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  1. Going for an old favorite of mine, but this time using the grill rather than the stove top. Obviously crab cakes would be preferred, but salmon works well as a substitute when on a budget. One pan is all you need so long as you can clean it out enough when necessary. Salmon cakes: 4 cans (5 oz. each) of salmon, well drained 1 egg Mayo Mustard Old Bay Breadcrumbs The goal is to use as little binder as possible. I probably should have used a second egg, but they mostly held up. Latkes: Follow the ingredient list on the box.
  2. This was an outstanding meal and pretty easy to cook. The veggies cooked in a foil pack with a little pork rub and olive oil. The loin cooked indirect at 300°f for about 90 minutes and was pulled at an internal temperature of 148°f. I cut this open, dusted with some pork rub, cream cheese and fresh spinach out of our garden. Tied it up nice and tight and put in in the preheated Primo. Just about ready! Yum, the spinach was juicy and the cheese creamy. The sprouts and asparagus steamed perfectly i
  3. My parents came into town to visit their grandson, so last night was the perfect time to pull out the frozen pork and make some leftovers. I prepped the grill for 350°F and went inside. To start out, I made the sauce that would cover the entire dish. I used a jar of salsa verde, some large scoops of sour cream, two cloves of garlic, and a handful of cilantro. I wanted to add some fresh onion, but was outvoted. Rules of hospitality demanded I go with my guests' (and wife's) preferences. I blended everything together in the processor, then added a bit more salsa and stirred to combi
  4. The goal: make an all-in-one meatloaf meal. The key components: ground chuck from the actual butcher shop, a wheel of brie cheese, an onion, duck fat, herbs, and the tiniest potatoes ever. I mean, look at those things. Started off by cooking the potatoes and onion in some duck fat with some rub on the grill at 350. Basic idea was to infuse them with smoke so that the flavor would be more uniform throughout. Let them cool when done. The meat was formed into a shell using the ceramic cast iron pot. The cheese was chilled, sliced, and placed in r
  5. Mostly butter and brown sugar but there was some fruit involved for this cook so I think it counts baked at about 400 for 35 min ... no smoke this time around lol
  6. I had in mind to make something with peaches, and then I saw this month's challenge. Perfect timing. Then I saw the recent Food Wishes post for "Baltimore Peach Cake", which confused me for two reasons. First, I'd never heard it called that, I suppose for the same reason no one in Houston would ask for "Texas Brisket". Secondly, it just didn't look like my grandmother's peach cake. Too thick, too bready. Luckily, I had her recipe in an archive, so here we go. For the peaches, I recommend some that haven't ripened yet so they'll slice easier. Since my cast
  7. I wasn't kidding when I said I was looking forward to a Great British Bake-off / Kamado crossover. I've wanted to do a tarte tatin for a while, but it is an intimidating dish. Turns out I should have done this long ago. The natural sweetness of the apples combines with the buttery pastry and kamado smoke to create an excellent dessert. The Mrs. was very pleased. It all started with a from scratch puff pastry. A real one, not a rough puff. The dough is fairly simple, but the magic comes from the sandwiched layers of butter. I did two regular turns, then a book turn, then a fin
  8. I didn't plan on joining this month's challenge. I've never cooked any seafood on the kamado, as I'm always paranoid about under cooking and getting someone sick, especially now that my wife is six months along. But she loves seafood and really wanted me to make a recipe she found, so here we go. Step one: Halve and peel peaches, then soak in lemon water. Step two: Make the corn and bacon relish. Cut the bacon small, cook until fairly crisp, then pour off most of the oil. Add in (frozen) corn until warmed, then add a splash of cider vinegar. Salt and pepper to tast
  9. For some strange reason I made this tougher on myself. Not only was the whole meal homemade, and a good bit homegrown, I tried to have everything fit an Italian theme. Heck, even our tablecloth was made in Italy. I took so many photos, so first things first, the finished meal: The meal took two days to bring together. The prep, in roughly chronological order, follows. Exact recipes will be in follow up posts to keep the length of this one down. 1) Ciabatta Rolls Mixed together some flour, water, and yeast to make a biga. Let that sit for nine hours. Af
