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  1. Hi, What are the most popular size of Kamado? Is there any data on whether 18" / 24" / Other are best sellers? Thanks
  2. Welp, it looks like it's time for a new fire bowl for my Vision Classic B, or to at least make Vision aware of my issue. I emailed Vision's help account earlier this morning and we'll see what we get back. I’ve owned the grill for a little over a year and I first noticed small, hairline cracks in the fire bowl maybe a couple months ago, which I knew occur normally. Unfortunately, these small cracks have developed into what you can see in the pictures. The cracks are all the way through the bowl at this point, and the two cracks are growing directly across from each other in the bowl, so I'm a little concerned with the structural integrity. I’m not familiar with their warranty process, but I've read that they're pretty good. Anybody with any similar experiences?
  3. Hello All!!! Getting my Kamodo dialed in. Thought I had a gasket issue, but Brian at Hi-Que gave me lots of knowledge about fire control on my grill. Any tips on controlling the level of smoke applied to the cook would be appreciate by this rookie!
  4. Kamado Joe Classic I for sale, 4 years old, used condition, has crack on firebox (as probably all used Kamados) but that doesn’t affect the cooking. NEVER used lighter fluid always used high quality chips / charcoalUPDATES:Wheels replaced last weekGasket replaced last weekBack springs replaced 2 weeks ago (now the lid won’t fall by accident!)INCLUDES:Cast iron cartFinished Folding HDPE Side ShelvesCover3 deflector plates2 half-moon stainless steel grate1 grate/grill lifter1 ash poker1 accessory rack1 flexible cooking rack1 pizza stone1 soapstone1 grilling gloveAsking for $550 OBO.Pick up at North Miami Beach (33162), can deliver to Miami-Dade/Broward for a fee
  5. All, I am new to the site and messed up the location of my post by initially putting it in the introductions section. Below is the link to that post. I am looking for ideas on small cracks forming in the firebox of my New Old Kinuura Yaki #5 Kamado. Photo of kamado for fun
  6. Kamado Guru Kamado Cooking Video Index: I'd like to turn this post into one of the internet's BEST resources for Kamado Cooking! If you would like to have your video listed in this index, please respond with a link to your YouTube video along with the make/model of kamado you are using... Beef Bacon Portabella Burgers - Chris Lynch / Grill Dome (Large) Bourbon Steak Skewers - Steve McElroy / Grill Dome Prime Rib Roast - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Smoked Beef Jerky - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Smoked Beef Short Ribs - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Beef Ribs - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Beef and Pork Ribs - CookingFor8 / Big Steel Keg Big Joe Beef Brisket - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Bleu Cheese & Onion Stuffed Flank Steak - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Brisket with Taters & Onions - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Chili-Cheese Dogs - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Chuck Roast with Midnight Espresso & Sriracha - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome Coffee Rubbed Beef Back Ribs - Steve McElroy / Grill Dome Coffee Rubbed Tri-Tip - Gary House / Grill Dome Cowboy Chop - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Cowboy Chop - Greg Mrvich / Primo XL Cowboy Chop - Allen Johnson / Kamado Joe Big Joe Espresso Crusted Ribeye - John Kurtz / Big Green Egg Fajitas - Rus Jones / Grill Dome Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Shallot Reduction - Chef Tony Matassa / Primo Oval XL Applewood Smoked Meatloaf - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Jr. Not Your Mama's Meatloaf - Allen Johnson / Kamado Joe Big Joe Guinness Braised Shortrib Sliders - Chris Lynch / Grill Dome Pastrami - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Bell Peppers - Rus Jones / Kamado Joe Classic Primo Greek Burger - Greg Mrvich / Primo Oval XL Sandwich Style Roast Beef - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Jr. Smoked Brisket - Flaming Rooster BBQ / Big Green Egg Smoked Brisket / Brisket Sandwiches - Chris Lynch / Grill Dome (Large) Smoked Roast Beef - Bubba Chew Bar BQ / Kamado Joe Big Joe Steak Florentine - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome (Large) Stuffed Beef Tenderloin - Chris Lynch / Grill Dome (Large) Reverse Seared Ribeyes - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Reverse Seared Steak - BBQFOOD4U / Big Green Egg (Large) Tri-Tip - Greg Mrvich / Big Green Egg (Large) Pork Baby Back Ribs Asian Style - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome Baby Back Ribs - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Jr. Smoked Baby Back Ribs - Chris Lynch / Grill Dome Bacon Explosion - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Jr. Bacon Bomb & Babybacks - Thomas Hajnasiewicz / Kamado Joe Big Joe Beer Steamed Brats - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome Boston Butt - CookingFor8 / Big Steel Keg Boston Butt - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome Boston Butt #1 - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Blueberry Ribs with Grilled Peaches - Steve McElroy / Grill Dome Cedar Planked Pork Chops - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome Chinatown Char Siu Ribs - BBQFOOD4U / Big Green Egg Country Style Pork Ribs - CookingFor8 / Big Steel Keg Double Smoked Ham - Flaming Rooster BBQ / Big Green Egg Hawaiian Burger Slaters 50/50 Style - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Bone In Pork Loin with Chili-Orange Glaze - Chris Lynch / Grill Dome Smoked Pork Loin with Cherry-Almond Glaze - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Peach and Rosemary Glazed Pork Tenderloin - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Pecan Crusted Pork Loin - Rus Jones / Grill Dome Pork Tenderloin - CookingFor8 / Big Steel Keg Pretzel Wrapped Cheddar Brats - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Pulled Pork BBQ - John Setzler - Kamado Joe Jr. Pulled Pork Sandwiches w/Coleslaw - Rus Jones / Kamado Joe Classic Smoked Pork Cheeks - Pitmaster X / Big Green Egg (Large) Smoked Spare Ribs with Pineapple Chipotle Sauce - Chef Tony Matassa / Grill Dome GalBi / Korean BBQ Short Ribs - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome How to Trim St. Louis Style Ribs - John Setzler Spare Ribs St. Louis Style (3-2-1 Method) - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Spicy Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs - Rus Jones / Kamado Joe Classic Stuffed Rolled and Smoked Pork Loin - Pitmaster X / Big Green Egg Suckling Pig - Pitmaster X / Big Green Egg Poultry Beer Can Chicken - Flaming Rooster BBQ / Big Green Egg Beer Marinated Chicken Tacos - Chris Lynch / Grill Dome Chupacabra Tequila Orange Chicken - Rus Jones / Grill Dome Drunken Chicken - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome Grill Fried Chicken - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Jr. Grilled Chicken Nachos - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome Jamaican Jerk Chicken Fajitas - Rus Jones / Kamado Joe Classic Smoked Chicken Adobo - John Kurtz / Big Green Egg Smoked Chicken Leg Quarters - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Smoked Chicken Quesadilla - Chris Lynch / Grill Dome Smoked Chicken Salad - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Smoked Whole Chickens - CookingFor8 / Big Steel Keg Smoked Duck Soft Tacos - Chris Lynch / Grill Dome Smoked Turkey - Bubba Chew Bar BQ / Kamado Joe Big Joe Smoked Turkey - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome Smoked Turkey - Flaming Rooster BBQ / Big Green Egg Smoked Turkey - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Smoked Turkey - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Smoked Turkey - Allen Johnson / Kamado Joe Big Joe Smoked Turkey - Greg Mrvich / Primo Oval XL Tequila Lime Chicken - Allen Johnson / Kamado Joe Big Joe Wings & Bleu Cheese Dip - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Other Meats Bison Loosmeat Sammies - Dan Robertson - Grill Dome (Large) Bison Short Ribs - Dan Robertson - Grill Dome (Large) Roasted Rack of Lamb - Pitmaster X / Big Green Egg MINI! 3 Alarm Venison Chili - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome (Large) Bleu Cheese & Onion Stuffed Leg of Lamb - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Smoked Wild Boar Roast with Peach and Rosemary Glaze - Steve McElroy / Grill Dome Green Chili Osso Buco - John Kurtz / Big Green Egg Fish & Seafood Bourbon Honey Citrus Smoked Salmon - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Blackened Shrimp Salad - Rus Jones / Kamado Joe Classic with Island Grill Stone Cajun Shrimp & Grits w/ Red Eye Gravy - Rus Jones / Kamado Joe Classic Cedar Planked Tilapia - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome Grilled Salmon - Steve McElroy / Grill Dome Seared Ahi Tuna - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Jr. Smoked Salmon - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Soups/Stews: Smoked Chili - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Smoked Gumbo - Bubba Chew Bar BQ / Kamado Joe Classic Pizza & Artisan Breads Brioche Hamburger Buns - Chris Lynch - Grill Dome (Large) Cheesy Bacon Beer Bread - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Irish Soda Bread - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Pulled Pork BBQ Pizza - Rus Jones / Kamado Joe Classic Simple Pizza - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Seafood Bread - Rus Jones / Kamado Joe Classic Thin Crust Pizza - Chris Lynch / Grill Dome Snacks / Desserts / Hors d'oeuvres Atomic Buffalo Turds & Moinks! - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Cast Iron Pan Apple Pie - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Cheesecake - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Chocolate Chip Mega Cookie - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Deep Dish Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza - Chris Lynch / Grill Dome Dump Cake - Steve McElroy / Grill Dome Peach Blueberry Cobbler - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Peach Pie - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Pig Candy - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Pumpkin Crisp - Greg Mrvich / Big Green Egg (Large) Rum Cake - Greg Mrvich / Big Green Egg (Large) Sara's Cookies (Chocolate Chip) - Dan Robertson / Grill Dome (Large) Smoked Almonds - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Smokey Hot Wings w/ Bleu Cheese Dip - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Pasta & Side Dishes Cast Iron Pan Cornbread - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Green Bean & Bacon Casserole - Greg Mrvich / Big Green Egg (Large) Lasagna - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Big Joe Smoked Macaroni & Cheese - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Twice Baked Potatoes - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Jr. Crab Stuffed Portobellos - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Deep Dish Mac & Cheese w/Pulled Pork Pie - Chris Lynch / Grill Dome Veggies Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Bell Peppers - Rus Jones / Kamado Joe Classic Smoked Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette - Greg Mrvich / Big Green Egg (Large) Smoked Onions with Bacon & Gruyere - John Setzler / Kamado Joe Classic Sauces / Rubs / Marinades Eastern North Carolina Style Barbecue Sauce - John Setzler Spicy Beer Mustard - John Setzler Kamado Overviews & Reviews: Big Steel Keg - CookingFor8 Kamado Joe Classic - John Setzler Kamado Joe Big Joe - John Setzler Kamado Joe Jr. - John Setzler Key Words: How to cook on a kamdo grill Kamado cooking recipes Kamado video tutorials
  7. I have an opportunity to buy a Monolith classic (by size, pretty sure it isn't Le Chef) and looking for opinions on both the grill itself and whether it's a good price. About 1 year old, in good condition, with stones/grates, a CyberQ Cloud controller, and a table built by the owner. Unsure how well the control fan works (I couldn't get it to start with the CyberQ just fiddling around without lighting coals, and the owner said they never really figured it out). I've worked the seller down from $1575 to $1100 for everything, no tax, I pick it up myself. 1. What do you think about this brand and model? An established German company but only in the US market a few years without much penetration yet. Made in China, maybe at the KJ factory? 2. Is this a fair price, or should I try to work lower? I had planned to go with either the Ceramic Akorn or Grilla Kong at lower prices (without table), but is this worth spending a little extra? Thanks. caseymcmillan@hotmail.com
  8. Bbqube temperature controller. Like new. Used once or twice. $80 plus cost of shipping. PM if interested. South Carolina.
  9. hi everyone Just wanted to give you a feedback on my experience so far with the dojoe (on kamado big joe) i have a very mixed feeling with this accessory. i am loving all others kamado accessories however From access to the center of stone (very small opening), temperature control (most of the time below my required temperature (i like to cook pizza close to 700deg f) ) and the impossibility to cool down the charcoal for a next cook (you cannot close the dome until it cool down completely) i have very negative feelings about this product. But the most annoying thing for me is the charcoal consumption to reach an acceptable temperature...it is just unbelievable the amount of charcoal you need to put inside the kamado just to cook couple of pizzas i have made a quick calculation and i would reimburse almost a dedicated pizza oven (like ooni pro) in less than 10-15 cooks only vs the amount of charcoal i am putting right now i have made several trials (almost 7) and my conclusion is simple: i will stop cooking with the dojoe and invest in a dedicated pizza oven...i gave up... and i can tell you it does require a lot for me the give up something i invested 300usd could be good to share your feedback on this product. maybe i raised my expectations to high
  10. I just bought a new PB K24 from Costco 2 days ago. I tought it would be easier to find a suitable heat deflector (... and affordable). The original one is about 136$can (with shipping). I was looking at all the other topics related to the heat deflector, and it seems that the original one is not really appreciated. The problem is, most of the replacement solutions are from items are from the US or UK, but I can't find these items in Canada. I was looking for for the Vision XL spider (or any other spider), or even for the Saffire multi levels, but there's none on amazon.ca, homedepot.ca, ... I can't find any other solution. The Ceramic Grill Store, that most people are talking about, says on his website that they can deliver to Canada (+ some fees), but when I try to order, the only country available is US. I would like to have some help, or some other ideas available in Canada, instead of ordering the expensive original Pit Boss Heat Deflector!!!
