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  1. I’ve been using my Akorn Jr for going on a year, now. I empty the ash pan after each use, but today I noticed a fairly significant grease accumulation in there (photo attached). I’m worried this may cause ash to stick and potentially cause rust problems. Should I clean/degrease it? If so, what’s the best way to do that? Soap and dish detergent? Or is there some kind of spray degreaser I should use? Any tips appreciated.
  2. Hey, everyone, new guy here (to both the forum and kamado cooking). My question is about starting up the charcoal. Right now I'm using a chimney starter with newspaper, but I hate the bloom of acrid smoke I get from the paper, so I picked up some paraffin starting cubes. Unfortunately I can't seem to use the cubes with the chimney because they fall through the grate (I have to set the chimney on the grate because I don't really have anywhere else to set it, no concrete on my patio). Can I just start the coals by stacking them in a pile on the grate and sticking a cube in the middle of the pile
  3. Hi all, Just got an Akorn 16820 and mother nature decided to go all cool and wet on me. Looking forward to trying this thing out.
  4. My buddy cuts grass and a client of his had this in their garage for years. I think I made a very solid purchase for $300(hope so?) I’ve read a bit on here, and I’m assuming this is a late 90’s model(Richard Johnson-right?) There’s no loose tiles, the part on top spins freely, and only one little chip on one tile right by the back hinge. the shocks/springs squeal a bit, but I haven’t started messing with it. it’s about 50” tall no place for gas starter in back(I’ve seen a square on a similar one) the tile is in greaaaat shape. That seems to be
  5. Hey all! New owner of a Kamado Joe. Been looking for a while but finally pulled the trigger with Atlanta Grilling Company's Father's Day sale. She arrived yesterday and still sitting in the garage as I need a couple buddies to come over to help move it out on the patio. I love to grill but fairly new to the kamado scene. Any suggestions for a first cook? Excited to be a part of this forum. Hoping to learn a lot!
  6. Howdy my fellow KJoe-ins, Need all the beginner advice I can get from you guys. Keep em' coming. Thanks - jay
  7. Hi, I followed the steps in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Qm-nm4Z7wA&t=15s and I my brisket turned out dry and dense. I'm hoping you can tell me where I went wrong: - ~5.5 lbs (pre-trimmed) of Prime Angus grain fed brisket point from https://shalhoob.com/butcher-shop - trimmed as much of the silver skin off as I could - trimmed off hard fat and tried to leave 1/8" to 1/4" of fat - seasoned 24 hours prior to cook with 50/50 coarse black pepper and kosher salt - used Kamado Joe lump charcoal and two medium chucks of mesquite hardwood - ambi
  8. If you’re currently like I was in the summer of 2012—a complete grilling newbie—this purchasing guide is for you. First of all, welcome to what will become your new home: Kamado Guru. KG was founded by John Setzler and he remains the supreme, but very benevolent overlord of the forum. He also manages managed Man Cave Meals: http://mancavemeals.net/. He is now the official cooking video guru for Kamado Joe. Because of him I began my amazingly successful journey into grilling for the very first time last summer. Thank you, John. Seriously, thank you. We’re a friendly bunch here and would
  9. I'm really new to this Style of grilling So Hey everybody My name is Joe And I am one of those guys that has about 13 different grooves In store isn't happy I'm thinking that a kamado Joe Is the way to go But I would love to get some advice from some seasoned veterans.As I said before the kamado Joe seems to be the way to go The Big Green Egg I just don't think That I'm up for buying all the different attachments I would like to find something That has the attachments already there I know it if user plate is something I'm interested in And I know a 2 tiered rack Is something I'm interested I l
  10. Hello, I’ve been lurking too long and thought it’s take to make it official. I am unoriginalusername on the BGE forum for some of the familiar names I see here I have a large, minimax and mini bge which I try to cook everything on
  11. Hello from Melbourne. Middle aged novice griller. have a gas Webber then moved to a offset Traeger and am now trying for direct charcoal grilling with an Akorn Junior. Any tips on how to build a fire to get high temps?
  12. Hi all, Just thought I'd introduce myself, I'm from Scotland. I've always loved BBQing, however here in Scotland normally we can't get it the BBQ out so much due to the terribly wet weather here on the west coast of Scotland. However this year has been good and I've been looking for a new BBQ. I was currently using an old open grill handed down to me by my father in law, but have been looking at a new kettle unit but decided they just weren't what I wanted. Hence I have taking the (huge) plunge and just ordered myself a Kamado Joe classic II. Living somew
  13. Hi all, Been lurking for a while, appreciate all the expertise here. My Akorn arrived yesterday and I'm all set to cook a few racks of baby back ribs for some guests tomorrow. After looking at a bunch of recipes and YouTube videos, here's my game plan: 1. Dry rub and put ribs on @275 for 1.5 hours 2. Wrap in foil with a little pineapple juice and back on for 45 min 3. Unwrap and baste and cook for 20-30 min to finish any suggestions? also, I don't have any lump hardwood, only hickory chips. How should I manage that? t
  14. Today's cook went much better than yesterday's. The food turned out fantastic. I did a tri tip and then 20 burgers and 20 dogs. Here is the tri tip cook...
