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Found 9 results

  1. This is soon to be chili Komado Al style. Where I come from, we call these fixin's... The green is two poblano's 1lb each of ground chuck and pork sausage, smoked a couple ours @ 195° ~ 205°. Plus 1lb. each chorizo and kiolbassa. (Well, about a 1 1/4lb of kiolbassa- you simply can never have too much of it)
  2. A Poblano, Chorizo & Cheese Layered Casserole On a Restaurant Depot run to pick up a packer brisket and other supplies, a 5 lb bag of beautiful large fresh poblano peppers and a 5 lb chub of 'mild' Mexican Chorizo somehow managed along with some cheeses to jump into the cart – well assisted by my son and I in making that leap. This is what we (well my son anyway, as he was lead chef on the meal) prepared from those fixings: I blistered the poblano peppers on Big Joe over direct heat and then steamed them in a covered bowl. Next was peeling and seeding. Since we were going for a casserole rather than stuffed, the peppers were slit open to seed – much easier that way. 2.5 pounds of the chorizo was browned in a pan with the largest poblano chopped up for extra flavor, plus diced bell pepper, chopped onions and some garlic. We had not used this chorizo before ( La Paloma brand ) and we really liked the flavors of the sausage. The peppers, meat mixture, Chihuahua and Queso Fresco cheeses along with some sharp cheddar were layered in the greased Lodge 7.5 qt dutch oven. A topping of cheddar and queso was the final addition – with the cheddar acting as the melting cheese to bind the queso as the topping browned. The dish was baked, uncovered and indirect, on Joe at 375 degrees with application of mesquite wood smoke for about 35 minutes – until it looked and smelled just right. Served with a simple side salad. Delicious for dinner and quite filling. These particular poblanos has just the right "heat" level to pair with the mild but flavorful chorizo. The casserole reheated was great for breakfast the next morning, too!
  3. Smokehowze’s Mexican Chorizo Sausage Recipe Son decided our next sausage excursion would be Mexican chorizo. Fine by me. After reading and research here is our recipe. Son has sampled a lot of different chorizos and thinks it hit the mark in flavor. Regardless, it will be better than most any store bought. Try it and then adjust the recipe to your tastes. Chorizo is really simple to make especially if you just keep it as a bulk sausage. Everyone has their own personal variation. Mexican Chorizo Sausage Links The Bulk Chorizo A Tray of Cased Sausage EDIT 10/23/15 Notice the color change on sausage after drying in fridge uncovered. It really deepens in color. Place paper towel under sausage to absorb any liquid. Remove and refresh toweling and turn sausages over at least once in your drying time. Now the cased sausage really looks pretty! After Drying in Fridge Uncovered for 18 hours Ingredients This recipe is based on 7 pounds of meat because that was the weight of one of the pork butts in the Costco boneless pork butt twin pack. It is as easy to make 7 lbs as it is to make one. Scale the recipe accordingly. I generally trim very little if any on these Costco butts when making sausage. Mainly just any not so nice silver skin. I found my LEM Big Bite grinder will nicely grind anything else. 7.0 lbs Pork Butt (3175 gms) 12.000 tsp Diamond Kosher Salt (39.6 gms) 15.000 tsp Guajillo Chili Powder (46.5 gms) 1.250 tsp Achiote Seed Ground (3.8 gms) 2.250 tsp Restaurant Grind Black Pepper (6.3 gms) 3.000 tsp Chipotle Pepper Powder (9.3 gms) 2.250 tsp Mexican Oregano (1.8 gms) 4.500 tsp Cumin (11.7 gms) 1.250 tsp Ground Coriander (2.5 gms) 1/4 cup Minced Garlic` 1.000 tsp Ground Cloves (2.1 gms) 0.250 tsp Ground Cinnamon (0.65 gms) 6 Tbs White Vinegar 8 Tbs Apple Cider Vinegar Note; Weights are based on measurements of the spices./seasoning types/brands I used as we prepared the volume measurements. Procedure Our approach was to cut the meat into cubes and add all the seasonings except the vinegars to the meat and mix well. Let the meat develop flavor overnight or for a day in the fridge. Then grind. Next mix well the ground meat incorporating the vinegar. Mix until the meat will stick on the bottom of your upside-down hand. Fry up some test patties and then as needed adjust the seasonings. We decided for our tastes on this recipe to just leave it alone. We prefer in our sausage making to season the meat before grinding and let it flavor the cubed meat like a rub. It just makes for a better overall incorporation of the seasonings throughout the meat during the mixing stage after the grind. The cased sausage will sit in the fridge uncovered overnight to dry the casings a bit before vacuum sealing and freezing. Tightly cover any bulk sausage. A one day age on either the cased or bulk after grinding before use/packaging allows the flavor to further develop. Stuff into casing or use as bulk sausage. We did some of both. Enjoy!
