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Found 11 results

  1. Hello There! Texan, currently living in Seattle, finally got a backyard to do some grilling in this summer! I'm currently grilling on a Weber performer, while I restore a Big Joe that I got off fb marketplace. I have a thread in the DIY section with some photos if anyone is interested or has some good recommendations. Can't wait to get cooking on the Kamado once it is up and running. Most looking forward to cooking some pizzas and of course brisket, being a Texan! Thanks, Cameron Spencer
  2. Hi everyone, This is Bryant from China and who like bbq kamado so much. Nice to meet you all!
  3. Went looking for a BGE on Saturday and came home with a KJ Classic. First cook yesterday. Brand new to this style of cooking; had a Weber Summit Grill Center for four years, before I moved down here, but I bequeathed it to my son because our lanai is prepped with natural gas. After ordering a Summit Grill Island 660 from Weber, I come to find out that Weber discourages the use of any of their grills if they are in a covered space. Since I can't be with the ability to cook, I had to get something and thought that while I sort out this whole Weber/Natural Gas dilemma, I'd add a BGE to my arsenal. Well the BGE couldn't get delivered for at least a week and the KJ was assembled and available immediately, AND, the owner of the local ACE Hardware personally delivered it that day after the store closed! What sold me was the ability to do direct AND indirect during the same cook. I made baked potatoes, grilled peppers and onions, and grilled sirloin. Had a lot of trouble getting the fire started and yes, I read the manual and looked at the KJ.com videos, but it seemed like the fire would not get going. Walked away for 10 minutes or so to watch some football, and OMG, the grill was at 600. Bringing it back to 350 was also a challenge and needless to say, we ate dinner late last night, but I was reasonably pleased with my first cook. The potatoes were perfect, veggies a little under cooked, and steak a little over cooked so I've a lot to learn here. Biggest issues was shutdown. Closed the bottom vent all the way, left the top vent on the first white line, but it took forever to cool down. KJ tells you to do it this way to let the gases escape but after about an hour, I finally closed the top vent all the way and roasted some nuts (pine nuts), as they suggested you could do. Well the first batch burned, opened the grill put in a second batch and they were done very quickly as well. A little more brown than I wanted but at least they were salvageable, After about 3 hours, I finally latch the top, which KJ doesn't recommend if you want to preserve your gasket, but the grill was about 230 at this time so I thought it would be okay??? Anyway, to finish my introduction, I checked the fire box this a.m. to see how much fuel was actually preserved, and the grill plates were still warm. Unbelievable and as I said, still have much to learn and looking forward to this. My Weber Summit had a smoker box, but this is a completely different experience for sure. Oh and lastly, the local wildlife was just as curious as I was and came to check it out, and also kept me from checking the temp too!
  4. Hello all! I actually haven't even gotten my Big joe unit yet but am really looking forward to it. I have been using a Weber kettle grill with a smokenator for over 10 years but felt it was time to move to something more high quality. I love smoking ribs and have spent a lot on new accessories (pronto much) and I'm just waiting for the frieght company to give me the call that it's being delivered. I'm 35, IT consultant who loves to cook
  5. Hey Y'all.. I recently purchased the Akorn Kamado by CharGriller Thursday from my local Lowes... I had a help assembling it... The final product is just beautiful.. I've been grilling/smoking for over 30 years... my first grill was a Little Smokey joe I received for my 13th birthday.. I've been using Brinkmann Cajun Smokers (with success) for a while until I moved to Spokane, Washington... I purchased a 22 1/2 inch Weber Smokey Mountain... I used the hell out of it for 4 years.... Now I'm back in Texas , and the Akorn is so far the best multipurpose grill I've own... I seasoned my grill, and went immediately to grilling burgers, and jalapeno poppers on it...My next grill will be either New york strips.. or a Papa Murphys pizza.. just don't know yet...
