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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all. Living in Scotland and well getting the ole Kamado (Early model Pit Boss K24) going and was looking for a cheap divide and conquer setup. Getting compatible bits for a non-KJ grill is a bit tricky in the UK and the price is bat sh!t crazy but I came across the brand Onlyfire but not the one listed for a Kamado as it seems they carry a premium price due to Kamado branding. Looking at many of the kettle grill versions there was only a 1/2" difference in size I can't believe that a factory would run off different models in 1/2 sizes not exactly a pair of shoes. Anyway, the "Onlyfire BBQ Cooking Grate System Fits for 22.5" Weber Kettle Grill and Other Similar Size Kettle Grills" fit perfectly in my K24 and cost £89. Hope this helps some UK Kamado users. Currently modding a stainless steel bowl as a cheap ash collector, but can't get my head around a £60 basket for charcoal....couldn't I use a cheap deep fryer chip basket?? Now next purchase Rotisserie that fits, anyone with a suggestion as I can't justify £200+ Mickey
  2. A friend at work, whom I share a lot of pulled-pork with, gave me three awesome 6-packs of lean and thick pork chops. I used a marinade from Lawrys (which I will use again) and tried the 'ol revers-sear technique on my Kamado Joe Classic. Came out BOMB!! ***edit*** Adding the indirect photos
  3. Hi, i would like to get the divide and conquer system and i wonder if my actual regular one piece grate will fit on it or if i need to buy 2 half moon grate?
  4. I have a set of the new Divide and Conquer GrillGrates on their way to replace the set I accidentally wrapped during a high heat clean when I accidentally left the vent open too wide. I'm hoping these will be a better fit for the reverse sear set-up's. I'm glad Brad listened to my previous review on the forum and they have redesigned to fit Halfmoon set-up's. We'll post some cooks on the D&C when they arrive in a week or so from now.
  5. Last Saturday i came home from my Son's basketball game and found a nice surprise waiting for me: My Kamado Joe Classic (18") came with the Flexible Cooking Rack, but i purchased by Big Joe a year before they came out. Upon opening the boxes, i was pleasantly surprised at how Robust and Heavy Duty the rack and grates are. They are heavy gauge stainless-steel and feel very well constructed. So i fired up the coals and installed the frame and the X-Rack (accessory rack): then put my heat deflectors onto the X-Rack. I've been a big fan of using the heat deflector on the X-rack after seeing John Setzler do this in one of his videos on the Kamado Joe Cooking channel (youtube). it allows the grill to heat up faster. then added the new 1/2 moon cooking grates and my new 20" Kamado Joe Big Joe Pizza Stone & a pie for the kids. i love the flexibility of the Flexible Cooking Rack, can't wait to put it to more and more use on the Big Joe…….stay tuned for more cooks. thank you for looking.
  6. Hi All! I have just acquired a brand new big joe for the holidays and so far love cooking on it. I do not seem to be able to get this thing as hot as I am seeing on the forums though and I would like to know your strategies and techniques for getting a good searing temp a quickly as possible. I use the cotton ball rubbing alcohol (for slow burns) and a chimney (for short grill sessions). I am coming over from having and akorn and that thing would heat up very quickly (almost too quick) I am struggling with the big joe (not getting over 450 really). Does anyone here use the ceramic divider to save charcoal or is that just a gimmick? Also, I really like the fact that the divide and conquer system pulls out, however, is there a set of metal clips or cables I can attach to allow for this to happen when the grill is hot? I tried getting my hands around the insert when it was hot, but my gloves were too thick to get between the grate and the grill. I have completed a brisket at 16 hours and 3 butts at 18 hours (both at 250 degrees) with the help of my trusty pitmaster iq110. I did have to add charcoal multiple times. Are there any strategies for long burns besides good dense lump. I was using the ring of fire method (brick in center with lump dumped around it in a circle on my akorn with great success and am thinking of trying that on my joe now, what methods are y'all using to get long burns? Here is a pic of the butts I did most recently.
  7. Ok, I feel like I've been chasing my tail looking for this photo. It's been difficult enough finding an image of Grillgrates set up on a Big Joe via Google, but what I'd love to see is a photo of 2 of the three GG parts set up on the D&C pushed to one side. The purpose being to see how it fits on only one of the half moon grids, in anticipation of using it for reverse searing. Basically I'd like to see how much of Big Joe's grilling surface area is covered and uncovered when you remove one of the GG sections and move the whole thing to one side.
  8. It's definitely a little bit of a challenge to use Grill Grates for a reverse sear set up on the Big Joe when the half moons are set at different levels. The Grill Grates don't fit the Halfmoon set-up well. The end result is a Grill Grate that leans. I lost tenderloin during one cook when one of the Grill grates started to lean sending the steak into the fire box. I had a drip pan. a stone in place and the fire box divider in place. Luckily the steak landed in the drip pan. It appears two Grill Grates will not fit a half moon grate on the Big Joe. You can only hold one Grill grate stable on a Halfmoon rack. Hopefully the KJ Big Joe Griddle will be available in Canada soon. I'm wondering if Brad will look at a redesign of the Grill Grate to make them KJ D&C friendly. Right now it's not viable to use the Grill Grate for a reverse sear if you're looking to cook more than 3 steaks. In the pic below you can see the 2nd Grill Grate dangerously leaning over the edge of the lower half-moon in the Big Joe on the D&C.
  9. I notice some KJ owners and potential buyers are getting pretty anxious about getting their hands on a divide and conquer system. It appears another month may pass without the D & C racks making into the retail channels. With a 3-week back order on new 2104 KJ's, it's not looking promising for existing KJ owners who also want to get their hands on the D & C kits. What do you think is the realistic timeframe for the D & C to make it out to retail shelves by the beginning of summer?
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