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Found 17 results

  1. I've been searching the forums to find an answer but haven't been able to. Has anyone installed a fiberglass mesh gasket on the Vision S-Series? My felt of 3 years needs to be replaced and am wondering if there is one that will fit. I know KJ makes them for the classic 2 and 3... but there is a lot of talk about the hood locking clamp that applies the downward pressure needed to get a good seal. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  2. I guess, I could wait and do an unboxing, install and review video on Youtube but, I'm no Youtuber so, why start now? Anyway, I called my local Authorized KJ dealer on Monday and inquired about a replacement Wire Mesh Fiberglass Gasket for an original, pre-2017 Big Joe (Model #BJ24RH). He then called KJ for me (KJ simply referred me to the dealer), I was given the part number #BJ-MGA24 and told that they would in fact be able to order it from KJ. He called again yesterday to say that it will be here in a about week and cost around $90. YES!!!
  3. Hello, I just acquired a primo from a friend who was downsizing. I am replacing and upgrading components and really wanted an oven style/fiberglass or woven metal type gasket vs. nomex. This just seems like a cleaner option for the grill surface. I read a story about someone using this type of gasket (thicker than the standard gasket) so they only needed to gasket the lid - not the cooking surface (limited grease and organic matter on a grate level gasket). Anyone do this? BTW - new to the group
  4. Has anyone replaced your old felt gasket , with the new mesh style ? If so have you tried just replacing just the dome or the bottom half , and leaving the other side with nothing ? Thanks for any input you may have
  5. Heard great things about the Rutland gaskets for kamados, so I got one from RRP. With the gasket only on the bottom, the lid wasn't even close to sealing all the way around. So, I ordered another gasket to add to the top. I installed that, and the rear third of the grill near the springs still isn't sealing, no matter how I adjust the bands. Has anyone had a similar issue? I know mostly everyone uses the "flat" Rutlands, but would using the "rope" Rutland work? I'm thinking the thicker rope can help clear up the gap.
  6. My Akorn as been used only about 5 times and now the lid gasket is starting to leak in one spot. I have read some OLD posts but there is conflicting info on what gasket to get and there are a TON of different ones on ebay & Amazon. Please let me know what you've had good - or bad - luck with. thanks!
  7. Over the winter my previous attempt to apply a Rutland gasket failed so I had to redo it. A little research showed that a number of people were having adhesion issues with the Rutland cement due to age of the cement or difficulty of application. The upshot is that the recommendation now is to use PermaTex Ultra Copper automotive gasket maker as the glue for the fiberglass Rutland gasket. Follow the NakedWhiz instructions for surface preparation: http://www.nakedwhiz.com/rutlandgasket/gasket.htm Follow my instructions here (in the photo comments) for the PermaTex application and curing process: https://photos.app.goo.gl/AWWEsQGBTBHsG3Py2 I cannot recommend the PermaTex highly enough. Compared to the Rutland cement it is a dream. I am seriously considering doing my second egg with just four or five layers of PermaTex and no fibreglass to have a nice stiff but rubbery seal. That should make any repairs a snap. Cut out the offending part and reapply the PermaTex after cleaning/roughening. I have contacted NakedWhiz by email to see about combining the two sets of instructions. We'll see what happens...
  8. Hi fellows I left my akorn grill on the Max temp for an hour by mistake and after that I can not turn the heat off by closing all the vents. For example, if I cook at noon the grill will stay on 300 to 250 until the next morning! I have to dump water on the hot charcoals to force it turn off for storage. The top vent gasket becomes loose and I cannot put it back since it becomes large and thin. The other gaskets seems fine but I don't mind to add extra and improve ita sealing. what do you guys recommend me to do to fix my grill ? Thanks
  9. Here's my video on Kamado Joe Gasket replacement. Even though this is a Kamado Joe demo, the process should be the same or very similar for any ceramic kamado grill...
