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  1. HELLO! I am brand new to this forum... Just found this awesome place about 5 mins ago. I am having a problem with my cooking consistency of fire control. My most recent example is from yesterday. I was experimenting with double indirect and I was going to finish off with direct heat. These were chicken wings. So, I put in my slow roller and on top of that I had the heat deflectors. I built my charcoal up and put some wood underneath on the outsides of the stack of coal. I used 1 fire starter on top of the pile to get it going. I have experimented with leaving the lid open here and closed... This time I let it get going and when the started went out I closed the lid a little and then put all my set up on it. I got the temp up to about 300 f and put my chicken on. I closed the vent to about 1 finger at the bottom and left the top all the way open and it was stabilized. I assumed based on this it would take the chicken 30-40 mins to cook... I checked it maybe 15 mins (not exactly sure) and it was getting really close to temp. So, I decided to pull my stuff out to try to get some direct heat. Almost all the charcoal was white and appeared burned up (which isn't what I expected) I feel like a lot of this is caused by the wood catching fire? But I didn't see any spikes in temp that I noticed. I believe my thermometer in the dome could be way off so I do need to check that. Also, on a side note... how do you shut down and clean up? Once I got mildew/mold in the Joe when I left the coals in. I am paranoid now and waste so much charcoal burning everything off when I am done.
  2. Hi Everyone, I’m looking for any tips on how to cook a full packer brisket on my KJ Classic 2. To date I have only smoked brisket twice; one time each of the Point & the Flat. After seeing them in person at Costco it doesn’t look like it will fit on my KJ. How do you make it work? I am not sure if I posted this question in the correct thread. Take Care, Pablo
  3. Hello Gurus! I am looking to sell my Kamado Joe Big Joe I, red color. I am the original owner and bought it in 2015. It is available for pick-up in Tampa Bay, FL. $700 OBO Thanks!
  4. Hi Guys, Few years back I posted my build on a custom cedar table for my old Char-griller Akorn kamado. I have recently purchased and upgraded to Kamado Joe Classic II and am currently building a new table for it. It is all being made using western red cedar. I will be updating progress periodically. Overall dimensions are as follows: 84" (L) x 36" (W) x 32" (H) Grill will be placed in the middle with 2 lower shelves on each side. Picture of the old grill set up.
  5. Thanks to @Kamadobjorn for the inspiration. The table is the “Applaro” Line. The hardware that you see in the last pictures all came from Hobby Lobby. The table comes with a thin, cheap pull bar and nothing else, not even knobs for the doors. The cooler pic is just for reference as that was what I was doing prior to getting the table. The last pic is sans hardware just the way it comes from IKEA. I used Lenox 18TPI metal jigsaw blades with an adjustable speed jigsaw set to its lowest setting to cut the hole. I used this edge trim from Amazon: Trim If you have any other questions just ask. Cheers.
  6. Does anyone have any experience with grilling whole squid? I toured my local "international" (their term) grocery store today and one item I saw was fresh whole squid. I'd like to take a crack at grilling it, but don't want to waste money winging it. Any tips/guidelines you have would be appreciated! Happy grilling
  7. Want to purchase one of these accessories. My question is can the soap stone do everything the cast iron can do plus more? I imagine the soapstone wouldnt get as hot as the cast iron? I imagine the cast iron cooking, more food would possibly stick and more maintenance or are they too very different tools for different type cooks/food.
  8. Just received my Kamado Joe. I had an egg years ago, way before technology introduced itself into the sphere. There is so much information and so many products to chose from I am in information overload. I will be doing brisket & pulled pork from time to time, but will mainly do chicken and the usual dinner staples. Should I make the investment into something that is scalable with a fan added eventually, or just get a great wireless thermometer and trust proven cooking ability and forget about a fan. Thanks for the replies.
  9. In this video, you will find all of the information necessary to properly unbox and assemble your new Kamado Joe Classic III grill. I didn't think to make a video for the first one, so thought I would share tips I picked up from doing it a second time around.
  10. Hi, I followed the steps in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qm-nm4Z7wA&t=15s and I my brisket turned out dry and dense. I'm hoping you can tell me where I went wrong: - ~5.5 lbs (pre-trimmed) of Prime Angus grain fed brisket point from https://shalhoob.com/butcher-shop - trimmed as much of the silver skin off as I could - trimmed off hard fat and tried to leave 1/8" to 1/4" of fat - seasoned 24 hours prior to cook with 50/50 coarse black pepper and kosher salt - used Kamado Joe lump charcoal and two medium chucks of mesquite hardwood - ambient outside temperature was low-mid 80s - waited until grill came up to temp and smoke was mostly clear before putting meat on - put meat on fat side down - cooked in Classic III using sloroller, on the lower level rack - cooked with water pan on grill - used Thermopro two probe digital thermometer (1 probe at grill level, 1 probe in thickest part of brisket) - grill temp ranged between 245-270, but mostly 250-260 - took ~6.5 hrs to get to 170 internal temp - wrapped in foil at 172 - took ~1.5 hrs to get to 203 - at ~203 a wood shish kabob skewer did go through meat, but still felt a little resistance. At this point I pulled it b/c I was concerned about over cooking - kept in foil, wrapped in towel, put in cooler for 1.5 hrs The brisket had bark and a smoke ring. Pencil thin slice passed pull test. But it was dry and dense. The attached photos are from the day after the cook and the meat is cold. Where do I go wrong? Thanks!!
