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Found 3 results

  1. I have Amazon Prime and watched The Perfect Human Diet last night. It is interesting to watch but the sound quality is not the best. The conclusion that they bring you to is one in which the Kamado fits in perfectly. Basically they go back through history and find out what people ate around the whole world before the modern way of life impacted those areas Then they looked at diets changes that produced dramatic improvement in health and dramatic weight loss. that actully workwed historically. Basically they advocate a Paleo diet. Foods to eat-- meat ( even fatty cuts), green vegetables, broccoli,cauliflower, dry red wine and so on. Basically foods that are high in protein or have a lot of fiber and carbohydrates that are slow to metabolize. , Foods to avoid are any that came with the recent occurrence of agriculture--any baked goods like bread or pastries. all processed or concentrated sugars like cane sugar, agave syrup, honey, maple syrup, potatoes, starches, BEER and so on. Basically any thing that spikes the blood sugar level. Flour is considered a processed food as are rolled oats. I tried this diet after reading the Four hour Body. It really is true that you can drop weight and eat as much as you want and not exercise. I lost 40 pounds with out any exercise and eating as much as i wanted. One item that I found interesting was that the food recommendations of the federal government came in the 1960's. They basically swapped the protein and carbohydrates in the recommended diet that had been followed for 100 years. The reason was concern with heart attacks. The new diet recommendation has increased weight gain and increased heart attacks and diabetes. The interesting thing is the current guideline is very close to the same guidelines that they use to fatten live stock for slaughter. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_17?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=the%20perfect%20human%20diet&sprefix=the+perfect+human%2Caps%2C924
  2. A few recent cooks in keeping with the New Year’s view on meals with a reduced dietary impact: Kamado Grilled Chicken Salad with a Greek yogurt, mayo, and a vinegar element with a touch of curry as the dressing. The dressing is flavorful but light. Boiled egg, celery, onion, apple, and toasted pecan additions kick up the dish. Mrs. Smokehowe hit a home run on this one. Her presentation is not bad either! Kamado Venison Chili with a balanced profile of Chili Powder plus Chipotle, Ancho, Guajillo, Anaheim, & Jalapeno ground pepper powders in the underlying flavors along with the other typical ingredients. This is a very lean chili in regard to fat – yet still rich in character - the pepper portfolio really complements the deer. Thanks goes to my brother for the deer meat. Kamado Chicken Thighs with a Montreal Chicken and black pepper base flavor layer overlaid with a light coating of a honey chipotle glaze. Latkes made with leftover “light” potato salad, pan sautéed in avocado oil. My son did a nice job on re-purposing the potato salad for the latkes. New Orleans Red Beans & Rice using Camellia brand beans seasoned with baked ham and the ham bone plus homemade sausage and the usual other ingredients. Great way to add that fiber. Baked Falafel on Lepinja (Bosnian Pita Bread) with tahini sauce, a Greek yogurt cucumber sauce and homemade baba ghanoush. Falafel using canned chickpeas is so simple to make. My son has the texture and flavor profile spot on when he makes a batch. Baking these is as good or better than frying them. Turkey Burger with a side of oven baked sweet potato fries. Zatarain’s creole mustard complements a dollop of mayo. Martin's brand Dutch taste potato bread is top notch for these instead of a bun. Add lettuce, tomato, and some of my fermented garlic dill "half-sour" pickles and we are good to go. Zucchini “Spaghetti” with Two Sauces – used a spiral slicer on the zucchini to make the spaghetti. One sauce was tomato and homemade hot Italian venison sausage. The other a nice garlic shrimp. Corn bread cakes round out the dish. Three corn cakes looked good on the plate but I only got to eat one. Zucchini as a spaghetti substitute really works. Glad I bought the Veggetti slicer on sale after Thanksgiving.
  3. A bunch of us at work have challenged each other to a weight loss challenge. Whoever loses the highest percentage of their body weight by June 1st wins just over $5000! My first priority is to make a lifestyle change to insure a healthier future for myself with my children, I am hoping that prize will help keep me motivated during the toughest times over the next few months. I really think the Kamado will be like a secret weapon for me. It adds the extra caveat for me that I was already enjoying learning how to create new things on this great invention. So I am really excited to change some bad habits and learn how to eat some healthier options. I have been tracking my diet and exercise with an app on my phone (My fitness pal). It has really opened my eyes to how big of a difference some minor adjustments to recipes can make health wise. I have ALWAYS been a picky eater. Up until I was about 35 years old the only vegetables I would eat were corn and potatoes. I never even tasted rice until I was 37 years old. My wife has helped me discover some vegetables I enjoy. I am excited to open my mind to some newer, healthier options. I resolved that I will not apply some gimmick diet just to help me win this contest, rather make lifestyle changes and break bad habits. I hope this will help me enjoy a long and healthy life with my family. I, however, have very little reference to start with. I only know a few things that I can prepare in a healthier way. I know I will fail if I just try to eat like a rabbit for the next four months. So I believe moderation is the key to maintaining the healthy lifestyle for years after this contest is over. This is where I am hoping all the Guru's can help. I am hoping you wouldn't mind sharing some of your light(er) dishes that you enjoy. You all have such great experience and have proven (to me anyways) to have some extraordinary culinary knowledge. I know that this forum can provide enough inspiration to get anyone on the right path to a healthy diet. (Although I had never even heard of a "fatty" before I joined this forum. LOL) If there is already a thread like this, I apologize, I couldn't find it. I look forward to all of your ideas. Thank You
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