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  1. So a couple of days ago I was in the store and they had picnic shoulder (pork butt with bone-in, skin on) for $0.98/lb and I thought it would be a perfect fit for the Joetisserie: low and slow would make the skin too rubbery so the higher heat should crisp it up nicely (I'd done a porchetta before and it turned out fabulously) I followed one of John's videos for the rub idea, though he didn't give amounts. I used a mustard base and roughly about 1/2 c salt 1/3 c paprika 1/3 c chili powder 1/3 c granulated garlic 1/3 c onion powder And held the J
  2. Hi, My youngest son, who is home from college, requested BBQ. We're from NC so that meant a full shoulder. He's been an awesome son. I have to brag. Kept his grades up, got his Eagle Scout, and recently got accepted into Aerospace Engineering at The University of Maryland College Park after 2 years at Salisbury University as a math major. I have read the advice about not doing your first overnight cook until you've done it in the day. Broke that rule. My wife and I are raising our twin grandchildren (older son) who are now 2.5 years old, and we're taking them to the beach this morning
  3. Gave this a whirl. Turned out great!! Please let me know what you think. Just started to smoke more frequently and have been asked to start cooking for other people.https://youtu.be/lD315UxzFpk
  4. Smoking a Bone-in Pork Butt today. Using some peach and Apple to add some amazingness. This guy is a little over 4lbs, I usually do my butts small (haha, do butts). I typically go small so I do not have to wrap and can maximize the amazing crust that can form with a nice rub. Went with Meatheads Memphis Dust, very good base rub for those who like it on the sweet side (I do!). I am working on my own rub, but this one is always a good go to. Using the Akorn Senior, my buddy @Likes Big Butts, coined that, as he owns a Jr as well. Here we have a very, very, very liberal coatin
  5. I've played around doing the boston butt like this a few times and it is a keeper for us. I see no reason why I won't come back to this again and again. Extremely juicy Tender Great presentation Wonderful flavor Relatively quick The rub (estimation, play with it) 4 heaping TB chili powder 2 heaping TB Cumin 1 heaping TB onion powder 1 heaping TB garlic powder 1 TB kosher salt 1 TB sugar 1 ts black pepper 3/4 ts cinnamon With the fat side up I cut a deep cross hatch in the butt, deep enough to reach meat,
  6. Haven't smoked anything in several weeks so with mamma going out of town I decided to get cozy with my grill again. I thawed out a Butt that I had picked up when they were on sale for $0.99/lb. Got a wild hair idea to smoke a small brisket under it to let the pork fat keep the brisket moist. Also got a wild hair to make up a rub with coffee in it. Turned out great so I figured I would share. Brisket rub: 1 part ground black pepper 1 part onion powder 1 part garlic salt 2 parts espresso ground coffee Covered it well... (file to large to add ???) Placed the pork
  7. Trimmed the skin/gross fat off my 8ish pound butt and probably have 7ish left. Rubbed it nicely, stuck it in the fridge until the rain stopped. Now I'm at 200 degrees and still ticking up but have the top and bottom down to ~0.5 each. Really hoping this settles out in the 225 range. I used one cotton ball and Wegman Lump...the anticipation is killing me. Or maybe I'm just hungover from day drinking... 202 degrees...
  8. How many pork butts have you folks cooked at once in a KJC? I'm trying to load the freezer up in preparation for the arrival of a new kiddo and am wondering how many you can fit/have fit in the past. I'll be using the costco butts which tend to be 8-10lbs. I think two is a pretty tight squeeze on the main grill and am wondering if I can do a third on the extender but am not sure how that works. Has anyone tried ti lay them on their sides? Would that get you one more on the main grill? Also, what is the timing you've experienced with two butts (approximate)? If you've done two on the m
  9. This baby cooked for 16 1/2 hours. It came out really good, but would have been better if I didn't have swings in the temp. I've got the temp swings down to an air flow issue, so I'm doing a deep clean today. I'll be using the shop/vac to thoroughly clear & clean, before doing another cook in a day or two.
  10. Hello all... as some of you know that i am a new owner of the Big Joe for about a 5 weeks now but wanted to share with you what i did on the JR over the summer of 2015... if that is ok... Combined post of two cooks... 1) my first Pork Butt 2) my first Rib racks - yes i said RACKS with an S... on the Jr at the same time!!! So the Pork Butt was pre-marinated but i washed it off and put some bottle dry rub bound by some of maple syrup instead of mustard and marinated over night. took about 6 hrs on the Jr. (PEACH WOOD Smoke) Approached the ribs with the same but used mustard instead as
  11. https://shirt.woot.com/offers/wanna-rub-my-butt?ref=w_cnt_gw_zlm_bs_3
  12. Been absent from here a heap of the time since last April. Had some back trouble that is now healing, thankfully.....but it put me down in the dirt for a while. Losing some weight and exercising really has been helping. Hard to find my stride with the new lifelong diet while looking at the delicious pics in here. I'm dialed in and feeling much, much better. Fired up the grill yesterday and Teenage T-Rex seemed mighty pleased at seeing this. He ate like only a kid with a crazy high metabolism can eat. Me being the old man that I am.....avoided the carbohydrate heavy stuff and stuc
  13. I bought a two pack of boneless pork butts from Costco since they didn't have bone-in when I was stocking up and when I opened the package the removal of the bone left a huge flap of meat. Instead of carving the bone out it seems the cut was made all the way through the shoulder. So the shoulder is almost sliced into two pieces but is still connected. Not sure if it was a bad butcher job but I've never experienced this on the 10 or so boneless butts I've done in the past. Thoughts on how to smoke it? Fat cap down/up (based on preference) or should I open up the shoulder flat on the gri
  14. I wanted to have some pulled pork made in advance for Father's day. I didn't make the typical 2-4 butts at once, only enough for a meal was desired. A 7+ pound butt was purchased (and was surprisingly well trimmed already). The meat had some minor trimming done to it, cross-hatched and rubbed. It was then slow smoked until it proved butter-tender (195-205 internal temperature depending on where it was measured). In this case, the "Texas cheat (foil)" was used once the butt hit 165 internal temperature. Sorry for the lack of final money-shot, it hasn't been served yet (it is for dinner to
  15. Ok, I am here to tell you I have stepped up my game! My newest current favorite for a pork glaze is 1:1 mustard : molassas. Rub down pork with KJ peppered sea salt (mix salt, pepper, and sugar). About halfway though the cook add your glaze of mustard molassas. Last weekend I cooked ribs, this weekend was pulled pork. YUM! Enjoy the photos.
