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Found 12 results

  1. So I finally got to try out the new Akorn, that has been sitting on the deck for the last 3 weeks ( I know, I know). Started off with a rack of ribs. Read a lot of posts, here, there and everywhere to determine the best cook method. Went with 1.5 hrs on the grill uncovered, about 40 mins wrapped in foil with a little apple juice and a final 15 mins uncovered with a coat of Sweet Baby Ray's Hickory and Brown Sugar for the sauce. Turned out not bad for a first attempt. The missus seemed to enjoy them. Time for some tweaking to make them ours!
  2. Hi all, I just took delivery of a Joe Classic 2 and I'm looking forward to my first cook on Saturday. I'm planning on doing Neopolitan style pizzas so I'll need to go super hot (800 degrees+) Is it safe to do this for a first cook or should I season my Joe first with some lower temperature cooks?
  3. Just got done with dinner, my first time making a Boston Butt. https://goo.gl/photos/Gzk5ZWgnBB7Rbz9X8 The Akorn with the Tip Tip Temp kept an even 240-250ºF for the full 7 hrs.
  4. Got the Akorn yesterday, and seasoned last night. Didn't have a smokin' stone with it, but couldn't wait -- not with a boston butt in the fridge, certainly. Was just a small cut -- 3.6 lbs is all -- so was worried about it maybe drying out. I think it did a touch, but nothing that can't be corrected with better temperature control, I think. I had it pretty steady between 250 and 270, but it did sneak up to 300 a few times on me. Was a bit windy, so wondered if that was impacting it at all. Without the stone, I put a metal pizza pan there and then a stoneware casserole dish on top. It seemed to do the trick. Used a few small foil packets with some apple chips. I may add some cherry next time, maybe, or some peach. Could definitely taste the smoke and at a good level ... just think the flavor could tweak a bit. I have much to learn, but I'm OK giving myself a B+ on this one.
  5. Some time has passed but never too late to introduce myself. I received my Kamado Big Joe April 1 and did a test burn. The next day I followed it up with some Prime Ribeye cap rubbed with Meat Church Holy Cow. What a cooker!
  6. You guys/gals have been killing the smash burgers, I couldn't compete using my electric griddle inside so my Mrs. picked me up a half-moon griddle for Big Joe. I followed the method found in the article from SeriousEats and went from there. No oil on the griddle, dome temp about 450, raked the lump under the griddle plate and smashed with a non-slotted SS spatula. I scaled 2 oz balls of 80/20 Chuck that was ground yesterday at my local grocer, lightly formed the ball into a patty, and took them to the Joe. Put the patty down, smash for 15 seconds in a circular motion, scrape after about 30-45 seconds, flip, add cheese, put another flipped patty on the cheese'd patty, cook about 15 seconds, pull. http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/03/the-food-lab-maximize-flavor-by-ultra-smashin.html BEST. BURGER. EVVVVVER!!!
  7. After taking up residence on my back deck almost a week ago, I finally got a nice day and enough time to light a fire in Big Joe! I filled his hungry belly with half a bag of Royal Oak lump and a few Western BBQ Products Pecan chunks, two Weber cubes, and tossed in a match. I set the half moon deflectors in the lower position and the grates in the middle of position of the D&C system. With the help of John's "Getting to know your Joe" series and his video about temperature settings, I had Big Joe at 350-375 in no time and ready to cook. While Big Joe came up to temp, I readied the food; a spatchcock chicken, fresh asparagus, and some potatoes that will be used for twice baked potatoes. The chicken got some Grill Mates Montreal Chicken under the skin and on the meat side as well as my special kamado chicken skin rub on the top. I foiled up the asparagus with some Weber Roasted Garlic & Herb seasoning and a few pats of unsalted butter, these will be served with Hollandaise sauce once finished. As for the spuds, they are baking on the Joe and will get the twice baked treatment when they are ready. Stay tuned!
  8. Let’s get this party started! I got my Vision Pro S grill a week ago today, un packed and a test run for temps the next day; used an oven thermometer to get an idea how close my grate temp was to my dome thermometer low temps off middle temps matching, high temps off changing vent openings a little then waiting 20 min for corrections before checking. Got a good idea that a lot of further testing needed to be done (used off brand cheap charcoal). Thursday bought BGE charcoal set 4 double hand full of charcoal started with electric starter took longer to start than cheap charcoal but started as temp got to about 125 I started shutting things down Bottom r vent closed bottom l vent ½, top vent ¼ open dome temp settled @ 250. I used the lava stone for indirect cooking, placed a hen on its stand and a Boston butt on grill rack both on top of dual rack placed a drip pan on grill rack under chicken & butt with about an inch of water in it. Directions from Vision said cook the chicken 2.5 hours and butt 4.5. At the end of the chicken time it looked done but skin was not crisp added an hour. At the end of 4.5 hours butt looked done but added an hour to it as well. Yes I know I am getting an instant read thermometer. Did not use any smoking wood, fire held at 250 from 8 until midnight @ 4 am I checked on butt temp was @ 150 took but off and placed in in oven because it looked as if it had been boiled, I don’t think I need to use the liquid in the drip pan, I just made a sauna. The next day when everything was cool I checked my coals; I had a ring around the outside that did not burn but almost a complete burn in the center? (I set the charcoal with a little pyramid in the center but mostly flat) any help would be appreciated.