  11. I accidentally bought a two pack of bonless pork shoulder from Costco. I have always used bone-in, so this is new to me. As I was preparing the butts trimming sinew, silver skin, hard fat, veins etc, I started also cutting portions of the butts into sections. I now have two 4 lb boneless butts and several large scraps. This has provided me the opportunity to use the vertical spit I bought from Ceramicgrillstore.com a few months ago. I'm excited to say the least. I'll post picture of the meal later this afternoon when I build it get it going. Here are pics of what I ended up with after trimming and then the portions I will smoke overnight for pulled pork tomorrow.
  12. Made some cod the other day on the KJ classic for me and my wife. It's a fairly simple and light meal for anyone watching their waistline. All I did was make two foil packets spray them down with some oil. Then I lined it with sliced onions, and tomatoes. After that I placed two pieces of cod loin which I've seasoned with some McCormick's Garden Vegetable on the veggies. Then tossed on some sliced lemons. Put them on the KJ and cooked till the cod hit an IT of 140°.
  13. Hi all! I am new here (though I've reading this forum online for about a week, which ultimately helped me decide to purchase). On Saturday I bought my first ever ceramic grill, the Kamado Joe Classic I. I decided to go with the Classic I for a couple reasons: 1. Price - Lowe's is now selling KJ and they have the Classic I and Classic II for $749 and $1199 respectively. Plus I got an additional 10% so I was able to get it for about $675 2. I like that the top vent on the Classic I is cast iron instead of the aluminum Kontrol Tower on newer ones 3. While the upgrades on the Classic II and Classic III (newly released) are tempting, none of them were tempting enough for the $400-$600 more it would cost to buy. 4. This is my first ceramic, so I figured it's okay to start smaller. Plus seems like pretty much all the improvements on the Classic II and III could be retrofitted to my Classic I if I ever wanted to (though the airlift hinge would be kinda hard, I'm sure it could ultimately be done). 5. My biggest reservation I had after researching the Classic I was that the first ones originally released from 2014-2015 had lots of reports of the firebox cracking and needing to be replaced. This is a concern even though it is covered under the lifetime warranty. However, they fixed this problem with the AMP firebox on the Classic II and now, if you buy a new Classic I today like I did, KJ is selling those with the AMP firebox already. So anyways, I'm very happy with her right now and I've already grilled some brats, deer backstrap, and shrimp skewers! My brother-in-law owns a XL BGE (which is what originally has had me wanting a kamado for a while now). I am in desperate need for a really good meat thermometer right now and I'm thinking of just going ahead and spending the money on a WiFi controller for these Kamados. From what I've been reading on the iKamand, they are still working kinks out and it isn't as feature rich as some. What do you guys recommend (why/why not)? Flame Boss, CyberQ, DigiQ, or just get the iKamand and trust KJ will update software/firmware? Thanks all.
  14. A few of my first cooks, loving the grill so far. Each of these is the first time I tried them on the grill.
  15. I am joining the forums today and hoping to be able to contribute in the future. I am looking at buying a KJ Classic, but I am torn between whether to buy the KJ Classic or the 2017 KJII. The $300 is not a determining factor for me. I have heard from the store I am looking to buy from that the new KJII easy lift needs to be adjusted on a daily basis and is a pain. He also said that the new gasket does not seal properly and needs to be locked to form an actual seal. He said retailers are not happy with them and should have been consulted before they changed the original KJ Classic. When I asked if they had any in stock, he said 'No' and didn't know when they would because there are likely manufacturing issues. He also mentioned that next year they will be replacing it with a new model - the KJ Classic 2018. Any truth to any of this. It sounds a little shady to me. Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  16. Started a brisket Saturday night for a loooooooooooooooong smoke and the results were outta' this world. This was a section cut from a whole packer (starting to realize it does make for a better brisket) it was seasoned with holy cow rub and injected with their Honey hog injection powder. The liquid I used for the injection was 100% pineapple juice hoping it would tenderize the internal meat because of the acidity of the juice..... and I was very much correct on this. I couldn't really try the "pull test" because it would fall apart just lifting it up lol. BTW I cooked it to exactly 201F ( I've heard magic happens at 203 but I didn't want to risk anything for 2 deg). I let it rest in a cooler for maybe 45 minutes to an hour. The smell was too good to let it sit any longer. I don't think the cut picture does this cook justice, I'm telling you I've had brisket from Texas to Florida, expensive to cheap, and this was far and away my new favourite. (edit) I just wanted to say that I'm still blown away at the efficiency of this cooker. 19 HOURS at 220-245!!! I don't know how you can mess up a meal on this thing! Click to enlarge...
