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Found 4 results

  1. I am going to plunge into the dry paging aspect of cooking a perfect steak. i normally buy my meats at Costco but usually avoid the holiday crowd during December so I was searching the Snake Rivers website and noticed all their roasts are wet aged for 21 days so I got on their live chat and asked them if you can still dry age and they responded that they would not reccomend it. After that he was vague in answering my questions on where to go to get a roast other than trying to steer me to their allready dry aged roasts. i am looking for advise on how to choose a roast for dry aging my plan is to cut them into steaks (after dry aging) so should I use bone in prime roast over no bones i will be using the steakager master 15 to do the dry aging with. costco on line has a 19 lb prime roast for same price as SRF's 6 lb roast but the question of getting what you pay for still leaves SRF's in the equation thank you
  2. Since its the Holidays, I normally end up doing a good amount of prime ribs for parties and such. I wanted to post some pics of my last batch of dry aging. This is some of the best quality meat HANDS DOWN! I have ever worked with. It looks like almost Wagyu level of marbling. I found a local source that raises on grass and finishes on grain and this has been my second batch of meat from him, the first was incredible as well. Best part is, I pay wholesale, $5.10 a pound. I do not dry age with Umai, I don't believe it gives you a true dry age experience since it does not allow air in. I believe the fat and meat has to oxidize to develop the true dry age flavors. Your meat should have a smell of freshly popped popcorn. Umai's only allow air out, but not in. Don't want to start an arguement, but I do get why people use the Umai bags for convenience, but if you have a space in a full size fridge, not a dorm fridge, you can get these same results. Here are the pics: Look at that marbling, Also, notice how much of the Spinalis Dorsi is left intact. You can only achive this when you age with a full fatcap and cap meat layer
  3. Greetings Gurus! I know some of you have seen the existing thread on The SteakAger but I wanted to start a different thread and give you a more complete look at this product and some more information about it... What is it? The SteakAger The SteakAger is a home dry aging chamber that lives inside your existing refrigerator to produce high quality dry aged meats. Here are some photos of the unit: Front on view... Angle Side View... Another angle side view... The SteakAger has a small LCD display on top that shows the temperature inside the chamber in F and C as well as the humidity and the amount of time the chamber has been running. There is a bluetooth app being released in the future that will give some control of this LCD. There is a small UV lamp inside for the purpose of helping keep a bacteria free environment inside the chamber... Interior width... Interior height... Interior depth... I am really excited about the possibilities with this product. I love dry aged beef and I think this device will be an improvement over the dry age bags I have used in the past for dry aging beef at home. This unit is the first of three models that will be produced. This unit is also the smallest of the three. My Man Cave refrigerator is a hand-me-down side by side refrigerator freezer so the fridge side is not very wide. THIS unit will sit facing foward in my side-by-side. Anything larger would NOT fit facing foward. It may fit a larger one facing to the side though but a normal non side-by-side fridge would be the best solution for the larger models coming out later in the year. This unit is capable of holding some larger sized roasts up to about 13 pounds depending on the shape of the roast. I picked up a NY Strip roast last night to dry age in this SteakAger. It weighs about 12.5 pounds and I am going to need to trim a couple inches from one end to make it fit here. Not a big deal.. I will have one or two non-dry-aged steaks off this roast I will be starting that roast in the SteakAger in the next day or so and I will highlight that entire dry-aging process in this thread, so stay tuned!
  4. Every so often my Kroger has half or whole Ribeyes on sale for 40-50% off the price of sliced and packed steaks, so I pick up one whenever I see them. Yesterday they had halves on sale, so I grabbed an 8-pound Choice cut. . This was a pretty nice cut with a good amount of meat and not too much extra fat. I decided this one will be dry aged...I started dry aging beef at home a few years ago, after I learned the method in other forums. I do this a couple times per year now. Dry aging at home is actually quite easy to do, and the results are great. The beef always turns out dark and tender with an intense flavor. Some weight will be lost during the process, due to moisture loss and trimming. Since this is a smaller cut, I'm only going to age this one 14 days. Large cuts or whole primals would go 21-28 days. Here's my setup. It will be taking up the top rack of the beer fridge until it's ready. The cut is placed on the rack in the pan. I won't be wrapping in cheesecloth or towels, nor using "dry bags". Temp, humidity, and airflow are important here. I'm looking to hold 37° and ~70% humidity. I keep a bowl of water in there to keep humidity up, and a small fan keeps air moving. You don't want the fan blowing directly on the meat, just moving cold air around. I usually have the fan blowing over the bowl of water. I'll keep this thread updated with pics and the aging progresses.
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