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Found 3 results

  1. My Easter Rib Eye Beef Roast This was our Easter main family meal. I bought a 14 lb cryo-vac whole boneless rib eye at Costco. Cut off a 6.5 lb roast for the Easter cook. I had been wanting to try a roast like this from the whole rib eye for quite a while. This roast was cooked indirect at 360 degrees for roughly 1 hr 45 minutes hours (starting with the temps about 400 and immediately adjusting the vents to let it drop) with no smoking wood as did not want a roast with a smoke profile. Brought it to 130 internal and removed it for a loosely tented foil rest. Hit the mark on the right doneness levels to satisfy the span of preferences of the family. The flavor coating on the meat was fine minced garlic, kosher salt, coarse black pepper, dried thyme, dried rosemary and olive oil. Tender, juicy and flavorful. A winner for a roast! I was debating on slicing the rest of the whole piece for steaks but it will now be frozen as a future roast cook. Accompaniments were roasted garlic mashed potatoes – yes I roasted the garlic on Joe. The asparagus were also roasted at 325 for about 15+ minutes after the meat was removed. My daughter did all the non-kamado cooked sides such as the potatoes and the rolls (from scratch, too!). That is a Germany vintage Grand Noir blue cheese based sauce (with mayo, black pepper, garlic, tarragon, parsley, cayenne, red wine vinegar, and half-and-half) she developed for the asparagus. Delicious meat, delicious sides, all-in-all a great family meal to celebrate the Easter season. Here are a few additional pictures through the process. All Seasoned Up Rested and Ready to Carve Folks Are Lining Up Our family thanks the Lord this Easter for granting us salvation and our daily bounty.
  2. it's thaT time again Easter in Canada. this year we have a 16.25 lb no-name Turkey. I've just defrosted and dressed it with a dry brine and will begin the cook approx. in 24 hours of marinating. For this brine I am using 1 T Course sea salt, about 5 T kosher salt, about 2 t black pepper, 3 T brown sugar, 1 T dry italian seasoning, a little dry tyme, about 1 t sage, and my secret ingredient, 2 t baking powder. if I had some lemon zest I would have put that too, but I didn't have any. mixed it all up and rubbed it all over and inside and leave uncovered in fridge to dry out and for the marinade to do its thing. Tomorrow before putting it on the grill, I may use a butter herb injection. the herb is Emerils essence. My plan for the setup on the kamado is as follows. In lieu of using a drip pan: the turkey will be on a rack in a pan. the pan will sit on the main grill. inside the pan will be chicken stock, liquid such as a little wine, veggies, e.g. oniion, grn pepper, garlic, apple, celery, carrot and aromatics e.g. italian seasoning. also I will add in the neck and tail and a couple pieces of fat cut from the birds skin. I will check the liquid level every 30 minutes, and give a quick baste now and then. the pan liquid and melted drippings will be the base for the gravy. Because my pan is so big it will cover the holes so I won't really be able to use the upper grill at the same time. the entire grill will be dedicated only to the turkey and gravy. after it is done and while it is resting, I will continue to use the grill to do the rest of the side dishes such as some foil wrapped potatoes and a dish medly of root vegetables tossed with EVOO, salt, pepper, brown sugar, butter. and ambitious as it may sound I could possibly bake some cheese biscuits and coco brownies. I will try and take some pics. wish me luck. man, that's GOOD! as the bbq pit boys say.
  3. Easter Dinner - Spiral Ham, Broccoli Griddle Cakes & Pureed Turnips We actually had our family Easter dinner on Saturday evening as our son had to work Sunday afternoon. Pretty much a basic Southern family meal. Dinner is Served The Ham The main was a Costco Kirkland spiral sliced ham. Heated it on Big(Red)Joe at 275 degrees indirect with some hickory for just over 2 hours basting every 20 minutes or so with a mixture of apple juice and bourbon. I would lay the ham on its side and get the baste liquid in between each of the slices all the way around and then set back vertical and baste the outside. The ham really should be heated in foil to keep it juicy but by basting regularly in this manner it does OK. The last few bastings were just on the outside about 10 minutes apart with coconut sugar and Steens cane syrup and also some tapioca flour (for thickener) added to the apple juice and bourbon basting liquid to add a little sweetness. Broccoli Griddle Cakes I made broccoli griddle cakes. Think a broccoli casserole set of ingredients – fine chopped cooked broccoli, onion, garlic, seasonings, Parmesan cheese, egg, flour, milk – also some grated nagaimo (aJapanese mountain yam). They were cooked on the cast iron griddle over direct heat in Joe after the ham was removed and after (carefully!) swapping out the hot Kamado Joe D&C parts and then cranking up the temps to get the griddle temp at around 400 surface. Garnish with more Parmesan before serving. Have some sour cream available for the cakes. Pureed Turnips My son made a nice pureed turnip dish on the stove … he sautéed cubed peeled turnips along with onion and garlic in bacon drippings. Then added milk and seasonings and boiled until tender. Drain – reserving cooking liquid. Puree in food processor adding cooking liquid as needed. Add some butter and adjust seasonings including a touch of paprika. Garnish with chopped parsley and crumbled crispy bacon. Delicious!! Insalata Caprese And finally some insalata caprese – (why not?) to snack on before hand and to have with the meal. For the balsamic element the balsamic vinegar was reduced on the stove to concentrate the flavors. The olive oil came from a friend of mine’s family grove in Italy. Dessert - Let’s not skip dessert. Simple but fitting for Easter. Blessings to All.
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