  6. My name is Will Christopher and I am new to both the Kamado Guru forum and cooking with a Kamado in general. I live in Roswell, Ga and have been an avid griller for over 40 years, mostly with charcoal and gas. One of my most recent grills was a cheap charcoal smoker, one of those round ones that can hold 1 large turkey or a couple of boston butts. I have had very good luck with these grills and have gone through several of them over the years. My other grill for about 20 years has been a Weber Natural Gas model that does an excellent job when I want to just fire it up quickly for a couple of burgers or a steak as well as numerous vegetables and whatever. Weber makes a great product. I just turned 72 this year and had been looking to replace the Weber with something newer when I stumbled across an ad for the Vision Hybrid which seemed to be a good combination of a gas and charcoal grill. I had been eying the Big Green Egg and the Kamado Joe but since both were limited to charcoal only and expensive, I had not considered them seriously. I really like smoking and would have done more if it were not so time-consuming having to watch the smoker all during the process and adding charcoal or making adjustments where necessary. With all this in mind, the Vision Hybrid seemed to fit the bill. I finally bit the bullet and found myself with a brand new Vision Professional S Hybrid purchased from Home Depot. You can check my post later on with details of the assembly and first cook with the new unit. I am hoping that this grill will last me for another 30 years. I have been surfing this forum intensively for the past few days and have found tons of very helpful information on setup, cooking, recipes, and temperature control with my unit. This is an outstanding forum and I plan to use it and contribute to it as much as possible. Will
  7. I am a professional BBQ Caterer and have been for 15 years. I am also a chef, and feel that those are 2 completely different things. I will say some of the most interesting things I have ever eaten have come from non-professional BBQ guys. I get caught up in a way of thinking and many of them come in from way out in left field and blow my mind. Professionally I own 2 trailer, stick burner pits that can each cook about 30 briskets, I have a large Ole Hickory rotisserie for our larger events and 2 cabinet smokers I built for the kitchen. On the grill side I own 4 Weber giant Ranch Kettles, 4 Big John charcoal grills and 4 of those black Sam's Club event grills. I also own 4 "La Caja China" things that I built (just not sure how to classify that piece of equipment.) At the house I have a large Pitts & Spitts offset smoker, a normal Weber kettle, a giant built in Jenn-Air gas grill and for Father's Day I got an XL BGE. I looked at a bunch of different grills, but it had to be big enough for a full brisket to lay flat on and not everyone had a 24" grill. Once it got down to it, for the way I wanted it configured, the BGE was about the same price as others that threw stuff in I didn't need. Instead of telling someone the pit I have and them asking what it was and I woudl say "oh, it's like the BGE" I figured I'd just get the BGE. I call it the nerd pit because most of the guys I know that have them are business professionals of some sort or another and don't relish in fire management like those that own the stick burners do. They also have more money and spend their weekends doing things other than babysitting briskets. In Texas, the agony of staying up all night tending the fire makes you feel like more of a true BBQ man over the fill it and forget it BGE. I got the nerd pit because I wanted a new challenge. So far my non-smoking efforts have been phenomenal: Pizza, Roasted chicken, wings, poppers. tomahawk steaks. Everything has been great so far except the pork butt I did. The smoke was wrong and very raw and I am not sure where to tweak and how to get the heavy smoke we like here in Texas without the smouldering taste of a low oxygen cooking environment. So I joined the forum for tips and tricks from the well seasoned users of these cool pits to get my game up to par. I am not here to be the expert, I am here to learn.
  8. The title may seem to reference Ray Davies, but the Kinks are in learning to use my Acorn Komodo. I've used my Acorn few times (weather permitting) but todays rib challenge is underway. What to do when the rain comes? I have a cover, but can you cook in the rain. My char-grill has a hole-less lid and I have managed regardless of the weather. The ribs I have been working on today are coming along well. Low and slow, Diffuser, drip pan, dry rub - overnight in the rub ( because of rain) Today I have been working on a 3 hour low cook and am closing in on foil / bb q finishing. I added a spare chx breast to the deck that was timing out in the fridge. I have made the mistake of accidentally shutting down a hi-temp cook for kabobs by messing (un-necessarily with the controls), but I find it is a lot like stoking a campfire. Slow, calm, patient changes. Love the forum. Always looking for tips for a beginner. T.
  9. Hello, I have had my Saffire for about a year and a half now and wanted to be apart of a Kamado community where i can learn some new recipes and tips. I mostly have smoked turkeys (as you can see from my profile picture) and each time i amazed with how juicy a delicious the turkey is. I never liked turkey before because every time i had turkey it was dry, but now i love it ever since i have been smoking it on my Saffire. That is my testimony on why i believe Ceramic Grills are the best and now I never want to have any meat unless it is done on a Ceramic Grill.
  10. My son gave me an Akorn for Christmas. He knew I had been thinking about a kamado for a while. I'm glad I found this site. It looks like the premier place to learn and share with other enthusiasts.
  11. Made recent purchase of the Kamado Acorn... Liking it so far...
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