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  1. Update 04/15/2014 Since this thread was added to the recipes forum, I figured I'd give it a quick review to see if anything needs to be changed. I listed my changes below: 1. I talk about cooking at 225 degrees in my recipe write-up but I have found, as many of you already know, that butts are very forgiving when it comes to grill temperature. I have had great results cooking at 225, 250, and even 300. Your cook time is shorter with the higher temps of course. I just wanted to add this so our newer readers don't focus too much on 225. It can be a challenge to maintain 225 for 14 hours and it's not necessary. 2. Brining is easy and inexpensive and I love it as part of my butt BBQ ritual. That being said, I don't think it actually makes a huge difference in the final result. I don't find my brined butts any more flavorful or juicier. I have entered two office BBQ contests, I brined one and just rushed through the other one. I won both contests; with and without brine. I still do it because I enjoy the whole process and it makes for fun conversation when your guests are in awe of how great your BBQ is! 3. I believe the Chris Lilly injection is key! I love how simple it is to make and how the results turn out. Lilly's recipe listed below is for TWO BUTTS. Either cut the ingredients in half of save the other half of the injection. Don't try to pump the whole thing into one butt. More is not better. I tried that one time and it was entirely too salty. Original Recipe Write-Up This is the kind of cook that I would only attempt when time and patience are not a factor. I went all out on this Boston Butt for the fun of it. I know there’s a lot of debate as to whether brining, injecting, rubbing with good mustard and cooking at 225* is even worth the trouble, but for me, I just enjoy every step of the ritual and the results are outstanding. The 8 pounder took over 14 hours to reach 203* internal temperature cooking at 225* and a couple of days worth of brining. I trimmed most of the fat cap off my 8 pound butt but tried to leave about 1/8 of an inch like AmazingRibs recommended. I let it sit in a simple beer brine for a couple nights just because I had the time. I didn’t want too many flavors in the brine since I was injecting and rubbing later. Simple Beer Brine Recipe (I got this from an old BBQ cookbook that I have, can’t remember name) 12 oz beer 12 oz water Crushed bay leaves ½ cup salt ½ cup sugar A little pepper Next, I rubbed the butt heavily with Meathead’s Memphis Dust which is great on its own but I add 2 tablespoons of cumin to mine. Meathead’s Memphis Dust Ingredients 3/4 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar 3/4 cup white sugar 1/2 cup paprika 1/4 cup Morton's kosher salt 1/4 cup garlic powder 2 tablespoons ground black pepper 2 tablespoons ground ginger powder 2 tablespoons onion powder 2 teaspoons rosemary powder +2 tablespoons cumin (not in original recipe but I like the taste of cumin in BBQ) Then I injected the butt with an apple juice based injection. The butt came out super juicy but I’m thinking that was probably more due to the cut and the slow cooking. The injection is easy and cheap to make and as long as my BBQ doesn’t turn out tasting like an apple pie, I like it. The injection recipe is below (Chris Lilly’s). I only used half of this: Chris Lilly's Six-Time World Championship Pork Shoulder Injection 3/4 cup apple juice 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup white sugar 1/4 cup table salt 2 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce Combine all ingredients and stir until sugar and salt are dissolved. I set up my Akron with a full firebox of Kebroak lump charcoal in a well configuration and about 10 hickory chunks. I lit a starter cube, threw it down the well and closed the lid in about 5 minutes once the coals starting lighting. I set the bottom vent at 1 and the top vent at barely open. It took the grill about an hour to reach 225* but I was in no hurry since I was leaving it overnight and didn’t want to overshoot my target. I know 225* is probably overkill, I was more curious to see if I can get my Akorn to maintain that temp overnight. My Akorn is completely unmodified by the way. I kept myself busy while I