  11. I am looking to buy a Kamado Grill/Smoker I am looking for advice from people that have actually purchased and used one. I am also looking to buy one reasonably priced, Best Bang for the Buck. I really like the Kamado Joe but they are definitely a bit pricey. So all advice from experienced Kamado buyers and users are appreciated Thank you Anthony
  12. First time posting here and I need some help- this year the torch has been passed to me to cook Christmas dinner for my family (10 people). I purchased my KJ Classic II 3 weeks ago and thought I’d give Prime Rib a shot. I’m new to smoking/grilling but I’ve loved my KJ so far and cooked some killer dinners already. Confidence was high, did my research, purchased 11lbs of Prime Rib From a local butcher and took it home. First mistake: I thought I had ordered boneless PR - nope, bone-in... butcher had already cut the bones and retied to the meat. I thought I should just cut it off and proceed as planned. Well I cut the bones off and saw some thick chucks of fat (fat cap?) and took those off as well. trimmed a lot of fat off the back as well because it seemed too thick. Tied back up with butcher twine and now it’s sitting in the fridge seasoned with salt,pepper, garlic powder and wrapped in plastic. After watching numerous YouTube videos of people cooking with the bones attaching & properly trimming their PR - I’m terrified that I butchered (no pun intended) this meat and took out all the flavor removing the bone rack & fat cap. Im also worried that the meat will sit in the fridge seasoned too long and the meat will dry out as a result. The cook will be tomorrow around noon which means it will sit about 36 hours seasoned. Any ideas to help this rookie save this cook is much appreciated! I’d love Malcom Reed or John Setlzer to just give me a pat on the back and tell me it’s going to be ok haha P.S. I’m planning on adding a wet rub over the PR about an hour or two before throwing it on the Joe tomorrow: cooking low&slow over indirect heat around 225-250 until internal temp hits about 120 - removing and letting rest while I crank up the Joe to 500 for a quick reverse sear. I also still have the bone rack and not sure what to do with it.
  13. 300℃ and 10 minutes, the skills is how to put the pizza upper on the paddle :))
  14. Had a few people who follow my Instagram ask for more information on the table shown in some of my pictures. This is the cedar table work station I built to house my large and minimax big green eggs so far pretty happy with it
  15. Last summer, I was given a "hand-me-down" Grill Dome which had chipped under prolonged exposure to extreme weather. I decided to do a complete overhaul. This included repairing chips, rebuilding missing sections, and a full repaint using a high-temp wrinkle finish. I also ordered a brand-new kevlar/nomex weave gasket which was custom-sized for the Grill Dome (more on that in a separate post). The owners of Grill Dome graciously spent a lot of time with me by phone and via email to explain in detail all the considerations for my project. Below are pictures of the various stages - from stripping paint, to resurfacing, repainting, through to the final build. It was a fun project and I learned a lot! As a result of my first success, I inherited a second cooker which I plan to strip down and re-build this summer. I plan on applying a new high-heat ceramic paint and if all goes as planned, this cooker will look like nothing you have ever seen! Enjoy. KCobra
  16. Hi I’m new to the forum but a long time lurker. I think I scored a rare beauty in the local classifieds today. Based on other research on here I think I bought a “new” Modern Imperial Kamodo. The seller said said his dad got it while in the military and never used it... Got any tips on how to get this going? I’ve got an Acorn, but I think this is new territory.