  15. Well, did my first cook on my new KJ Classic. It went pretty well, but I think I put the food on too early from when I lit it. I was able to hold the temps at 405* very steady. Once I got to 120*, I pulled the steaks and opened it up to get the temps up. Got it to about 600* and put the steaks back on. They did have a bit of a creasote taste to them, which is why I think I put them on to early. Not sure the KJ lump was burning clean enough yet. Am I wrong on why I got the bitterness? Pics below:
  16. Hello, I just got my Akorn JR and I'm excited to join the community and make some delicious food. I was originally looking for the full sized model but based on the timing and missed sales, I decided I'd just pick up a JR and learn how to use that and then grab a full sized Akorn when they are on sale next year . After my first attempt at pizza which burned to crisp and some further reading on the forum (temperature way too hot) I think I'm ready to give it another try. Since my wife and I are trying to start low carb to drop a few lbs, I am hoping I can get a lot of use out of this li
  17. I am so excited to be part of this group! I recently purchased a Kamado Joe Classic at a Costco Roadshow (after much research) and I absolutely love it! Cooking has always been my first love and passion but I wasn't a huge fan of grilling until my KJ. I have been grilling about 3X a week since I brought my new baby home We live in Texas, I have 3 Miniature Pinschers that are spoiled brats and our babies. I am lucky enough to work from home and be with my hubby full time. He is a 100% disabled Vet - USAF. Between him and my super single (wink wink) nephew who hangs out with us on th
  18. I am excited to have found this forum (actually recommended right from Char-Griller). I bought my Akorn about 2 weeks ago, and am learning to tweak in those temps for low and slow. I actually joined this forum yesterday, but my stuff got wiped out when the wrong backup was loaded. Anyways, can't wait to share and learn from what seems to be a great community!
  19. New to kamados so so I bought the Akorn to try them out. So far, I love kamados, if not my Akorn. the build quality is not so great, but I expected that, to some degree. I have used it a few times for general grilling, but today, I am smoking my first Boston Butt. I bought the smoking stone (good deal from hayneedle.com) and a Kamado Joe water pan. Kingsford Competition Briquets in a ring, water pan on the smoking stone, hickory chips (should have gotten chunks) soaked in water in an aluminum foil pouch on the main grill surface, butt rubbed and on elevated extender. Temps fluctuating a
  20. Let’s get this party started! I got my Vision Pro S grill a week ago today, un packed and a test run for temps the next day; used an oven thermometer to get an idea how close my grate temp was to my dome thermometer low temps off middle temps matching, high temps off changing vent openings a little then waiting 20 min for corrections before checking. Got a good idea that a lot of further testing needed to be done (used off brand cheap charcoal). Thursday bought BGE charcoal set 4 double hand full of charcoal started with electric starter took longer to start than cheap charcoal but starte
  21. Have been cooking on Weber Performer Charcoal grills for many years. My wife bought me an electric smoker two years ago and a month ago bought a Vision Kamado. Love them all and noting a learning curve on the Kamado decided to join here. We live on Lake Michigan near the small town of Leland...northwest of Traverse City.
  22. Hi all! Ok, here are my second and third cooks on my new KJ. And, hopefully some lessons learned that I can pass on. Cook #2 - pizza. Settled the KJ at about 600 with the stone on the grate in the highest position. KJ performed very well. Me ... less so. Most of the lessons learned here are dough related. Used premade dough from local Publix. Actually pretty good dough, but I handled it poorly and had it ready (and topped) so long before the KJ was ready that it was pretty much glued to the corn-mealed cookie sheet. In the transfer to the stone I lost a lot of heat and the s
  23. Hi everybody! My KJ (and first Kamado experience) was delivered about 9 days ago, but we immediately left town so my first ever cook was last night. Kept it simple, burgers and veggies. Took awhile to get up to temp, and the cook took a little longer than I expected. I suspect I used too little charcoal or didn't let it get going enough with the lid up and door open before I started playing with the temp. Regardless, it got the job done and my wife actually commented that it was an awesome burger - despite the wait. Appreciate so much the info on this forum and looking forward to b
  24. Been following posts within this forum for several months. Lots of GOOD STUFF!!! Now that I have the Visions "Classic B" Kamado from Sam's Club I thought I should join in the sharing. I look forward to sharing ideas about mods and food ideas.
  25. Hello All, I have been using fire to cook for myself, friends, family, and neighbours for over 20 years. Not until I stumbled across a google search for best grills did I even know what a Kamado was. Needless to say, I have been hovering around forums, youtube, retailers, and just about anywhere I can see everything to know about ceramic cooking and the wonderful toys that will be used with them. Three years ago I upgraded a basic propane bbq to another larger propane bbq. It was a freebie and the broiling imperial two lid grill with 72" rotisserie; never used has been fantastic for
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