  17. The company I work for had a contractor flown in from North Carolina and he was looking for some local BBQ. Once on the subject , the conversation revolved around what I was used to and what he was used to. Aft r much discussion I started looking for chopped bbq pork recipes and recipes ran a couple by him. The one he said was closest to what he liked was a vinegar based sauce also used as a mop sauce. So I went with it and attempted it this weekend. The pork butt was seasoned with kosher salt and black pepper and smoked with hickory. The butt was smoked at a grate temp of 240 for 14 hours. The last eight hours it was mopped every hour on the hour. This is what I ended up with. The mop sauce BBQ sauce consisted of cider vinegar, brown sugar, salt, crushed red pepper flakes, and a tiny bit of ketchup. The sauce was split in half and mustard was added for a mustard based vinegar sauce. The butt is resting now, so let's see how it turns out. Stay tuned.
  18. These were cooked for 55 min and then seared at 650 on the Joe Jr. Wow. My other pics of the water bath and the searing on the Junior won't load but the money's got will so there you have it.
  19. Hi everyone, I am new owner of a Kamado Joe Classic and have so far cooked prime rib roast, chicken thighs, pork shoulder, and smash burgers following the great advice on this forum. Learning to control temperature the old fashioned way. Now what do I do w my 10 y/o Weber grill? The smash burgers turned the kids to the Kamado. Travis
  20. These thighs were cooked yesterday and seared on the Kamado Joe Classic. They were seasoned and cooked for four hours and literally came apart off the bone and were super juicy. The sear on the cast iron insert is second to none and the crust was just awesome!
  21. Rak73

    Big News!

    Good morning everyone! I've been a little quite on the forum the past couple of months, but that doesnt mean I havent been thinking of my friends here I've been really focused on a couple of projects. Firstly, and most importantly, my health. I'm please to share that since my heart attack on November 25th, I have lost almost 30lbs (through better eating and exercise) and yesterday I was able to run 5km without stopping! Its a big deal My other project has been to help KJ roll out sales in Lowes stores. I was asked to help conduct store product training for Lowes employees across Canada. Since I quit my full time job after the attack (horrible job plus terrible manager which had a negative impact on my personal health and family life), I had nothing but time on my hands, so I agreed! I mean really, think about it, Bobby was going to pay me to talk about BBQ! LOL Well, one thing led to another and....Please meet your new Director, Sales (Canada) for Kamado Joe! After 17 years in the recruitment industry (including owning my own firm), I have an opportunity to be involved in a company and product that I am passionate about. I had the chance to meet with Bobby and the folks at Kamado Joe at their location last week and was even more impressed by the team, the facilities and dedication to make a great product even better. Its not often in life you get to do something you are really excited about, this is one of those opportunities. I'm really looking forward to introducing and expanding the Canadian market to Kamado Joe. Personally, this new chapter in my career is all about having fun and doing what I love....life is too short my friends, live it! I know there are lots of Canadians on this site and I would love to hear from you, please DM me! I will be traveling across the country a fair bit and would love to hear your ideas and get to know you. Thanks, Rak smile emotico
  22. Hi all Brand new to Kamado cooking. My US colleagues all have the big green eggs. To see how it goes I've started off on the Joe Junior. I have no idea what temperatures to start cooking at, durations etc. Any advice or links to "cheat sheets" would be great. Looking forward to the trial & error part too though
  23. Yup, Andy was right! The flavor and texture of this chicken was much different than standard grilling, family picked it clean.
  24. As most might know, I've had my eye on the Enameled Cast Iron for some time & Pennheads recent spinach and shroom cook got me motivated. First, I got my tomato sauce going which is very basic but very good. I used the Lodge 7.8 qt dutchie for this task. While my sauce cooked, I formed and smoked my meatballs (kamado joe cooking channel recipe) which I had mixed and stored in the fridge earlier in the morning. Then some sweet Italian sausages After the meats were done, I added them to the sauce and began to assemble the lasagna. Cooked it for 20 minutes with the cover on Then pulled the lid, covered the top with cheese and cooked uncovered for about 30 minutes Let it rest/cool for an hour with the lid off And Served I cooked the lasagna at 300 vs my usual 350 to account for the heat Retention in the CI. Thanks for looking!
  25. Time is always an issue getting out the door to work in the morning. Lately, I've been cooking up a whole chicken and using the recipe from Kamado Joe YouTube channel to keep a batch of chicken-salad in the fridge and whip up a couple of wraps before I head out the door. Yesterday I kicked it up a notch with some buffalo rub. To mix, I use 1/2 low fat mayo and 1/2 fat free sour cream and it comes out BALLER!
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