  10. This is my Kamado Joe Classic "go to" grill that gets used for a majority of my cooking videos AND my personal cooking. This grill is over two years old and has well over 200 cooks on it. This spot on my base where the gasket is worn off completely just shows one spot.. there are several more like it on this grill. Of all my Kamado Joe grills, I have replaced a gasket ONCE. I replaced a gasket on a Big Joe and the reason I did that was because Kamado Joe wanted me to make a video on how to do it. It didn't need replacing. Does the one in this photo need replacing? Let's think about that... Last week, I did something I hadn't done in a LONG time. I cooked with a temperature control system one day and a remote thermometer on another day. I ran the probe wires for those in under the dome lid. On both of those cooks, I noticed a little smoke leaking from between the dome lid and the base. The probe wires were creating just enough of a gap that I could see a little smoke coming out while the grill was warming up. After the grill got to temp and the draft was working properly I didn't see that smoke anymore. The smoke was pretty much leaking all the way around the front 2/3 of the dome lid when it was leaking. That leak does not occur without the probe wires running under the dome lid. These worn gaskets still seal the grill well enough that the temp can be controlled at any level I like. This makes me want to do an experiment. First of all, I do intend to replace this gasket just for the sake of doing it. But before I do it, I intend to remove the gasket completely and fire up the grill. I will set the grill at 225 degrees and let it ride and see if I have any issues holding it there with no gasket in place. I'm really curious to see what the 'driver' is when it comes to replacing gaskets on kamado grills. I see it done a LOT and I'm trying to figure out (just for my own curiousity) why or what makes us replace a gasket. I have heard people comment that they could not control their temperatures anymore because of gasket failures but I'm not seeing it. What was the reason you last replaced a gasket on your Kamado grill?
  11. My original post was specific to the Bayou Classic ceramic grill, since that's what I have. But this tutorial should work for anyone who wants to replace an OEM gasket - either with a replacement from their manufacturer or with a 3rd party gasket. I ordered my gasket from Hi Que, but there are a great many good quality ones out there. Materials I used: 1 razor scraper with a fresh blade 1 wire brush 1 shop cloth bottle of acetone I use a razor scraper and a wire brush to remove my old gasket. It went really quickly since I'd mostly burned it all off in a series of high heat cooks. There were a few sticky spots that required some elbow grease with the razor scraper however. You can see that there's still some black/brown on the grill but I scraped it thoroughly, scrubbed with the wire brush, and then went over it with a damp rag dipped in acetone just to make sure. When it dried it was perfectly smooth. After that it was just a matter of slowly peeling the backing off the gasket and laying it down, using one hand to keep it even along the edge of the grill. It quite literally took me less than 5 mins to do the whole bottom ring. The top was easier once I was smart enough to roll the grill forward so I could walk behind it. I did not have to take off the lid. Just peeled backing as I went. Again, super easy and no issues. Top and bottom done. Once I'd replaced the gasket, it was significantly thicker than my old gasket and it meant that the lid didn't quite seal at the front (after running a dollar bill test). I did have to loosen the hinge adjustment on the lid just a little and recenter the lid to fix that issue. That wasn't quite as easy (took 2 people) but once I figured out what needed to be pushed where, it was fast. Hope this helps someone in the future!
  12. Hey folks - I'm replacing my gasket for the first time, and have cleaned off most of the old gasket's residue. Just wondering if this looks clean enough to those of you who have done this before? Thanks-
  13. About two weeks ago I purchased a Vision Kamado S-series from Home Depot. So far, the food I've made has been quite good. I've only done the direct and raised-direct methods. I'll be buying some kind of indirect equipment soon. All-in-all I am very happy to move away from the gas grill to the Kamado. However, I have one area of disappointment with the equipment. That is the felt gaskets. When I first setup the unit I did a single burn, no food, just to check things out. Lighting and all went according to plan. I allowed the temperature to pass into the high 600's, almost 700 F. I was surprised at the state of the gaskets after one burn. That was after one burn. After four meals and one more clean burn the chimney gasket was pretty much burnt toast. You can see the remains of the now useless gasket on the ground. They crumble when picked up. Additionally, you can see the heat and smoke jets on the inside of the chimney assembly. I've a video of the smoke jetting out from under the rim of the chimney assembly. There was a lot of heat there. The main gasket is not holding up much better. For an otherwise good experience I am disappointed in the quality of these gaskets. I contacted the manufacturer and was told everything was ok and that the burn appeared to be normal wear. I simply do not agree. These gaskets are not sufficient. I understand it is a consumable and replaceable part of the whole but I think there ought to be more durability than what I have experienced. I've obtained a set of replacement Nomex gaskets from high-que (Amazon) and have already replaced the chimney gasket. I am hopeful they will last much longer. Just to close on a positive, the food I've prepared so far has been very good and we are liking the Kamado style of grilling and smoking.