  10. Alright - so I mentioned I was thinking of doing an Indonesian flair with my taco challenge cook. And then, after accusing me of being a slacker last night, @ckreef made a comment about driveway tacos. Well, I figured, why not.... Weather was supposed to be iffy and driveway tacos sounded good. My only concern was driveway tacos turning into street tacos if my grill got away from me on the angle, but all worked out ok. So, work has been crazy... and I mean crazy bad, not crazy good. I didn't have much time to prep.... worked late last night and didn't get to my marinade unti
  11. Okay, @KismetKamado I've heard you loud and clear. So I was attempting wings, rings and mozzarella sticks. However disaster struck when I was trying to put them on the grill. Oh well, made adjustments on the fly and it turned out nicely to say the least. Started with the wings; marrinated for a few hours in about a quarter cup pure NH maple syrup, quarter cup Gansett, salt and pepper, garlic flakes, cilantro and a pinch of turmeric. In the fridge they went. Then I cut up my onion rings, mushrooms, and opened the mozzarella cheese. Dredged through egg wash, flour and a homemade pretzel bread cr
  12. Juanes and mahi-mahi ceviche In mid October I was in Peru on an aquarium catfish collecting expedition. I figured it would also be a great opportunity to research and taste what my October challenge might be. After tasting anticuchos from street vendor in Lima, I figured that was the dish. After returning to the states and reviewing the October entries I realized I forgot that @tsh0ck already made it. Then I recalled one of our collecting days about three hours outside Puerto Maldeno, up the Madre De Dios river, up a small shallow and logged filed steam, we are collecti
  13. Decided to do a tequila lime chicken to round out the $3 challenge cook. I have been intrigued by Mexican Street corn for awhile. Indulged and scratched that itch for the this cook. I got cheap chicken at the store (and cheap tequila) ... lol. Wasn’t expecting chunks, but that is what I got.... marinated the chicken in citrus juice, cheap tequila, jalapeño, garlic and rub overnight, Soaked beans overnight. Cooked the beans on the Akorn jr for a couple hours and then added to rice I made in the instant pot. Street corn turned out awesome. Chicken was really good. Would have prefe
  14. Ok, so you probably all know I love the challenges by now...and should be no surprise I was stoked for this one. Lol So I decided to go with a cook I do relatively regularly. Pork tenderloin with couscous and veggies in a Caribbean jerk marinade. Went with a pork filet since a chunk of it fit the budget nicely - I usually do pork tenderloin but it was a little bit more per pound The cashier commented that dinner looked good. Made a tray for the veggies on thr jr.
  15. The entry is the potato dish, but it was made hand in hand with the duck. I started off with a fresh duck, creating a marinade of orange juice, a Clementine, oil, cranberry balsamic, and fresh cranberries. These were all cooked together until the cranberries popped. While the mix was cooling, some rosemary and thyme were added. The whole thing was poured over the duck in a large container and allowed to rest overnight in the fridge. The duck had been previously pierced through the skin all over. The potatoes were cut into small pieces, as I knew I would be cooking the duck a little
  16. 1 BASIS This recipe is based on the delayed fermentation method for sourdough loaf described in Peter Reinhart’s book “The Baker’s Apprentice” and is also based on a flavor I had tasted from a rye sourdough loaf I had purchased from Vienna Bakery which contained Walnuts and Craisins. That is where I got the idea for this loaf. 2 INGREDIENTS 2.1 Firm Starter – ingredients 2.1.1 Sourdough starter: 4 oz (113.4g) 2.1.2 Bread Flour: 4.5 oz (127.6g) 2.1.3 Water-warm (80°F to 90°F): 1 oz (28.4g) + may need additional 1 oz (28.4g) 2.1.4 Olive oil (for oiling firm
