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Found 5 results

  1. Today I made a dough for Chicago pizza dough and used it for making a Stromboli. Enjoy the photos. I am happy with the result. It is my son's hands in the photos as he rolled the dough out for me. I taught him how to fold the Stromboli. He also suggested the toppings,
  2. Hello fellow KG forum members! Last year, my daughter and I were on a quest to make the perfect pizza. We tried with all-purpose flour, bread flour, Caputo 00 flour and a combination of AP/Bread and Bread/Caputo.. We tried using instant yeast and active yeast. We tried the make-and-bake-today dough recipes and the cold-rise bake tomorrow dough recipes. We used the KitchenAid dough hook method of combining ingredients and the old-fashioned hand mix method, as well as machine kneading and hand kneading variations. We tried coating our dough balls in olive oil and covering the bowl with plastic wrap while warm rising method and the no-oil, cover-with-a-damp-towel warm rising method. We tried the 500 degree New York style versions, as well as the 900 degree Margherita style versions of cooking. I think it's safe to say that we conducted a whole lot of testing and my daughter and I discovered about 50 ways how NOT to make a pizza. What's interesting about all of this is that before we started on this quest, I assumed that making a good pizza would be the easiest thing to do. Boy, was I ever wrong about that! If anyone has found out how to make a pizza dough that will pass the window pane test with flying colors and stretch out easily into a pie shape without recoiling back to the center like a rubber band on a catapult, please share your secret! After reading through a few pizza making posts here on KG, I realized that there was one thing we had neglected to try. Next time we do a pizza cook, I'm going to use the top grate in my grill and place my stone onto that, instead of using the upper level of the lower main grate. It makes sense that the higher you get the pizza to the dome, the hotter the temperature will get, thereby heating the top of the pizza pie more evenly with the bottom. Well, thanks again for the interesting read, fellow KG folks! You have once again taught me something I was not aware of and I truly appreciate that! I now leave you with a couple of parting shots of our all-time best pizza. This one was all Caputo 00 flour and it was done in just over two minutes at 900 degrees. I propped up the pizza with a cup so that I could take a pic of the underside. The crust was crispy and the interior was airy. We were thrilled that this one came out so well! As always, thank you for looking and enjoy the pics!
  3. Came home yesterday and found the KJ delivered and already setup in my backyard. Decided to hit the ground running. Threw on some KJ lump, slowly brought it up to 600o with the pizza stone just above grate level. Prepped two pizzas: Margherita Pizza: Fresh garden tomatoes, Buffalo mozzarella, Basil from the garden Pepperoni Pizza: Mozzarella, Cheddar and Chorizo The Margherita pizza was so good it never actually made it to the table.
  4. Three Pizza’s and Beer Had not cooked pizza in a while and there was a collective family request that could not be turned down. Even though it was a nasty rainy night in Georgia, i coped by rolling Joe under the edge of the covered porch and we pushed on. This cook was a family project in preparation, making the pies, cooking, and of course devouring them. Daughter did prep work, son built the pies, son and I cooked them and my wife was all smiles as we cooked and she enjoyed a glass of wine and the after work socialization and relaxation. Another great time of family gathered in the kitchen. Some Pies Ready to Cycle Through Big(Red)Joe Some Slices of Pizza Goodness And a Few Beers, Too The Cooks Joe was at roughly 600-625 degrees and the pies were cooked from 4 to 7 minutes started on parchment paper which was pulled from 2 to 4 minutes depending in the pizza. For the white pizza I dropped the temps down to about 550 and did it as the last pizza. I added small oak chunks just protruding into the ash area through the lower vent for the wood fired smoked element. They were cooked in the order listed below. I think I finally have my Big Joe figured out for how I want it setup for pizza. These were some of the best pies we have fixed, and the crust and topping cooking was pretty well balanced. We used Publix ready made pizza dough picked up on the way home. The red sauce was Centos crushed tomatoes with dried herbs (uncooked) left to marry the flavors for most of the day. This recipe: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/14646-a-no-cook-pizza-sauce/ The white sauce was ricotta and Greek yogurt with herbs and minced fresh garlic. It was developed by my daughter. #1 Veggie Pie (onion, bell peppers, roma tomatoes, & Kalamata olives) over 6 cheese Italian blend & Mozzarella Ready to Cook: All Done: (edited to fix link to show the cooked pizza) #2 Double Pepperoni over 6 Cheese Italian Blend plus a bit of Garlic and extra Mozzarella Ready to Cook: All Done: #3 White Pizza - Spinach, Tomato, and Ricotta Cheese Chunks over White Sauce Base Ready to Cook: All Done: The Cooking Set-Up Here is my setup on Big Joe using the Divide & Conquer system and expansion grate. It provided very stable temperatures on the cooking stone on the top of the expansion rack from one cook to the next and very nicely matched dome temps for the topping cook. With the extra “defector” in the middle of the stack, the heating up and temperature soaking did take a bit longer.
  5. Quick Pizza Night - aka Alternate Plan B Well, this turned out to be quick pizza night on Big (Red)Joe. Originally planned to shop on the way home tonight for smash burgers on pretzel buns but at Publix they said their shipment of buns has not come in. Darn. But, pre-made Publix pizza dough was BOGO, so alternate Plan B kicked in. Prepared a simple Boar's Head pepperoni & cheese pizza as pie #1 with some bottled Marinara sauce that was in the fridge. Pie #2 was Costco 88/12 ground beef browned off in the skillet with Montreal Steak seasoning and dried red pepper flakes. Brushed crust with olive oil and sprinkled with granulated garlic powder, then added the Marinara sauce, cheese, the ground beef, sliced onions and bell pepper. A final sprinkle of some mixed blend pizza cheese and a grind of black pepper to top it off. Built both pies on parchment paper. Cooked the pies at 600 degrees (dome thermo) for about 12 minutes, removing the parchment paper under the crusts at about 4 minutes so the crusts would brown. Utilized my new test cooking arrangement which is the full KJ deflector on lower level of D&C rack, an intermediate buffer 15 inch pizza stone on the X rack and the 15 inch cooking pizza stone on the main rack in Big Joe which seems to balance the crust and topping cooking profiles. Slid a chunk of pecan wood into the ash area through the lower vent for some smoke element. Bingo! Quick pizza night. Two great pies and a simple salad. A good red wine. Dinner salvaged! The ground beef pizza with the seasonings on the meat tasted like a high end Philly cheese steak pizza. Fantastic!
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