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Found 6 results

  1. Enjoying the day off work today. Cleaned out my firebox this morning with supreme ease. Simply raked the ash across the bottom grate and emptied the ash tray as it filled. Simple. Fast. Easy. Another great feature that Kamado Joe has added. Had some chicken breasts and wings in Mad Hunky brine since my morning coffee. Deck radio tuned into local classic rock station. Great playlist this morning with a little football talked interspersed. Added some outstanding lump that I've been getting from Fireside Grills in downtown Augusta, Georgia. Doesn't have a name. It consists of tremendous pieces of dense lump in a massive white bag. Imported from Argentina. One of these days I"m going to slip down there and do one of their legendary dove hunts and see where their lump comes from firsthand. Tossed in a couple chunks of Bosco-approved peach wood for good measure. Fired up the Big Red and let it smoke pleasantly for a while as I killed the last of my java. Went ahead and grilled up some boneless breasts early on so I could use them for my chicken dip (recipe in the recipe section). Had a little indoor work to do that involved chopping stuff for the dip and getting yardbird rubbed. Couldn't hear the deck radio to my satisfaction....had the house to myself other than the dogs.....and they never complain over what I play...just the volume. Krunk up the kitchen Bluetooth speaker to a satisfactory volume and put some new tunes on. Great chopping music. My lovely bride asked that I tone it down on the heat so I didn't use my favorite wing rub......but used my favorite rib rub instead. Because of this change, I'd set the Big Joe up with 1/2 heat deflector in place and ran the grill cooler than normal. Once the wings were close .....just after the Conecuh sausage & hot dogs were ready.....I flipped them over the coals to crisp up the skin but tried not to allow the rib rub to scorch too much. Pic below taken just prior to this. We all like our hot dogs done....splitting done. The Conecuh was great cut into small pieces that we dipped in mustard or bbq sauce. My wife likes to dip her's in Crawtater sauce. I think she's onto something good there. I achieved the desired crispiness on the wings, but the rib rub scorched just a tad. It wasn't objectionable at all in terms of flavor, though. I should have kept them on the cooler side a while longer so less time would be needed over the coals. No plated pics.....because it was a blur of fast action after that. Football viewing at my hacienda today will be the East Carolina-Navy game, Georgia-South Carolina and then the Ole Miss-Bama games. Lazy days are great days around the house. It's worth noting that the weather today was outstanding.....sunny and mid-80's at the time of grilling with highs in low-90's forecasted. Hope everyone is having a great day !!!!
  2. Couldn't believe how nice the weather was today. Some great tunes from a Canadian band that I've enjoyed for the last 30 years....were enjoyed during this cook. Try as I might, I can't give up my Diet Dews. Love this stuff. Picked up some wings & pack of boneless breasts on sale today. Got 'em home and put mixed up a batch of Mad Hunky poultry brine for the yardbird parts. Into the fridge for 5 hours. That brine smells great when the stuff comes out of it. I really like this JoeBlow lighter.....you can get your lump burning, toss on the heat deflectors and grate.....and get your dome shut in under 3 minutes.....if you take your time. Three minutes. 3. No need to wait around for some lighter tablet to burn off. Three minutes and dome down with the vents doing their job to direct air flow. Quick warm up times are nice. The BigJoe was ready to go before I had everything rubbed down. Hit it all with a layer of The Slabs & another layer of the Pecan Rub. Great sweet, a little savory and some smallish heat at the end. This is the family's favorite rub on chicken. I'm still big on Mad Hunky Wing Rub....but I surely see their point about this pair. Wings getting there. Gotta babysit them with this particular rub combo though....lotta sugar that can scorch. Breasts getting close, too. Done ! That boneless is gong to make some great salads over the weekend. Finished up this bottle of this goodness over the top of some asparagus....and a little Don's to steam up inside the wrap. I couldn't wait for it to come off the grill to try it. Oh yeah....got a winner right there. Wife loved it, too. There's something else that cooks really, really.....really well at the same temp as wangs.....and the peach wood had already burned through so it was just a nice clean lump burn...... Kamado Kookies !!!
