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Found 16 results

  1. Last night was my first attempt at pizza on my new Pit Boss. All I can really say is: It was amazing!!!! So here we go: Set-up: Pit Boss factory deflector legs down Both racks installed Pampered chef pizza stone on top rack 550 F lower vent: one mark from wide open (3/4 open) Top vent: wide open So I picked up fresh dough from grocery store and spent a fortune at the anti-pasta bar on sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke, olives. etc... Prepped my first pizza with keeping dough really thin on my wooden pizza peel. With my Kamado cruising at 550F I sprinkled some corn meal on pizza stone and threw the pizza on. Since this was my first pizza, I decided to use a timer to get a feel for things. At the 5 minute mark I took a peak and it was almost there. Closed the lid and decided in an attempt to raise the deck temperature to finish off the top of pizza, I closed the top vent to just slighter below 1 for an additional minute or 2 and the pizza top finished off perfectly. It was such a success in my house I ended up making 2 more pizzas. For those wondering about the corn meal, well I've been doing this for years. It serves a couple purposes; it creates a small layer between stone. So if you have any hot-spots the Pizza is easy to spin around. It also reduces the chance of burning the bottom of pizza in the event your too hot or leave it too long. Try it out! Hope you enjoy the pictures.
  2. I have a Louisiana grills K24 and I am not sure if I can cook pizza directly on the heat deflector or need a separate pizza stone. Also interested to know which side of the deflector is up for normal grilling. Thanks!
  3. I have a smokin stone for my AKORN Kamado, but wanted one for my AKORN Jr.. I found that not only are they scarce, but pricey too. From searches on the forums I did not really see a good solution, so I gave it a try myself to come up with one. Here is what I got: Wally World has Lodge 10.5 inch griddles for $14.88. Once out to the shop I cut the handle off. Just eye balled the cut off point to fit on the shelf in the cooker. Went to the grinding wheel to eliminate the rough surfaces and then drilled holes in the handle and handle lip to hold the bolt, nut and lock washer. Fit nicely in the cooker and was very stable. You can remove the deflector with BBQ gloves or use the grill handle which fits nicely in the slot of the griddle handle. Fired up the grill and seem to work just fine with some salmon fillets I did.
  4. Hey guys - I had a cook last night where I was searing tuna on my pizzas stone (el cheapo, 16 years old). I had it in my Joe while it came up to temp, and at 525 for 45 minutes, before putting four tuna steaks on from the fridge. As I placed them on I heard what seemed to be a cracking sound, though I didn't notice any change in the stone. I took out the stone to finish them off on the grates, and it came off in a single piece, but 60 seconds after setting it down on the heat pad it split in two. My question is this: was it stupid to put 35 degree fish on a 525 degree pizza stone, or was it an issue with the stone itself? I'm about to go pick up a KJ pizza stone - am I going to have the same kind of problem with that one, or is a higher quality stone going to be able to handle such a cook without a problem? If there are already posts here that deal with this issue, I'd love to be pointed to them.
  5. I have so much to learn. And when it comes to grilling, this is the best place I've found to do that. So here goes: I want to get a cooking surface that can handle higher temps than my cast iron skillet because whenever I try to use that to sear my steaks, I ruin the seasoning--which is a huge pain. I've been looking at getting a soapstone, but my aversion to paying $120 for a half moon led me to a few different places. I've been considering an 18" round stone from Soapstone Products.....but then I ran across the Fibrament-D baking stone, which got me wondering: Will a soapstone work well for pizza? Soapstone Products believes so, but I understand it's not porous and that may not allow for the "perfect" pizza crust." On the flipside, will something like Fibrament's products (or even some pizza stone) satisfy my need for a high-, even-heat searing with good heat retention? Or a third option: am I thinking about this all wrong? And to be sure, in all of the above cases, I should still be using my heat deflector below my cooking surface, right?
  6. Just curious if anyone is using a cast iron pizza stone for pizzas. I have been looking at one by Patina Premium, versus a traditional stone. I love cast iron in general, and like the idea of it being indestructible. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. Going to try my first pizza today, any suggestions for transferring the dough onto the stone? what are some of the tricks? just lots of flour?
  8. Hey pizza gurus, I'm looking for a pizza stone for the classic and was planning on grabbing the BGE stone or the KJ stone but got an email from Bed, Bath, and Beyond with a sale notification. Found this pizza stone but I'm not sure if its worth picking up or if I should spend the extra $ on a different one. It seems its 0.25" thinner than the KJ stone, not sure if its that big of a deal. Let me know what you think. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/sharper-image-reg-pizza-stone-and-pizza-cutter-set/1044496944?Keyword=pizza+stone Thanks in advance!
