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Found 8 results

  1. King Crab, Smoked Salmon, Lobster, Lobster Tail, Shrimp (grilled and pan seared), Sweet Corn and Red Potato A very bad pic ofspicy shrimp...
  2. Grilled Lobsta Tails The specific request for a special occasion meal was to have lobster tails. Of course, I could not do just any old cook with these – they really needed to be charcoal grilled on Joe. After all, it was a special occasion! Grilled Lobster with Baked Potato and A Fresh Salad the salad had a homemade ranch dressing containing fresh minced parsley, chives, and dill – a great flavor complement to the lobster - and good on lobster rolls IF there is any lobster leftover) The Tails (these were Costco’s Canadian cold water lobster - each tail was about 6 oz. I prefer cold water lobster if it is not a live lobster) Top Shell Cut and Underside Meat Brushed with Seasoned Butter Prepare the tails by cutting just the top of the shell lengthwise but not through the tail fin with kitchen shears. Do not cut the lower membrane. Gently loosen the meat (I use my thumb and fingers between the meat and the shell) and set it above the split shell so the shell acts as a support. I prepared unsalted melted butter, lemon juice, and a touch of seafood seasoning mix as a cooking sauce. Coat the lobster meat on all sides with the basting mix. Dust with a bit more Cajun seasoning. Reserve some of the butter mix for basting during the grilling. What It Looks Like (note: when working meat out of the shell through the slit, leave the meat attached at the tail end) Ready for the Grill I used my cast iron grates since they were in the grill from a prior cook. It provided nice grill marking on the meat. Set up for direct grilling at 350-375 degrees. No additional wood smoke – just the charcoal and the flavoring from the grilling that the shell imparts. Cook these larger tails meat side down for 7 minutes and then turn over, baste well with the butter mixture and cook for another 5 minutes. Don not overcook. Stop at 135-140 internal. After basting, I lightly sprinkled some grated Parmesan cheese on the tail meat on half of them - why? well just to be different and it tastes good. Step 1 - Grill Meat Side Down About Ready to Flip Step 2 - Now Finish Grilling Meat Side Up (use shell as a rest and baste the tails with the remaining seasoned butter. The shell underneath will toast a bit and also keep excess heat off the meat - However, don't burn the shell.) Oh My! Enough for Everybody A Closer Look (this was one with the Parmesan dusting - make it very light) In Closing This method of grilling not only provides good flavor but it makes for a very impressive and nice plate presentation and is easy to eat. One can also better control the aspects of the cook for the perfect result as opposed to a "fully inside the shell" grill cook. It is perfect for that special meal or for company. So,if you have wanted to grill lobster but were just not sure, I hope this helps. I have done it with with the little 3-4 oz tails that periodically go on sale at the grocery. A few of those are great to use for a first time cook particularly as a surf and turf. The smaller ones cook for about 5 minutes meat down and 4 minutes meat up . If you want an internal temperature guide - go for about 135-140 degrees on grilled tails. - you want to cook it just through and no more. Enjoy!
  3. Today was a busy grilling day. T-Bone steaks and roasted corn had been made earlier in the day. The Big Joe was still up and running at 350 indirect on the right and the griddle on the left. A separate post will be made on that cook. This afternoon the local store was visited, and they had some huge monster Shrimp which was available. When I say huge, they looked like they had ate lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They had some Lobster tails at a bearable price, not the lowest I had seen, but not frightening. Lastly, the Scallops were of the ocean variety and looked fresh. The lobster was slit up the tail, and the meat was lifted up and away from the shell for presentation and cooking. The tails were seasoned with the "Pride of Szegd" Fish rub and butter was rubbed into the middle of the crevice. A Ceramic on Cast Iron chaffing dish (Husqvarna) had a liberal dollop of butter applied to it, along with some lime slices and the prepared Lobster. The dish was placed upon the diffused side of the Big Joe which was cruising along at 350. Apple wood trimmings were used for the smoke on all the seafood dishes. The monster shrimp were prepared much in the same way, and were double skewered to prevent curling while cooking. The skewered shrimp were also placed on the indirect side of the Big Joe. A thin slice of lime was rested upon the skewer while it was cooking to add a bit of citrus zing. Another Husqvarna ceramic on cast iron pan was coated liberally with canola oil, and it was rested empty upon the Primo which was cruising at 450 degrees. After the pan was up to temperature, a bit of butter was added to the pan and the Scallops were added to get a nice sear on the surface. After they were seared on one side, they were flipped so the second side could sear. The dampers were closed on the Primo and the temperature was allowed to drop as the Scallops finished cooking. Fresh whole Carrots were sliced about a quarter inch thick and set to the side. A small 2 quart cast iron pot had Honey, Brown Sugar, Water, Ginger, Allspice and a touch of ground clove was stirred until well mixed. The carrots were added to the pot, and it was set inside the Primo, which was running at 350 at that time. The carrots were allowed to simmer for 20 minutes and were nicely sweet and tender. The Ginger notes complimented the rich flavors of the seafood.