  3. Howdy again, everyone. This is an update from a thread that started yesterday with indoor burgers: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/19428-easy-burgers-tonight/ I gotta admit upfront.....this was not one of my better briskets.....even though it was one of the more expensive briskets I've bought. It was a select cut that was not on sale.....but I walked into the store yesterday wanting brisket.....so a mini packer is what I came out with. The weather forecast was showing intermittent showers......0% one hour......80% the next.....all afternoon. Thus the indoor burgers and the break in the action to set up my kamado with Royal Oak Red and hickory chunks. I cheated and used a KJ fire starter tab. These things make is crazy easy.....especially if rain has you hesitant to drag out the drop cord and have more fun doing it with the Joe Blow lighter. No kidding.....they are fun as heck to use. Try one sometime and you'll know what I mean. Temps came in line with where I wanted to roll on this cook as I was prepping this brisket. I didn't have my favorite brisket rub on hand and used a fresh can of Plowboy's Bovine Bold that I'd been meaning to try. I didn't bother to trim a single piece of fat off this brisket.....just hit it with some roostershire sauce and coated it in rub. Went to bed after watching 2 episodes of Game of Thrones with my wife. Checked on the grill.....all was well. I left it alone to let it ride all night. Temps were at 220 this morning. The brisket looked good....smelled good......the bark was a bit darker than my favorite rub. Believe it or not.....at the time of that pic....it was only 170 degrees internal. I double foiled it and put it back on and slowed down the heat to 210 and let it ride a few more hours until it probed tender in every corner and the center. I sealed the foil down and brought it and wrapped with towels and left on the counter until showtime. Showtime consisted of using the grill some more.....left the vents slightly open to keep it rolling along during the day (one of the benefits of kamado grills.....you aren't out much if you simply let them run on low temp until needed for further cooking). My tunes for this part of the cook.....this album is great: I put 4 medium baking sized potatoes on the grill and let them cook until they were also probing tender. Sliced them into chunks and dumped in a large bowl with cream cheese, sour cream, green onions, jalapeños, butter, white onion, half'n'half, S&P, garlic powder and that beloved substance....Crawtater Sauce. Hit the bowl hard with the potato masher and good things happened. While doing this, I'd placed a pan of fresh asparagus on the kamado. They had both olive oil and red wine vinegar on them along with some KJ vegetable rub. This has quickly become one of my favorite side dishes. i forgot to put cheddar on the mashed potatoes......nobody even asked....so it must have been okay. This particular rub was simply "okay". Don't get me wrong...Plowboy's Fin'n'Fur is an exceptional rub......but their beef rub is marginal. I am reordering a batch of OakRidge Black Ops right away. I'll not be caught off guard ever again. Thanks for looking, KG friends. I have a lot of fun with my grills and am glad to be part of a group who shares that same fun !!!!!!!!
  4. Suspect weather had me indoors.....hate grilling in the rain. Wanted to have this meal ready by 3:30pm. Really enjoying this entire album while cooking: I think that this is their best rub !!!!!! Gotta love the Thermapen......keeps me from overcooking stuff !!!!!!!
  5. We had some afternoon developments that kicked me outa firing up the coals. All was well though, as the oven got some infrequent use. Kinda like an indoor smoker.....without the smoke. Yeah, oven cooking sucks. The only benefit is that it fills the kitchen with great smells. Andouille sausage (not sure if it's legit or not) over a bed of onions that have been enhanced with Crawtater sauce & some herbs. The onions were my favorite part !!! Chris has made an amazing enhancer with that sauce. This was the teenager's side plate. He killed it, too. Gotta respect the teenage metabolism. I hit the steamed broccoli with Don's Seasoning Delight & cheddar. Simple steamed broccoli made better. This stuff was pretty good.....but I'll go back to Conecuh Cajun next time. I've been wanting to make a proper gumbo for a while now....I'm studying up and taking notes. Hopefully by mid-week next week I'll be ready to give it a try.
  6. 'Bama made Crawtater Sauce over taters, jalapeños & onions with 'Bama made Conecuh Hickory sausage. What isn't visible in the pics is the mound of jalapeños & onions that I put on my plate...also not pictured. They were really tasty and soaked up the great sauce really well. Nice spicy breakfast washed down with strong coffee and juice for everyone else. I'm ready to tackle the day.............or go back to bed.
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