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  1. HELLO! I am brand new to this forum... Just found this awesome place about 5 mins ago. I am having a problem with my cooking consistency of fire control. My most recent example is from yesterday. I was experimenting with double indirect and I was going to finish off with direct heat. These were chicken wings. So, I put in my slow roller and on top of that I had the heat deflectors. I built my charcoal up and put some wood underneath on the outsides of the stack of coal. I used 1 fire starter on top of the pile to get it going. I have experimented with leaving the lid open here and closed... This time I let it get going and when the started went out I closed the lid a little and then put all my set up on it. I got the temp up to about 300 f and put my chicken on. I closed the vent to about 1 finger at the bottom and left the top all the way open and it was stabilized. I assumed based on this it would take the chicken 30-40 mins to cook... I checked it maybe 15 mins (not exactly sure) and it was getting really close to temp. So, I decided to pull my stuff out to try to get some direct heat. Almost all the charcoal was white and appeared burned up (which isn't what I expected) I feel like a lot of this is caused by the wood catching fire? But I didn't see any spikes in temp that I noticed. I believe my thermometer in the dome could be way off so I do need to check that. Also, on a side note... how do you shut down and clean up? Once I got mildew/mold in the Joe when I left the coals in. I am paranoid now and waste so much charcoal burning everything off when I am done.
  2. Hey all. First time posting! So I got my first Kamado, a standard size classic Kamado Joe about six months ago. Loving it, but still working on getting my smoke technique right. Seems to be the main challenge with a Kamado as opposed to other types of smoker, as its hard to get the wood to burn hot enough to produce nice quality smoke without it burning out too quick or spiking the temperature. It's definitely possible and I have achieved it from time to time but consistency definitely seems to be something everyone struggles with, judging from the amount of posts on the topic and the huge variation in techniques. Anyway, I had a thought. Would it be possible to produce charcoal that wasn't quite finished combusting, so that a certain percentage of the tasty non-carbon wood compounds remained? Just enough that you could simply use this instead of regular lump + regular wood, and you'd be pumping out a small but consistent amount of wood smoke throughout the burn? No more fretting about chunks vs chips, where to place and whether & how to add partway through. Plus no worries about either sudden belching of thick smoke or its total disappearance! Or am I misunderstanding the process, and any such 'incomplete' charcoal, while producing some smoke, wouldn't necessarily be producing the right type to make those butts delicious?
  3. Saw this in Kroger a while back. Then I saw it on Shark Tank. Anybody tried it? Sustainable Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes – Prime 6 (prime-six.com)
  4. I have a question for the community about fire construction and how much charcoal I should be using when I set up a cook. I have a KJ Classic III and have been using the SloRoller for all of my low and slow cooks. On some of my larger cooks (one pork butt, a full brisket, and then two boneless pork shoulders) I have burned through all of my fuel before the cook was done. I filled the standard KJ ash basket with charcoal and then light it up with one KJ firestarter. I was smoking everything at around 250F and followed the heating method described by SmokingDad BBQ on his YouTube channel (it worked well!). Does anyone have an image of what their charcoal looks like when setting up for a 10lb brisket or pork butt?
  5. This isn't a complete product review...yet. I haven't burned any of these but I will soon and will add to this thread. Hopefully other users will also add their thoughts. I'm sometimes annoyed at lump charcoal because of either the– small shards that pack too tight or fall unburned into my Masterbuilt 1050's ash bin huge chunks that sometimes reduce the heat produced Briquettes don't usually work out for me because they– make more ash than I want usually can't be relit after snuffing Jealous Devil introduced a line of extra large briquettes. Their web site describes them as, "The same incredibly dense hardwood we use to make our lump charcoal – plus a pinch of plant-derived starch (that is it – Yes, really)." They go in to say that the briquettes have, "Extremely low ash production." They're certainly larger than Kingsford Originals, and much thicker. I didn't weigh them. My first use will be in my Masterbuilt 1050. I'll report back on that.
  6. I may like this unit a lot. I hope to find an unbiased review.
  7. I recently picked up 3 boxes of Forest Lumps charcoal at a KCBS event here in town and the vendor told me that this was a great Beechwood charcoal from Europe. It rated highly recommended on the Naked Wiz site. It lit very fast and seemed to burn well, but it produced a lot of smoke. This is the first charcoal that I have purchased that was not from either Walmart or HD and am not sure why or if this product is better. Has anyone tried this lump?
  8. Morning Everyone. First, this forum has been great for getting tips and learning how to cook on my Kamado Joe. So far I’ve successfully made pizza, beef ribs, and chicken which have all been amazing. I want to smoke a brisket for mother’s day and have learned the how’s and what to dos but what I don’t know is how much charcoal do I use? I haven’t bought the brisket yet but I’m assuming this will be a 8-10 hour smoke. I just want to make sure I have enough coal to keep the fire going. Also, do you wrap your brisket half way through or no? Thanks in advance!!!