  14. Greetings Gurus! I seem to be a Grillin' Damsel in Distress, again, this spring! *sigh* We recently replaced our stock Vision gasket with the shiny new white Nomex one! We were really excited about this, because we had done it on our previous kamado and it lasted and lasted and really improved the temperature control we were able to get. The stock one seemed to burn faster this time and pretty unevenly, but the first one we had nearly burned all up too, so we didn't really think anything of it. Unfortunately, 1 pizza cook and 2 smokes later and about 1/3 of our shiny new Nomex is burned right up!! *tear, sniff* When we had the seal off, I noticed that the lid is sitting pretty unlevel. I measured it after this catastrophe and there is about an 8mm difference from the left side that isn't burned (1cm / <1/2 inch) and the right side that is (1.8cm / ~3/4 inch). I noticed that when we're cooking there is a bit of air escaping on that side, so I'm thinking that if the lid was sitting level, then the seal would have been perfect and this probably wouldn't have happened. Obviously, I'd like to correct the unlevel lid issue, before replacing another $30 seal, so my question is has anyone seen this or have suggestions for how to fix it? I *think* it might be an issue with the hinge or lid assembly alignment (?). We don't see any pieces that look bent, but we do notice a bit of torque (1/2 inch) to the left, when lowering the lid, because it doesn't quite line up with the spring loaded catching post on the bottom. Any thoughts, suggestions, YouTube or article references would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your time and help! Grillin' Canuck
  15. Hi All, After 3 sessions on my CGK I want better air flow control.. I will say this new stock model is really good and I'll post up some pics of my findings. HOWEVER, I did pick up a roll of BGE gasket today to tighten up the lower vent. While I have the ash pan off and clean (and a mile of gasket) I figured I'd add it, but the stuff will not mold to the curve of the ash pan. For those of you who completed the Nomex gasket mod I have a question. What is the trick ? Did you make relief cuts or angled segments, or did you just muscle it in place? Thanks for sharing your experience !! Eric
  16. I'm replacing the gaskets on my Classic Kamado Joe and was wondering if anyone has removed the dome to do so? It would seem to be easier for R&R of the gaskets. I've watched the dome removal video from Fred at Tasty Licks BBQ but that was for a Big Green Egg. I'm finding it difficult to remove all of the old gasket material, especially the black crud that resists even a grinding wheel. Acetone is not really making a dent. (And which is why I'm looking to remove the dome - it'll be easier to manage). I would think that I could; simply tie down the handle to the frame (so the top band doesn't spring up and whack me in the face) unloosen the top band from the dome lift out the dome, turn it over and rest it inside the empty base which will be lined with old towels for cushioning John's recent video helps but this old gasket crud is really defeating me. In the photo you can see where I managed to grind off some of the gunk (that's not a chip BTW, just a clean spot.) And of course - am I obsessing on how clean the rim needs to be?
  17. Just put my grill together and fired it up S model from HomeDepot. I noticed smoke coming out of the side where the lid meets the lower portion of the grill. There is actually a 1/8" by 12" gap where i can see through to the other side of the grill. Even with the bottom and top vents closed, the grill only dropped from 350 to 324 in 2 hours. Has anyone experienced something like this? Is there something I can do? I've attached a picture which doesn't do the size of the gap justice. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
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