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  1. Hello from Melbourne, Australia! Being a South African I've grown up grilling (braaing we call it) on open wood and charcoal fires - it's a national past time and something just in our DNA! After much reading I decided to add to the versatility and go for a BIG JOE! Just a note to introduce and also to give a huge shout out to all the members who's contributions have been invaluable in making the decision and ensuring that the bug has bitten! John Setzler, ckreef, Jack., keeperovdeflame, KismetKamado, Ben S etc. you are all an awesome source of knowledge, tips and ideas. And - 1st steaks were great, but the whole chicken next was out of this world. Very excited to get stuck into it and "braai" on my Joe! Cheers, James
  2. Picked this up yesterday! Not sure what it is, but it is old. Got it from my SIL’s grandfather. If any of you recognize it I’d love some info. it’s got some rough patches but I’m hoping to patch it up and put it to use.
  3. Hi everyone. First time poster as I've just discovered the forum. I've just bought the Masterbuild 300 kamado which is due to arrive on Tuesday so I've not even got it yet but I'm super excited and looking forward to seeing what lies ahead!
  4. Hello from the West Coast of Canada (Richmond, BC)! New to Kamado cooking. Returned a Weber Smokefire after one week (just really never worked properly and after the 2nd grease fire... byebye) for a KJ Classic 2 (same price point). First cook were some side ribs which turned out nice. Mother-in-law brought some peaches over and asked if they could get grilled for a nice cobblerish dessert... so since the fire was still lit, opened up the vents full bore... realized that i had left the deflector moons in so I put some gloves on, took out the Divide and Conquer and (you guessed it) lay it on the plastic shelf -- WHOOPS! Did I mention that was my first cook? Oh well... I replaced the plastic slats with some untreated cedar. We'll see if that's just a temp solution. I did a few small cooks afterwards: some okay baby back ribs, and then a total failure on beef ribs -- bought some on sale which ended up not having enough meat and fat to keep it juicy when I overcooked it (luckily my wife made some awesome Mexican street corn salad as a side) --, then an okay small brisket (again, on sale at the grocery store). Decided that I'm ready for a real test: invited a few (Covid rules apply) friends for a brisket feast. Went to four grocery stores and Costco... No packers in stock. Went to the Asian grocery and they only sell the point and no flat... Called my favourite butcher: "Of course, I have a 15lb brisket in the back." YES! Called my friends and said this weekend is BRISKET TIME! Got to the butcher: "That'll be 190 CAD (144 USD)..." GULP... This better be the best darn meat ever... Consulted the all-knowing interweb for "How long to smoke 15lb brisket": 18.75 hours... Seems long, but okay, lets start at 11:00 pm and hopefully we'll be eating at 7ish tomorrow... Didn't get much sleep but maintained 250 for 11 hours. At the 12 hour mark, the temp of the KJ plummeted. Oh no! What happened? Ran out of charcoal - fire was out. "Quick, honey, throw this in the warm oven while I get this thing to temp!" Threw some BGE lump on to the KA basket to burn (we have a major shortage of lump here in Canada - love to know where to get good lump charcoal). Lost about 45 minutes of cooking time. Once it got back up to 250, I Texas-crutched the meat and threw it back in. Came back 10 minutes later and the temp was up to 350. oh poo... Took another 45 minutes to get it down to 260. Okay, I've got time for a little nap before people come over... Told my wife and 18 year old son to watch it and if it goes over 300 (or under 250) to wake me up... Three hours later, I check it and it's at 310... My bad, shouldn't have taken a nap... I threw it into a cooler and waited for my guests to come... I was worried because it didn't bend the way it should have when I lifted it up... When it was time to carve, it looked like this: Looked okay but once I tried to slice through it, the whole under side was burnt/overcooked. There was no bark at the bottom of the pieces, as i had to slice down then "scrape" because of the burnt. Later, I chopped some of the burnt parts, threw them in a steamer and fed them to my son as really "burnt" ends.The meat that I did slice was super tender, flavourful, and juicy. Besides, not taking a nap, buying a good wifi temp probe, and practice, any suggestions on improvements? I would like to try and do bacon (we live in a city with 60% Asians so pork belly is super cheap), smoked chinook/king salmon (recently came back from a fishing trip on the Coast and our freezer is packed with salmon and halibut), and a Montreal Smoked Meat... But first, perfect the brisket... Can I just smoke the point, as it's easier to source the part of the brisket here and no one in the family prefers the flat anyway? TIA for your read and your suggestions
  5. Hello There! Texan, currently living in Seattle, finally got a backyard to do some grilling in this summer! I'm currently grilling on a Weber performer, while I restore a Big Joe that I got off fb marketplace. I have a thread in the DIY section with some photos if anyone is interested or has some good recommendations. Can't wait to get cooking on the Kamado once it is up and running. Most looking forward to cooking some pizzas and of course brisket, being a Texan! Thanks, Cameron Spencer
  6. Hi Everyone, Just joined... woohoo!! So, as you can guess I just got my first kamado grill. A Joe Junior for me!! And I have many questions... :) I have been lurking on the forums for sometime now and it's time to join finally. Glad to be here and talk to you fine folks.
