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Found 22 results

  1. 1kg back ribs from my local butcher, cooked using a modified 3-2-1 method over charcoal and cherry wood. And finished with a Bulleit bourbon glaze. Really pleased with how these came out, not fall of the bone but tender and juicy just how I like them!
  2. I have a question for the community about fire construction and how much charcoal I should be using when I set up a cook. I have a KJ Classic III and have been using the SloRoller for all of my low and slow cooks. On some of my larger cooks (one pork butt, a full brisket, and then two boneless pork shoulders) I have burned through all of my fuel before the cook was done. I filled the standard KJ ash basket with charcoal and then light it up with one KJ firestarter. I was smoking everything at around 250F and followed the heating method described by SmokingDad BBQ on his YouTube cha
  3. Hello kamado Peeps. This weekend I tried a low and slow smoked roast lamb with a small leg – just for the small family. I smoked the 1.2kg pcs for around 3.5 hours, and usually this would have been pulled way before this time to ensure a lovely nice rare finish and maintaining the moisture. With this smoke I did not use a water pan on the deflector plate but raised the lamb on the extension grill and placed a small water tray under the lamb with some carrot, garlic, onion and broccolini. I later used this for gravy. The lamb was spiced with olive oil and salt and I stuck fr
  4. LJS

    Ribs 321

    Hello Kamado Peeps, Has ana awesome weekend. My friend did a low and slow leg of lamb on the Webber kettle and left it in sauce with the aim of enhancing the gravy. It sure did and pulled apart beautifully on the rolls, he also did not use any wood just natural spices. So I had to do a cook myself. Went to this new meat shop (meat emporium Sydney) and the selection and quality is really good. I walked out over budget and decided to do some pork ribs a monster pcs. Spice: Pepper, salt, garlic, mustard, onion, paprika, sugar and cayenne pepper Wood: Cheery and 1pcs
  5. So with visitors coming for dinner (the inlaws) this is the first real test – cooking for others, aiming for a set time for dinner… The pressure is on. My plan was for a really flavoursome lamb roast. Sent my wife off to my current favourite butcher – the Low and Slow Meat Co – at Tingalpa.. Can’t fault the product that we have bought from them. I will remember this one for a long time – Tomahawk Steak. Was looking for a boneless something and ended up with this magnificent Sovereign Lamb Shoulder 2.4kg of awesomeness… Cause the meat looked absolutel
  6. well, visually at least- precursor to preivously posted Barbecue- The Movie interesting book on churrasco style bbq still determined to take a class on this
  7. An Aldi opened up a couple months ago near my house. I’ve always wanted to try their spare ribs, finally picked up a rack and gave it a try. I didn’t trim anything, just pulled the membrane off. I even kept the little meat flap on. Seasoned it with some rub I found behind the cabinet, which was not a typical rub I would use, but glad I did. Topped it off with some Killer Hogs for a little color, then let it marinate for 30min to an hour. I used a mixture of mesquite and pecan chunks. Through-out the cook, I spritzed it with diluted apples cider vinegar. My wife made a BBQ sauce that she used o
  8. I shared brisket with several neighbors after my last cook. They were all pretty excited afterwards. Running into one of them a couple of weeks later, he bragged about a butcher from out of state he was ordering sides of beef from and joked about a brisket in his freezer he wanted to have me smoke for him. Mostly as a reward for helping me lift and mount my Big Joe, I told him to bring it over anytime. Well, this is what he brought, about a two or three pound portion of a flat. This is high on my bucket list of things I never want to cook. (No offense but, it's right up there with
  9. I recently got a Big Joe and due to April showers I haven't been about to use it much. I got married Saturday, and Sunday morning woke up a lot earlier than I should have and went to the grocery store right as they opened. Since I was still on the wedding high, I figured I'd do my first low and slow on the Big Joe. I got even more bold when I saw the butcher that I really trust and decided to do my first brisket. He chose the one he thought was best, about 10 pounds, and I saw $6.99/lb and asked if that was the going rate. He said "Yeah, but I'll give it to you for $3.99/lb." Thank you s
  10. Starting the Resurrection Sunday Brisket- a 17lber from Costco. This one sort of made up for the lack of fat on my first Costco brisket. Threw a lot more of this one away. Still though, I think a have a good pre-cook 15lbs or so... Saw these at Costco- couldn't resist... gotta try 'em. And... my old standby, go to sausage... lol what a bad pic- it's Michael Kiolbasa from San Antone' Where I come from, these qualify as sides... lol
  11. Found a nice 21lb brisket @ Restaurant Depot on Saturday- my biggest to date. As I mentioned earlier, I place a high premium on even thickness at the end of the flat and this one meets my requirements nicely. It also didn't require much trimming. I'm thinking that I have at least 19.5 pounds to cook. My last brisket cook, I sold shares of the brisket to my family- cooking two briskets- selling five shares, reserving one for myself- leaving me with a $15 cost for the two briskets, 1/6th the cost. This time I am just selling by the p
