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Found 22 results

  1. This is one of my favorite burgers to make at home. Super simple and packed full of flavor. Ingredients" - 1 pound 80/20 beef - Your favorite bacon - Pepper jack cheese - Buns of your choosing - Jalapeños - Burger/steak seasoning Sauce Ingredients: - 1/2 cup Mayo - 4 Chipotle peppers with sauce - 1 tablespoon Tobacco Form 4 meatballs and smash them on the grill, we're making a double stack. Cook until you get. a good crust, flip and cover with cheese. Top with bacon, jalapeños, and place on bun with spicy sauce and enjoy!
  2. Friends brought over some yummy ground venison mixed with bacon and cheddar. Brushed the veggies with some evoo and seasoned with Montreal. Also did some prepackaged meatballs and hot dogs. Venison came out a bit salty but that was due to Montreal being added. I'm sure it would have been fine unseasoned. Too bad because the meat was moist and cooked wonderfully. Hope your Sunday was spent with friends or loved ones as well!
  3. Morning! So I've gone completely ham, literally speaking, since I got the Akorn back in November. I've smoked 6 different ham recipes.. and recently just picked up 5 spiral hams and threw them in the freezer because they were marked down to basically 80cents a pound from $3-4/lb I got i got 10-14lb hams for basically $10-14 a piece. I quit buying deli ham all together and now we use strictly the smoked hams for sandwiches, throw some in the skillet for breakfast sandwiches, as well as using it for dinner in general of course... That said.. I've done nothing but hams and and steaks on it since picking it up.. done burgers a few times and they are always phenominal.. in fact the family prefers them the next day even more I think so I usually make about 20 patties... really wishing I had a bigger surface area at this point because i'd make more if I could. That said, I'm doing burgers for the wife and her girlfriends when they get off work tonight and am interested in some recipes outside of the typical burger.. My general prep tends to be make patty, season, sit for 20 mins in fridge.. cook.. last 1-2 mins slather with BBQ sauce and some garlic cheddar cheese slice and then serve them with baked beans on top of the patty. It's a favorite. I'd like to change it up though and hoping you guys have some favorites you might recommend. Im really looking in to some sort of stuffed burger but I'm open to all sorts of recipes like maybe a minced garlic and onion bacon cheddar burger or similar. Look forward to the great suggestions you folks will have!
  4. Decided to pop my burger cherry on the KJ the other night. Was a bit of a crap day, weather-wise and didn't feel like going to too much trouble. Had some Wagyu burgers vac-sealed in the freezer. These are very tasty, but can have issues with un-rendered fat if not cooked properly. There's no question that a good home-made burger patty will beat a store-bought one, but these are the ones I had, so I sucked it up and played the burger hand I was dealt... Sous Vided them form a few hours at 50C to cook them rare and get rid of the fatty taste: Debagged: Fried up some onions: Threw the buggers on the grill and dialled it up to 11: Strips of Jalapeno Monterey Jack (yeah I know, big slices are better - again, didn't plan this out). Finished product: Now let's build the burger. Onions on the base: Then beetroot, because we're not savages: Burger deployed, then hit it with sauce: Bit of that green stuff: Top on, dig in: Tasted noticeably better than on the gasser. Could have done with a slice of tomato & a fried egg, but hey, I've eaten worse burgers!!!
  5. used about 831 grams leg of lamb, 454 grams, top sirloin and about 140 gr. of extra fat. single course grind on a Cabela No. 5. cooked on CGK using Johns custom searing basket with Basque sugar maple lump. burgers took about 8 minutes or little longer to get a nice finish on them. I'm new to grinding my own, but I am now a believer.
