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Found 9 results

  1. This post will contain links to commonly used modifications and fixes for the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker Grill & Smoker. If you think a thread should be included on this list, please let me know... Charcoal Grate, Split Diffuser, & Searing Basket High Heat Searing Basket Video Rain Hat for the Akorn Sealing Air Leaks w/BGE Gasket Material Needed: Additional pictorial demonstration of sealing the air vent / ash pan
  2. Hello everyone, new to the group and just seeing what tips, tricks, and insight I can find. I love trying out of the box techniques and experimenting to find the best flavors possible.
  3. Purchasing a Vision Series B with ashtray today from Sam's Club. Looked at it quite a bit. Hoping to come across some cool mods to seal it up as tight as possible to control the temps and some other DIY mods to implement instead of buying some of those pricey aftermarket accessories. Any ideas for an indirect setup? I've seen the options on he Ceramic Grill Store site and read where some people have used other grill brand products, like the Kamado Joe divide and conquer. Any recommendations for sealing up the intake vent and make sure there is a good seal where the ashtray meets the grill? Any heat diffuser solutions using something other than the products marketed specifically for that (like plate metal)? Any gas conversion kits that will work for the series B with ashtray? I'm sure most of these questions are covered by topics somewhere in the forum. Looking forward to seeing a lot of the mods and products people have used on this forum. Thanks, Jacob
  4. Current Mods: Tip Top Temp This mod is fairly straight forward. I used the plate hangers that are found at either Homedepot or Lowes to mount the Tip Top Temp (TTT) on the top of the vent. Double Colander for Coal Dust I double up on colanders of two different sizes so that I can put my coal inside the colander and then the colander allows the coals to breathe but also catches all the dust. My first cook I used a single colander and then I shook it by accident when removing the remains and coal dust went everywhere. Lesson learned and I doubled up on the second attempt! Makes my life easier and I don't have to hassle with cleaning the darn thing. Not original idea as I got it from this guy on YouTube. He also cut his Pizza tray but I think that is a little too much. Terra Cotta Clay Pot Diamond 4.5" Blade and a Mini Angle Grinder were used to cut the Terra Cotta Clay Pot ($19.98 @ Lowes) to fit it up in side the bottom pit. This particular one from Lowes fits perfectly BUT you have to cut your shims that hold the stone deflector! How I cut the three-piece steel shims for stone deflector: Cut the two edges and then bend the living hell out of the shim until the four welds give out. Use a Dremel to clean the rough edges Welds do not interfere with the above Terra Cotta Clay Pot from Lowes How I shaved off the top of the Terra Cotta Pot: Initial cuts were done around the diagonal pattern design but I need to redo it to make it a bit lower so that my pizza tray deflector doesn't choke the fire. However, my initial suspicions of the fire being choked have subsided because the grill is holding steady at 220*F. Might have taken a bit longer to get there though. The top grate does not sit flush and is being held up by my pizza tray and all the weight of the terra cotta clay pot is resting on the three sheet metal legs that supports the entire core at the bottom. Need to fix it after I am done with my initial cook on the pork baby back ribs. Lava Rock Gasket Plenty of information on this forum as to how this is done. I did the upper and bottom rims of the main lid, ash tray bottom pan to body area, as well as the air intake at the bottom to a very good seal. Judging by the smoke that comes out it is doing a fine job. Future Mods: Top hat to cover the TTT Deflector Drip Pan Mod (Make the Pizza pan a little more versatile and can hold some liquids) Might add a deeper dish in there to catch more items Could run a stainless steel line to the bottom as a permanent grease trapping solution into a grease keg More to follow and happy grillin'!