was waiting for the grill to come up to temp. That was a phenomenal stout on a cool afternoon. Once temp was stable at around 225*, I put the butt on. It was 8:30 PM. I never opened the lid again until 10:30 AM the next morning. What was very scary about that is 4 hours into the cook, and a few beers later, I couldn’t remember if I had my diffuser in there or not. Luckily it was there otherwise we would’ve had some crispy pork. I left my Akorn bottom vent at a little less than 0.5 (edge of slider tangent to screw) and my top vent was only open enough to let air through the half moon part which kept temp pretty stable at about 225*-230*. I set my Maverick alarms at the following settings and went to sleep. BBQ High: 250* BBQ Low: 200* Food High: 195* Eight hours into the cook, around 5 AM, the temperature started creeping close to 250*. I went outside and closed the top vent a hair more. It really wasn’t hard to maintain close to 225* for the majority of the cook on my Akorn. Was it worth it? Not sure. I guess there’s no harm in it as long as I have all night to cook. I slept through the first stall which probably happened around 150-160 degrees but there was definitely a second stall later on. I think 170 to 180 took over 2 hours for me. My cooking helper and I enjoyed a cup of coffee as the butt got through the second stall. I snuck him a few bites later on, he seemed to really like it but he also eats dirt so that kinda discredits him as a gourmet. The butt looked great at 199 but when I checked on the bone I thought I could get it a little looser so I left in there until internal temperature reached 203 degrees. It was about 10:30 AM. I took it off, wrapped in foil and a couple of beach towels and let it rest in a cooler until company got there. We weren’t eating the butt until the Alabama/Texas A&M game so it probably stayed in the cooler for a couple hours. Alabama won that day so I am dubbing this cook my lucky butt. I’ll fix another one when we play LSU. The results were very well received by friends and family. It was very juicy with a great flavorful bark and a nice smoke ring.
  2. Prepped this little half butt for a work Halloween potluck last night, cooking it tonight. Just a little teaser before I tucked in and put it to bed.
  3. Hey family, I plan to smoke 7 pork butts on my Big Joe using my extender rack. All the butts weigh between 7-8 pounds. Should I maintain the general rule of approx 1.5 -2 hours cook time at 225? With that, is it fair to say this cool will be approx 16 hours for all 7 butts? I just want to make sure the extra capacity doesn’t affect my cook time. I’d appreciate advice based on prior experience from you folks. Thanks!
  4. I ended up with a mostly free Saturday and decided to cook a couple of Boston Butts. I finished my other chores early and decided to make home made rolls and Cole slaw to go with the pork. This was the first time I brined a Boston Butt and was pleased with the outcome.
  5. I'm pretty inexperienced with my kamado, especially low and slow. My temp had been higher than I wanted (305) so I adjusted the top vent to nearly closed (1/8” or so). The temp held steady at around 245 for the next 4 hours and now going into hour 6 my temp has dropped to 225 in the last 45 min. Is my fire out? I'm about 15 min from home so I don't want to go unless necessary. TIA
  6. Just got done with dinner, my first time making a Boston Butt. https://goo.gl/photos/Gzk5ZWgnBB7Rbz9X8 The Akorn with the Tip Tip Temp kept an even 240-250ºF for the full 7 hrs.
  7. Hi All, this is my first post, but not my first time reading all the great advice on here. Here's my dilemma: I bought a pack of butts from Costco--roughly 13lbs so two 6.5lb roasts. I have family coming Saturday and expecting to eat sometime Saturday evening--approximately 4-6pm. That is flexible. It seems too risky to start the cook Saturday morning, but I fear that if I put them on Friday night, the smaller sized roasts will cook quicker and possible dry out before the target dinner time. Should I buy a bigger roast and start it Friday night? Or suck it up and put the two smaller ones on in the wee hours like 1am? I'm planning/hoping for 225 and giving myself a 2 hours/lb of a cook time. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated.
