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Found 13 results

  1. Hello folks, Not new to the smoking and grilling game but new to the Kamado. Set up my new Joe last night and had my first cook this morning for Mother’s Day breakfast. The subtle hint of wood and the unbelievable crispy ness of the pancake from the soap stone was something I had never experienced before. The family agreed they were the best they ever had. Looking forward to many more cooks!
  2. The wife and I are doing the Weight Watchers program so I’m eating quite a bit differently that I did in the past. This was cooked inside on the stove top, but thought I’d share it anyway. (As it was delicious!) Ingredients: cooking spray (I used some Red Pepper infused OO spray) 1 medium Golden Potato, Diced into approximately ½” pieces ½ cup onion, chopped 1 medium poblano chile, seeded and diced. (Mine was small so I added some Bell Pepper I had left over) 1 cup corn 1 cup black beans, drained 1 cup zucchini, Diced into approximately ½” pieces (I used a Mexican Squash) 1 tsp cumin (I used ½ tsp of Fajita seasoning and ½ tsp of cummin) 1 pinch salt, or to taste ½ cup, green variety (I used 2 Tbsp of the Hatch Chile and 4 tbsp of Herdez salsa verde - plus extra for garnish) 4 large eggs 2 Tbsp fresh chopped cilantro (for garnish) Here a pic of most of the ingredients I used. I started out by dicing up the potato and putting it in a slightly sprayed Non-Stick skillet to start cooking. Once it started to brown, I put the onion, poblano and bell peppers. Once it started to sweat, I added the black beans, corn, squash and seasoning. I let this cook for approximately 6 to 7 minutes. After that I stirred in the Hatch chilies and Salsa Verde and let that cook another minute. I then made 4 depressions in the mixture and crack the eggs in them. I covered the skillet to help the tops of the eggs cook. And afterwards I plated it up with some wheat toast. As I said, this was delicious and except for the toast, it was zero points for the Purple Program we’re on! Thanks for looking.
  3. Wanted to start Super Bowl Sunday out right. I decided on Huevos Rancheros. Started out making the sauce by sautéing some onions and bell pepper. Once they had started to wilt, I added a can of diced tomato. After that had cooked for a few minutes, I added a small can of rojas enchilada sauce and let this simmer for 15 minutes. After the sauce was done, I cooked up some potatoes. (While these were cooking, I cooked up some black beans inside) Grilled up some tortillas. And finally cooked up some eggs. (these were for the wife’s dish) With everything ready, I plated it up. Here are these pics served up with some orange juice and coffee. Thanks for looking.
  4. Started this beautiful Easter morning out right.
  5. I had to do a few errands this morning and on the way back home I was getting hungry. I thought about frying a couple of fresh eggs I picked up from the girls in the yard but when I walked in the house my daughter was just finishing making herself a grilled cheese sandwich to go with soup she was having for lunch. It smelled so good I was now undecided which to have..... eggs or grilled cheese. It didn't take long for me to decide what to do. I fried up a couple of eggs in bacon drippings and set those aside. Then I quickly started making a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches. I added one egg between two slices of cheese and proceeded to grill(or griddle rather)the sandwiches. Not a really heavy lunch but it sure was tasty!!!!!
  6. One of these days I'll learn how to make decent looking omelettes.....today is probably not that day.....unless you folks can coach me up. Maybe the pan I used is too small and the eggs are too "deep" when poured in over the dice onions that are already cooking in there. Wife's plate.... Mine: Hit it hard with this sauce: Monday is off to a good start thanks to strong coffee and this fuel.
  7. This a quick and dirty recipe that tastes GREAT. The kids and wife ask for this on mornings after a cook of brisket or beef ribs the day before. You will need: Eggs to scramble. (How many is determined by the mouths you'll need to feed) Leftover brisket thinly sliced and cut up. Your favorite rub (The wife likes Montreal Steak seasoning on this recipe) Cheese (optional) Anything else you serve with a usual breakfast. What you do: Preheat pan to med. Beat the eggs normally and pour into preheated pan. Scatter the brisket through out the eggs. Not too much tho as the brisket and smoke flavor are more pervasive than you might imagine. Sprinkle the rub around as you would salt and pepper. Be conservative! Eggs are light in flavor and you can cover their flavor easily. Easy and quick. The smoke flavor transforms the taste to something wonderful if you've never tried this. I'm sure there are lots of recipes here that are quick, tasty and carry that outdoor flavor into unexpected places. Cheers
  8. There is a restaurant here in San Diego (it’s actually on Coronado) called the Bluewater Grill. It is located over the water in the historic former Hotel Del Coronado boathouse, built in 1887. Here’s an aerial picture of it. Anyway, they have this dish, Crab Cakes Benedict, on their Brunch menu. Here is a Yelp picture of it. From their menu: “Poached eggs and crab cakes on a toasted English muffin, with spicy cilantro hollandaise, breakfast potatoes and fresh fruit”. It is delicious and I’ve always wanted to recreate it myself. Tuesday I made the Crab Cakes. Link: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/27006-crab-cakes/ Yesterday evening I started out making up some more Hollandaise sauce Hollandaise Sauce Ingredients: (Another recipe I followed from Chef John of FoodWishes.com. I added a dash of turmeric, cayenne and white pepper to it and cut Chef John’s ingredient amounts in half) 1 egg yoke 1 tsp lemon juice 3/4 stick of melted Unsalted butter salt to taste turmeric, cayenne and white pepper, optional Cooked up some hash browns. Sliced up the fruit. Toasted up some English muffins. Poached some eggs, added some minced cilantro to the Hollandaise sauce and plated it up. Cut out a bite. Eggs were done a little more that I like but they still were a little runny. And the required Fork Shot! Soo Delicious!!!
