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Found 9 results

  1. My Primo XL FIREBOX has severe cracks. Original crack started at one of the vent holes and gradually propagated to form major crack. Is this a common problem?
  2. Hi all, I am new to the site, but have loved reading over the last few days. I have owned a Kinuura Yaki #5 for about 3 years now, and it has lived at my FIL's house. Since this is the case, I am still a kamado novice! Finally I was able to bring it home after a long road trip! I know this specific kamado was purchased out of a Pachinko Palace in Sacramento many years ago. I am now the second owner of it. All things considered, this piece is in fantastic condition everything is together and in great working condition. As I was packing the kamado for the move, I noticed the firebox is starting to crack. I have seen tons of restorations on this page and know this fix is feasible. What I don't know is if this would be a good point to take the firebox out of the kamado fully and risk more damage (it seems to be cemented in place around the upper rim where the ring sits?), just to leave it be completely and see if it continues to crack, or just try to do a patch job on it while in the kamado. What are your thoughts?
  3. All, I am new to the site and messed up the location of my post by initially putting it in the introductions section. Below is the link to that post. I am looking for ideas on small cracks forming in the firebox of my New Old Kinuura Yaki #5 Kamado. Photo of kamado for fun
  4. As a s follow-up to my first Grill dome restoration (see http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/10848-grill-dome-rebuild-project/?p=118416), I'm planning a second Grill Dome restoration later this year. One consideration will be to re-glaze instead of a re-paint. Unlike other Kamado's that use a glazed surface, Grill Dome's have a heat resistant paint surface. The challenge will be to locate a local potter equipped with a kiln large enough to fit the GD. If it proves successful, I may also choose to repaint my original rebuilt GD (see picture below) as it has since chipped again due to some issues with the refinishing process. Just curious - for those of you who own glazed Kamados (i.e. Vision, BGE, KJoe), have you ever experienced any issues with the finish?
  5. Hi there . Im new to this forum I’ve been smoking with an akorn but recently picked up a Kamado made in the 1970s . It needs some love . Mainly a cleaning , seals , some oil on the hinges . the biggest problem was the top screw vent was rusted in place . I tried penetrating fluid, wire brush, heat, nothing worked. To get to the point I cracked in half the to vent . I’m going to use stainless parts for the screw and bolt but I need a good cement adhesive to but the vent back together with .
  6. I've had a few issues with my red egg of joy. First, the fire bowl cracked, so the local KJ disty (BBQ's Galore) replaced it with the new spiffy sectional one. Then a small crack appeared in the dome - only visible at high-ish temps. No probs, warranty claim filed and 6 - 8 weeks for replacement. Then (while waiting for the dome) one of the castor locky tab thingo's broke. Took a pic and emailed the disty. OK no probs they said, added it to the warranty claim. Then today (a few days after filing the wheel claim) I get a call. Them: "Hi, how are you, guess what, we're going to replace your KJ with a new one" Me: "Wut" Them: "Did I stutter?? You're getting a new one" Me: "OMFG if you were her in person, little shop man, I would hug you in an inappropriate manner" Them: "Err, yeah this is weird, can we deliver next Saturday" Me: "Hell yeah, baby!!!" So the upshot of this is I'm getting a brand new (probably the old model) Kamado Joe. Brilliant customer service.
  7. Took these pics last Thurday. have a few cracks starting in my Big Joe firebox. Some are very fine– others, more pronounced. Just posting as a reference so that I can refer back to how long the box remains useful before there is a need to contact KJ for replacement. At rear of firebox... same place, different view... bottom front left.. this pic is looking from rear of Big Joe...
  8. Over a year ago I was cooking pizza and suffered a single crack in my fire bowl. It grew over time and 1 turned in to 2. Next thing you know the fire bowl was in 2 pieces kinda just sitting down in there. I just kept cooking and could have left it that way for a very long time but I needed to do a good cleaning so the time was right. Before I go any further I want to let you know that I didn't need to do this, I have a new fire bowl in my garage right now. I am a curious person though and I want to see how long I can go from one fire bowl. This method should work on any ceramic kamado. Material: T304 lock wire small 1/4"-3/16' mason bit cutters pliers Pull the fire bowl out and clean it up. Put it together, use a strap etc to hold it in place. Drill a pair of holes down the crack - 3, maybe 4 depending. Push the wire through and twist it tight with the pliers while carefully setting the crack in place as you go. BAM! That's it. All better. And now despair. I discovered another hairline crack while doing this repair, this tells me that over time the fire bowl will slowly crumble. We'll see how long it takes. You can just see it in this photo, it leads off of crack #2 and is about a foot long at this point and it is all the way through.
  9. I got my Primo Large last fall, and I'm loving it. Bought it mainly for pizza but also for smoking and grilling. Did a pork loin yesterday that was great! Here's my last pizza: One thing I have notice recently is that I have a couple small cracks in the firebox, one front, one back pretty much opposite of each other. Here's what they look like: and Are cracks like these to be expected or are they an issue that needs to be addressed? I want to say thank you to everyone on this forum - loads of great information and a very civil and pleasant place Moses in PA
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