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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all you Smokers out there ...... This is an awesome cook if you want to give it a try. I thought this casserole would be good smoked so I thought I'd give it a try and it blew me away when I ate it. It really took on that smokey flavor and was outstanding. It is a Beef & Potato casserole with sliced onion, diced red peppers, cream of mushroom soup, and graded cheddar cheese. It really turned out good so go fire up those smokers and give it a try .... you'll be glad you did.
  2. A Poblano, Chorizo & Cheese Layered Casserole On a Restaurant Depot run to pick up a packer brisket and other supplies, a 5 lb bag of beautiful large fresh poblano peppers and a 5 lb chub of 'mild' Mexican Chorizo somehow managed along with some cheeses to jump into the cart – well assisted by my son and I in making that leap. This is what we (well my son anyway, as he was lead chef on the meal) prepared from those fixings: I blistered the poblano peppers on Big Joe over direct heat and then steamed them in a covered bowl. Next was peeling and seeding. Since we were going for a casserole rather than stuffed, the peppers were slit open to seed – much easier that way. 2.5 pounds of the chorizo was browned in a pan with the largest poblano chopped up for extra flavor, plus diced bell pepper, chopped onions and some garlic. We had not used this chorizo before ( La Paloma brand ) and we really liked the flavors of the sausage. The peppers, meat mixture, Chihuahua and Queso Fresco cheeses along with some sharp cheddar were layered in the greased Lodge 7.5 qt dutch oven. A topping of cheddar and queso was the final addition – with the cheddar acting as the melting cheese to bind the queso as the topping browned. The dish was baked, uncovered and indirect, on Joe at 375 degrees with application of mesquite wood smoke for about 35 minutes – until it looked and smelled just right. Served with a simple side salad. Delicious for dinner and quite filling. These particular poblanos has just the right "heat" level to pair with the mild but flavorful chorizo. The casserole reheated was great for breakfast the next morning, too!
  3. Fellow gurus, I have a question about baking on the kamado. My wife and I have been happily grilling on our KJ classic since November, and just keep falling in love with it more and more. However, last Saturday was our first attempt at baking a meal instead of grilling. My wife made a chicken lasagna, and we followed the directions as if we would have had it in the oven: 350 degrees, covered with foil for the first 15 minutes, uncovered the last 15 min. I had several small apple chunks on, but it really didn't taste much different than being done in the oven. It was very very good, just didn't taste smokey like we had hoped. Would we be O.K. to not cover at all, or would the top get really crusty? Wasn't sure if the Kamado concept would allow us to do away with the foil entirely. My BIL thought maybe we should leave it uncovered for the first 15 min, allow the cold food to absorb smoke, and then cover to finish. Any and all help appreciated. Also, we are just using foil pans for now, until we decide how we like doing baking on the grill. One thing we do really like is keeping the heat out of the house, and besides, it is just flat out more fun to make food on the grill vs oven. What type of cookware should we purchase if we do this regularly. Enamel coated cast iron? Dutch oven? Regular cast iron?
  4. A week ago my beloved spouse had to work. She asked a meal be waiting for her when she returned after a long day. I decided to whip up some Shepherd pie (technically rancher pie, as T-Bone meat was used instead of mutton). About three pounds of T-Bone steaks were hot-smoked on the Joe Junior at about 300 degrees. They were simply seasoned with salt and pepper. The goal was to get the steaks to rare/medium-rare (as cooking was going to continue when the cubed beef was simmering with the vegetables). A selection of classical vegetables (Onion, Carrots, Mushrooms, Corn and Peas) were simmering in beef broth and red wine (with Oregano, Garlic, Salt and pepper) while the T-Bones were smoking. Peeled red potatoes were put on the boil to make the mashed potatoes. A casserole dish was generously coated with sweet cream butter. The mashed potatoes were made with 2/3 of a 8 ounce block of cream cheese, 8 ounces of sweet cream butter, a bit of chicken broth and half-n-half. The casserole dish was lined with the mashed potatoes, then the (drained) simmering vegetables and T-Bone cubes were added to the dish. A quick roux was made, and the broth from the simmering was added to the roux to make a very thick gravy. The gravy was put over the simmered meat and veggies. A cap of mashed potatoes was put over the top of the filling. The whole thing was then put on the Big Joe, which was cruising at 375, until the Mashed potatoes turned golden and crispy (about 1 hour). The smoky meat flavor added a rustic character to this classic cottage dish.
