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Found 4 results

  1. A gorgeous Sunday called for more pizzas and hot wings on the Akorn. My wife, being gluten-free for 15 years feels like she's making up for lost time by having restaurant quality pizza at home that doesn't remotely taste like some of the gluten free products do. We followed the Gordon Ramsay recipe, same as always. Let the dough rest for an hour while I fired up the Akorn. I brought it up to 450 and threw the wings on for about 35 minutes. They came off gorgeous. Perfectly crispy. Tossed in Franks and set aside. I put a foil pan of peeled garlic, EVOO and two dried chilies on the top rack and slid in my pizza stone. Again, I have never used a heat deflector and I get perfect pizzas every time. I think this is partially due to the fact that we go thin crust and I put the toppings on top of the cheese. I see some on here put cheese on top and well, that's just wrong as it prevents the toppings from cooking. But, to each his own. The garlic chilli oil really is a secret weapon. Four pizzas Capicola Capicola and Red Onion Artichoke and green olive Artichoke, green olive, roasted red pepper and hot peppers Yes, we have beer, wine and cider on the table. It's Sunday Oh, i have no idea why it rotates the pics like so. Anyone can help, please make a suggestion.
  2. I've been cooking pizza and wings to get to know my Akorn. It's nice because I can change up the toppings and sauce to keep the flavours fresh while I experiment with keeping temperatures on the Akorn. I fill the bowl about 85% and I use half a Weber cube in two bits to get it going. When I hit 450 I close the top to a fraction and put the bottom down to three. Let it stabilize for a few minutes. Then I throw the wings on the grate. These are not tossed in anything just pow on the grill. No heat deflector either. I find that after 15 I open em up and give them a flip. Check em in another ten, move around any that need it. Pull when crispy, usually around 35 minute mark. Half with S&P and the rest in good ol' Frank's. Crank it up to 500, slide on the pizza stone and slip in my pan of olive oil, garlic, dried chill pepper and rosemary. Pizza. Still going with Gordon Ramsay's recipe with AP substituted for Namaste Gluten-Free flour. We do not notice a difference at all. It's great. I was light on cheese simply because we didn't have a ton around and personally I don't like it too cheesy. Spent a lot of time in Italy and it's more about sauce and crust there. Prosciutto and basil Carne Asada and Red Onion (used leftover carne asada) As you can see the crust is perfectly browned. Again, no heat deflector. I presume those that need it are cooking a thick crust, cringe. Well, that's just my opinion. Cook time at 500 degrees as 7-9 minutes.
  3. Yesterday I made hot wings and pizza from scratch. Both were a success. The wings were the same crispiness as when they are deep-fried. I have never been able to achieve this on a gas bbq or in an oven and I am a wing fiend. The pizzas were flawless. Here's a step-by-step with some pictures. Got my fuel going and I'm still unsure if I'm loading enough in to start with, but it took 15 minutes to get to 300, then another ten and I was at 430. Seemed good enough. Wings were merely salted for now. I dropped them straight on the grill. Since I had opened her up I also put on some peeled garlic in quality olive oil on the upper rack. This was in a small, covered foil pan. Shut the akorn, temp was down to 400f. I checked in ten and gave them a flip. Another ten another flip. 30 minutes total. I cannot believe how perfect they were. I set them aside to toss in Frank's and serve with the pizzas. At this point I left the vents as is so it could maintain a steady 400f for the pizza. My wife and I did this part together. She chose Gordon Ramsay's pizza dough recipe and our only change was Namaste gluten-free flour that we got at Costco (2kg bag for 10.99). Used the hook in the Kitchen Aid then let the dough rest for 1 hour. I had a few Sierra Nevada's at this point. Dough is ready! Checked the Akorn and WTF... It had dropped to 200. I opened the vents all the way and didn't see a temperature rise so I checked inside and yup, most the fuel was dust by now. No drama, just started a new fire and I was at 400F in 15-20. At this point I set the pizza stone on the top grill. I did not use a diffuser. We made two pizzas. Basic tomato sauce and mozzarella with hot capicola ham on one and the other was italian peppers and green olive. Once assemble I slid each onto parchment paper dusted with cornmeal. I opened up the Akorn and put my wings on top rack to heat up. The capicola went onto the stone first. I left both vents open during the cook process. Since I figure the stone was slowing things down. After four minutes I quickly removed the parchment paper. After 8 minutes I gave the pizza a half turn. Pulled it off at 15. So 15 minutes at 400f. The bottom was golden brown with no dark bits. The pizza had a great crunch with just enough give. Seriously good pizza. I would not stray from the recipe or the method. Oh yeah, the garlic oil, my little foil dish of joy came out perfect. I drizzled that garlic olive oil on everything and served with fresh basil. FYI, never cook basil. Just add at the end. A good tip was spying through the top vent, gave me some comfort and prevented me from opening to drop the temp. Cornmeal and parchment paper worked a treat. No diffuser necessary at this temp. The second pizza went on about 3-5 minutes after the first. It took about two minutes less and also came out perfect. Honestly, these were the best pizzas and wings I've had. From here on out we will just be experimenting with flavours since this all worked so well. We often go to a nice wood-fired Italian place here for pizza and they run 18 bucks a pop plus the gluten-free five dollar surcharge. So the Akorn will pay for itself pretty darn quick.
  4. Serious Barbecue - Adam Perry Lang Hot Wings (pages 274-275) and Blue Cheese Dressing (page 368) Recipe NOT available on APL's website... Book Only! Since it's football season and game day food is always a fun project, during October I have also chosen to try Adam Perry Lang's Hot Wings and Blue Cheese Dressing from the Serious Barbecue Cookbook. Post your discussion and results along with photos if possible in this thread!
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