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Found 6 results

  1. For Valentines I decided to cook up Emeril Lagasse's crab crusted filets recipe along with prosciutto/cream cheese wrapped asparagus and some red skin mashed potatoes. The filets: The crab meat: Asparagus: Searing the filets: Crab meat crust added: Back on to the Kamado with the asparagus: The table: Finis:
  2. So this weekend was a special occasion for Mrs. Smokehowze and the weekend got continued over into Monday when my son and I fixed one of her favorite meats. Filet Mignon. These were sourced at Costco. We hunted through the choice grade and found a package that compared to the prime grade in terms of marbling, etc. A great deal at about half the price of the prime! Cooked on Big Joe at 550+ degrees by my son with a few thin soaked strips of hickory wood for just a hint of smoke. Let the meat do the taking with just Kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and a dusting of imported Spanish Chiquilin 'Pimenton Picante' hot paprika. My son has experimented and discovered this paprika adds a subtle but very nice flavor dimension on the grilled meat. I have pretty much turned over steak cooking on Joe to my son. He can nail it every time to what folks like. Nice when the apprentice becomes the master. I did the inside cooking this time. Delicious results overall! Tender real meat flavor on the steak. Sides were herb roasted pee-wee gold potatoes, stir fried snow peas /water chestnuts with a light Asian seasoning touch, garden fresh tomatoes and some fresh avocado. Mrs. Smokehouse thoroughly enjoyed the meal and my grown daughter announced that filet mignon cooked on the Kamado had now become one of her new favorite meats. Oh well! Son and I had our fill also. And the good thing is there are leftovers for another meal. Yummm!
  3. Anybody who has eaten at a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse has probably seen this dish served to someone. If you haven here is a Yelp pic that shows what it looks like. Well it’s delicious and tonight I tried to recreate it here at home. Most of the ingredients are shown here: Sorry but lot of these ingredients were for a Hollandaise Sauce that I made but due to the rushed nature of this cook I didn’t take any pics of that process. (I’ll post something at a later time) I start out by prepping the asparagus by spraying them with a little OO and some fresh ground garlic sea salt and black pepper. I put this on my kamado direct for around 2 minutes per side. I then moved them up to the top indirect rack to the right. I prepped the Filet by spraying it with a little OO and the grinding on some fresh ground garlic sea salt and black pepper. And then on the grill for 3 minutes per side. I now put it on a serving platter and placed that on the top indirect rack to finish cooking and heat up the plate. (Something like what Ruth’s Chris does) After around 5 minutes I placed on 3 stocks of asparagus and approximately 1/2 cup of lump crab meat and cooked for another 4 to 5 minutes. (Sorry for the blurry pic) I brought this in and poured on approximately 1/2 cup of the Hollandaise sauce, some parsley flakes and a pinch of Cayenne chili powder. I then folded up a towel to set the plate on so I wouldn’t burn our new table. Here are the plated pictures with a Modern Times Oneida Hoppy Sessionable Pale Ale. Money shot! And the required fork shots! Sooo Delicious!!!!
  4. Still getting a feel for cooking with a kamado so I decided to give the reverse sear a shot. I started with two 2" filet mignons, marinated over night in some steak spice, Worcestershire, red wine vinegar, garlic and OVOO. Brought the KJ up to 250 - 260, steaks went over for roughly 40 mins, pulled them at 120 IT. While the steaks rested, I opened up the KJ and let the coals get red hot... threw the steaks back on for approx. 2 minutes per side (Flipping every minute). I ended up over shooting the ideal medium rare but the steaks were delicious and the crust was just awesome. Lessons learned: 1. The steaks needed to be closer to the coals for a proper sear (Using a lower rack or ensuring the fire box is full) 2. Really let the coals get nuclear before throwing the steaks back on
  5. I'm new to this forum and just sent in my intro topic for moderator review. After seeing some fantastic plates I wanted to showcase a filet mignon I made for the wife and I this past Saturday. Reduction was balsamic and merlot, 70/30 ratio with some finely chopped yellow onion and fresh rosemary simmered and reduced by half. I cooked the filet on the stove top med-high on both sides and finished it in a 400 degree oven all in my go to cast iron skillet. Potatoes were also done in cast iron... came out really good. She had a really rough week so the spurge on the filet was for her... I'm glad I didn't mess it up.
  6. Filet Mignon & Shrimp Cocktail Happy B-Day Meal I have been on the road for a couple of weeks and Mrs. Smokehowze has a b-day approaching. For a long while she had been wishing for filet mignon. Costco has some really pretty ones in the case today and in the cart they went as a surprise meal. I decided to go all out and build a high end celebration meal for two with a touch of a surf and turf theme. A Happy Birthday Meal A Perfect Cook The Seafood Part – Chilled Shrimp Cocktail Started off with brining some peeled shrimp for the cocktail in a modified New Orleans crab boil mixture using Rex powdered crab boil, some Emeril’s Essence and Louisiana brand hot sauce. After brining for a hour or so, I took the shrimp out the mixture and used the liquid to cook the shrimp in for 2 minutes after it came to a boil. Quickly removed shrimp to a bowl with ice cubes and added just enough of the boiling liquid over the ice and shrimp. Set in fridge to chill and to mature the flavor. Shrimp out of the Boil While the shrimp were chilling, I constructed an amended remoulade style sauce with mayo, ketchup, avocado oil, fresh chopped cilantro, a squirt of lime juice and Crystal hot sauce. Set it in fridge to also mature the flavors. My Remoulade Variant Served the chilled shrimp in a martini glass with a base of shredded lettuce, some chopped green onions. A Tasty Shrimp Cocktail The Sides - Fresh Sautéed Spinach and Maple Glazed Carrots Very slowly heated on the stove a thin sliced onion and several toes of garlic thin sliced in olive oil using very very low heat for about 30 minutes until onions and garlic were well softened and oil was infused with the flavors. Sweated Onion and Garlic Cooked the rinsed fresh spinach on Big(Red)Joe in my Lodge enameled cast iron with a bit of olive oil in the pot since the fire was nearly at the temps for cooking the steak and was perfect for the sauté. When spinach was ready, I added squirts of Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce (because I could not find my Peychaud’s bitters) and the onion/garlic/ oil mixture. Top with fresh ground black pepper. Spinach Started on Big Joe Spinach is Done! While the onion and garlic was softening, I also fixed some boiled carrots with a simple and light touch maple syrup glazing tightened up with some butter and cornstarch. Maple Glazed Carrots The Filets The filet mignons had been set out to reach room temperature and were cooked at around 550 degrees direct on Joe with just kosher salt and fresh black pepper, turning every few minutes. They took on a nice exterior crust and a perfect juicy interior. A bit of butter on the steak coming off the grill and ready to serve after a brief set. The Filets Just Kosher Salt and a Fresh Grind of Pepper Nicely Cooked and Finished with a Float of Butter Filet Mignon and the Sides - Let’s Eat! All in all, a great and happy birthday meal with just the wife and I relaxing together at the dinner table enjoying each other’s company – and a pleasant Kamado cooked meal.
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