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Found 7 results

  1. I recently added a BBQ Guru PartyQ fan to my Akorn to get my temperature issues under control. I've made bone-in, skin-on Chicken Thighs twice now but they taste way too smoky and bitter. I'm using lump charcoal, put a weber fire starter near the top of the heap and let it flame for a bit, then shut the lid, crack the top vent and set the PartyQ for 350. Once at temp, the thighs go on for about an hour. Am I lighting it correctly, should I use a different temp?. I'm all for a bit of smoke taste but these have way too much
  2. I've had great success with long smokes with my K24 and iGrill to monitor grate and meat temps. The iGrill allowed me to wirelessly monitor temps and make small adjustments to prevent swings and maintain that perfect range. Last week I attempted my second overnighter after the temps settled at 250 and woke up to 180 degree grate temp. The butt and brisket still turned out fantastic, it just took a little longer than it should because I had to bring the temp back up. As a result, I decided to pick up a PartyQ from BBQ Guru for those overnight occasions. I didn't see the need to get the more expensive options (models) since I already have the iGrill to monitor meat temps (wirelessly), and I really don't need the automatic lid opening detection since I can just shut it off when I open to baste the meat. I've done a lot of reading on the idiosyncrasies of its use and think this will definitely be the ticket. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Anyone else here use the PartyQ on their Pit Boss?
  3. I had a great cook over the weekend. The preparation was a 10lb. Pork Butt with a mustard and dry rub. This was my first low and slow cook on the Char Griller Akorn. I started with a box full of lump charcoal and 6 nice chunks of pre soaked Hickory. I coated the butt with yellow mustard and a store bought rub the night before the cook and wrapped it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. The rub was a local BBQ restaurants, Sugarfire. Pretty standard rub. I got the Akorn up to 260F and then added the meat to the grill. This was also my first use of a BBQ Guru Party Q Thermostat. This device was great for the long cook time as it kept the temp within 10 degrees of the set point for the entire cook. Overall the cook went great, I added some more Hickory and charcoal at the 6 hour mark which was when the meat was at around 160F. I removed the meat after 10 hours or when the internal temp was just below 200F. From there I wrapped it in foil and a towel to rest for 2 hours. The meat was very juicy and tender. I recommend the PartyQ if you struggle with holding temp on your smoker for the low and slow cooks.
  4. Had the fire die out on an overnight pork butt cook. Ended up chucking the whole thing in the trash. Very disappointing, Tonight that gets fixed. Pictures to follow.
  5. Hey y'all! Picked up an Akorn about 4 months ago, and today, tried my first brisket. Got a small 4 flat (choice) and did half salt half pepper and let it rest overnight. Smoked with apple at 225 on my Akorn. I got a PartyQ yesterday, and was very very happy with it's performance. It took a good bit longer than I expected, at almost 8 hours for 4 lbs. Overall, I was really happy. The flat was pretty moist and tender (7 out of 10 probably), my bark was outstanding, and the flavor was great. Thanks for all the help!
  6. Country style ribs are quickly becoming a favorite cut of mine. Some were "real" country style ribs cut from the loin and others were cut from the butt. Rubbed with a little Oakridge Dominator rub a few hours before smoking. Here they are getting ready to go on @ 250. And here is the new toy: Have to say I am impressed and I like the new design. Very easy to adjust the temp. If you guys want to see anything specific let me know and I will post some pics. Have only used it once and so far so good. I started off the cook @ 250 but then decided to go to my usually 275. I let them smoke for about 75 minutes @ 275, IT was about 145 at that point. I then placed them in a pan with a mixture of 2 cups apple juice and 1 cup BBQ sauce. Covered the pan with foil and let them go until they reached desired tenderness. Took about 90 minutes in the pan. Removed from pan and glazed with BBQ sauce for about 15 minutes. I found this method on YouTube and modified it to my liking. The results were great. Big, juicy, meaty, tender ribs.
  7. Just wanted to give my take on the PartyQ bbq temperature controller: it's poor quality, don't buy one. Here's what led me to this conclusion: I ordered one last February and the PartyQ was dead on arrival. They sent me a free replacement, but stuck me with the customs fee! So I refused to accept it. After some painstaking email correspondence they eventually agreed to send me out another that was marked as warranty/repair (ie: what they should have done). The new unit had a poor probe connection and was unusable. To repair it, I had to spend $30 to ship it to them. More emails asking if they got it, when are they going to repair it, etc. The PartyQ exhibits odd behavior when the batteries are low -- this wouldn't be so bad if the low battery indicator actually worked. This problem cannot be repaired as it is native to all PartyQ's. For Canadians there is the extra hassle of shipping across the border (this company seemingly has no standard process for international shipments and you will get charged extra for their mistakes). Regarding the low-battery behavior: when the battery is low, the PartyQ incorrectly reports that your pit temperature is a-ok and that the fan is still stoking the fire (long after it runs out of juice to power the fan). The Party Q is a great way to ruin a meal if you're not double-checking your bbq with another device. The PartyQ does have a low-battery indicator, but it fails to work 100% of the time. Even when the indicator does turn on, its a tiny LCD triangle icon that you can only see if you are right next to the unit. Of course, an obvious solution is to get out your screwdriver and load fresh batteries before every use. My point however, is that just because there's easy work-around (if not inconvenient and inefficient), it's no excuse for the poor quality programming and workmanship of the PartyQ. In summary, every time I use this thing it's a hassle, whether its worrying about the probe connection, or false-readings, or the fan not working. For $130 (not including tax/shipping/repair) the point of the PartyQ is to simplify things and it has utterly failed at this. Here's an email to back my claims about the low-battery issue:
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