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Found 4 results

  1. We made a massive sale run two weekends ago and I picked up 3 flat iron steaks, had one for dinner this Sunday. It was a simple and direct affair, salt and pepper on the steak and a hot Primo - 400f . Here's where we started: I used a multi-flip method, here it is at about 110f internal temp. Here we are ready to pull it, I think I read low 130's f here: And all slice up. I think you can even tell from the pic how tinder it was. Good stuff! For the 'fixin's' I used a wok with a little oil in it and tossed in a mess of French green beans, a bunch of cherubs I cut in half along with some rosemary, garlic powder, salt and pepper. I just cooked it until the beans were soft but still a little firm and the juice from the cherubs thickened to slightly coat the green beans: Man this was good for us! This seems like a perfect combination of foods it was truly delish.
  2. I wanted to post this cook as I am noticing a lot of chatter as far as the cast iron is concerned. I absolutely love mine and even though this cook is not in the spectacular category, it really showcases the cast iron and its uses! After watching John's videos on cast iron care when I first picked up my cast, the seasoning process was a snap. This was a simple breakfast for dinner where I grilled the bacon and sausages, awesome by the way, using the cast iron grate, and put one piece of bacon on the griddle to provide a little something for the griddle before the pancakes went on. Not that it was necessary, but man the pancakes I cooked on it did not need anything to keep them from sticking. I was so impressed that I decided to cook some eggs on the griddle to see how they would turn out. Without adding any oil to the griddle, I did the eggs... Can I say that those were some of the best eggs I had ever had? After cooking them on the griddle, I flipped them over to the cast iron grate side and gave them some sear marks along with the finishing cook of the egg. All I can say is Yummy! Cast iron grates and griddles are the way to go! My question now is I wonder how the functionality would be of two cast iron griddles side by side? Because if that is a feasible set up, and functional, then I am all in! Thanks for looking.
  3. My family loves breakfast for dinner. This was more of a cleaning out the fridge dinner. We always have shredded cheese, but I found some chorizo sausage, onions and mushrooms hiding in there. I used matching 8" cast iron skillets and mixed up a couple egg bakes. One was chorizo & cheddar and the other was mushroom and onion. I cooked these indirect at 350F for approx 25 minutes Disclaimer: Yes, I cheated and used frozen biscuits. I was missing some ingredients to do them homemade...
  4. This will be the second time I've tackled this Chuck Hughes recipe, the first time was in 2011 in an electric oven if I recall correctly. IMO, it's an awesome recipe and the stuffing and meatballs are out of this world. I'm skipping those accouterments this year, as integral and delicious as they are, as my mom will be bringing some of her own; but I can wholeheartedly recommend the entire recipe from top to bottom should anyone else be curious. Roasted Turkey with Turkey Meatballs: Chuck Hughes So first things first, is the brine (and injection)… I added some orange slices and substituted three-color peppercorns for black as it's what I had available. Ingredients below are particulars for my current brine 2 cups hot water 1 3/4 cups molasses 2 cups sea salt 2 cups brown sugar Small Handful of (red, green, black) peppercorns 2 lemons, sliced 2 oranges sliced 2 medium onions, quartered 3 (smaller) heads of garlic, smashed 1 large bunch fresh rosemary 32 cups/8 l cold water 22.7lb turkey Right now I'm tossing around how I'm going to implement the "drip" pan. I have two main options. 1. do it like the recipe calls for: Turkey in the pan sitting on top of some leeks (chicken broth in the pan) 2. pan floating on X-rack, turkey on main grill above it - possibly sitting on top of some leeks while others sit inside the pan (chicken broth in the pan) I'll be watering down the broth as I recall in 2011 the resulting sauce/drippings were a salt-lick and the leeks while amazing, were obviously too salty to eat much of. I ended up cutting the results with some other stuff to make a gravy/sauce. This year I thought I'd also throw some carrots and potatoes into the broth sometime before the cook is complete - but not at the start as this is going to take at least 3 hours. Christmas Day The charcoal is lit and Big Joe is coming up to temperature - deflectors in their lower/standard position. The grill will warm up for about an hour before I put the bird on, that should give me enough time to do some cleanup around here. And the bird's on. Between the ceramic deflectors and grill sits the X-rack holding a broiler pan with 1L of chicken stock, leeks cut in half lengthwise and some bits of the turkey that I found in the cavity (the neck and some other unidentified part). Two small pieces of apple wood added for smoke - smells great. Just waiting for the temps to climb back up. I had it sitting around 380 before putting the wood, pan and turkey on, now it's still only at 280 after having closed the lid about 15 minutes ago. Slowly getting to my target of 325. And a few hours later... About an hour before the bird was done, I dropped a bunch of halved carrots into the broth pan below it to accompany the leeks. Everything turned out great. Potatoes and other veg were prepared and cooked in the house, sorry no photos. Thankfully my wife snapped the above or I would have missed taking one of the bird too. Oops.
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