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Found 5 results

  1. Fermented Jalapenos & Fermented Cucumbers Market had a 5 lb bag of beautiful jalapenos last weekend and then today some very nice Kirby cucumbers in the bin. Time for fermenting. Get out the half-gallon jars. Jalapenos were put up a week ago as slices with seeds and as halves without seeds. A 2.5% brine (non-chlorinated water/canning salt) plus commercial starter culture. Garlic and onion for added flavor. They are already starting to get good to eat. 4 lbs of Cucumbers were placed in 3.5% brine plus starter culture today. The pickles should be ready in a few weeks depending on ambient temperature. The "whole pickles" batch are a heavy garlic and dill flavoring with addition of pickling spices mix, whole peppercorns and onion. The "quartered pickles" will be a "hot & spicy" batch using brine, starter culture, dill, bit of garlic and onion, whole peppercorns and dried red pepper flakes. Cucumbers have oak leaves added to the jars so the tannin will keep the pickles firm. The "mesh" you see in the jars is food grade fiberglass grilling mat that I cut into appropriate size circles that I use to keep the items from floating out of the brine. These mesh circles can be tucked under the jar shoulder and/or weighed down with a glass weight if needed. This method is the best of all the ideas I have tried. It popped into my head sometime back when I saw the grilling mat in my supplies cabinet. Easy to place and simple to remove to get to the product when its snacking time. Items must be submerged to avoid spoilage. The airlock lids are homemade using plastic wide mouth jar lids, a carefully drilled 3/8 inch hole to avoid splitting the plastic, and a commonly available 3/8 inch rubber grommet for the airlock stem. Simple, easy to make and way cheaper than the commercial alternatives. When the ferment has reached the right point of pickling flavor ,in natural sourness and in the overall ferment, the jars will go in the fridge for the longer term storage to essentially (but not totally) stop the ferment.
  2. Schoolday sliders for an ever-hungry kid......also happy birthday to @jrow17 !!! I hope you are getting some of this insanely great weather and some time off to enjoy hanging with your family. Had a 3:30pm turn in time for this cook. Sounds dumb to put time limits on grilling.....but, for me it's a good practice. I tend to wander and delay. I do, however, subscribe to the "serve no BBQ before it's time" motto. I need to invest in a way to hold my BBQ at set temps......so I can cook & complete earlier and be ready & waiting for my tribe......vs. them waiting on me. I did succeed in one important aspect of today's cook........My Son walked in the door from school this afternoon and said, "What time are the burgers gonna be ready ?". He had no idea what I was making other than the clue of the nasal assault that hit him in the driveway. He knew that someone nearby was grilling.....what they were grilling........and a good idea who the culprit was. Also made one of his favorite side dishes to go with them. I had to.....since I bombed on it last time. NOTE: If you use dried red peppers in anything.......know that they may be crunchy in the end result. (My left-field observation). One delay was that I'd made an error in the store earlier. Seems I'd not carefully examined what I grabbed. Today's blanket statement: Not all "Hawaiian-type bread is the same thing as King's Hawaiian". Seems that folks at SL use very, very similar colors and markings as the real-deal King's Hawaiian. Not only was the flavor not as good as the original.....but these had to be sliced, too. Side dish made ready first: 1/2 sweet onion finely diced and added to the mix This was poured over the top of everything else: Onto the grill: Slider time: 4 lbs of 73/27 ground beef...... Two big jalapeños: One large sweet onion.....1/2 in the sliders.......1/2 went in the mac'n'cheese. 1/2 cup of Italian bread crumbs & 1/2 cup Don's Seasoning Delight. Melted butter & stuff on the tops......homebrew BBQ sauce on the bottoms: Bacon......gotta have it ! Sharp cheddar & dill pickle slices added: Lids in place and wrapped in foil and tossed on the grill for a few minutes to toast-melt everything. Son ate two of these plates and asked if there was dessert ? Music enjoyed for this cook was these two albums: A fairly easy cook that could be easily doubled for a larger group. The slider amount could easily be doubled to match up with the grilled mac'n'cheese amount cooked today.
  3. I start out by cutting the tops off, I then remove the core & seeds and then cut them length wise. For filling I use Laughing Cow Creamy Swiss wedges (1 wedge for every Jalapeno) and mix it with Green Onion & Bacon Crumbles to taste. If my Jalapenos are large enough I add a cooked chicken tender strip and wrap with a strip of Bacon. (Toothpicks as required) I cook them direct for about 5 to 10 minutes and then indirect for around 25 to 30 minutes depending on my grill temp. (Until Bacon is done) Always a big hit.
  4. I went to a party last night and was charged with making appetizers and I choose to bring some ABT’s. I start by cutting the tops off some jalapeños and then core and seed them. Mix up a filling of some cream cheese with 1 green onion and bacon bits to taste. After this I cut the jalapeños in half. And fill each jalapeño with filling. Then wrap each one with a thin slice of bacon. (Use toothpicks as required) I started up my Kenmore kettle and set it up for direct/in-direct cooking. Once it gets going I place the ABT’s directly over the coal for approximately 10 minutes. (Be ready for the flare ups! ) Afterward I moved them to the center to finish up cooking in-direct for approximately another 25 minutes. Here they are ready to go. Yum!
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