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Found 9 results

  1. I have a spare/unopened cart for a Kamado Joe Classic III. This is for the cart only. I’m not looking to make money off this, as I got it for free due to an Amazon mishap. All I want to do is cover shipping and get it out of my garage. I’m including the eBay listing for shipping calculation purposes. If we settle on a price through this forum, I’m happy to let this go for a song. Additionally, if anyone is in the Southern Maryland area and wants to do a pick-up, that song could even be shorter… eBay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/134121806633?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=9a2uxsjrt5k&sssrc=2051273&ssuid=9a2uxsjrt5k&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  2. After seeing a picture of the cart that the Home Depot version of the Akorn came with, I decided that I wanted to make my own version. I wanted to stick to the same size, so that I could use the Char Griller cover that is made for it. I went to Home Depot with a tape measure, pad and paper to get some dimensions. While measuring, I noticed a possible issue. That grill sticks out a few inches from the cart on the left side. Theirs has holes drilled below the handle and the hinge to bracket it to the cart. Mine just has the three legs, so no holes in the center. Since I am stubborn and had it in my head to do it, I decided that I would eventually figure out a way to brace/support it and was going to go ahead and build it any way. One benefit is that I would still be able to use the fold down shelf on the left side for more work space. I wanted to use pallet wood, because I like the rustic look that used pallet wood has, especially for outdoor projects... And of course, because it's free . If I screwed it up too bad, I was only out some screws and nails. I was going to use the axel/wheels from the original grill stand, and was careful no to alter the original grill/stand in any way, in case this idea didn't work out. I could always just put the three legs back on. So I started the project on Friday, and made the top and cut out the hole for the grill. As you can see, the left side is open: Saturday, made the legs and the lower shelf with my two assistants: Since I was working on something for the grill, I figured that I might as well use it, and made some yummy ribs For the right side, I used two L Brackets on the shelf mounting holes, and I ended up using two of the rear leg holes for brackets for the back support: And attached the front left side with a bracket from the screw holes there: While the grill is rock solid in the cart and doesn't move at all, I'm not sure I like the look of that support. I am going to try to figure out a way to support that left shelf bracket to the table. Maybe run a short post down to that wood brace that goes across. Here it is with the left shelf flipped down: And the shelf up, with added bottle opener, and some grill stuff stored below: (my little vertical cabinet smoker on the left is sad, as he knows that his days in the back yard are numbered) I do want to stain it at some point... looking at like a dark walnut to give it that aged wood look. The cover should be delivered today or tomorrow, so I can put it on and make sure everything fits.
  3. I am looking for and original Kamado Joe Big Joe rolling stand or cart that came with the big joe. Looking to take my stand-alone Joe and put it into a cart. I am located in Canada, in the GTA in Ontario, please contact me if you have one you are willing to part with Thank you
  4. Hello! New to the forum, and wanted to share something I did with those that may be interested. First thing I noticed is that tables and carts for Kamado grills are not cheap. I did some hunting around online and found a stainless table I liked for a good price, Kamado Joe's KJ-SST, only to then learn it would not fit the Classic II because of the new air lift hinge. Well, I wasn't giving up yet, as I felt there had to be a way to make this work. I found measurements for the table and began brainstorming. My first thoughts were to cut slits in the rear of the table to allow the hinge frame to fit since it didn't need a ton of clearance to begin with, but decided even though I wouldn't of had to cut all the way through the rear of the table, it still would of been weak, and the table is open in the rear below the table top. Started looking at the hinge, and noticed there is a lot of excessive material in the black frame. After feeling good about my measurements, I decided to order the table. I took some final measurements once the table arrived, and determined where I would need to cut the hinge frame to keep the grill pretty much centered and 1 inch off the bottom for airflow. I took the plunge and cut out my measured sections of the hinge frame with a hacksaw, then filed sanded and repainted the edges. Overall went very well, and the pieces I removed from the frame had zero affect on the hinge performance or strength. I have included pictures of the results, and can regather measurements to those that may be interested in doing the same. I bought the table on Amazon for $399, which is a great deal compared to prices of other tables, and wanted to let others know this can be done. Best addition to my KJ Classic II so far. Happy grilling!
  5. I just finished rebuilding a "hand-me-down" Grill Dome which I will be using as my "deck-top" winter griller (the Komodo Kamado is boxed back in its crate for the winter since I don't feel like shoveling through 10 feet of snow). I did some research on "cheap big green egg tables" and happened upon a photo of an inexpensive IKEA kitchen cart. I decided to add my own mod by incorporating an IKEA spice rack and hangers for added storage. I finshed it with SiKKENS Cetol cedar tint stain and voila! (See attached photo). Here's the list of items used: 1. IKEA Bekvam Kitchen cart: $59.99 http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30240348/ 2. IKEA Bekvam Spice rack (note I relocated the placement of the base to act as a backboard - see photo): $3.99 http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40070185/ 3. IKEA BLECKA hooks: $4.99 for 4 http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40031373/
  6. Just finished my custom cart. A couple days for the stain to cure and it will be moving to the patio for the Primo's permanent home.
  7. In about a week I'll have my KJ in a new table and so the old cart will be surplus. I suspect the answer to my question will be the sound of crickets but...anyone in Georgia need a classic KJ cart?
  8. I have been brainstorming about screwing one sheet of aluminum per side (or just the larger side) on my table. I love the idea of being able to disinfect and or doing more prepping outside right next to the grill. What do you guys think? Would set me back about 100.00 for just the large piece and about 150.00 for both delivered.
  9. errrr I meant Cart. Got my cart yesterday and proceeded to put it together. Here’s some pics. Shelves dry fit. Cart without shelves Loosened 2 screws And removed front bar to load in the kamado I need something to fill this Hole in my Cart!
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