  4. Clam Soup & Lobster Toasts This was a leftovers meal created from different Kamado and inside cooks done over several days combined into a nice dinner for four. The Clam Soup I would not call this a chowder, it is more a rich soup – quite similar to a bisque in consistency but no cream nor any potatoes either. It was a wonderful approach using clams. The leftover “red” and “white” Provençale based sauces from the mussel cook ( http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/16503-a-double-treat-of-fresh-mussels/?p=202775) were used as a super flavored stock for this clam soup dish. I combined the white and red sauces together, added 1/3 large can of leftover Centos crushed tomato that I heated up and let the flavors marry with some olive oil sweated sweet onions, green onion, minced garlic and some herbs. I also made in a separate pan a good measure of white roux using butter to acts as a thickener for the soup and carefully added a generous amount of the reheated mussel stock into the roux, incorporated it well, and then added it all back in the main pot. The next addition was the juice drained from six of the flat cans of clams, reserving the clam meat for addition later. The soup (sans clams) was simmered until the flavors came together well, amended as needed with some hot sauce, some dashes of Worcestershire and another few pats of butter to silken it up. The clam meat was added and the pot simmered until the clam meat was cooked and the flavors melded whilst adjusting any final seasonings. Serve with finely chopped parsley as a garnish. We also used some finely chopped cilantro as a garnish to try and quite surprisingly it worked really well with the soup. The Lobster Toasts Salad There were four Kamado grilled lobster claws leftover from the Christmas meal (http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/16656-our-christmas-day-meal-of-grilled-lobster-claws-and-king-crab-legs/?p=205246) and these were made into a simple lobster salad with mayo, Greek yogurt, green onion, fresh chopped parsley, black pepper, a touch of garlic powder, several dashes of hot sauce and some seasonings. They were served, topped with a few capers, on toasted rye squares that happened to be in the pantry. The lobster tasted good on the rye. It made a really nice meal. The depth of flavor on this soup was outstanding. The quick pickled cucumbers were leftovers from yet another cook of smash burgers. I wish you a Happy New Year and great cooks!
  5. Our Christmas Day Meal of Grilled Lobster Claws and King Crab Legs Our tradition lately for Christmas day has been king crab legs and/or claws. This year the Costco seafood roadshow had Canadian cold water lobster claws at a great price. So… into the buggy they went. We had 4+ lbs of claws and 2+lb of crab legs as the main dish. I injected the seafood with a seasoned butter mixture (touch of Cajun seasoning blend, splash of Crystal hot sauce and a hit of garlic powder – go lightly on the overall seasoning in order to complement not overpower the delicate seafood) prior to grilling. Grill at 375 to 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes giving the crab legs a head start. As a side, my daughter did a garlic and parmesan whole potato dish where the peeled spuds are sliced crossways almost all the way through and loaded with butter, parmesan and garlic mixture and then baked. To me, when they were done they looked like lobster tails so that is what I named then - lobster tail potatoes. And of course, some creamed Brussel sprouts for a touch of green. After dessert, we capped off the meal with some tradition pisco sours made with Porton Picso. The Nutcracker General whole heartedly approves! A Grilled Seafood Meal Preparing and Injecting the Seafood A Full Big Joe Grilling Away Garlic and Parmesan Potatoes I Called These “Lobster Tail Potatoes” Creamed Brussel Sprouts Off the Grill and Ready to Crack Open A Bit of Fun With the Food Add Some Wine Enjoy Some Delicious Claws On to Dessert (Angel Food Cake with Raspberries and Fresh Whipped Cream) After Dinner Pisco Sours The Nut Cracker General Gives His Approval I hope everyone had a good Christmas!
