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Found 11 results

  1. Haver your grill or oven running steady at 350 degrees. Works great with a wings, chicken or meatloaf recipe. It sounds ridiculously simple......yet the results may trump yer meal. No kidding.....that simple......yet that dang tasty. 2 cans of peaches in heavy syrup....dump them & ingredients into a 13"x9" Pyrex dish.......no need to grease. 1 box of yellow cake mix (non prepared....just the mix itself.....dump it over the contents from the peach cans). Stir it around a bit. Let the cake mix so
  2. Smoking a Bone-in Pork Butt today. Using some peach and Apple to add some amazingness. This guy is a little over 4lbs, I usually do my butts small (haha, do butts). I typically go small so I do not have to wrap and can maximize the amazing crust that can form with a nice rub. Went with Meatheads Memphis Dust, very good base rub for those who like it on the sweet side (I do!). I am working on my own rub, but this one is always a good go to. Using the Akorn Senior, my buddy @Likes Big Butts, coined that, as he owns a Jr as well. Here we have a very, very, very liberal coatin
  3. @Likes Big Butts This was all his work, but I did stand around while he did stuff. I also helped to apply the rub (picture the movie ghost, he was Demi, I was Swayze). Came out great on the Akorn Jr. Really may have to get one off these things. Quick to get up to temps, hold temps, and is great for going from low and slow to searing. Love my Akorn Senior, just takes a bit longer to get up to temps from low and slow to sear for certain applications. Overall, a great group of grills, highly recommenced for those in the market at this price point.
  4. Peach Pepper Jelly Pork Chops with Turmeric Rice Here is a simple meal that tastes really good. Boneless pork loin chops found in the the nether regions of the freezer that where part of a break down of a full loin. Salt, black pepper and ground thyme seasoned. Peach preserves warmed in microwave. Add half a finely minced Serrano pepper with seeds. Warm again in microwave and stir thoroughly. Add a very sparing amount of warm water and this becomes the glaze for the chops. Chops grilled direct to ~ 145 degrees internal with a peach wood smoke element. Glaze both sides with
  5. Today's local weather is sub par for grilling. Good thing I'm not grilling.........I'm kamado smoking in fairly weatherproof fashion. The Big Joe's cart rolls with supreme ease and I scooted it up close to the door. The JoeBlow was used with zero trouble and lit the lump quickly while I stood beneath the overhang and stayed dry. It was pouring down rain at the time. As soon as the grill was lit and coming up to temp the rain stopped, of course. Oh well, I'm ready when the next band comes through. Looks like it's going to be this wa
  6. SINFUL Recipe: 2 pre-made pie crusts (or make your own from scratch if you like) 5 cups (approximately) of fresh peaches, peeled and sliced 2 tbsp butter 1/2 cup white sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup Gran Marnier (or Triple Sec or any orange flavored liqueur) 1/4 cup Amaretto (or any other almond flavored liqueur) 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg 1 tbsp corn starch 1 beaten egg and 1 tablespoon of water for egg wash Melt the butter in a pan over medium heat. Add the rest of the ingredients except the peaches. Stir continuously until the syrup gets thick. Reduce the h
  7. Unreal weather today. 55 degrees at 10:00am. This upcoming week....last year.....we had an ice storm that knocked the power out for several days in the surrounding area......followed soon by an earthquake.......not on this day, however. Today is beyond excellent. Morning coffee had while getting the grill up to temp with some Toby Keith playing on the deck. Good morning to the neighbors. Using some great looking FoGo lump. Ginormous pieces. Added several large chunks of cherry wood on top, too. @BOOMSTICK069 was spot on with his recommendation about this stuff ! G
  8. This is a Kamado Joe seasoned pork loin, cut in two, that has been seasoned with Kamado Joe Peach seasoning, and the other half seasoned with Dizzy Pig Bombay Curryish. I just put this on and am stoked to check the results out tomorrow. I am also using Fruita Woods Peach Wood, as I thought it was going to go well with the curry. Come back and check it out when it's done its going to be awesome! Sorry about the sideways pics, you think I would have figured it out by now!
  9. With Football in full swing I wanted to make some Football / Tailgate food. Also shmckdc recently made some Wampus Peach Bourbon Baked Beans and made me want them again. (Recipe is here: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/10231-t-bone-steak-with-bourbon-sauce/?hl=wampus) I gathered up most of the ingredients. Smoked some sausage with some peach wood. Browned the bacon. Added the onion and bell pepper. Added in the crumbled up the sausage. Added the bourbon and the garlic, stirred and let that caramelize. Took it off the heat and added remaining ingredients to it and mixe
  10. 2 slabs of Backs from Costco. One left whole rubbed in Dijon mustard,Garlic powder,Costco Rib Rub and Black Pepper. Other Slab cut in half. Dijon, Dizzypig and pepper on one half and the other TraderJoes Coffee garlic rub only.. (no sauce to be used). 250F for 4 hours and 15 minutes over KJ Lump and Peach chunks. NO FOIL !! (Per Gurus) or Peeking until last 15 minutes when I got first look and Poked with a toothpick and did bend test. Awesome.. Sauced with Blues Hog Smokey Mountain. So UNBELIEVABLY good I needed new shorts.. Nice bite and great moisture,smoke ring and then a clean bo
  11. We have a new shop in town that deals with specialty olive oils and vinegar. I bought some peach infused vinegar this morning and decided to try one of their suggested recipes. I modified it a bit for outdoor cooking, but this was an insane recipe. I'll post the recipe as it is, and describe how I did it on my Akorn. 4 boneless pork top loins Kosher salt 1/2 each of garlic powder, onion powder 1/4 tsp ground chipotle powder (I subbed cayenne) 3 Tbsp Butter 1/4 c. Minced Onion (I used more...I like onion) 1 peach, peeled and sliced 1/4 c. Kings Peach White Balsamic 1 c. Ch
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