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Found 6 results

  1. Couldn't believe how nice the weather was today. Some great tunes from a Canadian band that I've enjoyed for the last 30 years....were enjoyed during this cook. Try as I might, I can't give up my Diet Dews. Love this stuff. Picked up some wings & pack of boneless breasts on sale today. Got 'em home and put mixed up a batch of Mad Hunky poultry brine for the yardbird parts. Into the fridge for 5 hours. That brine smells great when the stuff comes out of it. I really like this JoeBlow lighter.....you can get your lump burning, toss on the heat deflectors and grate.....and get your dome shut in under 3 minutes.....if you take your time. Three minutes. 3. No need to wait around for some lighter tablet to burn off. Three minutes and dome down with the vents doing their job to direct air flow. Quick warm up times are nice. The BigJoe was ready to go before I had everything rubbed down. Hit it all with a layer of The Slabs & another layer of the Pecan Rub. Great sweet, a little savory and some smallish heat at the end. This is the family's favorite rub on chicken. I'm still big on Mad Hunky Wing Rub....but I surely see their point about this pair. Wings getting there. Gotta babysit them with this particular rub combo though....lotta sugar that can scorch. Breasts getting close, too. Done ! That boneless is gong to make some great salads over the weekend. Finished up this bottle of this goodness over the top of some asparagus....and a little Don's to steam up inside the wrap. I couldn't wait for it to come off the grill to try it. Oh yeah....got a winner right there. Wife loved it, too. There's something else that cooks really, really.....really well at the same temp as wangs.....and the peach wood had already burned through so it was just a nice clean lump burn...... Kamado Kookies !!!
  2. Couple items that I've recently stumbled onto: The flavor found in each of these cans is outstanding. Starting to see them in different local grocery stores now. Good stuff !! The next pair is a couple of excellent products from Mad Hunky. http://madhunkymeats.com Jrow recommended the wing rub to me a while back and I ordered a pound of it to try. He knew that I enjoyed grilled hot wings when he made the recommendation and the rub is very much to my liking. The heat is not what this rub is all about, however, it's the other great flavor that goes along with it. The heat isn't all that much and they offer a second version that is much hotter. I'm not that crazy about stuff that's insanely hot. This standard version is right on time for me. I've used this rub on almost every wing cook I've done since getting it. Sometimes I'll use it in combination with another rub. I've found some great combinations, too. Well.....I killed that first pound of rub surprisingly fast and reordered another pound. This has become a staple. While on their webpage, I poked around and saw their poultry brine. I figured what the heck, I'll go ahead and get some, too. Never know until you try it, right ? I went ahead and ordered two packs and I regret not ordering more than that. 5 tbsp of the brine powder mixed with two cups of tap water........stirs in and blends very easily. My wife has been broiling chicken breasts in the oven a lot over the past few weeks. We've been brining them for anywhere from 4 hours to overnight. The results are nothing short of excellent. Moist, flavorful and not overly spiced in any direction. Even the overnight soak was just right. Impossible to overdo it with this stuff in terms of time. I'm looking forward to doing some wings and whole birds in the future. I have no reason to think that it'll not work well on turkey, too. We've got some boneless chops in the brine now. Gonna see how they do. Anyway, folks.....just wanted to pass along a couple of things I have really found to be rock solid products that I'll keep in the cabinets all the time from now on. When I thanked Jrow.....he also put me on another all-purpose rub. I've ordered a couple bottles and will be using it as soon as I can. I'll update this thread with the results. Please, please, please feel free to post up similar findings that you've recently stumbled across if you'd think others would like them.
  3. Gotta thank @jrow17 for tonight's grub 'round here. I'm keeping it straightforward and easy tonight. I'm getting the flavor on these drunk chics from the Mad Hunky Whang Rub he recommended. I'm killing the last of the pound of rub on tonights cook.......with just enough left to do some wings on next Sunday.......Master's Tournament Sunday. Good news is that I have another pound of this goodness on the way that will be ready for next week's grilling. Finished off a bottle of MH wing rub on some drunk chics and layered on another chicken rub that a buddy gave to me. The MH Whang rub has a bit of heat and sort of a Buffalo wing flavor......the other rub has zero heat and lots of sweat that is killer on chicken. Should be a great combination. Good cooking tunes rolling along.... Sipping on the rest of the Purple Stuff from last night..... Base rub that is almost gone is the aforementioned Mad Hunky Whang Rub.... Buddy's sweet and flavorful chicken rub.... Ready to jump in the grill.... Grill is warmed up and ready to be jumped in, too...... The ceramic chicken sitters were each filled with 12 oz of full bodied-high calorie beer, 2 tbs of minced garlic, and 1/4 cup of Don's Seasoning Delight. Coming along.... Wife was next-door visiting with the lady nextdoor. She said she could smell the goodness as soon as she opened the neighbor's front door. :cool: We'll see how it goes. Gotta get the sides ready.