  16. @Modern Pitmaster I'm indeed calling you out. I just watched your youtube video on Georgia pulled pork and I have to say without a doubt that I loved every part of it. You nailed it. There is nothing in that video that I don't fully agree with.....except maybe the part about packing the rub in the small crevices, but I agree that if it doesn't have exposure to smoke that it's gonna be overkill. I do my pork butts exactly like you do in that video. The final thing I do is add a vinegar sauce when pulling it, but that's the Eastern NC in m
  17. SWMBO caught me cleaning the Kamados, and asked "do they do anything but look pretty?" She rightfully pointed out it had been over a month since she had seen any pulled pork. Needless to say, I think everyone can figure out what is on the cook today. While the Big Joe is cruising along at 225, it seemed a shame to waste grill space. So, as well at the three 7 plus pound pork butts, 2 racks of St. Louis ribs are on the cook as well. The Ribs will be done in time for dinner, the pulled pork will be cooking till almost midnight. The Pulled pork will be vacuum sealed tonight, but served tomo
  18. I have been really busy lately, but managed to squeeze in a cook on Saturday. Boston Butt rubbed with Texas BBQ rub, loin rubbed with Cajun seasoning. All cooked at 325 degrees on a Primo Oval XL using mesquite lump and hickory chunks.
  19. I haven't done any pulled pork in a long, long time. Time to remedy that deficiency.....today. Krunk the indoor tunes over morning coffee & prep work while the BigJoe came up to temp outside. Loving the the KJ lighter tabs and D&C system with the X-rack. It allowed me to skip the fat trimming....simply score it and place the butt fat side down with the grate with the heat deflectors raised to an inch below the grates. Will melt the fat nicely and allowed me to fill the firebox up fully with some killer FoGo lump & hickory chunks (only 1/2 the ch
  20. Hi all. I'm looking for a little guru advice. After 2 weeks of CGK cooking I felt confident doing my first low/slow boston butt. I actually picked up a pork picnic roast in the 6lb range. The CGK has been holding 245 since 12pm (it is now 8pm) but the butt stalled at 163 for the last 4 hours. Literally 4 hours. I just opened up the top vent to climb it up to 275, trying to break the stall, but I couldn't find any advice for how long a stall can last. I appreciate any info and wisdom you can impart. And, don't worry.... I'm photo documenting the whole thing for the visual people.
  21. Perhaps best ever! Wanted to see if i could hold a 225°F on Akorn and did for 7 hours to a temp of 175°F, then TX Crutched the rest 'till 207°F. 5-1/2 # piece of meat to start. Rubbed and injected. No stalls! Might have used 15-20% of fuel, lots left after cook.
  22. Been grilling on Joe every day since we got moved in. Mahi, 2 Spatchcock chickens, Wings,8 lb Butt, Veg, Roasted Garlic, Pizzas, Brownies. Still lots of learning to do but have had some really amazing stuff so far. The Salmon was super easy and way tastier than when I have made it in the Past (Gasser). Pizzas were Fun and the 2nd one the Crust was so crisp. Cooking the butt was in the top 3 most fun things I've ever done on a Grill. Just went off without a hitch and done in a very civilized time (8am-5pm) and Amazing.. We can't stop eating it. Coho Salmon Cedar plank Glaze of Ginger Di
  23. Found a nice 10 pound pork butt at Kroger yesterday. Seasoned with rub and cooked indirect with some cherry wood. Kept the temp between 225º and 245º the whole cook. This took almost 24 hours to come to 196º at which time I removed from the fire, wrapped in foil then towels and allowed it to rest in a cooler for 2 hours. Cooked up a batch of some North Carolina style sauce, pulled the pork and dug in. The pork turned out quite good. I did not get any pictures of dessert but my Wife made some decadent chocolate bread pudding with Nutella and semisweet morsels. Needless to say I am full ton
  24. Well after determining that a butt for Mother's Day was the wrong thing to do, I decided to make a quick one on a Thursday night. I stopped off at Wally World and came home with this little baby butt I have learned that my silver skin removal skills have improved. The trimmings are in the top right corner. The other side is pretty clean except between the primals; so I left it. On the fire: 6:42 pm 160F, time for foil 11:45, off the grill and ready for a rest... and bedtime. The roast temps ranged from 199 to about 205 but it was probe tender. I got to
  25. I only had about 4 hours to get this ready, so I saw a guy cooking this on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vV_p07Ld_IE I decided to change up his recipe a bit by searing the roast and changing some ingredients. Basically - I rubbed olive oil on the butte and seared it on my 15" BGE grill sitting on the Ceramic Grill Store spider. After searing it went into a pretty big cast dutch oven. A quart box of chicken stock in the bottom - then chopped garlic, green onions, bell pepper, new red potatoes, a bag of skinned baby carrots and a Jalapeno (for luck) were poured over the top. Himalaye
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