  5. Hi. Last weekend (prior to this Memorial Day weekend) I was invited to a friends ranch for his employee party. 200 acres is a pretty good parcel of land. Did some 4X4 Kawasaki exploring on his (partially flooded) back wooded acres and had a lot of fun shooting. He had a cook using seasoned oak logs in a 'store bought' decent quality wood burning square stove and a custom made 32" firebrick lined/stone façade iron grated grill setup. Nice looking but something was wrong. This (re)sparked my interest in grilling, so much so, that after watching the cook pull of strips of pork and beef that were either burned or too dried out, I got youtube happy. Hate it when that happens, because I tend to learn stuff, purchase stuff, and spend money trying to copy stuff. Normally results in a small spending spree with acquired goods. Purchased an Akorn on sale at Lowes. After landing on this forum, and seeing many members posting on YouTube (Setz, etc.), I signed up. Seasoned it at ~400º+ for an hour. Had a cooked steak in the fridge from a couple days ago. Using the upper swing-away rack, warmed that cut back up and enjoyed my first Kamado treat. I have a garden and know that torn bags at a box store are half price...if you ask. Got a big bag of RO lump 1/2 off. First low & slow on the Akorn was almost perfection. Second time using a water pan on the chipotle ribs turned out great. Amazed at how little lump you go through on low and slows... God Bless Our Troops
  6. Howdy all! New here and just purchased a Vision Komodo Series M (SAMs Club). Not new to Smoking and Grilling. Been a competitive smoker for the past 4 years. Looking forward to sharing and learning from everyone. I ordered my M series on Black Friday. It was delivered a week later....wrong color and the ceramic was busted big time. Called SAMs and three weeks later the next one arrived (right color and not broken). SAMs forgot to send a ticket to pick up the busted Series M so 30 days later I cannibalized it for parts in the future!!! Having reviewed some of the ideas on this site and using some of my knowledge from building UDS smokers I rigged my spare grate to allow for me to get a stone and set-up for smoking on my M. I tried to include photos with this post. Seasoning the M today and plan on grilling some steaks tonight. https://flic.kr/p/CqnqhE https://flic.kr/p/CsEXQn
  7. Hi All, After 3 sessions on my CGK I want better air flow control.. I will say this new stock model is really good and I'll post up some pics of my findings. HOWEVER, I did pick up a roll of BGE gasket today to tighten up the lower vent. While I have the ash pan off and clean (and a mile of gasket) I figured I'd add it, but the stuff will not mold to the curve of the ash pan. For those of you who completed the Nomex gasket mod I have a question. What is the trick ? Did you make relief cuts or angled segments, or did you just muscle it in place? Thanks for sharing your experience !! Eric
  8. I recently replaced my 20 year-old rinky dinky Brinkman horizontal smoker/grill with a Char-Griller Akorn komado. I bought it primarily for slow smoking. Knocked out some incredible pulled pork shoulder and brisket last weekend! I love the design of the Akorn (it's my first komado) for slow smoking. But I prefer to have just one grill/smoker and am concerned about how well it will work for standard grilling, such as hamburgers, steaks, pork chops, fish, etc. My concern is the distance between the fire and the grate. The grate isn't adjustable, and it's raised up pretty high.I'm not sure I could sear meat, for instance, and I'm not sure I could cook a steak quickly enough to turn out a perfect medium rare. What are your experiences? And advice? I hoped to find a secondary grate online that would sit on the diffuser (pizza stone) holders, but no luck. All anecdotes and advice are highly appreciated! jb
  9. Hey everybody. I just got my Akorn grill and I am itching to get grilling and smoking. Before I do though, I thought I'd get some informed kamado users opinions about a mod that I saw recently that I was contemplating doing. I saw it on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCqdpxRqkUk . In the video the guy (Veranda Tales) uses a Heat Shield (used in Automotive applications) as an insulator around the outside of his fire bowl (inside the lower half of the dome). I attached some pictures taken from the video to illustrate. He shows it drastically reducing the surface temp and increasing his efficiency. I'm concerned about the health risks of having such an insulator in that location. What do you guys think? _________________________________________________________________________________________ FWIW, I found this welding blanket on Amazon that many BBQers seem to use on the outside of their grill/smoker to manage temperature better. Again, don't know about the safety aspects of it, but the price ($12.99) is right. Neiko Heavy Duty Welding Blanket, 4 x 6-ft
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