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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone, I wanted to post a question and tap this community's collective knowledge to see if advice from KJ customer support is legit. By way of background I've had my KJ classic for awhile, and got mine in the color black in 2015 right before they discontinued the color. Love the damn thing, but the firebox finally cracked in half. No problem. I requested a new firebox and after some back and forth, KJ sent me anew one with multiple piece design. Here is what my issue is: Per KJ customer support my wife and I assembled the firebox outside of the cooker and on the base - which I did. However, when I try to lower the firebox into the grill the width of the firebox is too wide and wedges into the side of my grill to the point that it will not set into the base. There is enough pressure from this that I can let go and it just floats inches about the base. I'm posting pictures to show this. It may be hard to see but it's easily 2 inches above the base. I can slide by hand underneath it. I brought this to the attention of KJ customer support and the response was: "I have reviewed the pictures. The gap your are experiencing from the petals to the base is okay. This will season over once you have used the grill a few times. The ceramic will need to expand when in heat so that the firebox can work its way down. Please let me know if you have any further questions." Is this right? My obvious concern is the pressure on the walls of the grill. The last thing I want is the heat to cause more pressure and crack my grill during a cook. Thanks for any insight you guys can provide. Just want to get back to cooking. -sbw
  2. After cleaning my grill from my Sunday & Monday cooks, I noticed my gasket was getting in bad shape so I took some pictures and sent to Vision's customer service mail on Monday night. Tuesday I get a response back and they are sending me new gaskets. First class mail and should be here before the weekend. Love my Vision Grill!
  3. Hello Gurus - Is it possible to have an intelligent discussion of the new customer service policy without disrespecting John's right to decide what he thinks is best for his site? Hopefully it is because I am going to attempt to do just that. I can understand why some sort of change is needed. It isn't good when someone from a company feels the need to post on a site to defend their product and/or customer service. I believe most companies would prefer not to get involved in that sort of thing and would only do so if things were really getting out of hand. I also think a bunch of he said / she said posts would make for a rather boring site at a minimum and could give it a real black eye. With that said, it concerns me a bit that the new policy might make people reluctant to post genuine concerns - things like "is this a warranty issue" or "should this be covered by a warranty". I also think there is some value in having some information available on the types of problems one is likely to encounter with a given kamado and how the company typically handles them. Unfortunately, at the moment no good suggestions come to my mind as to how to maintain that information without running afoul of the obvious problems. The old chestnut is certainly true - you can't please all of the people all of the time. I think a corollary may be that if you try to please everyone all of the time your company may go broke. I once had a neighbor who had a pair of LL Bean moccasins for 20+ years. He eventually he wore them into the ground and when he called Bean on their 100% satisfaction guarantee they replaced them for him. I think that was crazy - both for him to ask and for them to comply. I don't know how he could honestly claim that he wasn't satisfied with 20 years of wear, but he did. Kudos to Bean for making good on their promise but unfortunately I suspect that sort of thing is why Bean's merchandise is relatively pricier than it was 20 years ago. I personally don't want to have to pay a premium for merchandise so that a small fraction of people can make ludicrous warranty claims. I fully recognize there are people out there who would not agree with me on this issue at all though. They have the right to that opinion, but I think they are probably a minority and it would be unfortunate if a similarly small minority were allowed to stifle discussions here on KG. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater here because a few people have what most of us would consider unrealistic expectations. Fortunately or unfortunately, most of the warranty issues I have seen posted here on KG have struck me as legitimate issues. The problems mostly seem to arise when people get unrealistic expectations as to the lengths that a company should go to resolve their issue. In some cases it has seemed like it took an inordinately long time for parts to arrive and I think companies should be called out if they routinely aren't keeping enough parts on hand to meet their customer service needs. It is understandable that someone might be disappointed when they have made their decision, lugged home a kamado (or paid to have it shipped), unpacked it and found some defect. Still, even if that defect prevents them from using it, I think it is unreasonable to expect a completely new unit to be express shipped to them the next day - or anything remotely like that. If you want that level of service, buy kamado that is sold through a dealer that will bring it to your home and set it up for you. That is likely going to cost a premium, but you probably won't be disappointed. I think it is impossible to have any real discussion of a product or company without ever venturing into territory that could be considered customer service complaints. It is also difficult to have any discussion of customer service without getting into what is and isn't a reasonable expectation and, as we have seem, people are not always going to see eye to eye on that issue. I think we can all agree that brand bashing is bad and discouraging it is a good idea. Moderators have to make a judgement call when a discussion has crossed that line and I would hope that similar discretion will be employed when it comes to discussions of customer service issues. I think it would be unfortunate if people stop posting anything that might venture into that territory. Unreasonable people may post them anyway, so I think the bigger risk is the loss of potentially good discussions. I have started this topic in the hopes that others might have better suggestions as to how we can walk this fine line. I am sure John and the other moderators have given these issues a lot of thought, but I hopefully it won't hurt to try to have a civil, thoughtful, and open discussion about it.
  4. I bought a Maverick 733 in January of this year and until recently it worked fine. Then one day in August the LCD display failed and went blank. I contacted Maverick via email and explained the problem. Long story short they said to mail it back...and then they sent me a new one a couple of weeks later! (Although it may be a refurb, but that's OK.) The stated warranty is 90 days so I was waaay outside of that, but they replaced it anyway. No questions asked. So...thank you Maverick!
  5. 9/14/2014 Kamado Joe has made some internal changes recently, including the method of contacting them directly for customer service issues. Kamado Joe Customer Support System This customer support request form on the KamadoJoe.com website should be your first stop when you need assistance with an issue. This customer support request form is tied to Kamado Joe's internal computer system and it generates a service ticket when an issue is submitted. Once a customer service ticket is submitted, it is routed to the proper person who will handle your request. You should receive a response within several hours (business hours).
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