  17. I know that it’s not the first of its kind this month, but I definitely took a different spin on it. I started by picking of a full beef heart. The butcher was kind enough to cut it in thirds and vac seal them all. I put it in the freezer for a few hours so I could slice it thin. I ran my recipe past a friend that has some history in cooking from the area and he let me know that he liked it spicier than my recipe would be, so I changed it up a bit. I used some habenero sauce, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic and cumin for the marinade. I put the sliced heart in the marinade f
  18. We don't very often eat red meat in our family. and when we do, my favorite is rib-eyes with sauteed mushrooms. So I wanted an appetizer that mirrored that same steak and mushroom sensation. I had no recipe, but what could go wrong? There was no way these would turn out 'bad' lol! Pretty basic idea, mushrooms stuffed with chopped grilled rib-eye and onions. I actually had planned on shallots, but they didn't have them at my local grocery. The onions I simply sauteed with the avocado oil, and seasoned the steak with Weber Chicago Steak seasoning. I grilled the steak first,
  19. Here's my entry for the Halloween challenge. the Rare Red-Backed Bread Spider. I even posted a thread on facebook this evening about being bitten by a spider today and showed the red irritated finger you see below. The comments are a bit funny, and I will post the truth before going to bed. Sorry not much in the way of prep shots this time. I used my baguette dough recipe, with a few modifications, sorry not much in the way of prep shots this time. 16 oz Sour Dough Starter (50/50 flour & water) 10 oz King AP flour 1.5 teaspoon salt 1 package
  20. I'm proud to announce that the second quarter challenges (April May & June) will be sponsored be GrillGrates. GrillGrates makes a great product that works great in a kamado. Below are a description and some pictures supplied by Michael at Grill Grates. We now offer four kits of cut to fit GrillGrates for standard Kamado grills: 10", 15", 18" and 24" diameter grills. The cut to shape GrillGrates interlock and lay on top of the existing grid. GrillGrates do the same magic for Kamado grills; they concentrate and radiate heat, sizzle back juices and protect during hot and fast grilling
  21. Breakfast is my favorite meal and as I joined the forum after the breakfast challenge I figured why not try a breakfast pie for this one. Ingredients: Ham, pie crust, puff pastry, eggs, cheese. Layer ingredients in pie crust. Top with pastry and brush with egg wash. Pre-heat Kamado @ 400 using indirect set up. Bake for approximately 30 mins or until crust is golden brown. Money Shot. Thanks for looking.
  22. This is my very first entry for a Kamado Challenge, and also my first pizza attempted on the Akorn. Sorry if I'm missing a step or some pictures. I actually don't have any pictures of the pizza on the grill because it was so hot. You'll see that my concerns were valid with my first attempt... All of my ingredients, minus the dough that was in the fridge Browning my ground beef Chopped up the peppers and onion Pulled my dough out into what was almost a circle Added my mustard base Topped it with my ground beef I then added pepper jack cheese and green
  23. This will be split into two posts because of the number of images I have. Here's Part 1: When I first started thinking about the challenge, I knew I wanted to do some kind of chile relleno dish - but one that would be a little heartier than just a regular cheese stuffed relleno. I dug into several options, including wrapping the stuffed chile in corn husks and grilling that way, but then I started playing around on a variation of my favorite dish at my favorite local Mexican restaurant and this recipe was born! Yesterday I documented the making of the fire roasted salsa, which I made a
  24. OK folks. It's that time. Please go vote in the May Seafood Challenge Voting Poll. Thank you
  25. I need your help. I’m posting an alert here as I know that the Pinned items at the top of the forum sometimes just become noise that we ignore. Well there is a new Pinned post at the top that directs you to Vote for the next Challenge Categories. If you want to participate in the Challenges then this is your chance to help influence what choices will be available. Even if you don’t participate in the Challenges, it’s still is in your interest to Vote as these Challenge posts are some of the best cooks on this forum. You will learn and sometimes be amazed at the creativity the participants come
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