  5. STUFFED ROASTED POBLANO PEPPERS RELLENO CASSEROLE WITH SMOKED & SEASONED GROUND TURKEY, CHEDDAR & QUESO FRESCO CHEESES & CHIPOTLE SAUCE – A COMPLETE KAMADO COOK! I am suffering through a diet but had a craving for “chili relleno”. So rather than do the traditional relleno that is battered and fried, I decided to create STUFFED POBLANO PEPPER RELLENO –KAMADO STYLE and developed this original recipe for a stuffed poblano casserole that incorporates ground turkey. I want to thank my son for being my sous chef and offering his excellent suggestions as we put this meal together. The entire meal was cooked on Big (Red) Joe and thus has the extra richness of a good smoke element. This recipe is actually very easy to prepare (but take some time if all steps are sequentially done in the Kamado) however being a casserole it could be prepared ahead of time with regard to cooking the basic ingredients and putting the dish together – then the final cook would be fairly quick. The casserole recipe is for 9-10 nicely sized poblano peppers. As a main meal the serving size is 1 or 2 peppers per person, hence the full dish will serve three or four people with leftovers or probably even 8 people if served with some additional sides. The flavors are fantastic, with a nice spiciness but not too much “heat” and the smoke touch just brings the dish to another level. The combination of the turkey and its seasonings, plus the two types of cheese and the chipotle sauce along with the nice poblano pepper flavor is “melt in your mouth goodness”. Here are the teaser photos: THIS IS GONNA BE SO GOOD! WE ARE READY TO MIX THE FILLING FOR THE POBLANOS AND GET TO STUFFIN! NICE STUFFED POBLANO PEPPER ISN'T IT? THE FINISHED CASSEROLE AFTER BAKING Full photo set of the entire cook is here: http://s1363.photobucket.com/user/smokehowze/library/Stuffed%20Poblano%20Pepper%20Casserole%201-24-14 THE RECIPE: Main Ingredients 9 -10 fresh nicely sized poblano peppers 2 lbs ground turkey 12 to 15 ounces grated cheddar cheese 12 to 15 ounces grated or finely crumbled queso fresco Mexican cheese 2 cans (7 ounces each) chipotle pepper sauce (I used a San Marcos brand) Seasoning for the ground turkey: 1 medium or large onion (fine chopped) 5-6 garlic toes (coarsely chopped) To taste: Salt (not too much as other ingredients have salt) - maybe a teaspoon Ground black pepper (not too much as other ingredients have a spicy level) - maybe 1/4 teaspoon Chili Powder - maybe a tablespoon or a bit more Paprika - maybe a tablespoon or a bit more Cumin - maybe a tablespoon or a bit more You want the turkey to have a nice flavor and season but not so heavy that it overpowers the poblano pepper. THE COOK: PREPARE THE PEPPERS Wash peppers. Grill on medium heat ( 325 or so using direct heat (with a nice smoke, I used pecan chunks) until peppers have taken on a nice char but are not burnt up. Remove from grill and place in zip lock bag or in dish covered with plastic wrap to steam for about 5 minutes. Using side of paring knife, scrape/peel the blackened skin taking care not to break up the peppers. After peppers are peeped, cut slit in one side of pepper long ways. Gently remove the seed mass and any major membranes. If the pepper happens to tear long ways its OK as they can be molded together in the casserole dish around the stuffing. When you remove the peppers, raise temps on Kamado to about 400 degees. PREPARE THE GROUND TURKEY Using an oiled and well seasoned cast iron or suitable skillet, cook the ground turkey a short time in the Kamado on high direct heat (like 400 degrees) until the initial moisture is cooked off the turkey. Stir frequently to avoid sticking. Use your favorite wood in the Kamado and cook with the lid closed to let the smoke kiss the turkey. Then add the seasonings and the onion and garlic. Cook further ( lid closed with smoke) stirring frequently until turkey is completely cooked. Watch that the seasonings do not start burning in bottom of skillet as the pan gets hotter and turkey moisture is lost. After the ground turkey cook is finished reset the Kamado to indirect cooking with your deflector and go for 350 to 375 degrees for the final bake on the completed casserole. PREPARE THE FILLING Remove turkey from the grill (caution skillet will be really hot….use good pot holders or several – don’t ask where that advice comes from especially if it is a long walk to the kitchen! ). Let turkey cool in the skillet for at least 10 minutes or so. You need it to cool because we do not want to melt the cheese we add in next step. Now is a good time to grate the cheeses and open the chipotle sauces. Estimate a sufficient amount of the turkey to stuff the peppers (considering we will add most of the cheeses) and place in large mixing bowl. It will probably take about 80% of the meat and about 80% of the cheeses. Gently mix the cooled turkey and both the cheeses and one of the 7 ounce cans of the chipotle sauce. If the cheddar starts to melt let the meat cool some more before adding the rest of the cheddar. Reserve the remaining meat and cheeses and the 2nd can of the chipotle sauce for use as a final topping on the casserole. Restrain yourself from eating all the filling --- it is good all by itself. STUFF THE PEPPERS This is the easy part. Using a large spoon and your hands, carefully stuff the poblano peppers until they are nicely filled out. Since we are not frying them they will not burst. Place seam side up in a greased 9 by 13 casserole. If a pepper is torn or has spilt, form the pepper around the filling and place it baking dish. Another benefit of not frying them! FINISH FIXING THE CASSEROLE Sprinkle remaining cooked turkey over and around the peppers in the dish. Add a thin layer of the remaining cheeses. Then drizzle the second 7 ounce can of the chipotle sauce over the dish. Finally add the rest of the cheeses as a final finish topping. You may need to grate some additional cheese. The topping should not be too heavy. The final layer of cheese will take on some of the smoke during the bake. NOW--- FINALLY (I know .. it just seems like it took forever to get here) COOK THE CASSEROLE Again, we will cook indirect at 350 to 375 degrees on the Kamado with your favorite wood chunks to let the topping get some smokiness. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes or until the cheddar cheese has melted, the juices have released from the peppers, and the great smell of this dish is wafting from your top vent! Cool slightly and serve with a good sour cream. ENJOY! The Smokehowze family sure did.
  6. Today was a crazy day to end a crazy week of work. H had planned to be at home tonight, but is having girlfriend issues so jetted out around 5. Me? I decided that after a weeks worth of cooking, I needed to clean the grill. So I dumped the rest of the 365 lump (Whole Foods brand) into the gril and lit it up. I pegged the grill at 750° .. I could feel the heat halfway across the patio. While it was doing it's high-heat thing, I prepared a layer of potato, a layer of onion,and a layer of Aidell's chicken jalapeno sausage. About 2/3 of a bottle of beer and some garlic and it was ready: When the grill cooled down to 550, I opened it up (careful burping!) and put my potatoes and onion and sausage on the grate. An hour later, the grill was down to 350 and here's what I had: Plated with a salad, it makes a great single dinner. Plus the grill is clean and ready to go for the weekend!!
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