  9. Hi What charcoal brand would our UK based kamado owners recommend buying I have bought big green egg charcoal but do find it expensive for what it is. Any suggestions welcome Tia Nigel
  10. I just got a 26 inch Weber kettle for Father's day. Since I have been using my Kamado for the last year, I love using lump charcoal. Is there any benefit to using lump in a kettle? I read an article on the Weber site and it said lump cooks fast on a kettle grill. Hopefully my peeps here can give me some insight. Lump charcoal use on kettle please give me your thoughts.
  11. Got some steak on clearance at Walmart. They had put some seasoning on the NY strip steaks that tastes like fajita meat. I cooked them up to 135 degrees using my indirect heat shield I designed and had a friend build for me. I finished the sear on the steaks using a piece of 1/4" plate steel I had custom cut at a fabrication shop. I bought the shrimp at Sams already on the skewers. I seasoned them with Slap Ya Momma Cajun seasoning and cooked them 4 minutes, 2 on each side, on the same plate steel. The steak came out medium to well (my smoking hot wife doesnt like medium rare) and the shrimp was on target.
  12. I've had some KJ Big Block Lump Charcoal for a while now and finally got around to opening up a few bag. Here is a review of it. Two out of the 4 bags I have. One was out in the sun as you can see from the faded bag. Cut the top of the bags off. Pushed the large pieces to the left to get a better look And now a 6" ruler and a business card from some size relationship. Stuff looks good and I'll be burning some this afternoon to know how it burns.
  13. I know Cowboy Lump gets mixed reviews but for $0.50/lb shipped to my door I'm probably going to give it a shot. Cowboy® 20 lb Hardwood Lump Charcoal $9.78 Order 4 bags and they'll ship for free. I've used a lot of RO but haven't been able to find any decent deals around me in the past 6 months. I've been using El Diablo lately and AFAIC it is decent stuff. Local walmart stores have had 40# bags for $15 but it has started to be hard to find.
  14. Question, fairly new to the Pit Boss - finding it tough to control the temperature on longer smokes. First off, we are instructed to wait until the charcoal is covered is ash color before cooking...so what happens when you add black charcoal to an existing fire? My concern is I see black smoke coming out of my grill? Another question is how do i get the pit boss to stay at 225 for long periods of time - like 4-8 hours? It jumps up to 350 and slowly drops and lands about 150. This is with the Bottom vent open an inch and the top vent closed.
  15. I'm new to using the KJ Lump charcoal. Coming from a different grill I typically used Kingsford and around Memorial Day it typically went on sale for around half off. Does the KJ lump typically go on sale, or are there other quality lump charcoals that go on sale around Memorial Day?
  16. I've been looking for a Kamado Joe ComboJoe, but can't seem to find a place on the internet that has them in stock. Do they still make these or were they discontinued? Anyone know where I can find one? Thanks!
  17. Highty recommended readng for all who follow the way of the KAMADO... http://www.nakedwhiz.com/taoofcharcoal/tcbook1.htm
  18. There's a Kamado Joe Roadshow at the Costco in Norwalk CA running from 6-10 thru 6-19-16. Big Joe's, Classic Joe's, Joe Jr's & Lump Charcoal. Costco Wholesale 12324 Hoxie Ave, Norwalk, CA 90650Phone: (562) 929-0826 kamado, joe, big, green, egg, ceramic, grills, bbq, smoker, primo, webber, pit, boss, costco, wholesale, charcoal, traeger, Lynx; Fire Magic; Twin Eagles; Delta Heat, ROYAL, Big Green Egg; BGE; Kamado; Smoking; Smokers; Delta Heat; BBQ Islands; Outdoor Kitchens; Barbeque; BBQ; Barbeques; Gas Logs; Fire Pit; American Outdoor Grill; AOG; Captain Cook; Cook On; Pizza Oven; Cross ray; Propane; Amerigas; lump; charcoal; Outdoor entertainment; AEI;
  19. Anyone ever try this product? Saw it at Academy Sports today and picked up a couple of bags. 30 lbs bag for $20 so I figured what the heck... I had already thrown some ribs on the grill so I didn't get to try out today. My daughter likes it when they fall off the bone...
