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Found 5 results

  1. Having plenty of leftover Hot Dog Chili from Friday I decided to remake all 3 of my favorite dogs. The first time I made them, the buns were huge and came apart as I was plating them up. (That’s why you couldn’t see the dog in two of them) I started out by making up some Cherry Dump Cake Cobbler. Here are the ingredients. Buttered up my Dutch Over and dumped in the cherry filling and cake mix. I leveled it out some and then sprinkled on some cinnamon and brown sugar. I then thinly sliced a stick of butter and placed it on top. I put in in my preheated, to 325, kamado for 35 minutes covered and 5 minutes uncovered. Here it is done. I then put on some hot dogs and 1 brat. While they were cooking we heated up the chili and got out all the condiments. Turned the dogs. While they were finishing cooking I got out the sesame seed buns and when everything was ready, I made up the dogs and poured myself a Modern Times Blazing World Hoppy Dank Amber Ale. From left to right is a Chili Cheese Dog, a Chicago Dog and finally a Bratwurst with Mustard and Sauerkraut. All served up along with some corn on the cob, some fresh cut watermelon and cherry cobbler a la mode. I starved myself all day because I knew I was making these and they again didn’t disappoint. Thanks for looking.
  2. My house is getting close to being back to normal. We even have two rooms that have carpet now! Yip-Peee! We spent most of the day moving stuff back into those 2 rooms along with getting the dining room back to normal. As we were working most of the day I wanted something fairly quick and easy to make for dinner. I looked to see what we might have in the freezer and found these Knackwurst that I had vacuum packed from this summer. Knackwurst are kind of like a very large hot dog so I thawed them out and ran to the store to pick up some Bilillo rolls to eat them with. I then took some water and added a little salt and once it had boiled I turned off the flame and dropped the Knackwurst into the hot water. While they were warming up I lite a chimney of charcoal. I then dumped it into the trays of my Weber Jumbo Joe. I toasted the rolls and then placed on the Knackwurst. I took the rolls in and spread on some deli mustard, placed on some American Swiss cheese slices and some pepperoncini’s. Once the Knackwurst was done I placed it on top and added some tomato wedges, some pickle spears and some yellow mustard. Here it is plated with some potato chips, potato salad and a Modern Times Blazing World Hoppy Dank Amber. Delicious! Thanks for looking.
  3. What apparently originated in Hermosillo Mexico shortly after WW2 eventually made its way north of the border. In Tucson there is a famous restaurant called El Gueo Calelo. Actually there are many of them and they’ve been featured on the Man vs. Food TV show. They have made the Sonoran style hot dog famous on this side of the border. The guy who owns them started it all with a hot dog cart on the corner and you can still get them from carts all over the South West and Mexico. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXaXy4aeJt4 Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try them and decided to today. jackjumper should be aware of these. So I got my ingredient together of simple hot dogs and bacon just like a cart would have and some Bodillo rolls. Wrapped the dogs. I lite up a 1/2 chimney of lump and got my Weber Jumbo Joe going. Put on the dogs. Almost done. And their done. Now I build the Sonoran Dog. I steamed the Bodillo rolls and cut them open trying not to cut the end all the way. Spread in some Mayo and place a 1/2 a Hatch Chile. Now the bacon wrapped dog. Some Pinto beans And some Pico de Gallo. Here they are plated with some Mexican Creama and a Chelada to drink. Here’s the Money Shot below. Muy Delicioso! Thanks for looking.
  4. We wanted something simple tonight so Hot dogs are pretty easy and very traditional 4th of July faire too. I had some nice Knackwurst (basically a big hot dog) left over from my Sausage Platter cook and the wife and MIL wanted Hebrew Nationals. They are a pretty fast cook and I wanted to break in my new Weber I got on clearance so it was a perfect match. No ash in this baby. (Yet!) Loaded up the chimney with some lump and put it on my gas side burner to light. Dumped this into the charcoal baskets and let it heat up. Sliced up one of my home grown tomatoes and a nice big pickle into spears. Got everything ready to go. And plated it up along with a Coronado Brewing Islander IPA. Money shot below. Oh Yum! Thanks for looking.
  5. Trying to get some eats ready for my son before he gets home from school today. Rubbed down and cooked with some new homebrew rubs & sauces that a buddy's making. Tunes cranking inside.......weather sucked, but music was good. What's missing is some red pepper flakes in the picture. Toasted some King's Hawaiian buns with cheddar & bacon over the chicken. He killed these and declared them good. I'm putting a tomato & mayo on mine tomorrow.
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