  6. A Seafood Duet (Grilled Lobster and New Orleans BBQ Shrimp) Two factors came together as the genesis of this meal. I had fixed my New Orleans BBQ shrimp the other day and had some leftovers but not enough for a full meal for three persons. And the grocery had some small (3 oz) cold water lobster tails on sale. So…. I orchestrated a seafood duet sung by north Atlantic cold water lobster and southern Gulf Coast warm water shrimp. The Final Performance The BBQ Shrimp Leftovers Here is the recipe for the New Orleans BBQ shrimp [EDIT - added link -http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/8738-new-orleans-style-barbequed-shrimp/?p=88234]. For this meal, I rewarmed the shrimp and peeled them. They were plated in individual serving cups and slathered with the wonderful sauce. Some of the sauce was painted on some slices of wheat bread which was at the very end of the cook toasted on Big(Red)Joe. My son has gotten bread toasting on Joe elevated to an art form. Firstly, I prepared and cooked the sides. A did sautéed baby bella mushrooms as a minor side and did some Kamado baked Parmesan zucchini quarters as the main side. The Mushrooms The mushrooms were cooked on the stove in a bit of olive oil and seasoned later with just black pepper. The Parmesan Zucchini Ingredients: zucchini, quartered lengthwise grated Parmesan cheese dried oregano dried basil garlic powder Kosher salt ground black pepper olive oil Mix the Parmesan and all ingredients except the olive oil together to taste. Place cut zucchini in a large bowl and coat well with olive oil. Sprinkle small amounts at a time of the Parmesan mixture on the zucchini until they are well coated. Reserve some of the mix for later. Place on an oiled baking sheet. I used a perforated pizza pan on my extender rack to get it away from too much heat on the bottom of the pan and higher in the dome for more heat on the top of the zucchini quarters. The perforated pan lets the zucchini cook nicely on the bottom. Bake in the Kamado (with pecan wood smoke) at 350-375 indirect for about 20-25 minutes until cooked, but not to the point of being mushy and the coating has browned a bit. Parmesan Mix Seasoned and Coated Zucchini on Big Joe Baked and Ready Beverage Time While the zucchini was baking it was time for a libation for everyone. A nice shaken Monopolowa vodka martini, wet, and dirtied up with Kalamata olives. I like using the Kalamatas as they and their brine are not as salty as the green olives. The Lobster Prepare the tails by cutting just the top of the shell lengthwise but not through the tail fin. Do not cut the lower membrane. Gently loosen the meat and set it above the split shell so the shell acts as a support. I prepared unsalted melted butter, lemon juice, and a touch of Cajun seasoning as a cooking sauce. Coat the lobster meat on all sides with the basting mix. Dust with a bit more Cajun seasoning. Reserve some of the butter mix for basting during the grilling. I reset Big(Red) Joe for direct grilling after removing the zucchini, but the temperature after pulling out the deflectors was about 500 degrees - way too hot. So I shut down the vents for a few minutes until temp dropped to 425. As this was still a bit too hot for grilling the tails on the main grate, I used the extender for the tail cook rather than wait until the direct heat temps got down to 375-400. Cook meat side down for 5 minutes and then turn over, baste well with the butter mixture and cook for another 4 minutes. After basting, I lightly sprinkled on some of the Parmesan mix used for the zucchini on the tail meat. Lobster Tails Cut and Prepped All Buttered Up On the Grill (after turning over) Lobster is Done Let’s Eat! It was another elegant and enjoyable dinner meal to sit down to with the family. Had the lobster been the only main I would have used larger tails or more of them. As is worked out the full meal was just right with the shrimp, lobster and sides and the set of flavors went well together. Thanks for looking!
  7. Kicking off my 30 Days of Grilling a day early with some fancy-shmancy food. Mostly I was wandering around Whole Foods looking for something to throw on the grill and saw that lobster tails were $6.99 each. So I snagged 2 of them, a NY Strip for H, and a filet for me. Got the grill up to 400 to cook the usual Sunday chicken drumsticks (more about those tomorrow) and threw on a couple of potatoes to bake. I let the temps get away from me a little and the outsides of the potatoes were burnt, so no eating the skin, but the insides were perfect. Then I put on a pan of mushrooms tossed in garlic and olive oil: The two lobster tails and the asparagus: When the tails and the asparagus came off, I splashed a little red wine into the 'shrooms: Doused the lobster and the asparagus with herbed butter and capers (totally inspired by @jackjumper101's cook): Opened up the grill to get it up to a little under 600° and threw on the steaks. H's strip was on and off before I could blink. My thick filet took a little longer - long enough to get a photo: About 2 mins on each side and then off to rest and plate up: It was absolutely perfect! And now I'm stuffed and not sure I'll have room for pie.
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