  20. I purchased a Kick Ash basket and started using it this weekend. I also tried out Fogo charcoal for the first time this weekend. Saturday night: I fired up the Big Joe and cooked a steak and things for dinner. Nothing out of the norm. When I was done I shut the bottom vent completely and left the daisy wheel open to cool down a bit. I forgot about it (wine may have played a role...), went to sleep, and eventually closed the daisy wheel when I got up in the morning, it was probably around 9:00 AM. More of a formality than anything, I thought. Sunday: I went about my day on Sunday and prepped a chicken for dinner. About 5:30ish I opened the lid and noticed the inside of the grill was warm. At first glance, I thought it was just residual heat from sitting in full sun for most of the day. Then I heard that little click and crack of lit charcoal. Sure enough, one of the large pieces of charcoal was still (dimly) orange. The dome thermometer didn't even register anything so it was truly a very small "fire" that was still going, but it was burning, no doubt! I shrugged, added more charcoal on top, put a starter cube on the opposite side just to speed things up and went about my cook. The question is, is this normal? I'm still relatively new to this cooker (purchased 12/2015) but I hadn't experienced this yet. The Kick Ash basket provides more airflow, the large chunks of charcoal can hold onto fire a bit longer, and me leaving the top vent open overnight must have had something to do with it all, but I'm just curious if others have experienced similar scenarios in the past (?).
  21. I just purchased and have assembled my new Akorn grill. I hope to fire it up the first time to season the cast iron once it stops raining. I'm very glad to have found this website so early since I know I will have questions that you could help answer. My son has a BGE and has raved about it for enough years that I finally gave in and purchase a similar kind. My old grill was a Weber-type, and I have enjoyed using that kind for many years. My first (stupid) question is whether I can use up the old charcoal brickettes. I did get a bag of lump charcoal and will continue with this type in the future, but this model does not seem to have the ceramic to absorb bad odors.
  22. Grillings Everyone, Kamado Joe Grills will be at Costco Wholesale in the city of Santa Maria, CA from Friday March 18 through Saturday March 26 with the 24" Big Joe, the 18" Classic Joe and the 13.5" Joe Jr. These grills come complete with a Sturdy Cart with locking caster wheels, Shelves, the Divide & Conquer Grille, grille accessories and a cover. (No cover for the 13.5" Joe Jr.) You can also pick up Kamado Joe Lump Charcoal at a great price. Don't miss the opportunity to get these models at rock-bottom wholesale prices with a Kamado Joe Manufacture Warranty from trusted Costco Wholesale. *** VERY IMPORTANT!!! *** ***You will need a Costco Wholesale Membership to purchase these grills.*** Contact David at 818-863-6197 Or just come out to: Costco Wholesale 1335 S Bradley Rd Santa Maria, CA 93454 (805) 928-8459
  23. We have the best artisans in the world making our charcoal. Wanted to share some pictures with you from my trip this week. We need to tell their story. They make the best charcoal in the world in our opinion.
  24. I'm beginning to understand a little more about this kamado cooking on the classic and so far I'm really jazzed, I like it. I'd like to get your opinion on charcoal. I've got a birthday party coming up Monday and will be cooking three chickens -- probably roasting them with a Puerto Rican spice, for a family get together. The pressure is on, its my wife's family, and I want this to be tasty! So far, I've tried two kinds of charcoal, the first was Royal Oak from Home Depot and then I got a bag of Cowboy at WalMart. I did a roast chicken with the RO and it was perfect, just a hint of smoke flavor -- but I was running out of charcoal in the firebox and pulled it at 161 degrees, thinking it would it would come up a couple degrees as it sat. Next time I'll wait until 165 Then I tried beer can chicken with the Cowboy charcoal and 1 chuck of applewood. The smoke flavor was too strong and although the chicken was pretty good when I first pulled it off, left-overs had a strong smoke taste. Its possible I didn't have the cowboy charcoal burned enough and there was too much smoke, but it was at the right temperature. Last night I cooked a London Broil, making sure the fire was hot and there was very little smoke coming out the chimney (450 degrees). The steak came out great, but the smoke flavor was a little strong and since I didn't add any wood for flavor, I'm convinced this is from the charcoal. Cowboy lump is probably made from Mesquite since it comes from Texas/Mexico and it seemed there were some 'branches' in the bag. Mesquite is great for grilling steak, but I've always thought it was too bitter for smoked meats. Years ago a guy from Texas told me it was fine for brisket, ribs or pork butts as long as you brined it or sprayed the meat with some kind of citrus juice during the cook. I know there are a lot of people who like Cowboy lump, but from here on out, I'm probably going to scratch it from my list. But, maybe I'm missing something here, and there's a way to get a milder flavor from the Cowboy lump.
  25. Smoke 'n Fire, a local Kansas City area BBQ supply store, is currently running a coupon promotion offering a bag of lump charcoal free with any purchase. This is what they are offering: http://www.amazon.com/Bayou-Classic-18-Pound-Natural-Charcoal/dp/B005MHD9HW I just used it to grill some steaks on my K.J. Even after giving it 15 minutes with the top open and then 25 minutes top closed to burn down to no visible smoke, it was sparky, snappy, and infused the steaks with a funky, off, unpleasant smoky flavor. My recommendation is that you steer well away from this product.
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