  7. Miklola


    Good evening all. I own a Cusinart gas 3 burner from Canadian Tire which has reached its use. I really wanted to take a real look into what I want from my grilling experience. I considered a Weber Genesis ii. then I remembered how my previous neighbor had a green egg. he had got it just after moving in and loved to share what he cooked with me. had me looking into it as an alternative and I discovered this kamato community. Holy ####, I did not know this existed. long story short I dropped the Weber and bought a kamado Joe classic ii about 4 hours ago. my whole family is excited.
  8. Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a little while and realized I forgot to do an intro. I recently tossed my old SS propane grille and took the plunge on a Kamado Joe Big Joe II. I'm waiting for delivery from AGC. I've been wanting a smoker for years, and a guy at work put the idea in my head to build a pizza oven to go along with my new stamped concrete patio in my backyard. The KJ will take the place of all of these. I've been doing probably too much research on smoking/searing etc with the Kamado, like the rest of you have too, and look forward to taking delivery and my backyard being completed. Thanks to everyone that I've gotten valuable info from!
  9. I inherited an egg shaped cooker with a 12" grill. My late husband bought it in Japan when serving as a pilot in USAF in 1960's. This object needs renovation. I hope to do some smoking on it. I will try to find some replacement parts for it. I don't read Kanji and I don't know if there is a manual or parts list available. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  10. Hello! I ordered the KJ Classic II yesterday and I'm now looking for needed accessories and recipes for my first cool. Looking forward to reading everyone's ideas and experience.
  11. Greetings from the Mitten state! I'm relatively new to charcoal grilling/smoking, although it's always been a desire, I couldn't pursue it until I abandoned apartment life earlier this year. I spent this last summer cooking on charcoal for the first time on a 22" Weber kettle grill. I loved the versatility of it, and it didn't take long to become addicted to smoking. A couple weeks ago, I upgraded to the Kamado Joe Classic II. After roasting a spatchcock chicken and grilling some thick cut pork chops, I can already tell it was worth every penny! I'm doing my first smoke this weekend on some baby back ribs. This seems like an awesome community with a lot of helpful people and information, and John's instructional videos have been especially helpful. I look forward to participating!
  12. Thank you for existing, you lovely kamado aficionados! I am a brand new Pit Boss owner (yes, Costco got me...again!). This is the 7th member of my grill stable. When my 16 yr old daughter realized I'd bought it, She yelled out, "ANOTHER F-ING GRILL, MOM???? REALLY??? You won't be able to send me to college!!!" I have officially named it, the AFG. I have smoked some gorgeous ribs along side a pork roast so far in this kamado. Today, I made a stone fruit cobbler, then Hazelnut Beef Stir fry and now I am attempting to smoke some pork belly that's heading for bacon (full day!). The more I play with this thing, the more I am suspicious that I will be downsizing.....
  13. Hey everyone! Happy to be here, just got a new Pit Boss 24 from Costco for my birthday (thanks to an awesome wife!). Looking forward to coming some good food! The dream was a kamado joe, but this is a start. I've been grillings/smoking/bbqing for a couple years now. I have a Weber kettle with a smoke N sear, and now added the kamado to the family. Excited to learn some tips and tricks from you kamado veterans!
  14. Why hello there fellow gurus. I've been in the market for a ceramic grill for some time now and have had my eye on the Primo XL. I recently went to a Costco that had the Big Joe on display and immediately changed my tune and will be purchasing one when the next roadshow comes back to ATL. Just don't have the scratch, at the moment. I've learned a ton from so many people on here already and can't wait to ditch my rigged gas-burner-turned-charcoal grill and electric-smoker-turned-charcoal smoker thing and get a REAL cooker. I love the grill challenges! Can't wait to participate in them myself
  15. Hey Everyone, My name is Marc and I am new to this forum. I have a lot of experience with the Bradley Smoker and gas grills, but I have been recently surprised with a Kamado Joe (Classic Joe) new version as a gift from my grandpa (who has recently passed away). This has always been a goal/dream of mine to own either a KJ or BGE so naturally I have been searching the web for tips and recipes and found my way here. I look forward to learning from all of you and would love to share some of my own tips and recipes when the time comes.