  12. My mom asked for a brisket for Christmas but the demands of the weekend were just too much. So, even though I bought this 14 pounder on Friday, I didn't trim it until yesterday and threw it on this morning. Have a little trick of throwing the brisket in the freezer just long enough for the fat cap to harden a bit and make trimming easier. Also, finally bought a decent sized cutting board since I'm going to be doing briskets fairly often. Didn't have as much fat to trim on this on but, a quite a bit more silverskin to remove... Rubbed and ready
  13. So, restaurant depot has brisket at $2.44 a pound. Anyone want to bet on my copping a couple three this month? I have to solve this grease fire issue I've been having one cooking two briskets. I think that I (in the Texas tradition), am leaving more of a fat cap than other briskets I see on the forum. But, the fat is where it's at.
  14. I had to give this another go. My first two brisket cook was quite disasterous. So, this time I had added a DIY extension rack. There's got to be better things to do @ 1:30 am other than trimming briskets. Good, that's done. Now to catch an hour or two nap before the cook. up at 4:15 to start the fire First brisket on
  15. Hey guys, I need some advice. I've done a number of low and slow cooks on my Akorn now (mostly ribs). I've gotten pretty much everything down but one thing: consistent and good smoke. Here is my setup for ribs: I use 100% lump piled up below the tabs. I leave a hole in the middle for lighting and mix hickory and apple chunks in with the lump around the hole. I'll also add a couple on top of the fire before I put on the smoking stone and grate. I start the fire and after the flames die down and a few coals are lit, I'll close the lid and let the TTT start regulating airflow. I usual
  16. So I have a question for anyone willing to answer. I have seen posts on here stating that they had a butt on for 16 hours before taking it off. My question is, what temp are you taking the butt to in a 16 hour period? I reach 195 in about 7-8 hours so are you allowing the butt to continue to cook past that point, or are you trying to reduce the temp of the pit to maintain it? I am a fan of bark, and would love to be able to go that long for the extra bark it would produce, but didn't know if I was just doing something wrong?
  17. Update 04/15/2014 Since this thread was added to the recipes forum, I figured I'd give it a quick review to see if anything needs to be changed. I listed my changes below: 1. I talk about cooking at 225 degrees in my recipe write-up but I have found, as many of you already know, that butts are very forgiving when it comes to grill temperature. I have had great results cooking at 225, 250, and even 300. Your cook time is shorter with the higher temps of course. I just wanted to add this so our newer readers don't focus too much on 225. It can be a challenge to maintain 225 for 14 hours
  18. Hi all, I decided, today, of doing a Low and Slow Roast, more precisely a leg of lamb, boneless It's not very big, around the 2lbs marks. I started it early as I was expecting it to take a good 4h to reach 140F IT, but it is now 3pm over here and it's already at 138F IT I had my KJ at around 225-230F (Grill temp) most of the time I decided on snuffing it out a bit now to have it cook even slower, and grill temp is now at 205F Assuming I don't want to eat for another good 2h (ideally 3h), what would you recommend me of doing? Removing it now and reheat later, or leave it
  19. I have a simple question that I am sure will have many correct answers. What temp and time frame is the best to smoke St. Louis ribs on the big joe. My current plan is to dry rub,, smoke with Apple at 225-250, and coat with sauce. The main question I have is about how long should this take? Also when should apply the sauce? I just need an approximate time frame. While I am at it where should the heat deflector be? IS it necessary to have a drip pan with liquid? I would like to stay away from the 3-2-1 method, I used to this with a Bradley I would borrow. I know a lot of questions aga
  20. Just did my first true low-n-slow. Did a duck earlier but it was more a medium than a low and slow. This was an 11 pound pork shoulder. Used John Henry's "Bubba's Rub" and Chris Lilly's pork injection recipe to season the shoulder. John Henry's is my favorite brand of rubs and marinades. Operates out of Houston, Texas. Look him up on the web. Great stuff. All in all I was pleased with the results. Used the SS colander to hold the charcoal, but used the advice I got from Toe and used a cardboard tp holder to keep the center of the charcoal open for the lighter cube. However I just left the
  21. Just did my first true low-n-slow. Did a duck earlier but it was more a medium than a low and slow. This was an 11 pound pork shoulder. Used John Henry's "Bubba's Rub" and Chris Lilly's pork injection recipe to season the shoulder. John Henry's is my favorite brand of rubs and marinades. Operates out of Houston, Texas. Look him up on the web. Great stuff. All in all I was pleased with the results. Used the SS colander to hold the charcoal, but used the advice I got from Toe and used a cardboard tp holder to keep the center of the charcoal open for the lighter cube. However I just left the
  22. I thought it was a good idea to touch base on a basic topic that sometimes gets buried in post about a specific cook. It's the concept of BBQ and the old saying, "It's done when it's done". After seeing a recent post about two 8 lb butts taking 17 hours to finish I thought it would be good to talk about the basic principles of the cook itself rather than the rubs or injection you use. You can never time a cook and if you think you can, you will get burned and find yourself in panic mood running around cranking up the heat trying to get your cook to finish so your hungry guest can eat. Eve
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