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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! Here are some Oxtails I smoked and then braised. I got the recipe here - http://howtobbqright.com/2017/10/13/smoked-oxtails/. The only thing I did differently is use Mississippi Grind as my rub, and I served them with the veggies instead of strain them out. They turned out delicious...truly spectacular tails. I highly recommend this recipe. Sticky and decadent in the best way possible. I actually prefer the flavor of oxtails to braised short rib, but I know that may be an unpopular opinion Please ask any questions! P.s. @Bgosnell151...I told you that I would tell you when I made these!
  2. As we all know, our very own keeperovdeflame “loves Lamb Shanks and he cannot lie”. Of his many lamb shank cooks was this one, “Braised Lamb Shanks (Kokkinisto me Manestra)” that I’m presenting my version of as my Copycat Challenge Entry. Here a link to his original cook thread: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/16997-braised-lamb-shanks-kokkinisto-me-manestra/?tab=comments#comment-211730 Here are most of the ingredients: Keeper posted the full recipe (for 6 shanks) and reduced the amounts down for 2 shanks. I ended up cooking 3 so I cut it back to what I thought would work for three shanks. Here are the amounts I used: (See recipe in keeper's thread for full recipe) Spice Rub: 1 1/2 tsp ground allspice, 1 1/2 tsp ground toasted cumin 1 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg 1 1/2 tsp Spanish smoked sweet paprika 1 1/2 tsp garlic powder. 1 tsp ground cinnamon I applied the rub to the shanks. I them wrapped them with cling wrap and refrigerated for 4 hours. Here are the ingredients for the braising liquid and the veggies that went in with the shanks. (Not shown are the Rosemary and the Thyme) Ingredient list: 3 lamb shanks sea salt / fresh ground pepper 1/8 cup virgin olive oil 2 yellow onions quartered 1 whole garlic clove pealed and separated into individual cloves 11/2 cup dry red wine 1/4 cup tomato paste ( I didn’t have any paste so I used some diced tomatoes) 4 bay leaves 6 inch sprig rosemary 8 sprigs fresh thyme I don’t have a CI braiser like keeper does so I picked out a an 11" heavy bottom SS skillet I had. After the 4 hours, I started out by placing in a bed of sliced onions. I poured in the OO and placed the shanks on top of the onions. Keeper browned his shanks in a CI skillet and then transferred them over to his braiser. I decided to brown / roast my shanks in the skillet on my Weber OTS for 30 minutes at approximately 450 degrees. After the 30 minutes were up I moved the skillet over to my preheated (to 210 degrees) Primo. I added the braising liquid, the veggies and the herbs and covered with the lid. I let this slow braise for 2 1/2 hours and then check it for tenderness. It was ready for the next stage so I removed the lid and turned the shanks over and opened up the vents. I took the heat up to 350 and let them cook for approximately another 30 minutes (or until it’s fork tender) turning every 10 minutes. I also made some mashed potatoes and steamed some carrots while this was happening. Once they were fork tender I removed the shanks to a bowl and reduced the sauce a little to thicken it up. While the sauce was thickening I broke out some good Cabernet Sauvignon and put together my place setting. Here it is plated. Here’s a few more shots. Shank with some meat removed. Fork Shot. The "OMG That was good Shot!" Wow! I now know why keeper loves them. Thanks for looking.
  3. Beef Braised Ribs in a red wine reduction sauce was calling my name for dinner tonight. A few pounds of beef short ribs were at a good price at the store and were grabbed before they disappeared. Some "Cabernet Merlot" wine was also at a low price, so the deal was set. The Big Joe was cleaned out and filled with fresh lump charcoal in preparation of the cook. The X-Rack was put in the lowest position to get the KJ Cast Iron pot close to the coals. The lid was left open and a couple tablespoons of canola oil was added to the pot. When the pot got searing hot the short ribs were tossed in for searing. As one face of the ribs finished searing, they were rotated to put a new face down to the hot cast Iron. When seared on all sides, the ribs were pulled out and set to the side. With the juices from the ribs left in the pot, carrots, diced onion and chopped celery was added to the pot and stirred until the onion was golden. A tablespoon of flour was added into the pot and mixed with the contents. Then a couple tablespoons of tomato paste was added and mixed in. Finally 750 ml of the wine was added to the pot and mixed completely. The pot was left to simmer until the wine had reduced to about half its initial volume. Fresh Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, salt and black pepper were added to the reduced sauce. The seared ribs were added to the hot mix to begin the braising, along with a cup of "Best Brown Sauce" for more beefy goodness. Link below: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/16717-french-mother-sauce-brown-sauce/?hl=%2Bbrown+%2Bsauce The lid was put on the pot at this time. The ribs were allowed to braise for 2.5 hours which is when they were falling off the bone tender. The ribs were pulled out of the pot and set aside to rest. The vegetables were strained out of the drippings with the reduced wine, and a roux was made. The roux was expanded with beef broth, half and half and seasoned with salt and pepper. Mash potatoes were made with salt, pepper, butter and cream cheese. The gravy was ladled over the potatoes and served with the beef short ribs.
  4. So, as promised, I decided to make some country ribs this week. It's been entirely too long since I've made these tasty pork cutlets but I haven't lost my touch. Since my 5 year old was home when I started the actual cook I decided to forego making a video as he is too curious when I cook and it makes for a difficult filming session... But, I did at least take pics! First I start off by rinsing and drying the country ribs, these were a boneless butt cut rib so there is plenty of fat. You can trim it or leave it, I just let it be. Next I season them with some Montreal Steak, it works well with the flavors we will be adding. Next I put these in a non-reactive container and pour on the Italian dressing. I am using a store brand that I picked up on sale, use whatever brand you like. Cover the meat in the dressing and give it a stir to be sure. Then cover the container and park it in the fridge for 4 hours. Next you are going to brown these or sear them on the grill. I chose to brown in a cast iron skillet. Later I took some Sierra Nevada and deglazed the pan then cooked up some diced apples and onions to add to my baking dish. Reserve the marinade from the bowl, we're going to use that in our braising liquid. We need to braise these "ribs" in some tasty liquid. I made a sauce by melting some butter over med heat, adding to that half a bottle of Garland Jack's Secret Six Hickory Spice BBQ sauce and half a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Heat that for 10 minutes over med heat, being careful not to scorch the sauce. Add in the marinade from the bowl and 1/4 Cup of water to the bbq sauce mix. Let that heat a few minutes and mix is all together. You should have a nice liquid for your ribs to braise in and it should all look like this: I cooked these in the oven (I know, I know... wife wanted to eat when she got home so I didn't have time to get the kamado going) in a ceramic baking dish at 375°F for about 1.5 hours. Cover the dish tightly with foil and let the liquid do it's thing. The apples and onions should infuse some nice flavor into the pork as well. If they didn't all cook away, you have some tasty little garnishes that are worth straining from the liquid. You can also take that braising liquid and make a reduction out of it to spoon over your ribs. I thought they were plenty flavorful and the effort of making yet another sauce was not warranted, but, to each their own. After 1 1/2 hour of cooking, you should have some tasty morsels of pork that look something like this: Thanks for reading/looking. I hope you try my method out.
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