  16. Long time gas griller....mainly heat and eat. Ate some friend's awesome grilled chicken and ribs and decided I needed to give this a try. Bought an Akorn griller because I am cheap when starting a new hobby. Managed to cook a whole chicken racing between final meat temp and a dying grill temp. Today I am following someone's advice just to burn and learn... Looking forward to more cooking experiences.
  17. Hello - I really like all kinds of cooking but my appreciation for grilling comes from my dad. I've been grilling on my own for more than 30 years, as a casual, spare time thing. I've finally gotten to the point I want better temperature control when I cook on the grill, so I'm going to retire my boxy Royal Oak grill and purchase a Char Griller Akorn. I was actually eyeing the Portable Kitchen grill but I got used to the height of the Royal Oak which was like working at a stove. Earlier this summer, when I noticed the Akorn at my local WalMart it was a revelation, it just checked several boxes. The grill sits high in the Akorn and everyone says it retains heat like an oven. I was pretty much sold right then but after plenty of internet research I'm pulling the trigger, in fact, I've ordered Chris Grove's cookbook, a grill cover, the smoking stone and the adjustable fire grate. I hadn't thought about a kamado because the ceramic ones are way out of my price range, plus I need something I can move from my porch to outside but the price of the Akorn let me buy extras to go with it. I just have to buy the actual Akorn, I'd like one of the color models but I can't justify the price when I can get a black one for $247 at WalMart. I intend to get the Akorn in the next day or two and put it together once all the extras arrive, then I'll start cooking a dish at a time to get used to using a kamado. I've probably gone on about this too long but this seems like a new chapter in my cooking life and I'm looking forward to it -- I'm glad this forum has a bunch of folks who can understand how I feel. Gil
  18. Hello all! I actually haven't even gotten my Big joe unit yet but am really looking forward to it. I have been using a Weber kettle grill with a smokenator for over 10 years but felt it was time to move to something more high quality. I love smoking ribs and have spent a lot on new accessories (pronto much) and I'm just waiting for the frieght company to give me the call that it's being delivered. I'm 35, IT consultant who loves to cook
  19. Hey all. Happy to be here. I picked up an Akorn Kamado off of Craigslist last month, just had my first cook on it and I love it! Going to take a little work perfecting temperature control, but I'm looking forward to doing some nice low and slow smokes soon. So thankful for such a great, informative community! Cheers!
  20. Hi all, I am a new Big Joe owner and this is my first Kamado grill. I have quite some BBQ experience mostly with smoking on kettle style grills. Have done a few cooks and just love the precise regulation of the dome temperature. My first cook were two grass-fed ribeyes which turned out a bit disappointing :-) Pretty chewy, taste was great still. Looking forward to great cooks and more videos from John Setzler which I really like. So long! steve
  21. Hello All, I'm new to the forum but it looks very interesting. I've grilled and attempted to smoke food over charcoal and gas but only after getting a ceramic cooker a couple of years ago have I really been able to add low and slow BBQ.to my cooking styles. Looking forward to learning from others about Kamado cooking experiences. I've done cold smoking, indirect smoking. and high heat grilling on my Primo grill and so far after the initial failures such as pizza at 600-700 degrees for 30 minutes that produced charcoal everything has turned out great. Happy to have been referred to this forum by a friend and excited to start delving into the available info.
