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Found 11 results

  1. I have a smokin stone for my AKORN Kamado, but wanted one for my AKORN Jr.. I found that not only are they scarce, but pricey too. From searches on the forums I did not really see a good solution, so I gave it a try myself to come up with one. Here is what I got: Wally World has Lodge 10.5 inch griddles for $14.88. Once out to the shop I cut the handle off. Just eye balled the cut off point to fit on the shelf in the cooker. Went to the grinding wheel to eliminate the rough surfaces and then drilled holes in the handle and handle lip to hold the bolt, nut and lock washer. Fit nicely in the cooker and was very stable. You can remove the deflector with BBQ gloves or use the grill handle which fits nicely in the slot of the griddle handle. Fired up the grill and seem to work just fine with some salmon fillets I did.
  2. Guru's, I have read a few things on the Akorn FB pages that says that a stone is way better than the cheap-0 pizza pan as a diffuser. Should a diffuser just block heat/flames or should it actually retain heat (i.e. stone)? I haven't done an overnight so I can't really say how well the pizza pan works for that but it has been fine for my indirect's so far. Do I need to invest in a stone for diffusing, I just bought one for pizza but I don't want to use it as a diffuser (plus it's square).
  3. Quick question guys? I'm thinking of doing some pizza on the vision. I tried a papa murphys just for sh**s and giggles and it scorched the bottom (still tasted surprisingly good). However, I think that had to do more with my technique.. I used the diffuser, cowboy lump, 450 degrees and an aluminum screen with holes.. Here's how I'm planning to do the next one: 1. Get real pizza dough, either mix it up or buy it premade 2. Use diffuser as the pizza stone ( maybe scrape it off when its hot) putting it on the upper rack 3. Roll out dough and make pizza on cutting board 4. Build fire and heat to around 600 degrees and let temp stabilize for 15-20 minutes, heating diffuser/pizza stone 5. Transfer pizza from cutting board to diffuser 6. Cook 6-10 minutes or until done What say you gurus? Think it will work? I'm trying to keep this as simple/cost effective as possible. If this works, I may even be able to different breads/flatbreads with same technique. My biggest concern is if the top rack will be high enough in the dome.
  4. I crack my pizza stone a while back, and was looking at just buying a cheap metal pizza pan to use as a heat shield. We were back home visiting my mother over the 4th of the July, and I was going through my Dad's garage. My dad died a couple of years ago, and I like spending time in his garage, not only because being around all his stuff makes me feel good, but he also had acquired some pretty cool things I found a stack of various sized cast iron skillets and smaller griddles, but also found this beauty: A 14" cast iron griddle with a bail handle. It had a little rust on it, but cleaned up well. With a few minutes of internet searching, it seems like it was made around the 1940's. It's a good size for a heat shield, and I can use it as a grill top griddle as well. I might make some breakfast on it this coming weekend.
  5. Hey gang - Anyone else had issues with the lava stone diffuser cracking over time? And by cracking, I mean cracking in some areas and flat out breaking through in others? Disclaimer: I've had the Classic B and this diffuser/spider setup since late July, and use the kamado almost nightly. I've probably done about 30 or so cooks that required the diffuser, and always have it put away out of the elements when not in use, and wrap it in heavy duty foil when doing a cook (in case the drip pan should leak/spill, etc). Did a ham on Christmas without issue, and did pizza Sunday night - noticed last night when pulling everything out to prep for last night's needs that the diffuser felt almost "limp" inside the foil so unwrapped it and found it in the following state. While I realize it's a $35 part and can be replaced, I really expected more time from it than less than 5 months. I live in Florida so it's not being exposed to radical or rapid temp changes at all. Am now considering alternative solutions, but am bummed, because it did work very well while it lasted... Cheers,
  6. Everyone that has a good "seal" on their Akorn and can hold the low temperatures for long periods of time 225°F and below, please post what size and type of diffuser u are using be it 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 "or square pizza pan, water pan, cookie sheet, pizza stone (size-thickness), foiled rack, the actual Akorn smoking stone or whatever just to get an idea what is working and what's not! I realize there are lots of other factors at play here but I am very curious about this one!
  7. So I purchased a 16 in pizza pan to use as a diffuser for my Akorn .. I placed it on a Weber grate. my Question is it doesn't seem like there will be much air flow around a pan of this size. Will this be OK and allow enough airflow. Should I place my Pizza Stone with the Pizza on it on the Extender rack or Just use the stone with the Pizza on it on the Grate. If its on the Grate what should grate temp be ... and If on the extender what should the temp at the extender level be... Thanks in advance.... Everyone one here has been a ton of help.
  8. I'm doing a bunch of baby backs today, and am using a pizza pan diffuser. Would it benefit me in any way to put a foil wrapped pizza stone on top of the pizza pan as well? Not sure if that would make any difference at all. Just asking. Thoughts? Or you think I'm just risking cracking the stone?
  9. So I'm reading the diffuser posts. People seem to like the CI griddle for diffusion and heat stabilization. And you can cook on it. All good. This got me thinking: ceramic kamados are nice because of all the thermal mass which hold temps well. Is there a reason to not put some bricks on rack to act as a diffuser and for heat retention? You could pan or foil down like you would for a pizza stone. And I don't mean fire bricks or other special cooking items - I mean regular red bricks. Other the time to heat up and the inconvenience of removing them, is there any reason this would not work? I can't seem to find any reference to people doing this, which makes me think it's not advisable. Another question: there must be a reason somebody doesn't make a kamado like the Akorn but with ceramic or other dense material between the steel walls. It would have all the advantages of a ceramic cooker but would be more durable. Expansion differentials may be a problem, but it seems this could be dealt with.
  10. Saw this on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009LHILCM/ref=pe_88200_63014210_em_1p_5_ti It seems to be a 2 piece grate, with the 18.5" section removeable
  11. Hi All, Last night while smoking some ribs my cheapo grand gourmet pizza stone that I had been using as a Diffuser shattered into 4 separate pieces. I've been prowling through the forum looking at what other people recommend as a diffuser / smoking stone for the Akorn. Reviews on for the char-griller brand stone seem positive, but i've found a couple that claim that it shattered after only a few uses. I'd hate to spend $37 and have it break on me. I've noticed people using cast-iron griddles as diffusers also. I like the idea of using cast-iron as I know will never break like ceramic would. My only hesitation is having to maintain seasoning on another cast-iron cooking surface. I'm also curious if cast-iron affects taste in any way. Here's my criteria for a diffuser: Non-breakable Low-maintenance (do not want to have to bring inside to wash) Want to keep it outside (either stored in the grill or in a shed when not being used) I'm interested in some thoughts on the subject. Thanks! -d_rek
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