  8. Hey, everyone! I picked my Akorn up a few weeks ago, and so far have done a couple of direct fire cooks with steaks and burgers with great results. I finally have the time to do my first smoke on the Akorn (actually ever, on any grill/smoker), and decided to go with a Boston Butt. I am going to pick up a 9 pounder later in the week. I did have a couple of newbie questions I was hoping you guys would be able to help me out with. 1. In your experiences, for someone still trying to learn their smoker, is it best to try and hit the 250* mark and smoke overnight, or bump the temp up a bit to 300* or so and get it on around 6am? We probably won't be eating until 6pm or so. I am worried that if I start early in the morning it won't be done! 2. What are your favorites for BBQ sauces to serve? I have always been a KC style BBQ sauce guy, but my wife loves NC style. I'm kind of leaning towards NC style because it goes so well with pork. 3. Also, I read the tutorial on starting a low and slow fire in the Akorn, and noticed it mentioned using cotton balls instead of the weber cubes. I already have weber cubes from my kettle grill so I was wondering if anyone had a good suggestion on if I should use a whole one, half, quarter? I would like to try and use them up Thanks in advance! I will update and post pictures after the cook!
  9. Just finishing up my first overnight cook on the Big Joe. Ten pound Boston Butt for Sunday lunch. I kept the temp around 220 since my 10 pound butt was actually 2 pieces. Cooked them for about 14 hours and took them off when they were at 198. I've wrapped them in foil and have them in a cooler resting. I can't wait for lunch today! Just want to say a quick thanks to everybody on this site for all the great posts and advice. As a new Kamado owner, I've gotten lots of good advice from reading the posts!
  10. I am firing up my Kamado Joe Classic to cook a 10 pound pork shoulder roast overnight... I am going to use the Flame Boss 200 Wifi controller to run the pit overnight... it's windy and rainy here tonight... Here is a link to the live cook on the Flame Boss: https://myflameboss.com/cooks/61380 I will post some photos of the meat prep shortly....
  11. I bought a two pack of boston butts at Sam's Club the other day and assumed I would have two 8 pounders since the package weighed about 16 pounds... Well one of them was 10 and the other was about 6.. I cooked the big one today (or am cooking it). It's been on about 10 hours at 250-ish and the internal temp is up to about 187. This one looks great so far! Its gonna be on a good bit longer to finish and then I'll rest it for a while before pulling and packaging...
  12. I finally took the opportunity to cook a Boston Butt on the Kamado Joe using the Joetisserie and the Octoforks to hold it in place. This cook served two purposes for me today. First of all, it gave me a chance to see how well the Octoforks would work for this project. Secondly, it gave me the opportunity to do a rotisserie cook of a Boston Butt. I was curious about a few things related to this cook. Would the meat cook faster than normal? Would the meat stay on the spit/forks? How would the bark come out? I made a simple salt based rub for this roast with salt, paprika, onion powder, granulated garlic, and chili powder. You can use any kind of rub you want if you try this, but I wanted to use one with no sugar. I planned to cook this roast at 300°F to an internal temperature of 180°F. My end goal here was sliced pork instead of pulled pork. When I put this roast on the grill, my grill temp was about 220°F. I adjusted the vents and let the temp come up to 300°F over the next 45 minutes or so. The total cook time to get to my internal target was 4 hours and 15 minutes. Not too shabby for an 8 pounder. The bark texture was OK for me but if I had targeted pulled pork instead of sliced, I would have probably added a little sugar to the rub. 20161109_JoeTisserieButt-Teaser.mp4
  13. Last minute decision to do a butt today. Not massive but a quick 7 pounder for my mom. Still getting used to the grill and the different setups. The guru makes it very simple though. Here's a on the grill before pic. Also here is how I set my lava stone. It came with my gas insert so untill I have a problem with it I'll continue to use it. If it breaks I'll upgrade with a cast iron unit I suppose. ill check back for some updated pics as the day goes on. Good grilling everyone
  14. Trying my first Boston Butt today. Here it is rubbed down. Waiting for the white smoke to go away and settle into good smoke
  15. New to kamados so so I bought the Akorn to try them out. So far, I love kamados, if not my Akorn. the build quality is not so great, but I expected that, to some degree. I have used it a few times for general grilling, but today, I am smoking my first Boston Butt. I bought the smoking stone (good deal from hayneedle.com) and a Kamado Joe water pan. Kingsford Competition Briquets in a ring, water pan on the smoking stone, hickory chips (should have gotten chunks) soaked in water in an aluminum foil pouch on the main grill surface, butt rubbed and on elevated extender. Temps fluctuating a bit, and I'm shooting for a target temp of about 280. So far, so good. Feel free to tell me I'm doing something wrong! I'm a noob when it comes to smoking meat. I discovered the wonder of crockpot BBQ this past winter (down to making my own sauce), and decided I needed to go down the road of making the real deal. I will invest in a better build on a kamado once the Akorn rusts out.
