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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys (and gals), Happiness abounds at our house since I installed all new gaskets on my Akorn. The grill has a damage history as it went off a 4' patio ledge at my son-in-law's house in a storm. He gave it to me and bought a KJ3. I wrenched the little Akorn back into shape and used it on several cooks but was getting frustrated with having to chase the temps constantly and deal with runaway temps once I popped the lid for a peek. I installed RTV on the top and bottom vents. The RTV on the bottom caught fire and burned, dripping hot silicon on my painted patio deck. I fixed that with Nomex but was still chasing the temps. Finally, I installed Nomex gaskets on the lid too. Here's a link to the item i used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00SWXLBTQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I did a cook yesterday and was amazed at the results. I wanted around 300 or less for my cook for about 2 hours (chili). The temp held a rock solid 276. deg for the cook. I had a TTT on it and took it off half way through the cook because it was sticking shut (dirty). That's when I realized how well the Nomex was working. So wanted to pass on two things: 1. If your cooker is unable to hold steady temp, it has air leaks. Plug the air leaks with Nomex. For $10.99 it is a no brainer. 2. Don't use RTV. It is a fire hazard in spite of the labels and claims. "Chillin n Grillin" tb
  2. During my last St Louis rib cook, I was constantly chasing the temp, trying to keep it around 225. Compared to other cooks, it just wouldn't settle down. Planed a spatchcocked turkey cook and everything went well until I started the Akorn. I left the lid open and went to cut up some veggies to put under the bird. After a few minutes, I looked out to see three foot high flames coming out of the cooker, lid open. Assume it was a combination of some old grease drippings and open air. I used B&B Texas Style lump. I closed the lid, shut the top vent, then noticed that that the RTV caulking I used to seal the bottom vent was burning and there were flames visible in the ash pan. I doused those with a water spray bottle and closed the bottom vent. The dome temp gauge pegged and man did it stink! I'm relaying this story of stupidity to tell you how I repaired the Akorn. I bought some "1/2' x 1/8' Nomex High Temp BBQ gasket smoker pit seal, self stick" from Amazon. I installed this stuff, which was really easy to work with, under the vent and on the ash pan. Fired up the Akorn with settings at about .5 bottom and .75 top vent. The Akorn slowly edged up to 230 deg and stayed there for about an hour. Then I opened the vents a little more. Temp jumped up to 325 and stayed steady there for about an hour. I bumped the vents a bit more and let the Akorn heat up to 450 for about another hour. (All temp reading were done with a ThermoPro T20 using both probes.) I wanted to get all the stinky sooty smell out of it. It was rock solid on all temp settings, as desired. I believe this Nomex gasket material has restored my faith in this cooker. Pretty sure it was the ash pan gasket that was giving me air leaks. I have RTV on the top vent too and it didn't melt or burn. Guess once a flame touches that stuff, it catches fire. Won't be using that around any flames again. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND RTV FOR GASKET REPAIRS ON THE AKORN. Thought I'd pass it along. The Nomex is white so you can see it in the pic attached. Sorry for the long winded story. PS. I had enough Nomex gasket in that roll to do my 22" Weber Kettle lid too.
  3. This is my Kamado Joe Classic "go to" grill that gets used for a majority of my cooking videos AND my personal cooking. This grill is over two years old and has well over 200 cooks on it. This spot on my base where the gasket is worn off completely just shows one spot.. there are several more like it on this grill. Of all my Kamado Joe grills, I have replaced a gasket ONCE. I replaced a gasket on a Big Joe and the reason I did that was because Kamado Joe wanted me to make a video on how to do it. It didn't need replacing. Does the one in this photo need replacing? Let's think about that... Last week, I did something I hadn't done in a LONG time. I cooked with a temperature control system one day and a remote thermometer on another day. I ran the probe wires for those in under the dome lid. On both of those cooks, I noticed a little smoke leaking from between the dome lid and the base. The probe wires were creating just enough of a gap that I could see a little smoke coming out while the grill was warming up. After the grill got to temp and the draft was working properly I didn't see that smoke anymore. The smoke was pretty much leaking all the way around the front 2/3 of the dome lid when it was leaking. That leak does not occur without the probe wires running under the dome lid. These worn gaskets still seal the grill well enough that the temp can be controlled at any level I like. This makes me want to do an experiment. First of all, I do intend to replace this gasket just for the sake of doing it. But before I do it, I intend to remove the gasket completely and fire up the grill. I will set the grill at 225 degrees and let it ride and see if I have any issues holding it there with no gasket in place. I'm really curious to see what the 'driver' is when it comes to replacing gaskets on kamado grills. I see it done a LOT and I'm trying to figure out (just for my own curiousity) why or what makes us replace a gasket. I have heard people comment that they could not control their temperatures anymore because of gasket failures but I'm not seeing it. What was the reason you last replaced a gasket on your Kamado grill?
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