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Found 9 results

  1. The seller of this grill does not know what model it is. I figure it must be a Classic I. Would you guys take a look and confirm which one it is, please? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1061973520939757/ Also, where can the model number be found on a Kamado Joe? Thanks in advance!
  2. So I have myself an Akorn for about 4 years. Through a couple moves while building a new house, it was pretty neglected... sat outside, uncovered through winter, rain, etc. Needless to say due to the metal build, it rusted something bad. I ended up getting rid of it and decided I'd see what the Weber Kettle hype was all about. I picked myself up Kettle Master Touch.......... wow... I freaking hated it. Was horrible to keep temps. Took forever to get up to temp. Was terrible to use with lump (as it fell through the grates)... just a bad overall experience. Cooked on it about 4 times then sold it. Now... I live in a VERY windy area. Like 10-15 mph winds almost constantly.... so I'm sure that played a part... but it was no enjoyable. I decided to pick myself up a new Kamado Joe Classic from Lowes for $650..... I'm in love.
  3. Hi All, Firstly, not sure this is the right place but given it's about two brands, it didn't make sense to post in either the Kamado Joe or Pit Boss sections. I know there have been similar discussions before but not at this price point as far as I can see. Until this morning, I had pretty much decided to go with the Louisiana Grill (price and size) but then I noticed a further 10% discount on the KJs. Usage - Direct (replacing a weber 57cm kettle) and low and slow cooking In short, is it worth me spending the extra money for a KJ and why? 1. Louisiana Grills 24" (Costco UK) + Accessories - £738.89 2. Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic Joe Grill, 18", Red £809.10 3. Kamado Joe Classic II 18-Inch Freestanding Ceramic Grill - £1,169.10 1. Louisiana Grills 24" (Costco UK) + Accessories - £738.89 Louisiana Grills 24" (60 cm) Ceramic Kamado Charcoal Barbecue - Black (CostCo) £599.89 Nova - Multi-Level Cooking Accessory Grill for 24 Inch £129.00 Nova - Barbecue Grill Remover Tool £10 Pros: - Largest (21.5 vs 18 grate) - Costco (UK) guarantee - Phone confirmed they will collect if it ever fails/I'm unhappy Cons: - Made by Auplex - Harder to find accessories in the UK (although not sure what else I'd need) 2. Kamado Joe KJ23RH Classic Joe Grill, 18", Red £809.10 pros: - Made by KJ - KJ customer service Cons: - Old design vs the Classic II 3. Kamado Joe Classic II 18-Inch Freestanding Ceramic Grill £1,169.10 pros: - New design - Made by KJ - KJ customer service Cons: - Most expensive / probably out of my budget(!) Thanks for reading and I'll really appreciate all your comments on this.
  4. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas is a time of scorching temperatures. However we are still exposed to the familiar tunes and culinary desires of a Northern, cold Christmas. With temperatures at 40 degrees C (104 Fahrenheit) turning on the oven was not a favourable choice and so placing big bird in the Kamado was the sound choice. Only had a KJ for a couple of month now, and the first time I had ever cooked a turkey (regardless of cooking appliance). It was a success!! Some say I’ve now graduated to an adult now that the bird has been conquered, albeit 15 years later than planned. With my wife being pregnant I took the road less travelled for my family by not stuffing the bird with the risk of listeria etc and instead I lightly filled the cavity with the aromatics (onion, garlic, lemon, sage, oregano, rosemary) from the brine mixture. The quality of the KJ resulting in a more consitent temperature throughout the cook and the fact the bird wasn’t stuffed resulted in a much quicker cook than expected. Meater sounded the alarm to this news which allowed me to save Christmas. Meater has caused controversy in this forum, but so far I can’t fault it. Happy Cooking!
  5. Hello , I would like to get your opinion on this Demo Kamado. For $969 he will include the cover, Charcoal, Dutch Heaven, Reversible Griddle. Is that a good price? have you seen anything better on Ace stores.?
  6. I've been lurking on this sight for a few months learning and watching YouTube videos. I would like to thank all those that posted with great recipes and videos helping me decide on the purchase of a kamado cooker. John Setzler your videos along with all of the posts swayed me into the Kamado Joe classic II. I have been using a WSM for many years and look forward to adapting to the Kamado Joe. I placed my order yesterday and hope to have delivery by end of the week. Thanks again.
  7. Just had a table built for my joe classic. My only issue is I dunno if I should keep the green egg table stand or use the Kamado joe red feet.
  8. By the way, for other newcomers like me, in his videos on kamadojoe.com, when John says "light the fire and wait about 10 minutes", this should be more of a rule than just a guideline. 3rd cook on my KJ Classic, I lit the fire and went inside to prepare the beer can chicken for cooking. Wasn't watching the clock, and when I came back out, I thought I was going to have to notify the EPA about a uranium spill it was so hot. Had to continuously burp that thing like a fat baby on a milkshake to get the temp back down to 350. I thought about putting water on the coals to cool it down, but somehow that just seemed like a bad idea to me. To the veteran KJ cookers, is there any other safe way to get temps down that doesn't take an hour of continuous one arm 30 lb. curls with all vents shut? ( Please don't say use two arms...) I now know the value of bringing temps up slowly.
  9. After attending the Kamado Grille restaurant soft opening in Raleigh and eating there several times I started looking seriously at the Kamado grills to replace my dead gas grill. Got my Joe Classic at the Ace Hardware in Rolesville, Had it delivered and set it up on my deck, although I had to help a bit as they only sent one guy. I have used a variety of gas grills, charcoal grills, and an old style electric smoker for years, so I always did grill a lot but now really appreciate the way these things work, and the amount of temperature and smoke control they provide. Had my first pork butt and a sausage stuffed venison neck last Sunday. Did some chicken and steaks but my next big cook will be a brisket. Have fun everyone!
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