  6. First post... I have been grilling on Weber kettles for 20+ years and have it down to a science. But, I recently bought an Akorn, primarily for smoking. I figured I'd try grilling on it and see how it went compared to my kettles, but it's primarily a smoker to me, so far. I've lit it maybe 3 or 4 times and I'm still getting used to that. The fires go from zero to raging infernos in no time. My question is NOT "how do I start a fire on an Akorn". I'll get used to that. My question is have you ever had burgers turn black on top? So, here's what happened last night. As all of my previous cooks, I let my fire get too hot while I was prepping my food. So, I go out to put the patties on and see that the temp is over 600F. I choke off the top and bottom vents to bring the temp down. When it gets to around 400F, I put the patties on. During this time, smoke is bellowing out of the top vent. After 5 min, I go to flip the burgers and they are black on top, very black. All of the juice that bubbled out of the top had absorbed the smoke and turned a dark black color. I flipped them over and the undersides looked good. So, I continued to cook until the IT was 165 and removed them. They had a terrible flavor. I have lots of experience starting fires on the kettles with Kingsford and a reasonable amount of experience with lump. On my kettles, I just light a chimney full, dump it when it's mostly lit (about 20 min), wait a couple of minutes and start cooking. By then, the coals are pretty evenly lit and no thick smoke. I know that if you put the food on too soon, before the coals are ready, the coals bellow out a nasty smoke. I feel like that's what happened to me on the Akorn. I'm just wondering if you have ever had burgers look like that? If so, what did you figure caused it?
  7. Hello Everyone, I've recently started following this page after my 4 year old gas BBQ finally gave up and died. I've always been interested in kamado-style cookers but haven't been willing to drop a grand on something ceramic. That and the likelihood that I'll be moved a few times in my military career, I didn't really want to take the chance on breaking it. So I ended up picking up an Akorn a few weeks ago (Lowe's had a no-tax sale, so it seemed like a good time to go for it). I've cooked a couple times on it now and have had some mixed results. I cooked burgers last time and ended up with tonnes of thick white smoke and a grease fire... That didn't happen the first time I had cooked them, but for some reason it happened this time. Should I be using a drip pan or anything like that? This is my first time cooking with charcoal, so forgive me if I'm missing something really basic. The other question I had is that some of the charcoal I have (I got it from Costco) seems to be pretty small and tends to fall through the grate into the ash pan. Is it okay to have lit charcoal down in the ash pan, or should I get different charcoal that is a bit bigger? Thanks in advance, this site has been an amazing resource so far!
  8. Been absent from here a heap of the time since last April. Had some back trouble that is now healing, thankfully.....but it put me down in the dirt for a while. Losing some weight and exercising really has been helping. Hard to find my stride with the new lifelong diet while looking at the delicious pics in here. I'm dialed in and feeling much, much better. Fired up the grill yesterday and Teenage T-Rex seemed mighty pleased at seeing this. He ate like only a kid with a crazy high metabolism can eat. Me being the old man that I am.....avoided the carbohydrate heavy stuff and stuck to the protein rich stuff. Pics of yesterdays grilling....just a good basic American backyard meal to get my sea legs back underneath me. Almost forgot how to run the grill. Started by making a batch of John's MCM Hot Dog Chili. Love this stuff !!!! Plenty of it leftover for the family to thaw out and reheat for future hot dog or brat meals when I'm working. I like some jalapeños & onions in my hamburger patties. I love hitting the dogs with Franks while they are cooking. Sure adds a nice flavor when you're eating your dog nekkid. Leaves a nice flavor on the outside. Love some Nathan's around my house. Triple cheesed...... T-Rex's first plate.....he added chips, too. Momma's burger..... My burger and hot dog were nekkid except for some of this goodness on top..... Glad to be back. So very grateful to be getting healthy, too.
  9. Son came busting into the den late this morning in a state of near panic. Seems he'd overslept and was having to scramble to get ready for a date......but was equally concerned about getting some grub. Funny little guy. Asked him if he had time for fast burgers and hot dogs and got the thumbs up if I started right away. KJ fire starter to the rescue......left the top & bottom vents fully open and closed the dome after tossing on my GrillGrates. By the time I"d made some superfast burgers & seasoned them with KJ seasonings the grill was more than ready. That Chow-Chow is my favorite hot dog topper and it's great on other stuff, too. The BigJoe came through in a pinch. It is impressive how fast it was warmed up and ready to cook for this cook. I don't believe I'd have been able to pull off a faster meal on my old gasser. Nothing really special......just some really basic weekend eats, but we love 'em and it was too easy. He made it out the door with 20 minutes to spare. Young lad has learned to never keep a lady waiting. He'll do well to remember this rule throughout his life.
