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Found 7 results

  1. Ingredients 2 Chicken half breasts cut into ½-inch strips Marinade Ingredients 1½ Tablespoon of Italian Fusion Seasoning 1 Cup of garlic infused extra virgin olive oil ¼ Cup of balsamic vinegar Directions 1. Marinate the chicken strips for at least an hour (longer is fine) 2. Preheat the Masterbuilt 1050 to 400° with apple chunks in the ash basket for smoke. 3. Grill on Frog Mats until the internal temperature is 160° 4. Flip after 8 minutes 5. I grilled for 16 minutes and the IT was slightly over 160° Note: The 1050 registered 400° but my Fireboard, with the temperature probe within an inch of the Masterbuilt’s probe, but close to and pointed at the cold food, registered closer to 360-365°.
  2. Tonights Dinner- having another couple over- going healthy as I need to lose weight and he is on the heart transplant list. So, low sodium, substituted much of the butter with avacado oil, etc. Anyway, chicken breast, salmon, salad and my 'what is it' dish of sweet potatoes, carrots, mango, korean cinnamon and brown and turbanado sugar- all cooked on the Big Joe. Sorry, we were half-way through dinner when I remembered to take the final pics.
  3. Yesterday I bought an extra spit and cut to same size of Joetisserie spit. Today I seasoned a prime rib roast with Kamado Joe sea salt & pepper, the Boneless skinless chicken breasts were seasoned with Kamado Joe poultry seasoning. I set my Kamado to reach 375 with Joetisserie in place one heat soaked and stable I put Prime Rib roast on and after 1 hr I checked internal temperature it was done. I removed then placed other spit with basket on and changed setting for 350, check temp after 20 minutes not done, checked again after 5 additional minutes. The breast when done. Enjoy the pictures, I was very happy with the result.
  4. Remember when I made the Petite Filet Mignon Oscar? http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/26970-petite-filet-mignon-oscar/ Well my wife doesn’t really like steak and definitely doesn’t like anything from the sea. So I made something special for her to enjoy instead of steak. Here are most of the ingredients for this cook. I placed the boneless / skinless breast between two sheets of plastic wrap and pounded them with my 10” CI skillet to around 5/8” thick. I then dredged them in some flour mixed with 1 tsp. ea. of cayenne and white pepper and 1/2 tsp. of turmeric. I took that same 10” CI skillet and fried them up in some butter and oil. (It takes a shorter time because they are thinner) In the meantime you’ll remember I was grilling up the asparagus. Chicken is done. Here it is plated up on a bed of asparagus, approximately ½ cup of Hollandaise sauce and a Modern Times Oneida Hoppy Sessionable Pale Ale. And the ultra-close-up view. As it was her dish I didn’t get a fork shot. I did taste it and it was also delicious. That’s for looking.
  5. Good grief. What day is it again? I can't believe I'm over halfway through my 30 days and I haven't even begun to touch the list of things I still want to make. Wow. I took two chicken breast halves, butterflied them, and pounded them flat. Mixed together some cream cheese, salt, pepper, minced garlic, and minced jalapenos. My initial idea was to roll the breasts, but I wound up more folding them over a dollop of cream cheese, rather than spreading and rolling. Once they were folded over and secured at each end with toothpicks, I wrapped each breast in 3 pieces of bacon, also secured with toothpicks. Et voila! On the grill at about 350° to 375°. After about 30 mins I flipped them (being careful of the toothpicks) and gave them another 15 mins, where I let the heat in the grill come up to around 450° Once the bacon was nice and crisp, off they came. While they rested for just a minute, I threw together one of my favorite summer salads: rinsed baby spinach, chilled mandarin orange slices, and a vinaigrette made of the juice from the oranges, olive oil, a little vinegar, and a generous handful of gorgonzola cheese! Yum!! Had I planned ahead, I'd have charred the jalapenos first, before mixing them into the cream cheese, but I was running a bit late tonight and threw this together on a whim. It was good enough that I'll be making it again and making it RIGHT next time - so it'll be even better. Oh, and this is what happens when your cooking companion realizes the flower bed next to the grill is taller than she is: The perfect spot to watch the bird feeder from:
  6. Chicken Afritada Kamado Style Mrs. Smokehouse had set out some chicken breasts from the freezer to thaw and also announced the bowl of potatoes on the kitchen counter were about to sprout (well it is summer in Georgia) and that became the starting point for this dinner cook. Kinda like opening the surprise basket on “Chopped”. I knew I wanted to include tomatoes and that I wanted something different. So after some thinking and a bit of internet searching this was the result…. The basic of this cook is a Fillipino recipe… http://www.filipinofoodrecipes.net/chicken_afritada.htm Now being from Louisiana originally, I just had to expand the ingredients to include celery along with the bell pepper and onion (i.e., the Cajun trinity) and the few green onions in the fridge also went along for the ride - why not. However, I did not want this to head in a Creole direction so I restrained myself on other ingredients I might have added. I did add some fresh sprigs of thyme also lurking in the fridge, a bit of cayenne pepper and some Lea and Perrins along with the Vietnamese fish sauce that was eventually located in the back of the fridge. I did two separate things with the bell peppers (and did not use the red bell pepper as none were in the fridge). I did a chopped bell pepper to put in initially with the sauté and then the remainder as bell pepper strips was added towards the end. A look through the freezer revealed some pulled pork and a portion of that was added towards the end of the cook for an additional flavor dimension. The Ingredients It turned out I used the peeled tomatoes and added a can of crushed tomato instead of the tomato paste in the next photo. About half the broth carton was the right amount - most of the half carton initially and a bit more during the cook. I used all 4 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts. The dish will be a great leftover meal. Into the Dutch oven (love the 7.5qt capacity) Started on the stove - sautéed the veggies in a bit of coconut oil and butter, then added chicken and potatoes for a few minutes, and finally the tomatoes and broth and seasonings – bring to light boil and (carefully with a lid on the pot) transfer to the Kamado. On Big(Red)Joe - (Junior was being shy and hiding) Cooking Away Done! Let’s Eat The Interlude While waiting for Joe to do his part of the task with the food bubbling away in the 7.5 qt Lodge dutch oven, we enjoyed some classic New Orleans Sazerac cocktails on the screened-in veranda while a rain shower came and went. Of course the rain started not long after I lit Big(Red)Joe but no mind – I just rolled him under the other covered porch area. The Sazerac Other Notes I started this dish on the stove inside and then transferred it to Big Joe for the main cook. Easier to start it on the stove and save baked forearms while getting it put together on the 400 degree Kamado. Cooked indirect with no lid on the Lodge at 375-400 degrees with pecan wood giving a generous smoke element. Keep an eye on the liquid level and consistency and add more broth if necessary. Cook time on Big(Red)Joe was about 40 minutes. The potatoes being older just needed the extra time to get tender but not overcooked. Since I cut the chicken in larger pieces it all worked out. Because the dish already had potatoes and we did not need the extra carbs, it was not served over rice but just enjoyed it right out the pot. This was a nice change of pace meal and a very good dish – albeit one that does not carry a heavy seasoning. We will be making this again. We all thought this basic dish idea would also be good with a very firm fish in place of chicken or with turnips in place of the potatoes. Either of those approaches would probably require altering the cooking time and the point in the cook when specific ingredients might best be added to the pot.
  7. Today was another good cook. Fajitas are possibly my favorite TexMex food ever. Well as I've stated on many other threads: Any time you wrap meat and veg in a tortilla, you've got a winner!! Mr Grill, of course, was observing every step of the way. Started with a piece of beef flank and a couple of chicken breasts - each in a marinade of tequila, lime juice, cilantro, and fajita seasoning. While that was marinading, I halved and cored some tomatoes and put them and a couple of jalpenos on the grill: Only 5 mins to get a nice char on the skins and then I chopped everything up - added onion, garlic, cilantro, lime, and made a smoky, spicy salsa. Then I heated up the griddle until it was smoking hot and threw on some red pepper and onion. While those were getting nice and brown, Mr. Grill and I enjoyed a cold beer and some blue corn chips and salsa on the patio. The grilled peppers and onions smelled SO good when they were done. Then it was time for the meat! A 3 minute sear on one side, then a flip, and pour on a little of the marinade. Mr. Grill took a few minutes to wander through the garden while the meat was cooking. The chicken was next and took only a few mins per side as well: More to come ....
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