  17. Hello All!!! Grilling spatchcock chicken with John Henry's Texas Chicken Tickler!!!!
  18. wow. I have been looking at Alibaba and there are so many manufacturers of ceramic kamados. The price is 1/4 -1/3 of retail, BUT the hard part to swallow is shipping. Has anyone ordered things from Alibaba - large / heavy like this? MOQ = Minimum Order Quanity = sometimes is 1 or 2 but Never to fill a container! Anyone will expertise in this area? imports? I am near Long Beach for major international port of entry. The number of containers and activity is unbelievable. https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Patio-Camping-Stove-Ceramic-BBQ-Smoker_60510617447.html?spm=a2700.8443308.0.0.50783e5f79wBlg For example the single 23" MODEL: TQ0023 Grill Diameter: 59cm/23.2inch Grid Diameter: 52cm/20.5inch Kamado cooking Area:2123sq cm/329sq in Net Weight:95kg Weight(with CTNS):103kg Assembled size: 128*80*120cm Package size:75*66*92cm Container: 46PCS/20"FT; 102PCS/40"FT; 147PCS/40"HQ Sample wooden packing dimension:88*78*94cm 103KG !! (WOODEN BOX CRATE ADDS TO WEIGHT BUT NEEDED FOR SHIPPING PROTECTION)
  19. My wifed signed me up for BBQ Ribs at my son's baseball endgame party. After working on my own controller like nuts for 3 years she now signs me up for every potluck party we go. So I was on a quest to find out how to use minimum effort to make pro-like ribs. I figured I'll make a video for it since I haven't smoked much of ribs for a while. Here is a process I tested today and the ribs turned out to be just as savory and tasty as, well, finely prepped ribs. It'd add a few points with some freshly cut herbs and garlic but these ribs turned out to be just amazing. Here is the process, no overnight seasoning, no wrapping and no mopping. The grill was not touched til the end. 1. I went straight to Costco and picked up some pre-dry-rubbed St. Louis Cut Ribs. I've used them before and they are great. For only $3.49 /lb and seasoned, this is the best bang for the buck. This way I don't have to buy them ahead of time. The ribs are good to go. The rub was called "Souvloki" rub and it got a little heat in it. 2. I curled up the ribs into a standing tube with two skews. This way the ribs are cooked 1~2 hours faster and even on both sides. It took three hours to cook the ribs to 210 internally. 3. Lit the starter cube, put in the heat deflector, insert the meat probes and grill probe. Put the meat in and close the lid for the first and last time. 4. Set the temperature controller to 270. I was just experimenting with it, It worked really well. A nice bark was formed yet the inside is savory. It pulls off the bone easily. 5. That was it. No wrapping no mopping no nothing. Just cruise around for 3 hours and take it straight out of the grill and eat. So next time if you are in a hurry or just being lazy...you know what to do.
  20. So far it's a great Saturday morning. Got up a little early, started a fire with rockwood and apple. Then dressed this 15 pound brisket with my coffee rub blend. Later today I have a hunk of loin to cook, it's been curing for about 14 days. I'll update with photos in a few hours.
  21. Hi all, we made a little video about cooking frozen pizza from stores. It was a fun lunch at work. When I first made the pizza ring 2 years ago there weren't many frozen pizzas in the stores, most are thick crust. but now...wow, they got their own aisle. So we dust off the pizza ring and made pizza lunch at work. We tested more than 8 different brands of pizzas, and Newman's thin crust cooked best in the Akorn Kamado, California kitchen's Sicily pizza had a perfect dough/topping ratio, and even the cauliflower dough tasted good from the stone. The stone was kept around 450 - 500, anything higher may burn the dough without full cook the toppings. So on thicker dough keep the stone under 400 will be a good idea. Talking bout the stone, we used Rockheat we bought from Amazon, I'd recommend it. simple but smart handle design. We're working on a pizza stone with a digital thermometer built in, then you won't need the Infrared gun to read the stone temperature. I can probably program our controller to keep the stone temperature consistent. https://bbqube.us/Turn-Your-Akorn-Kamado-into-an-Italian-Pizza-Oven-with-Kamado-Pizza-Ring_b_2.html
  22. Hey Kamado Fans, I've recently inherited a antique Kinurra Yaki Kamado size #5 from my grandfather who purchased it new in the late 1950s while overseas. It is still factory wrapped, with cardboard padding around it, and rope holding all the pieces together. This thing is as good as it gets. It's currently in Burke, VA and I'm looking to sell it. If anyone is interested please email me: parkergriffo@gmail.com Cheers! -Parker
  23. Made these Jack and Coke chicken thighs last night, recipe courtesy of http://howtobbqright.com/2016/10/07/jack-coke-chicken-thighs/. Turned out incredible! Meat was super rich and juicy, the skin tighten up with the ultra flavorful tacky glaze, and they even formed up pretty nice. I served them with some sweet corn on the cob, pasta salad with fresh mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, and some other things, and a mustard vinaigrette butter lettuce salad. My only recipe modifications were that I used peach preserves instead of pineapple because I couldn't find pineapple, and I used half the brown sugar that the recipe said in the glaze because my all purpose rub has some sugar and the one he uses does not. Next time, I would make the glaze slightly less salty to let some of the other notes shine through a bit more, and I might put a little less wood one before smoking. Overall very happy with how these turned out and encourage y'all to try it! Please let me know if you have any tips or questions...I'm always trying to get better!
  24. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/for/d/kamado-bbq-smoker-grill/6547771880.html Seems like a great deal for someone that lives a bit closer. $500 for a huge K7 with some nice accessories. The price is cheaper than lots of new models.... Happy Easter!
  25. This past weekend, I did a spatchcock chicken on the Pit Boss. It was some of the juiciest chicken I've had and it came out really good. Spatchcock Chicken on the Pit Boss Kamado
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