  16. How many pork butts have you folks cooked at once in a KJC? I'm trying to load the freezer up in preparation for the arrival of a new kiddo and am wondering how many you can fit/have fit in the past. I'll be using the costco butts which tend to be 8-10lbs. I think two is a pretty tight squeeze on the main grill and am wondering if I can do a third on the extender but am not sure how that works. Has anyone tried ti lay them on their sides? Would that get you one more on the main grill? Also, what is the timing you've experienced with two butts (approximate)? If you've done two on the main grate with a third on the extender I'd be interested in the cook time (approximate, I know, I know...its done when its done). I'll probably be running at 275-300 on the maverick. Thanks for the input Gurus!
  17. Yyyyyeees, Sir! Time to fire up the Akorn to celebrate the day my Mama brought me into this world on January 19, 1964. Gave my Butt a light oil rub down of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you know that First Cold Press kind, the night before the cook. A generous coating of a Sweet Hickory dry rub followed by a tight wrapping of of my Butt with Cling Wrap. Then, off I sent it to the fridge box to soak in all that goodness of the sweet brown sugar and tart apple cider crystals. Mama didn't name me Waylon Jennings, Charlie Pride, or Merle Haggard. She named me after a New York Giant Football player. Nnnnnaaah, Sir, it wasn't Steve Goodman. Loaded up the grill with some B&B Hickory Lump, that green bag stuff, and some Cherry wood chunks. The temp stabilized around that magical heat of 250 degrees at 1:15 PM. Placed my 9 pound Butt on the oiled grates. I love the way that my Butt sizzles when it first hits the cast iron. Mama said it was raining the day she brought me home from the hospital. Maybe, that explains why I like the rain so much. At 12:15 AM, the internal temp of my Butt hit my target temp of 205 degrees, 11 hours of cook time. I swaddled my Butt in a few layers of tin foil and placed it in a cooler to take a deserved rest. Mama said my drunk Uncle Odell took us home from the hospital in his old beat up pick-up truck. Daddy was still in prison at that time. I love the way the smoke ring surrounded my Butt in all that smoky goodness. Mama took baby me from the hospital to our house on Wheat Street, down by the train tracks, on the wrong side, wouldn't you know. Yyyyyeees, Sir. Started shredding my Butt at 2:30 AM. Well, it was all I could do to keep from crying tears of joy when reflecting on my 52 years. And, even today, I don't mind fishing in the rain. The finished product: Thanks, Mama, for that blessed day 52 years ago on January 19, 1964.
  18. Greetings Gurus! Well I thought I would do a live update thread with pics for tonight's cook! I am having a playoff party tomorrow for some close friends and the word about my pulled pork is spreading, so I decided to do a boston butt for tomorrow on the big joe. Everyone is coming over around 3 so I am putting the butt on around 10-11 tonight. To gear up for this cook, I am doing a reverse sear of some loin chops on the joe jr. So a little background if you haven't been following me. I got my Joes last week and have had some nice cooks so far. Stated with tri tip. It turned out so so because I ran out of coals when I went to sear it. Then I did chicken wings that I thought were going to burn the house down because of the inferno I created (long story!). So stay tuned. I will have the first update in just a few minutes!