  22. My name is Will Christopher and I am new to both the Kamado Guru forum and cooking with a Kamado in general. I live in Roswell, Ga and have been an avid griller for over 40 years, mostly with charcoal and gas. One of my most recent grills was a cheap charcoal smoker, one of those round ones that can hold 1 large turkey or a couple of boston butts. I have had very good luck with these grills and have gone through several of them over the years. My other grill for about 20 years has been a Weber Natural Gas model that does an excellent job when I want to just fire it up quickly for a couple of burgers or a steak as well as numerous vegetables and whatever. Weber makes a great product. I just turned 72 this year and had been looking to replace the Weber with something newer when I stumbled across an ad for the Vision Hybrid which seemed to be a good combination of a gas and charcoal grill. I had been eying the Big Green Egg and the Kamado Joe but since both were limited to charcoal only and expensive, I had not considered them seriously. I really like smoking and would have done more if it were not so time-consuming having to watch the smoker all during the process and adding charcoal or making adjustments where necessary. With all this in mind, the Vision Hybrid seemed to fit the bill. I finally bit the bullet and found myself with a brand new Vision Professional S Hybrid purchased from Home Depot. You can check my post later on with details of the assembly and first cook with the new unit. I am hoping that this grill will last me for another 30 years. I have been surfing this forum intensively for the past few days and have found tons of very helpful information on setup, cooking, recipes, and temperature control with my unit. This is an outstanding forum and I plan to use it and contribute to it as much as possible. Will
  23. Hi, I purchased a Professional S Series Kamado Grill this month and have used it twice now. First time smoked checken and some Hamburgers... yep Hamburgers! They were awesome. Second time, today, Fathers day, I smoked a Brisket. My first ever and it was phenomenal. Melted like butter in the mouth! Purchased Accessories: - Electric Starter - Blow Torch (Better and quicker way to evenly light up charcoal) - Lava Stone Loving it. Cheers, Frankie
  24. I'm excited to be here to share, but mostly to acquire the wisdom of the gurus. I'm in middle-central Iowa and have been smoking pork, brisket, and chicken since 1989. At that time I had move from WV to Memphis, stopped in Corky's BBQ my first week there, and my life was turned around. I craved the deliciousness and sought out locals who knew what they were doing. My first smoker was a metal garbage can mod, and it was from there that I spent the next 8 years trying to perfect the craft. Years later, after moving to Ohio, I bought a Brinkman horizontal smoker with chimney and firebox from a Lowe's sale for $150. I though it was the best (how little did I know! :-)). Found an unlimited source for free hickory wood and, I've got to say, I pretty well mastered that rinky-dinky Brinkman. A year or so ago my wife bought me an Akorn - the red kind with its own wheeled stand and black metal folding shelves. I affectionately call it R2D2 because I'm about 25% nerd. I really struggled with the Akorn. I loved everything about except one thing - I couldn't keep the right fire for 10-14 hours's worth of 200-375 degree heat. I was frustrated. I thought "If I can master the Brinkman, I'm not about to let this quality smoker kick my SmokyButt. I first found a great YouTube video by "BEER-N-BBQ by Larry" instructing me how to build and regulate the fire. I had trouble keeping it going, though, and Larry (who is also on this board) was selfless in helping me through dialog on that video's discussion area. But I still couldn't quite get my Akorn to do what I needed. I tried several times, sometimes getting an edible shoulder or brisket by relighting the fire in the middle once or twice and finishing in a 250 degree oven. Edible, though. That's about all I could say about it. I'm no quitter. Until yesterday, my record for keeping a 200-275 degree temp in the Akorn was 4 hours. Yesterday - after reading and really digesting the 7-page discussion here on Kamado Guru, "Can't control temps on Akorn". Yeah, I know that is over 3 years old, but it is awesome! I think it should be pinned! I'd read it before, but this time somehow something clicked. No, I've still not be successful - yet - but yesterday I managed to hold a 200-275 degree temperature for a full 9 hours before it started it's permanent decline. That 9 hours was without any meat in the smoker, and during the daytime, and with a lot of fidgeting with the vents. But I never once opened the smoker and never once went too high or too low in temp. I'm in Iowa, now. And in my small town there is a little BBQ restaurant that the locals think is great (it's name starts with "Smokin'" but I don't want to call it out. How sad. Seriously. It is the worst excuse for "smoked BBQ" I've ever experienced. My new community needs to know what it should really be like, or at least my closest friends should. I'm bound and determined to master this Akorn and rock their world. Glad to be here! SmokyButt
  25. Hi all, A quick hello from sunny (today) Melbourne, Australia. Long term BBQ'er, moderate term Primo XL owner. Keen to participate in a Kamado centric forum away from the stick burners building bigger stick burners! Have also been working on a product, http://Smartfirebbq.com, and keen to hear feedback before its released. It is a BBQ controller designed for Kamados (well, it'll work on Webers or other charcoal burners) that is WiFi enabled, great user interface and smart enough to do a fair chunk of the work for you. Born from the frustration of common bluetooth solutions not reaching the bedroom, let alone the corner pub or shops, I started work on building a solution that worked from anywhere. Smartfire let you monitor, manage and perfectly smoke your favourite BBQ from your smartphone whilst getting the weekend shopping done. Keen to know your thoughts!
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