  10. Had a hungry kid coming home from school and had some fresh ground beef & Hawaiian rolls on hand. Rain kept me indoors on this cook. I really want to get some Kamado Joe cast iron D&C inserts for use on my BigJoe for future smashburger cooks. I think these will offer the acreage and functionality that is perfect for these burgers. I use a simple recipe that I've stuck with for the past year or so: 4-5 pounds ground beef, 1 cup of Italian bread crumbs, 1 cup of Don's, one sweet onions finely diced and 2-3 jalapeños Frenched & finely diced. The amounts are simply suggestions.....I never measure. Had some great tunes cranking during this deal...... Sweet potato tots with some #kamadojoe Honey BBQ rub on them.... Maple bacon was killer on them. King's Hawaiian rolls are the ticket, too. They look dark......that's just the Don's making that color. You'll have to take my word that they were not overcooked.
  11. I finally had time to play with my new cast iron griddle for the BigJoe. I started by heating the Joe to 400 F and applying two coats of peanut oil for seasoning about 2 hrs apart. Baby Brussels sprouts were tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper and cooked for about 30-40 minutes. Burgers were made from 4 oz balls of 90% grass fed ground beef dusted with KJ Seasoning. I compared the cast iron to the open grill. And finally the plated meal...
  12. I wanted to give the Kamado Joe Steak rub a shot on burgers today. I fired up the Joe Junior and ran through ten burgers in a couple of batches. I had expected something big and bold, like a Montreal seasoning. It actually had a pleasantly mild flavor with no trace of harshness. The first clue was the golden-tan color of the rub. I must admit it worked really well on burgers. Next time around, now that I know it isn't overwhelming, I will apply a bit more. Overall, a good eat, for such a simple meal.
  13. Kicking back and enjoying a vacation day Monday. Watching The Walking Dead and relaxing after cooking up an after school special for our teenager. Rain is coming off and on and heavy at times. Had to do this one indoors. Fired up the kitchen tunes and let it ride while getting stuff ready. He'd seen a recent episode of Diners, Dives & Drive Thru's that I was watching and said the sliders they had looked good........so sliders it was. I broke apart the 80/20 burger meat and doused it with a 50/50 mix of KJ spices. The Hobbit sized patties were formed and 1/4" of Don's was poured over them in the pan. Sharp cheddar cheese was draped over the sizzlin' Hobbit patties and the buns King's Hawaiians buns were toasted over the sweet tater fries (which had some John Henry's Pecan rub on them). Got to play with my favorite knife briefly on the mater. A little Blue Plate mayo & Williamson Bros Original and it was all good. Little sucka ate 5 of these and 2 helpings of fries. Good for him because neither I nor our dogs need overfeeding.
  14. Tonight's dinner: Hand cut fries cooked using duck fat in a Lodge Cast Iron skillet & grass fed beef sliders w crispy bacon, habanero cheese & siracha mayonnaise. Both cooked on the Big Green Egg. I cooked these raised direct, using the Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer, at 350F.
  15. Tonight I will be cooking burgers in the Joe on a CI skillet. Their are 3 burgers with each seasoning. Who will win? Guesses??? PS. Smoked over Pecan wood
  16. I picked up a Cast Iron Plate Setter, made by Innovations by Chance, after dropping and cracking my ceramic version. It has a griddle on the top when it is installed legs down. I started with 100% ground sirloin and seasoned with Meat Church Holy Cow rub. (IMO- one of the best beef rubs available). I cooked at 550 dome temp. The cast iron formed an amazing crust. I topped the burgers with pepperjack cheese, a homemade roasted jalapeno relish and mayo on a pretzel bun.