  9. Well it’s been 8 days, so today I got to smoke my bacon. I got them out of the refrigerator. I drained the curing liquid and rinsed them under cold water. (Pepper on the left and maple on the right) I set my kamado up for indirect cooking and included chunks of both apple and hickory wood. Note: I finally tried the left side for once just to see how it worked. I placed a drip pan under the grate. I included a pan with water and apple juice on the grate over the fire. I placed the pepper bacon on the lower indirect side. (I added some extra pepper to replace what came off during the rinse) I placed the maple bacon over the pepper bacon on the upper indirect side. I was really getting some nice smoke. I put the thermometer probes in the smaller of each piece on each level and one on the grate. Closed it up and started the smoking. Waiting! Almost ready. Done. (Maple on the left and pepper on the right) I put these in the fridge to cool way down to make them easier to cut. After around 4 hours in the fridge I pulled them out one by one. First was a maple. The edge wasn’t straight so I squared it up with my slicer. Sweet! My first batch was thin cut. Second was thick cut. Did I have you thinking I cut these all by hand? Nope! Even with this slicer it wasn’t real easy. The carriage that holds the meat wasn’t long enough for the bacon to sit in length wise. I had to feed it in at a downward angle until it could rest on the carriage and then push it thru the blade. Wrapping some up for storage. 3 nice packages of thick cut pepper bacon going in the freezer. And 2 nice packages of thick cut maple bacon going in the freezer. Of course we tried it. We had bacon & eggs with hash brown potatoes for dinner. These were the end pieces that I saved for immediate use. The bacon was fantastic. I’m so glad that Costco had these pork bellies so I could try this.
  10. I finally had the guts to confess to my wife that I bought the Anove Sous Vide after she adamantly said no, I had to hide it until the time was right. This morning was the time, I woke up early and tried to fix her favorite breakfast, poached eggs I looked up a couple of recipes and they said 45 minutes at 146° The yokes were done but the white seemed not all they way cooked So my question is: in order to fix this do I let them cook longer at 146°. Or do I raise the water temperature ? I don't want to start a new topic so I'll just ask here How is everyone liking they're Anover. Now that they have had it a couple of weeks
  11. I still had some Cochinita Pibil so I wanted to make some enchiladas that might have a Yucatan flavor to them. I googled Yucatan Enchiladas and did some web surfing and found that they use soft boiled egg in their enchiladas so I made breakfast enchiladas with soft boiled eggs. First I made a Verde sauce so here are the ingredients: And now on the kamado. (I had some red bell peppers I wanted roasted. They are not part of the sauce) Boiling the eggs with an ice bath next to it to cool them off. I keep the blender right next to the kamado to drop in the veggies as they get done. Skinned and seeded the jalapenos. Took some diced potatoes, slivered red onion, black beans, and Cochinita Pibil and heated this up in a skillet. Cooked up some potatoes. I took some of the Verde sauce and blended in some avocado to may a creamy Verde sauce for a topping. (Another thing they apparently do in the Yucatan) Here the enchilada filling with the eggs mixed in. Rolling up the enchiladas. Now on the pre-heated kamado at 300 degrees for 10 minutes. Here they are plated with the potatoes, some frijoles and a Mimosa. Money Shot. Yum! Thanks for looking.
  12. We often take care of our close friend’s dog when they go away. He is Dutch and allot of times stops in at Solvang coming back from visiting his daughter in Santa Maria. As a thank you one time he brought us back a bunch of Medisterpølse which is a Danish sausage. (These had both Veal & Pork) Last weekend I cooked breakfast out on the patio again so I used some. Here is my cast of characters: (many of them from my garden) I started out cooking the Medisterpølse Sous Vide style by placing them into a corning ware container and bring the water up to a boil and then let them sit. Chopped the onions, bell peppers & potatoes And into my 12” CI skillet Now the veggies for the eggs. Onions, Bell peppers, tomato & green onion These go into my 10” CI skillet My grilling / cooking area After about a 20 minutes hot water bath the Medisterpølse goes into the skillet with the potatoes While that’s cooking I add 6 eggs to my onions & bell peppers And while they start cooking I took the fresh bread out of the oven. Turn the Medisterpølse Slice the bread Scramble the eggs, throw in the tomatoes & green onions and let that cook for 2 minutes And plate it up with some Feta cheese Oh so good!
  13. Veggie Scramble, Potatoes O’Brian, Bacon & ABT’s First I gathered the Ingredients: (Allot of the veggies are from my garden) 5 Eggs 5 medium Red Potatoes (Chopped) 3 small to medium Zucchini’s 1 Huge Green Onion (Chopped) 1 Red Bell Pepper ¼ medium Yellow Onion 1 medium Tomato Salt, Pepper & Hot Sauce (Cholula) to taste. Bacon Feta Cheese Here’s what is left over from my Ribs cook on Friday. Stirred it up, rearranged some pieces and lite it. When I light my kamado my girl knows where to park it. I fried some bacon up for the Bacon Grease in my CI skillets. Onions & Bell Pepper in my 12” CI skillet the direct. After 5 minutes add the Potatoes. And now the Veggies for the eggs. Bacon is also going now I moved the Potatoes to my Gas Grill Stove Top. And start the Veggies for the eggs in my 10" CI skillet After 5 minutes (Grill was very hot!) I add the eggs After 2 minutes I add the Minced Green Onion & Tomato After 2 minutes I plated it for these Money Shots. It was delicious and my wife also loved it!
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