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Found 4 results

  1. Hey family, I plan to smoke 7 pork butts on my Big Joe using my extender rack. All the butts weigh between 7-8 pounds. Should I maintain the general rule of approx 1.5 -2 hours cook time at 225? With that, is it fair to say this cool will be approx 16 hours for all 7 butts? I just want to make sure the extra capacity doesn’t affect my cook time. I’d appreciate advice based on prior experience from you folks. Thanks!
  2. Hi all - I'm going to be cooking my first turkey for Thanksgiving next week. I'm relatively new to all this and haven't smoked a bird yet. I've done quite a bit of research on brines, rubs, heat, etc. I'm cooking on a Vision Classic B. I think I'll be cooking a bird that's around 15 lbs or so. I'll probably shoot for an internal grill temp of 375. Coupla questions I couldn't find yet: I'm trying to figure out when to do this and how long the cook should take. The bird needs to be ready by lunch (noon). Additionally, I have to transport the bird an hour. Is there some sort of rough equation on how long it should take a bird to cook? X number of minutes per pound at 375? We'd like to be there by mid-morning so I'm trying to determine how early I need to get up to get this thing going. - OR - Follow up question - what happens if I cook the bird the day before? If it's going to take me 5 or more hours to cook, I may just do it on Wednesday evening so that I have enough time to do it and I don't have to get up crazy early on Thursday. If so, should I just foil and refrigerate, and then reheat it in the oven the next day? I have no idea how to keep it from drying out, getting rubbery, etc. As a reference point, I'm mostly working off of John Setzler's video on it: Thanks for any input folks!
  3. Hello All, Doing a 10lb Brisket Point on the 4th on my Kamado Joe Classic. This is my third brisket on my Kamado Joe Classic - the two prior turned out okay - but I didn't use my standard methods for Brisket. Add to that my KJ came with some QC issues - my Dome Thermometer was off by +125º (Replaced by KJ) and the felt gasket on the bottom of the ceramic bowl was defective and leaked (Replaced by KJ as well). When brought back to specs my KJ is spot on in temperature and in holding a low steady temperature. So I have some questions - Do any of y'all inject your briskets? From what I've read - including this incredibly detailed and informative article at Amazing Ribs - it appears to be a good idea to get a juicy and luscious Brisket. I really enjoy marinading Ribeyes in Beer and Salt - and was wondering if that would carry over to injecting a Brisket with a mixture of Beef Broth, Salt and Beer? Corona Beer has a low pH of 4.0 - 4.5 - IOWs it's an acid - and I think that acid would help breakdown the Brisket Muscle - The Beef Broth over a long and slow cook would help keep the meat moist; And the salt would work it's magical NaCl properties on meat as it always has. Is this correct thinking Gurus? The second question is the controversial liquid in the drip pan - Prior to my Kamado Joe I had a MasterForge Charcoal Grill that I heavily modified for smoking ( Gaskets around the edges, air vents sealed - all to tighten up the airflow etc....). Meats would dry out quickly on that grill so I got in the habit of adding humidity in the form of liquids in the drip pan. The liquid consisted of 2 parts beer, 1/2 part water and at least two whole garlic heads. I enjoyed the meat that came out of the old grill quite a bit. I never turned out any piece that wasn't moist and lush. Do you Gurus think this is a bad or good idea for the Kamado Joe - particularly when it comes to Briskets? Keep in mind that this is going to be a large 10lb deckle. The last question I have involves cooking time and monitoring the cook. I generally allow 1.25 hours per pound @ 225º F - so for my 10b Brisket about 12.5 hours on the grill plus 2 hours holding. For the 4th of July I want to serve at about 4pm. that means I need to start at cooking at 1am on the 3rd. Can I set and forget my KJ once temperature is stable? Meaning is there any reason for me to monitor the Brisket over night? I can and will of course if need be - but I'm thinking that the KJ being constant at 225º F makes for a easy cook with little to no monitoring. Gurus?
  4. A recurring question is 'How long will it take to cook a pork butt? Well... I looked back a number of cooks in my personal cooking log and put together this "indicative" table of pork butt cooks. While we all know the meat tells you when it is done and there are many individual variables, nonetheless I find this useful to give an idea of cook length. I would love to expand the data and tables with info you folks may have gathered, particularly at higher cook temperatures. If you have relevant summary data to share I welcome a PM or a reply to this post. May you find this information useful! As usual YMMV. I tried to paste the tables into the post but they did not format correctly so I have attached as a PDF. The tables are 1) a detailed temp over time log summary in 30 minute increments and 2) a table of cooking temps, meat weights, overall time, and times per pound. EDIT: Cooking temps are grill grate tempertures. Boston Butt Temps Profile Log.pdf
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