  4. Homemade Mexican Chorizo Sausage Finished up this afternoon a 7 lb batch of Mexican chorizo we started yesterday. Son was the driver for this chorizo as he said it was his turn to select the type of sausage we were going to make. Works for me. He said this batch was exactly what he wanted in the flavor profile. Chorizo Right After Being Cased & Linked We reserved a few of pounds as bulk for breakfast this weekend and for tacos tomorrow night. The rest was put up in casings - just because it looks so nice that way. EDIT 10/23/15 Notice the color change on sausage after drying in fridge uncovered. It really deepens in color. Now the cased sausage really looks pretty! After Drying in Fridge Uncovered for 18 hours Here is the recipe: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/24429-smokehowze’s-mexican-chorizo-sausage/ . This is an easy sausage to make and can be left as a bulk sausage as so many uses call for it in bulk or removed from the casing. I hope this gives you some sausage ideas.
  5. I was out running a couple fast errands this morning when my bride called and asked what our dinner plans were. In my best Scooby Doo voice I reply, "Rut roh.....Idonnaknow". We are both still under the weather.....she more than I. Damn bronchitis turned into walking (and "working" in my case) pneumonia for each of us. I ended one bottle of antibiotics and started a different type yesterday. The show rolls on. Her Z-packs were insufficient and she's now on the same stuff that I am. Hard to have much playtime fun when you are hitting the inhaler before turning out the lights and having steroids with your morning coffee. It's no biggie.....just our turn to take a spin on the sick wheel. We've dodged the bullet for years....nothing more than just a common cold. Funny that it all started when she was doing a good deed for the sweat lady next door.....ground zero. Sweet little lady later told her how sick she'd been....now she's out playing in her flower garden. This crap has been going on for a month now. Hoping the current battery of meds wipes it out. I'm just glad to have a couple days off to chill. So as I'm driving and talking to her....I spy a sign for a newly acquired store in our town....one I've read about on here, in fact. I signed off and said, "I got this". Cool thing is that it's located right beside one of my favorite bar-resturants. They've got it going on in there......bigtime. I mainly hit the perimeter of the store and grabbed a few things......was mightily tempted by their brew selection....but ultimately passed.....only due to the hugely inflated prices. I did get some chorizo, chicken-feta-spinach-sausage, scalloped potatoes & mac'n'cheese along with 2 lbs of great smelling coffee beans. Test driving this chicken-feta-spinach-sausage tonight along with the sides. It's coming along pretty good and smelling great. I can see the allure of this store. It's gonna put a hurting on the Fresh Market and Earth Fare, I'm afraid.
  6. Atomic Buffalo Turds 3 Ways Half of a Jalapeño for each ABT, wrapped in 1/2 a slice of bacon (a lower sodium package) Beirão Chouriço with caramelized onion cream cheese Portuguese cured pork sausage cut into slivers about 2.5" long and 1/2" wide, then "roasted" and crisped in a toaster oven for 10 minutes - onion, red peppers, garlic sautéed & caramelized in olive oil, then chopped and blended with cream cheese Spicy Shrimp with caramelized onion cream cheese Shrimp sautéed in butter and garlic with some Portuguese hot pepper paste, skins and tails removed before assembly - onion, red peppers, garlic sautéed & caramelized in olive oil, then chopped and blended with cream cheese Cremini Mushrooms with Mushroom Risotto Mushrooms sautéed in butter with garlic Cooked for about 1.5 hours on Kamado Joe Junior indirect at 250 for much of the time, ramped to 280 and then 300 (due to small time crunch).