  9. Hello all! After lots and lots of research, decided on a Kamado Joe Classic and just finished my first cook. Loved it! In the process managed to replace an electric smoker, a gas grill and a camp stove. Patio seems so, so much bigger. For first cook decided on an old stand by of flat iron steaks with a fajita marinade. Would post more, but time for seconds. It was so moist an awesome......
  10. I've seasoned my CI grate three times in the oven. Is that enough? I've seen suggestions that say as many as 6 times... I have a bone-in ribeye that I got on sale, and I'm thinkin just salt and pepper w/ a little garlic. See what flavor the grill can add. I don't have a diffuser, so this is going to be direct heat, and I plan on popping it on a very hot grill to medium well. I bought burger meat Sunday afternoon with the steak, but the burger meat turned gray already, which is unusual. I'll ask the meat department about that. Any tips on this would be helpful. I'll post a pic later if it's not an utter disaster. Thanks!
  11. Not only am I a first time Big Joe owner, this is my first lump/ceramic grill. Bought it at Costco in Columbus, OH Sunday after three 4 hour round trips due to the shipment not showing up on Friday or Saturday? I think the Costco management and my wife think I am crazy for not only driving in three times but also due to the 27 phone calls I placed Friday and Saturday. This was the first time I was able to find one, non of the local (within a four hour drive) have any to even look at. Decided on the Joe after two years of reading reviews on all brands. I plan to light the Big Joe up Saturday for the first time. Now the question is: What to cook? Ribs or Brisket? Also how to cook, temp, prep, time? Other questions: Where can I get the Pizza Stone for the Big Joe? Do I need any other accessories? Also, did they ever realease the rotisserie I read about a couple month ago.
  12. Well, did my first cook on my new (un-modded) Akorn kamado for Memorial Day cookout. Here is my experience. (critiques, suggestions, etc. appreciated for this newbie!) Because I've heard stories of low and slow taking 12+ hours, I decided to smoke the night before. Meat: (1) 10 lb. boston butt (2) 3 lb. pork loins , trimmed, washed, dried. Rub: a good generous dry-rub applied. Homemade recipe off-line. Paprika/sea salt/brown sugar based. Rubbed on 5 hours before cook. Setup: used about 8 lbs. lump in 'volcano' fashion, started from the top with a about 5 small pieces lump started in my chimney, them placed. Heat deflector placed above coals. Drip pan under meat. Target grill temp: 240-260. Target meat temp: 190. -Started smoker up at 9:00 pm. -Temp. moderated to 244 within about 25 minutes. -Placed all meat on at 9:25 pm. (see set-up picture) -Used my new dual-probe Maverick thermometer with limit settings to above targets. I had first inserted the meat probe into the loins, as I knew they would reach temperature first. -Had to adjust vents about 5-6 times throughout the night. Would climb to close to 300 periodically, I'd adjust ever so slightly, and then it would slowly loose temp. to 240. Good average of about 265'ish, in my estimation overall. -After a few adjustments to vents, by midnight the 2 loins were done. -Re-inserted the meat probe into the butt, and kept going. -After a few more in-frequent adjustments, the Maverick alerted me (out of sleep!) at 4:20 am, that my boston butt was at 190. I immediately shut all vents and left meat on for another 5-10 minutes. -At approx. 4:45 am, removed butt and double-foiled and set to rest in my oven. -At approx. 6:30 am (after about 2 cups of Joe!) I pulled the meat. Very nicely cooked. Moist and tasted really good. (see pic) -Panned up all for slow re-heat later that afternoon when party started. My overall experience was a good one, for my first try. The loin was REALLY good. Moist and about a 1/4" smoke ring....real nice flavor. The pulled butt was a little bit dry, but not too bad. The crowd was pleased and none was discarded. ; ) Looking forward to many more cooks w/ this thing! Thanks to everyone on here for the great ideas, recipes, techniques, etc. It is really helpful. Grill on! J-dub
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