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Found 13 results

  1. The last time we rented an Airbnb I vowed to buy a knife roll and bring some of my knives with me so I could have the use of sharp knives instead on the dull knives they always seem to have. (It’s not that they need to be expensive, but if they were at least sharp I wouldn’t complain) Well we just got back from spending a week in Reno at an Airbnb and you can guess how the knives were. So, I’ve made good on my vow and got myself a cheap knife roll. I also purchased this Mercer Millenia 8” chef knife to go in it. As I said they don’t need to supply expensive knives and t
  2. Wanted to try out one of my new knives so decided what better way that to make some Pico de Gallo. Sorry I didn’t get any pics as I was filming a video instead. (Video link below) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpc7ojxlHUA&t=19s Thanks for watching. The recipe is in the video but not listed in writing. I shared it on this site before so if you don’t want to listen to the entire video you can hit this link instead.
  3. If I had stopped at the cheap Mercer knife, I had purchased from Amazon I’d have been fine. (See previous thread) Unfortunately, there was a sale over Labor Day at Cutlery and More, so my wife is now mad at me because I purchased 3 more new knives. She suggested I have a problem and to this I must agree. I didn’t “need” any of these knives, but one was such a good price and the other two are, as Old Man Parker said on Christmas Story, “Indescribably Beautiful!”. Below is a short video of the objects of my wife’s wrath. This first knife is a 9” Dragon Storm Chef’s knife by A
  4. A certain knife dealer site had so good of prices on some nice knives in BD1N stainless that I couldn’t help myself. (It’s a sickness I tell ya!) Anyway, here’s some pics of my new tools. 9” hollow edge craving knife and fork set. 6” curved boning knife. I had a Big Poppa gift certificate I’d won in a throwdown that was burning a hole in my pocket so, I placed a couple of items I didn’t already have in my cart. Also added 2 rubs on sale that I thought I’d use a lot. I already used the carving knife for Christmas Eve dinner with m
  5. Going to ask Santa for a few new knives for this year. I am looking for recommendations on a boning/fillet knife and a brisket/meat slicer. Considering Shun and Wusthof but am not dead set on either brand. I'd like something that holds an edge for a long time and relatively easy to maintain. Thanks in advance.
  6. Well after seeing all the nice new toys some of you all were getting, my resistance got worn down. A week before my birthday, I went to the local Sur la Table store to look at some Miyabi’s. I then approached the subject of a new knife with the CFO. Her initial response was a firm “No Way!” Fast forward a week to after my birthday party was over and I see she has left a present aside so as not to have it opened in front of our guests. She had me open it and it was a box of “You’re Awe-Some” Reese’s Peanut butter bars. I’m thinking yum but also why did we wait on this? She saw my confused
  7. Sunday I posted a link to an Amazon Daily Deal on a Wetstone (1000/6000) for knife sharpening. I went ahead and got one as well as a 3000/8000 stone. I received them today and tried them out. Here is the 1000/6000 stone. It came with this nice holder. Here is the stone soaking, Here is the 3000/8000 stone soaking. Can you see the bubbles as it absorbs the water? It came with this rubber gasket that makes it fit in the holder that came with the other stone. Tried them out on this cheap knife that was in bad shape.
  8. Since many of you have been posting pix of new knives in recent weeks I thought I would share a pix and some info on the knives I've gotten so far this year. As a senior citizen I've accumulated many knives over the years and don't really "need" any more knives but we all know how that needs vs. wants thing plays out at times. However, a couple of these knives were meant to fill a specific need/purpose but a couple of them were just...I liked them. I've always had eclectic tastes and never really been interested in having a "complete set" of similar knives from the same line/serie
  9. With all the talk about Japanese knives on here recently I decided to post this on the only one I own. It's in horrible shape and needs a lot of work. I inherited this knife when my parents died 19 years ago. I believe they probably picked it up at a garage sale as they frequented them before they past. It has some markings in Japanese and only Japan in English. Over all pic. Close up. Back side. As you can see the tip is broken off and there are visible chips in the edge. It's probably a cheapy but can anybody identify it?
  10. Costco has a 6 piece set Of Global knives on sale for $349.99. With all the Knife talk on here recently I figured I'd post this. I don't have these knives, so I know anything about them, but I know they are an upper end knife line. Maybe @keeperovdeflame can weight in with his thoughts on them and their quality. As a comparison Cutleryandmore.com has the same set for $599.99. Link: https://www.costco.com/Global-6pc-Knife-Set-with-Block.product.100311468.html
  11. So I've narrowed my choices down to 3 sets. I'd like to hear some thoughts. I think I've read every topic under the subject of knives. At first I was only going to order a 8" Chef and a 4" paring, based on most folks advice. But for not much more I can gather a few more, that I'd probably buy in the long run. 1. Coupled with a 20% off coupon this one can be had for less than $140. I can't find many reviews, but I like the feel. https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/zwilling-reg-j-a-henckels-five-star-8-piece-knife-block-set/1047049598?skuId=47049598&product_id=4704
  12. Many of us grew up with the aluminum handle stainless blade ubiquitous paring knives in our parents and grand parents kitchens. Ones that look like this: I always liked these knives and I have been using some from my grandmother's and mother's estate for quite a while. They stay remarkable sharp. The main thing I do not like about them is that over time the brushed aluminum handle gets oxidized and feels "funny" in the hand. I always wondered if the company was still around that made them. Well... some time back from another post on this forum I learned that knives were made
  13. Over the past 10 years the technology used to manufacturer stamped knives has improved so much that they've really have closed the gap with the hand forged blades. Some higher quality stamped knives can out perform some the high-end hand forged blades. It's made the decision much harder than it was in the past. Which do you prefer, hand forged or high quality stamped knives? Which knife brand(s) are your personal favorites? Do you still think it's worth spending the big bucks on hand forged knives?
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