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Found 2 results

  1. If I had stopped at the cheap Mercer knife, I had purchased from Amazon I’d have been fine. (See previous thread) Unfortunately, there was a sale over Labor Day at Cutlery and More, so my wife is now mad at me because I purchased 3 more new knives. She suggested I have a problem and to this I must agree. I didn’t “need” any of these knives, but one was such a good price and the other two are, as Old Man Parker said on Christmas Story, “Indescribably Beautiful!”. Below is a short video of the objects of my wife’s wrath. This first knife is a 9” Dragon Storm Chef’s knife by Apogee Cutlery. It’s made of BD1N steel with a HRC of 63. It was on Clearance with an additional 20% off for Labor Day. This next knife is an Enso SG2 7” Bunka knife. It’s made of 101 layers of stainless with a SG2 steel core with an HRC of 63. It was on sale with special price and 20% off for Labor Day. This last knife is an Miyabi Artisan 9.5” Kiritsuke knife. It’s made of 2 layers of hammered stainless with a SG2 steel core with an HRC of 63. It was offered at special introductory price for Labor Day. Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3fkX9xlPvk I’m going to have to cook some good food using these knives to get out of the Doghouse. Thanks for looking.
  2. Well after seeing all the nice new toys some of you all were getting, my resistance got worn down. A week before my birthday, I went to the local Sur la Table store to look at some Miyabi’s. I then approached the subject of a new knife with the CFO. Her initial response was a firm “No Way!” Fast forward a week to after my birthday party was over and I see she has left a present aside so as not to have it opened in front of our guests. She had me open it and it was a box of “You’re Awe-Some” Reese’s Peanut butter bars. I’m thinking yum but also why did we wait on this? She saw my confused look so she told me “open the box”. I opened it and there is a couple of bills in there with a note that says “To my Favorite Cut-Up!” along with a picture of a knife. Well after many weeks of researching, looking online and in person at a couple of local stores, I pulled the trigger on a 7 piece set of Miyabi Artisans. I looked at, held and tried slicing and chopping Potatoes, Carrots and Apples with: Shun's: Classic, Premier, Kaji and Hakari series. Miyabi's: Evolution, Koh, Kaizen II and the Artisan series. Kramer's: Meiji and Stainless Damascus series. Notes: I went to the closest Williams Sonoma store to look at the Shuns. Based on how they felt in my hand and how they chopped / sliced, I liked the Hakari series the best. Followed be the Premier and then the Classic. I thought I’d like the Kaji series but the handle wasn’t what I thought and it just didn’t feel comfortable. I really considered buying the Hakari. The thing that held me back was the fact that the food kept sticking to the blade. That issue, and the price caused me to continue to look. I then went back to the Sur la Table store to look at the Miybai’s again. Based on how they felt in my hand and how they chopped / sliced, I liked the Artisan series the best. Followed be the Koh and then the Evolution series. I liked the way the Kaizen II series felt but it didn’t slice as well as the others. (It’s possible it just needed to be re-sharpened) I thought I’d like the Kramer’s more. I liked the way the Meiji series felt in my hand better than the Stainless Damascus did. They both looked stunning but they didn’t slice with nearly the ease of the Miyabi’s. (except the Kaizen II) I went with the Artisan SG2 series for the following reasons: 1. First and foremost is the way it felt in my hand. It was like it was an extension of my fingers. 2. The ease of how it sliced thru the veggies. Yes the food did stick to the blade but not quite to the same extent as it did on the Shuns. 3. Price. I was willing to spend more but being able to spend less was something I did notice. For the price of 2 Kramer’s or 3 Hakari’s, I got 4 knives, a new block, sharpening steel and another set of kitchen shears. 4. Finally is the fact that I had a 15% off coupon that Sur la Table honored for these knives. Here is the un-opened box. Knives unboxed Here’s the nice handle with the decorative accents. 3 1/2" Paring Knife 7” Santoku Close-up on the Miyabi logo on the 8” Chef’s Knife Close-up on the 8” Chef’s Knife’s blade. 9” Bread Knife Close-up on the 9” Bread Knife’s blade. 7” Santoku next to my 6” Zwilling Chef’s knife. Now for a couple of disappointing observations. The new block they included doesn’t appear to be a great block for this series of knives. First thing is it looks crooked. Next thing is that it isn’t very tall. I inserted the 9” Bread Knife into an appropriate looking narrower slot and it comes out the bottom and hits the counter. So I have to move it up to one of the top 2 slots so it won’t hit the counter. The problem is that these are wider slots which means I won’t have room for another wide (deep) knife like a Nakiri. Also, if I buy the 9 1/2” slicing knife, it will also take up one of the 2 top wide slots, this means that I won’t have a slot that fits either my Chef’s or Santoku knife. So if I buy the slicer, I have to buy a new block as well. The final issue is that the slots are close together and these handles are thick and touch each other when inserted all the same direction. Here’s a piece of paper proving that they are touching. If you don’t want them to touch each other you need to insert them in alternating directions. This is fine but my OCD self doesn’t like it. I’m very happy with these knives but very disappointed in the knife block that was included. Finally here is a YouTube video showing the sharpness of these new knives. Thanks for looking and we, who are in trouble, salute you who are about to be in trouble!
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