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Found 14 results

  1. When I was first looking into getting a Kamado, the guy at BBQ's Galore shop was listing off all the things that a Kamado could do, and the final thing he mentioned was Tandoor. SOLD! Ever since then, I've been wanting to make this dish, and the July challenge was the perfect opportunity. Tandoori Chicken The smell of this marinade was incredible. I will definitely be making this again on a regular basis. Absolutely delicious! I don't know what else I'm going to use that massive bag of chilli powder for!! 1 kg skinless, boneless chicken thighs
  2. This is one of my favourite salads that really delivers far more voomph than the list of ingredients would suggest. I bought a sous vide machine about a year ago and have only used it twice, always thinking that I would love to do some eye fillets (inspired by @AntinOz, and figured that this was as good a time as any to pull the box out from the bottom of the cupboard. After biting into that beef which was as soft as butter, the Anova is going to be stored in a more accessible spot going forward. Easy Thai Beef Salad Ingredients 2 x 250g eye fillet steaks or simil
  3. Hello everyone, here is my effort to challenge myself by deboning a chicken - using the technique of the master, Mister Jacques Pepin! I could watch that video over and over again and would never bore of it. I can't say that I did it in the two meenoots that he can do it in LOL ... and I must admit that I had a piece of cling-wrap over the screen of my ipad so that I could keep pausing it at each step and rewinding regularly. ha haaa!! In addition, I couldn't decide on which sauce I wanted to make, so I made two - gravy using the carcass and bones from said chicken along with oth
  4. Scampi (Langoustines) in White Wine and Tomato Sauce with Pita Bread a.k.a Skampi na Buzaru if you're on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia If these sweet and tender little morsels of loveliness from the sea were as sustainable, prolific and cheap as they are on the West Coast of Scotland, I'd be eating these guys at least twice a week!! We are lucky enough here in Australia that they also live in Western Australian waters, so I was able to get my little hands on some Aussie ones through my local fish monger. I'm a little bit jealous that @KamadoJosephine can probably ta
  5. Even with the phenomenal amount of lead time, I didn't think I was going to get an entry in this month due to many factors, not withstanding the fact that I kept changing my mind about what I would do could achieve. LOL We have a very dear friend coming to visit this weekend, so I used it as an opportunity to make some things on the Kamado that I had only previously made indoors and on the Weber Baby Q. These are hand-on-heart some of my absolute favourite recipes and I'm really excited to share them with you guys and I really, really hope that you try some of them. ES
  6. I’m cutting it close getting this month’s challenge entry posted. It’s been a crazy busy month, between work, home projects, weekend guests, weekend road trips and getting both girls settled in at college (more road trips), it’s been tough to get this one done. I’ve actually had this one planned shortly after it was announced, and cooked it this past weekend. Homemade Italian Sausage Sub Homemade Hot Italian sausage Homemade Mozzarella cheese ( I did add some store bought sharp provolone to the final dish) Homemade Sub rolls. Ho
  7. Alright - since the end of the month will be here before we know it, I decided I better get my challenge cook knocked out. Also, figured it was a good excuse to put my new veggie slayer through it's paces. Since salad is traditionally not something we think of when grilling, I wanted to utilize my kamado for as much of the cook as possible. I was sick most of last week, and it was good to be feeling human again. The weather wasn't looking good for the weekend, so I opted for the gail force wind Saturday cook instead of the blizzard Sunday cook. It was blowing 35 steady and probably gustin
  8. July has been busy, and time has gotten away. and I’ve been running out of time for the July Challenge, so my post is getting done almost at the 11th hour. After seeing a short segment of Carnival Eats on the Food Network, I found a little inspiration for Sunday’s cook. Not my best work at capturing the cook, and it was still a tasty meals. Beef Fusion rolls – 3 ways. Philly cheese steak spring rolls topped w/ sriracha ranch bacon sauce Beef fajita spring rolls topped with grilled onion-tomato-cilantro salsa Thai Beef Basil spring rolls
  9. A simple meal, but a favorite for my wife and I, Alaskan salmon on a cedar plank. I'll grill some salmon 3 or 4 times a month. I've used many different seasonings to change it up, steak seasoning, cajun, teriyaki, Rub with Love. Its all been good! Tonight I went with a favorite, Weber Chicago Steak, and some butter mixed with Key Lime juice and drizzled over top, salmon was 0.76 Lbs. Grilled corn for a side dish. I've not grilled corn that often, so went with something I was pretty sure would work, cleaned ears with a little salt and butter and wrapped in foil. Put
  10. Hey there Kamado Gurus. It’s time I post my June challenge cook. So when it comes to fish, I’m a little particular (some say odd, crazy, choose any word you like) There is something about the taste and texture of fish, and once its cooked, I really hate to eat it. Yes, I know. I’m strange. However I do enjoy sushi, and from time to time I like making it at home. So I decided make sushi for the Something’s Fish challenge. I had to re-read the challenge entry guidelines, and while the fish is not cooked or smoke, the rules state. “Some portion of your challenge entry should
  11. Here’s my cook thread for the May Challenge. I found inspiration in the new Milk Street magazine, Christopher Kimball’s new publication 1 pound cannellini beans – soaked overnight, 5.5 cups water, 12-16oz lamb shank, 1 large chopped yellow onion, ½ stick butter, 8 garlic cloves finely diced, 4 thyme sprigs (I used more), 1tsp paprika (I used smoked paprika) and 1 tsp red pepper flakes. Combine all the above in your kamado pot, and bring to a boil. Then place in your oven that was preheated to 325F for 75 minutes. I could have done this step on the kama
  12. This was something that I was exposed to growing up around a bunch of Italian-Americans: Grilled Sausage and Polenta. This works great on a kamado. The point of parboiling or poaching the sausage while on the grill (rather than on a stove top) is the extra grill flavor gained from the additional time on the grill. Also, no burst or dried wrinkly casings. Perfect sausage every time! Ingredients: Italian sausage a red pepper a green pepper an onion polenta fresh basil & garlic if using plain polenta beer or other flavorful liquid vinegar salt olive oil Directions:
  13. My entry for the "Veggies" challenge. Vegetable Lasagna is something I have been wanting to try for some time. I am horrible with recipes, I almost never follow nor remember them and always have left over ingredients. (See my last Lasagna recipe, I think it may have had enough extra stuff to make a second batch) That being said I made a concerted effort to write down the actual amounts I used this time. Sauce Ingredients. 28 oz San Marzano Tomatoes - crushed 12 oz Sliced Mushrooms 10 oz Rotel 1 Red onion - diced 1 Jalapeno - sliced 1 tbsp Garlic - minced 1 tbsp Olive Oil
  14. My heritage cook - Warsteiner soaked kraut and sausage. While I don't know our full heritage I do know that there was quite a bit of German and with Oktoberfest in the air (I do enjoy a good German beer this time of year, in fact I'm having one as I post this) I decided to stay simple and try to be true to the heritage theme. Living on the gulf coast we have no shortage of really good sausage choices (conecuh being my favorite) but I wanted to try to stay traditional so I sourced my sausages from the Elberta grocery. They carry the same ones used for the Elberta German Sausage Festival.
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