  7. So ... this is it!! The final day of the 30 days. And I really wanted to do something special .. something that pushed me out of my comfort zone, and something that I'd maybe never done before. One of the things that has always intimidated me a little - even on a standard stove, much less a kamado - is paella. It's such an iconic dish that I was always a little afraid to attempt it. Then @atx33 posted his paella last month and it kind of clicked for me. Or .. at least it didn't intimidate me quite so much. So ... I picked up some saffron (which I'd never cooked with before) at Penzeys: I also made sure I had the right kind of rice - a good medium grain one. After getting my grill up to about 425°, I added in a little olive oil to my BRAND NEW, never been used before paella pan! All of my ingredients were ready to go (not pictured are the shrimp and mussels which stayed in the fridge until the last minute: I started out with the chorizo: Then added the chicken thighs (split) and let them get nice and browned. Then I added in the onion, pepper And then the chopped tomato: I let that cook down for a few minutes and the poured in 2 cups of rice (plus the garlic, saffron, and other spices): After stirring that around and letting it toast a bit, I added roughly 3 cups of my homemade chicken broth: .... to be continued ....
  8. So, you know when you go to Costco they have the carts and booths giving out samples? Well we went to Costco and came back with a couple of the products they were doing samples of. The first was some freeze dried hash browns. Normally I like use whole potatoes but sometimes they go soft and start sprouting numerous appendages. I purchased these for just this type of occasion. The next item was some soy chorizo. This is very tasty and not nearly as greasy as regular chorizo. This is the thing my wife hates about chorizo and she liked this stuff so I figured what the heck. The next day I decided to use both my new food products and make chorizo and eggs breakfast burritos with potatoes. First I sautéed some onion and bell pepper. I then added the chorizo, cooked them and let them melt together. Now add the eggs, mix and cook. Next I cooked up the hash browns. And now we assemble the burritos starting with some sour cream. Add some hash browns. And the chorizo and eggs mixture. Mexican cheese and some pico de gallo. (Not pictures is a finishing touch of some Tapatio hot sauce) And it’s a wrap! Buenos Dias!
  9. Here's some of what we had for dinner yesterday evening. The 5.5lbs (raw) butt was cooked on a friend's XL BGE at 280F over 6.5 hours to an internal temp of 203F, then double wrapped in foil and blanked and placed into a warmed cooler. It sat for about 4 hours until we were ready to eat. Had I planned a little better, I would have extended the cooking time by running a bit lower pit temp so I wouldn't have had to hold it as long. Friends were originally supposed to get together for 6 and eat at 7, but we had to push it out a little bit because of some stragglers and appetizers. For appetizers a friend brought over a caramelized onion dip she made which we ate with a non-sweet cornbread I had made the night before. I also made some quesadilla rolls. 10" flour tortilla, "buttered" with refried black beans, filled with crumbled mexican chorizo that I also cooked on the BGE, minced fresh onion and a little bit of parsley from my garden. I would have preferred coriander (cilantro) but didn't have any on hand. Then I rolled the package up, buttered the outside and tossed them into a hot pan, cooking all around. Sliced in half to serve - sort of like spring roll size. Here you can see the butt when it came off the BGE. For dessert, I made a traditional portuguese flan which I forgot to take a picture of. That ended up actually being for dessert-dessert because I also made a bunch of mini flans which I served to each person. Espresso Chocolate with Spicy Caramel - my own recipe which I'll post later once I've made some adjustments. Each was topped with a mint leaf and a small sugar-pepper candy I also made. The candy was dusted with powdered crisped rice cereal.
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