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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I have lately been researching about temperature controllers for Kamados. Several alternatives are out there and each of them have their fan base. A lot of the information available is based on feeling and intuition, which is great. However, I miss a repository of information based on factual data of the controller's performance provided by users. This is the intention of this thread and hopefully, it will serve to educate the audience, firstly on how to make the choice when buying a temperature controller and secondly how to best use them. I have put together a set of questions for the people to answer that will help fellow BBQers immersed into the temperature controllers world. Thank you all in advance for supporting this research project! 1. What Kamado cooker you are using? 2. What temperature controller do you have? 3. What are your vent and fan settings on your Kamado? (Pictures when available) 4. Where do you place your ambient probe for temperature control? (Pictures when available) 5. At what point on your cook you let the controller to take over 6. Please share the graph from your temperature control with eventual fan output 7. What do you love about your controller? 8. What would you improve about your controller? 9. Anything else you want to share 10. And last but not least, share pictures of your cook
  2. NEW Flame Boss FB300-Kamado WiFi Kit for sale from authorized dealer $329.99 + free Flame Boss FB Coated Meat Probe for Kamado Guru users Please PM for details.
  3. I have fired up the Ugly Drum Smoker for a burn-in and an overnight Boston butt.... Details live here: https://myflameboss.com/cooks/85964
  4. This showed up at the Man Cave today... I am looking forward to giving it a try really soon! Anyone else using this?
  5. https://myflameboss.com/cooks/72387 Leg cleaned garlic powder Parmesan and Romano cheese Blue cheese crumbles cracked pepper salt rolled up and tied cooking on 2nd level, over direct lump. No lava stone. we're off to do some errands, leaving the flame boss to keep an eye on the temps.
  6. Here's my video demo and review of the Flame Boss 200 Wifi... This thing worked really well. I am impressed.
  7. I am firing up my Kamado Joe Classic to cook a 10 pound pork shoulder roast overnight... I am going to use the Flame Boss 200 Wifi controller to run the pit overnight... it's windy and rainy here tonight... Here is a link to the live cook on the Flame Boss: https://myflameboss.com/cooks/61380 I will post some photos of the meat prep shortly....
  8. This is what happens when an engineer has a new toy and a day off. Decided to give my new Flame Boss gift a spin today on a 9lb Brisket Flat, rubbed with Meat Church Holy Cow. In addition to the testing the Flame Boss, I thought I would compare it to other probes. So I have the Flame Boss 200, an iGrill mini and a Maverick 732 all stuck in the Brisket. I will use a Thermapen as my control. At the start of the cook, probe temps are 73, 78, 81 and the thermapen reads 74.2. We will see how this goes, the brisket kind of looks like a patient in the ICU with all the wires coming off it. If you are really board the cook is at https://myflameboss.com/cooks/56750
  9. Hi All I've been researching controllers for months to fit to my Big Joe. I want a wifi unit which limits me to Cyber Q, Rocks Stoker II or Flame Boss 200. In pulling the research together I think the best combo is the Flame Boss 200 with a BBQ Guru Pit Viper 10cfm fan. The Flame Boss in the forum unequivocally gets the thumbs up in terms of set up on Wifi (vs Stoker and Cyber Q) and variable speed fan but I'm worried about the 6cfm fan. I've tried a unit with a 6cfm fan and it struggled to get the Big Joe up to temp and certainly won't go too far over 275f. I therefore want to combine the Flame Boss 200 with the 10cfm Pit Viper fan. I've been told by one retailer of both brands that they combine well with the Pit Viper fan operating as a variable fan using the extra CFM but was wondering if anyone has any actual experience or views ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Just wanted to share an example of great customer service. A while back I bought a Flame Boss 200 WiFi temp controller. If you are wondering where to get it.... give Jonathan at Rockwood charcoal a look. It is found under "other" on his web page. He will make it worth your time searching for it on his web page by giving a great price and service as well. When I unpacked my new toy I emailed Jonathan about a slight problem with some missing pixels and or damage to the screen and he promptly forwarded it on to Michael at Flame Boss who I very quickly heard back from. The good people at Flame Boss had me take a picture of the serial number and email it to them and then the sent out a replacement for me to exchange my damaged one. Not only did they send the new one free of charge they included the return mailing label as well. I was already extremely happy with my FB. It was easy to set up and helped with some very good results grilling "low and slow". You just can't beat this type of customer service. Sure I was disappointed that my new toy had a flawed screen when I first got it.....but they have more than taken care of my problem. Please take a look at the Flame Boss 200 WiFi if you are looking for a great temp controller. Thanks to Jonathan at Rockwood Charcoal and especially to Michael at Flame Boss....you guys rock. Paul
  11. I'm partnering with the fine people at Flame Boss for a Christmas Giveaway. The giveaway's major goal is to bring attention to the wretched Alzheimer's Disease and support for the Alzheimer's Association. Enter below. ENTER HERE
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