  4. Fired up the coals for the first time in way too long. Work, family and other obligations have had me strapped for time and energy. Today it's gonna be all about relaxing and enjoying some Bulldog football. Fired up the coals at 11:45 and popped a top shortly after high noon. That grill lighting is thirsty bidness, don't ya know. Wangs and sausage. Also got a pair of drunk chics in there for some immediate runners & wangs......the breasts will be used for a batch of chicken salad.
  5. We are celebrating my wife's birthday this weekend and the menu is of her choosing. I'm just the hombre in the kitchen enjoying playing with fire, knives and good music. She asked for the burgers that our teenager has been calling the "better than 5-guys" burgers. I said, "Yes Ma'am.....what else?". She also wanted some chicken dip. Again, I sez "Yes Ma'am....what else?". She said, maybe a rum drink later and a slice of red velvet cake. "Yes Ma'am....that all sounds good". I'm still riding the high of yesterday......my Pirates won 52-7 after getting punched in the nose and giving up the first score, a touchdown against us..........the Dawgs pounded Clemson.......and the Cocks lost hugely on Thursday. Wife was rocking a Pirate shirt that kept me distracted from the game. Rum drinks were enjoyed. All is well, indeed. I'm also riding the high of being married to a woman who loves the simple eats that I can grill up.......and she doesn't mind cleaning up after I make a mess in the kitchen. 1st order of bidness.....get the chicken ready for the dip. Actually the first priority was to get some proper tunes rolling in the kitchen..... I couldn't resist sampling some of the yardbird.....quality control and all that. Other ingredients brought out and made ready. Decided to substitute the Ed's Red with the Frank's Red Hot Original that I normally use along with the Franks Sweet Chili. I also added two diced jalapeños to this batch. Turned out to be pro-moves that will be included into my normal recipe for this. This dip was the best I've made to date. I'm saying that and haven't even cracked the seal on the rum. My super-cool, convertible 'Vette driving neighbor provided tomatoes from her garden. They were much appreciated. Burgers made with Don's, Italian bread crumbs, jalapeños, Vidalias and fatty hamburger meat. Wife's burger.....woman loves her some Heinz ketchup.....on dang near everything....even the steaks I grill....argggghhhhh. Son ate 3 of these monsters with bbq sauce, bacon and chicken dip. Had an audience of interested parties that batted cleanup on two of the Hebrew Nationals. Wish I could talk them into going out and cleaning my grill and replacing the shot out gasket.
  6. Well.....life is good as it provides some unexpected opportunities to have fun. I went into work this morning with the expectation of staying 13-14 hrs. Mid-morning.....I received a call from Headquarters.......telling me that I was missed and was there anyway I could get off early. I don't get many calls from headquarters while at work.....so I heard the request fully and decided to find a way to comply. I already had 50+ hours in before I went in today......it was Sunday.....easy to see where I'm headed. Secretly there was this compelling urge to demo a rub that J.Row suggested. Only a fool would not follow up on such a suggestion. It just so happens that I had a full pound of said rub tucked away since last Thursday. It was burring me up knowing it was sitting there in my spice cabinet.......waiting to be used. The rub was opened at long last and the aroma told be there was some quality ingredients inside.....waiting to be tasted. I poured my OakRidgeBBQ shaker until it was 2/3 full. I then sprayed the wings with PAM and dusted heavily from every angle. Next time I'll cut the dusting down by 1/2 and call it perfect. I lit the lump and put the heat deflector in place. While the grill was heating up, the toppings were assembled. Some quick knife work with some great tunes and a BLD ta boot......things were shaping up as the coals were getting right. No pics of the wings going on......I'm sorry. Stuff was happening fast. The jalapeños & onions were ready inside the burgers.....along with a pair of other ingredients. These burgers were a bit on the "loose" side........so I flipped a section of my GrillGrates upside down and scraped it clean.....hit it with PAM and the dropped these burgers on it. I had confidence that the results would be killer......but I was hopefully optimistic and cautious. The 'shrooms and 1/4'd onions were soaking up some L&P Roostershire Sauce, EVOO and minced garlic. When the burgers were close.....they went on along with some blue cheese crumbles. After a few minutes.....i put a couple slices of Swiss cheese on top. The wings? Jose Row is da man !!!!!!! They were stellar. Crispy Crunchy Hawt, but in a good way.......Like Jessica Simpson in the Dukes of Hazzard. I'll do finished burger pics in a few. Right now I'm grooving on the hawt wings. Yes, they are hot......but I used a ton of the rub. I'm happy but I can guess other's would be pleased with 1/2 the rub I used. Thanks, Jose. Excellent recommendation, Bro. The other highlight was that my son at 3 of these burgers and declared them "Better than 5-Guys". This........from him.......is a hyoooooge proclamation and marks a new benchmark in my grilling. i'm a happy old fella tonight.
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