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Found 12 results

  1. My Primo XL FIREBOX has severe cracks. Original crack started at one of the vent holes and gradually propagated to form major crack. Is this a common problem?
  2. What is the top diameter of a firebox on a classic Joe?
  3. All, I am new to the site and messed up the location of my post by initially putting it in the introductions section. Below is the link to that post. I am looking for ideas on small cracks forming in the firebox of my New Old Kinuura Yaki #5 Kamado. Photo of kamado for fun
  4. This weekend I broke my firebox and don't know if its too old to repair because of parts. Can someone please help me. This grill has been in my family for over 40 years. Im Devistated!
  5. Hey there everyone! New to the forum, but I'm hoping to get some info from you guys. To those that have upgraded to the new multi-piece firebox, how has your experience with it been? I received mine this weekend, and I just can't seem to get it to fit tightly together. I have gaps in almost every piece. The tongue and groove is not locking together at all. In it's current state, ash and embers will be everywhere inside. I can't believe this is how it's intended to fit together. The only install videos I've seen online have been for the smaller model KJ. Anyone that has a 2016 model Big Joe, have you installed the new style firebox? Do you have gaps, or did it fit snugly together? See the attached pics for reference. Thanks!
  6. I really do love the new firebox design and having the peace of mind that I'll probably never see this thing crack. Great concept, looks great, etc... That said, cleaning the Big Joe used to be such a simple proposition of removing the ring and firebox, vacuuming, and replacing them. Now, it is much more of a hassle- so much so that I definitely clean less and even then, try to do so when I have another pair of hands available to reset all of the pie pieces (let's call them) in place. I am also a clean freak and the ash that finds it way into the cracks between the pie pieces drives me nuts. Not wishing to go back, just bemoaning the additional hassle somewhat. Also wondering, has anyone successfully bent their ash collector flaps in order to reduce the air gap between it and the firebox? Just wondering. May just be a byproduct of using the Kick Ash Basket but, a lot more ash is finding its way around the collector. My ash tray is also bent a little (off skew) and I may try to bring it back to square the next time it's heated.
  7. Took these pics last Thurday. have a few cracks starting in my Big Joe firebox. Some are very fine– others, more pronounced. Just posting as a reference so that I can refer back to how long the box remains useful before there is a need to contact KJ for replacement. At rear of firebox... same place, different view... bottom front left.. this pic is looking from rear of Big Joe...
  8. I have an idea to reduce cracking in KJ fireboxes. Right now the current design uses a single relief cut to reduce stress. I'm wondering if the KJ Classic and Big Joe firebox could be redesigned to use a split firebox design. The Firebox would come in two pieces that come together with a tiny gap between to create the firebox. This design would further emlinnate the stress. It would greatly reduce the number of firebox replacements KJ will have to perform overtime. Let me know what you guys think.
  9. Anyone curious what a Kamado Joe BigJoe cast iron firebox looks like? I am willing to bet this think is #uncrackable! Bobby asked me to put this through its paces. I think this is one of the first prototypes, I don't know anymore than that. I have some photos side by side with a replacement FB and FR.
  10. I took apart the Classic to clean it out and add a High-Que grate. There they were, two cracks in the firebox. Time to read the thread on warranty claims. (I've tried to attach pics but I keep getting an error indicating that I'm not permitted to upload this kind of file?)
  11. Guys I am now a fully fledged member of the " I cracked my firebox Club" Whoop whoop. I had already done around 4 cooks this year when I decided to give my firebox a clean out(I used briquettes for a cook and didn't like the taste so wanted to remove all evidence in case a fellow guru popped by and wanted to inspect my Joe). Half way through cleaning and I notice a crack 3/4 of the way round through the air holes. So I did what so many of you have already done and contacted KJ UK(Grakka). They took my details asked for a few photos and sent me another one out within a week. Yep I'm as happy as Larry. Thank you KJ
  12. Hi Gurus! I certainly do NOT mean to flog a dead or dying horse here, but there have been some posts about cracked fireboxes in numerous thread recently. This thread is NOT intended to stir up that conversation or pit one brand against another. And I'm hesitant to even post this, but several people have sent me several PMs about a post I made where I stated that I couldn't imagine a KK firebox cracking and that I had never heard of such a thing. Attached is a picture of a pristine KK 23" Ultimate firebox from above: The reason I posted what I did is evident in the above picture if you know how to look at the picture. On the outer ring, there are 6 stress relief cuts just in the refractory. The job of these cuts is to allow for the thermal expansion of the refractory as temperatures climb. As you know, as materials heat, they tend to expand across all dimensions. Now notice the inner ring. That is the actual firebox in a KK 23" Ultimate. You will see 2 major cuts in that firebox: one at the 12 o'clock position and another at the 6 o'clock position. Those go all the way through the refractory and are about 1/16" apart at the maximum. It is the face of the firebox that sees the hottest temps in the operation of a KK. Because of these cuts, heat stress is negated since the refractory coefficient of thermal expansion is less than the sum total of the width of the cuts through the firebox. This means that as the firebox heats, and as it expands because of that heating, the total expansion around the firebox is less than twice 1/16" or 1/8". This means there is no unrelieved heat stress as there is in a completely closed system. NOTE: there are some kamados made with a single heat relief through and throuhg cut in a single location of the firebox; this is meant to relieve heat induced stress. It is these stress relief designs, built into the KK that reduce to almost nil the chances that a KK will fail due to thermal stress. Additionally, the KK is made from refractory, a material significantly different from ceramic. Ceramics are a class of materials that are generally considerably more brittle than refractory types of materials. Refractory is an industrial grade material that generally can withstand higher temperatures than many ceramic type materials. IT is often found in high temperature furnaces that reach higher temps than would be found in kamados. NOTE: Please DO NOT go thinking that by cutting a through and through in your firebox you will love the problem of firebox cracking. This could very well void your warranty and I certainly don't want that! The KK has been engineered with these stress reliving mechanisms and it is a tried and true design. Your kamado's manufacturer has developed their ceramic to exceed your typical operating conditions. Okay, back to your regularly scheduled cooking threads! ENJOY!
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