  17. Usual suspects in the line-up. First flip, then 'shrooms and cheddar......and mozzarella just before taking off the grill. Teenage version with bacon-baked beans: Adult version:
  18. My son proclaimed these burgers "better than 5-guys". Coming from him, this was the greatest compliment my grilling has ever seen. If I never fire up the coals again....then I'll leave this Earth a happy griller. 2.25 lbs 70/30 ground beef 1 medium onion finely diced 2 jalapeños finely diced 1/4 cup Italian bread crumbs 1/2 cup Don's Seasoning Delight (finest thing out of Augusta, Georgia since James Freaking Brown ) 1/8 bottle of Ed's Red Original King's Hawaiian rolls (only buns I use....if given a choice ) Son's: Wife's: My low-carb version:
  19. Rough day at work and needed something fast and filling and reasonably healthy for the grill. I had a couple of cans of salmon floating around the pantry and a mess of spices and other ingredients. I mixed together the salmon (drained and bones picked out) with: 2 beaten eggs, 1 cup breadcrumbs, a minced onion, 3 cloves minced garlic, and finely chopped capers. Formed into patties: Brought the grill up to nearly 500° and laid the patties directly on the grill: 3 mins per side and then a very gentle flip, 3 more mins and then off: Serve with a tarragon herbed aoli: On a toasted bun with some greens: All in all a very tasty meal, quick and easy to prepare. Next time I'm going to try this with fresh, raw salmon that I grind myself.
  20. Quick question for all you Guru's - Im about to throw some burgers on the Akorn. Should I just add a bunch of pre lit lump from my Weber chimney starter and let it ash over then put it on the Weber grate i have sitting on the tabs. or should I just lite coal in the coal basket volcano style ... also curious ... just run the vents wide open while this cook's Thanks all.
  21. This is one that I'm working on for a blog post but I'm still waiting for some follow ups from the meat supplier before posting. The patties I used were "American style Kobe" (that's the hold up from the supplier - I asked for clarification of terms that they use in the labeling and materials) so I wanted a more simple style burger without a half foot of condiments on top of it but I still wanted big flavor. I came up with this sauce for the top Green Peppercorn and Blue Cheese Sauce for Steaks, Burgers source: www.nibblemethis.com 1 cup half and half 1/2 to 3/4 cup crumbled blue cheese 1/2 tablespoon crushed green peppercorns salt to taste, about 1/4 teaspoon depending on the saltiness of the blue cheese used In a medium saucepan over medium heat, bring the half and half to a simmer. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until a skin starts to try to form on the surface top, about 10 minutes. Add the blue cheese and simmer 5 more minutes until waited and well blended. Stir in the peppercorns, taste for seasoning and add salt as needed. The green peppercorns are generally available in grocery stores these days. They are much more tender and provide a fruity heat compared to black or red pepper. I think they go great with beef and in cream sauces like this. Thought about cooking these on a Himalayan salt block but since the burgers had a high fat content, I was worried the excess moisture would pull a lot of salt from the block. Instead I cooked them on a set of GrillGrates on my large BGE, about 4-5 minutes a side. I seasoned them only with a few pinches of pink Himalayan salt. They weren't too smoky at first but once that marbled beef heated up, I was glad I had opted to use the GrillGrates instead of straight over the coals. A good bit of rendered fat came off of them. I put them on toasted buns, just a little greenery, and served with the sauce. The burgers themselves were tasty, had that buttery taste and texture that you expect from Wagyu beef. It reminded me of fresh home ground beef. The rich sauce complimented the whole deal, we'll definitely use this sauce again for steaks or burgers. For today I've got wings that marinated overnight in Ted Reader's Mojo Marinade from his new book, Gastro Grilling. If John isn't testing on the Vision Grill today I might cook them on that kamado, direct on the second level (direct raised grate) otherwise I'll do them on one of our BGE. Hope everyone is having a great day!
  22. I had some of John's Hot Dog Chili leftover from the 4th so tonight we made Chili Cheese Burgers and Corn of the Cob. Started out with the corn over the flames and the burgers indirect for a reverse sear. After about 5 minutes per side I moved the corn over to the indirect side. (I had already microwaved each one for 4 minutes) When the burgers started to sweat I moved them over the flame. Flipped after 4 minutes. (Flames weren’t real hot) Plated Money Shots. Oh so good!
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