  9. Cooking on an Akorn I've had for a little while now and I started by using an older pizza stone on the bottom tabs which I've placed a Weber grill on. After a few cooks, that pizza stone broke which I wasn't too concerned about as I chalked it up to being to close to the fire. This works fine for me since I can use the broken pieces to cook direct or indirect by only using half of it occasionally. But now, last night I was cooking pizza's on another pizza stone I had on the upper warming rack to get it as close as possible to the dome heat. This one eventually cracked as well about half way through the cook. I am wondering if it was due to it not being on a flat surface since it's larger than lip around the grate but I don't know for sure. I want to continue doing pizzas and I have some smaller pizza stones I usually use in the upper grate but last night was cooking a larger pizza that didn't fit. I don't want to take the chance again with another larger Pizza stone anywhere in the Akorn until I had maybe some insight from anyone here. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
  10. Quick question guys? I'm thinking of doing some pizza on the vision. I tried a papa murphys just for sh**s and giggles and it scorched the bottom (still tasted surprisingly good). However, I think that had to do more with my technique.. I used the diffuser, cowboy lump, 450 degrees and an aluminum screen with holes.. Here's how I'm planning to do the next one: 1. Get real pizza dough, either mix it up or buy it premade 2. Use diffuser as the pizza stone ( maybe scrape it off when its hot) putting it on the upper rack 3. Roll out dough and make pizza on cutting board 4. Build fire and heat to around 600 degrees and let temp stabilize for 15-20 minutes, heating diffuser/pizza stone 5. Transfer pizza from cutting board to diffuser 6. Cook 6-10 minutes or until done What say you gurus? Think it will work? I'm trying to keep this as simple/cost effective as possible. If this works, I may even be able to different breads/flatbreads with same technique. My biggest concern is if the top rack will be high enough in the dome.
  11. Hey there gurus, Kamado Joe pizza is always a big hit around here and I am LOVING my new #kamadojoe pizza stone for Classic size grill. It is thick and beefy and holds heat very well for several pizzas cooked in succession. I've only got three pizza days on it so far but the seasoning is coming along nicely and I'm loving it more and more with each cook.
  12. Is there a reason I cannot find a Kamado Joe pizza stone to fit the diameter of the Big Joe heat deflectors? Or am I just missing it?
  13. I'm doing a bunch of baby backs today, and am using a pizza pan diffuser. Would it benefit me in any way to put a foil wrapped pizza stone on top of the pizza pan as well? Not sure if that would make any difference at all. Just asking. Thoughts? Or you think I'm just risking cracking the stone?
  14. I continue to love my new Akorn. The wife was anxious for me to try pizza, so I thought today was a good day for it. It was a beautiful day in Denver, and I had all the fixings for homemade sauce and crust. I used the following easy (seriously, really easy) recipes: http://www.food.com/recipe/easy-pizza-sauce-21202 and for the crust: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/quick-and-easy-pizza-crust/ There has been some concern about corn meal burning on the stone. I assure you no corn was harmed in the baking of these pies. I used flour and parchment paper, and I'll show you just how well it works. I will do this in the form of song...wait, no, the form of photos. I like to have a few beers while I cook on this thing, so forgive my nonsense. Anyway, I took a lot of photos, hope you don't mind. I wanted you to get a feel for my set up. I got a couple of pottery kiln bricks from a woman at work, used them to prop up the cheap pizza stone ($10 at some supply store site that a guy recommended on here). I also got a cheap 16" pizza pan that I put down as a diffuser, just because I saw others do this when cooking pizza. After doing this, and waiting an hour to come to temp, I think I might try it without the diffuser next time. It allowed far too much time for beers (which means empty calories of course ). It did provide ample time to prep the pizzas, and they can sit there for a long time without any issues. Note the temperature photos. All photos are in order as I cooked the two pizzas. (But then I duplicated when adding them, and couldn't figure out what to do, so there may be a weird photo at the end of the 2nd pie getting taken off. Or else there will be 3 of those photos. Ooops.) There was a temp drop after pulling the first one. Those were the Akorn temps shown on the stock thermometer. I think it was sufficient for the job. The crust and toppings were perfect. I pulled the parchment at about 3 minutes on each pizza, and the first one was about 10 minutes, I cooked the 2nd one 12 minutes. The 2nd one was a little better. The final photo is my dog Sammy, the pizza was so good that I was even able to smuggle his dreaded pill in it. I think you can almost see the smile on his face. The pizza turned out really great, and another feather was placed in my cap for the purchase of this grill. Thank you all for your help with everything. Hope these posts help to pay it back/forward.
  15. Here is a pretty good deal on a on a pizza stone that gets good reviews everywhere. I just picked one up and wanted to pass along the deal. Hurry, deal ends tonight or whenever sold out! Actually think it ends at 1:00 am Eastern on 11/04.
  16. Which one do you think makes better pizza? Thanks for your input.
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