  19. I bought a two pack of boneless pork butts from Costco since they didn't have bone-in when I was stocking up and when I opened the package the removal of the bone left a huge flap of meat. Instead of carving the bone out it seems the cut was made all the way through the shoulder. So the shoulder is almost sliced into two pieces but is still connected. Not sure if it was a bad butcher job but I've never experienced this on the 10 or so boneless butts I've done in the past. Thoughts on how to smoke it? Fat cap down/up (based on preference) or should I open up the shoulder flat on the grill? One concern is that if I don't lay flat on the grill the inside of the pocket will have pockets of rub. Maybe after 10 hours it wont matter. The other thing I'm worried about is it drying out since its not at thick as the end piece where the two pieces are still connected. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks in advance!
  20. Finally bought the Maverick redi chek and trying an overnight butt on old smokey.
  21. Next time I make promises of pulled pork I will be checking the weather forecast. Flashback to last Tuesday... Wife: "Can we have pulled pork sandwiches this weekend" BigSmoke: "Does a one legged duck swim in circles?" It was a long miserable rainy night. Thankfully I had a pop up tent to keep my setup relatively dry, however, it was the wind that really made it tough to moderate temperatures. I picked up a 10.4 lb butt on Friday and had it trimmed, injected, rubbed with Dizzy Dust (Mustard to help bind), cling wrapped and in the fridge to marinate over night. Saturday evening I fired up the KJ at 8pm, after reaching a stable 250 degree dome temp I loaded the butt (10pm). The plan was to have it resting by 1pm for kick off and ready to eat by halftime but I hit a stall that lasted over 3 hrs (Would not budge from 151 degrees), I'm guessing the wind and swings in temp had a part to play. I ended up having to raise the temp to 350 degrees for the final hour and I pulled the butt just after 2pm. The IT was reading 198 degrees and it was probing tender. I let it rest for 20 mins before FTC for about 1.5 hrs. The cooler was pre-heated with hot water. Despite the hiccups I am quite proud of the final product. It was a huge hit and by far the best pulled pork sandwich I've ever made! I served it with homemade coleslaw, bbq sauce and sweet potatoes. The grilled sweet potatoes were coated with an orange marmalade butter. Recipe courtesy of Bobby Flay. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/bobby-flay/grilled-sweet-potato-wedges-with-orange-molasses-butter.html
  22. Smoking my first boston butt tomorrow on the Akorn. I've read on this forum that it can take between 10 - 12 hours for an 8 lb boston butt, but the one I bought is smaller (5.5 lbs), so how long should I expect it to take to cook if I am able to mantain temperature between 225 and 275? I want to have it for dinner tomorrow, so I'm wondering if I should start it tonight before I go to be, or get up early tomorrow a.m. to put on on the Akorn. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Thanks to everyone's tips on here I've embarked on my first pork butt. I've made lots of ribs, chicken and steaks, but this is my maiden voyage for pulled pork.
  24. So I had my first smoke on the new Kamado yesterday. Did a Boston Butt that turned out fairly well. Thinking about reheating it for tonights dinner my girlfriend had a pretty good idea! For new years eve we had a party (it's kind of an annual thing!) and I will normally make what I call wedding meatballs. If you have ever been at a wedding reception you know the meatballs are always a crowd pleaser. Several years ago I got the recipe out of the caterer. It's increadably easy and delicious. Simply take one jar of regular BBQ sauce (nothing fancy, I normally just get bullseye) and one jar of grape jelly. Yes, grape jelly! and put it in a crock pot with your meatballs and heat. Anyway, she suggested putting the pulled pork in the leftover sauce from the meatballs. Sounded like a good idea so we decided to try it. Huge hit and very yummy! So if you're having a party try making the meatballs for people to graze on until your Butt comes off the Kamado. Then the next night use the left over sause from the meatballs to reheat your pulled pork. Keeps it nice and juicy and has a nice flavour! I know some hardcore BBQ afficianatos are probably screaming at their computer screens right now. But try it. Easy, convienient, and delicious!
  25. So I decided to jump head first into the low and slow game with these two Boston butts. They took 6 hours and it wasn't that hard to hold 225+/-15. I have them resting in a cooler now and after an hour I'll take them out and let them rest for a few minutes on a carving board.
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