these will hold, or i
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